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Bitter Cold, Part II

Jan 21, 2014|

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head down to the airport weather station and check in with National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Hamilton hi Bob keeping their warrantless warning there. You know we keep hearing the term significant weather event tell us and our listeners what this -- for buffalo and Western New York. But temperatures the next couple of days are gonna remain in this single digits during the day and as we didn't have Thursday temperatures barely get a -- and so if you were to kind of flip that and equate that to help would compared to mid summer. That would equate to three or four days of high temperatures in the mid corporate -- -- so that's kind of the analogous situation you would have in the summer so this is the coldest time of the year and temperatures are some fifteen to twenty degrees below it was normal. So that's about as extreme you can get. How Long Will this last. So the coldest weather will be today and tomorrow and then negotiable will gradually start to warm up through two. Latter part of the week and as we get into. The start of the weekend temperatures will get close to normal. But the nuggets flap back down as we headed in the second half of the weekend into next week. We hear those some of our neighbors to the north in Canada might experience high temperature orders today and tomorrow. In the double digits below zero is that true. Yeah -- drive a couple hours north of Toronto in Trenton and you'll get high temperatures of five to ten below and in fact if you go up. North of Watertown to wind chills up there for tonight are going to be in these thirty to forty below range. He expects he'll be talking with many superintendents and the next Ayers now. Possibly a problem though that while the schools of already had several days off and been abused up there allotted scheduled days so. It may be a proper decision for some others to cancel out with wind chills of ten to fifteen below the way at this time tomorrow. The the US an idea of how windy it might yet. For tonight wind speeds probably in the five to ten mile an hour arrange not to. Overly strong but just enough to produce that -- dangerously low wind -- And is there much snow associated with this for Western New York the next couple of days. Not really you're gonna have to be right up along the lakeshore where you might pick up -- venture to put. No significance no least in the very near term. Now we're here let up in Boston Massachusetts they could get up to a foot of snow. Is this a different weather pattern that we're experiencing here. Letters to Thursday area low pressure south of DC this morning. And that's going to produce a lot of headaches for the goose flying around the country because I'm sure the airports from DC and Philadelphia. The ball to New York that you're going to have problems and that's -- that's the storm system that's a couple hundred miles away it really -- and impacting our weather here at all. Bob always great to talk with you thank you for the update -- That's meteorologist Bob Hamilton of the National Weather Service.

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