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Terror Threats For Olympics

Jan 21, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us this morning senior political reporter with the senate Republican tech gritty mourning day if you're the nation's capital you're in the path of that -- when a storm right. Sure are and that's to get a four to six inches that's now I had that this is very serious periods saying a Washington DC of course. When he could be a blip on the radar back in public. It gave the growing terror threat that we're hearing about the so Sheila -- what kind of buzz is that making in Washington. It's making a huge buzz and that the United States -- committed there a couple of warships and other military assets to the games which are coming -- of course in just a couple of weeks right now. That we when you think of the Olympics of course you think. Peace and love and downs and all wonderful things that come with the game was did you also think. Terrorists and he during the games -- -- at the all too real it has precedent you think -- pretty cute summer games. In Germany for example isn't one terrorists made that Africa. Israeli athletes hostage in May ultimately killed about eleven or twelve of them. You know anyone who I was old enough to remember the Atlanta well it's summer games and 1996 will remember the bombing that took place -- is -- US officials US government officials here they do not wanna be to say and they wanna make sure that. Whatever happens there is -- contingency plan. That there was to be some sort of in a band or -- for that catastrophe. Happen at least US assets were in place. And that's that they could be used to go and take care -- that was happening. On the after the US citizens are not only participating in the games but of course attending the games this phantom. Spectators as well. David is the security at the winter games. Russia's responsibility alone there is a man's game because so many countries are there to compete. Many athletes bring their country's political problems along with them to the games and so. There could be a lot of tension who knows what could happen to other countries contribute -- anyway. To achieve tight security just like you judgment -- US is sending warships to the area. And it -- contribute in small -- so for example the United States at State Department officials and other security personnel -- protect the interest of the athletes there -- It really don't care whether it's the United States or any other country in major military or police has spent. It this way you know would be just -- highly unlikely that we would -- is significant. Election military presence on US soil. During an Olympic Games or some other time of crisis -- -- not that the farm that much is going to allow the US military or any other military force. And it's so land in the middle of Sochi even in the midst. Something very very bad going a law and so yes it is Russia's problem it is -- problems to deal with. When it comes to police and security and Vladimir Putin has gone on error -- recently -- -- that there are going to be about 40000. Security personnel insert field from Russia that question right now that job as weather yet there's going to be any type. Terrorist attack or attempt to terrorism. Actually going to be in the game this it may be somewhere close by to be somewhere else and Russia. Does not have a limited security -- itself so. It's very possible at a real concerned that. Somebody want to do something really really bad they might not go to the games that -- somewhere else and Russia and it's a thing -- pretty you know. And if if not terror it's the anti gay policies of president couldn't that are coming under criticism. -- either. And that and it would have missed something that they you know it's it's is very cognizant of course it's sending a delegation but I gay athletes and former athletes that. And do it -- addresses. Is that this may very political element but they'd be games so that's going on. And it doesn't seem that it's coming into that for example be at the terrorism situation that seems to be. Much different it's Islamic militants were really driving at the issue you know -- who are responsible for any recent set of terror attacks. That occurred not in -- about 400 miles away 72 definite issues that are that the games are dealing with an audit related. Okay while I understand you're on the baby watch right now. But it does sit through. Or server with say we overtime and so -- -- -- very very very. Hopefully -- -- -- mobile and now a little what annoys him. Yeah and a snowstorm to boot. Does that make it interesting. And again it's not termed a bit but -- well prepare for the other it's in -- the united you know it's been. Share -- from here you can you can handle it well good luck. Let us know when they end that the big bundle of rights. We will carry that has -- Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.