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1-20 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Jan 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think it's been kind of a tough season for scheme it started off great in December they got some snow was cold they were able to make snow was nice that we got rain. And candid dampened things a little bit -- we got some snow again and Coleman made conditions really nice you can ski in and we got rained again. And now today -- off from school so I -- a lot of people are out there. Either at the chestnut ridge park today doing some sledding or out on the slopes today in joined it because. It's only it's super holding. Cash Larry under for sandy beach of anti hope you have a nice money especially if you got the day off. I'm working twice today. That some people are only working ones today I'm working twice today Chris I wanted to ask you something. The Winter Olympics. Are coming up shortly and in the month of February in Russia at where they'd been held Sochi. Korea. I'm not quite sure where that I looked up one point Russia is enormous. Yeah frank. I think it's south of Moscow I'm not mistaken maybe you'd like our. Twenty miles of -- old gases are one of knowing sport. One of the things that I find ironic. About the upcoming Winter Olympics is the different ways people have announced. Where it's going to be held and have you caught that at all yet it's like kind of just mom Walther as quickly as -- -- -- that's why I wonder. Because some people -- -- in Sochi. And some people listening in Sochi. And I'm wondering why they haven't figured out the correct pronunciation it's a lot like al-Qaeda. Or al-Qaeda. They're they're they're not sure. I don't know if there's an official way to pronounce it yet or not but I've just found it a little ironic because I believe. The Olympics are going to be on the NBC television network. And I have heard different people pronounce it differently on NBC and I would think. At least the network would figure out and put a memo out to everybody that this is the way you pronounce it because this is the way. It's going to be done by all the employees but different network announcers I've heard it's so cheap and I've heard so she. MI AM I have to admit it folks I'll be straightforward with -- on this I'm very -- when it comes to the Russian language. And so I have no idea the way it should be per ounce but I just find it a little ironic when that something like that happens. And have you happened to catch some of that horrible. Forest fires going out in California. Those are an absolute nightmare I you know oftentimes the week you get like last weeks or blizzard or whenever it was two weeks ago. You often think I gonna get out of here with a needle use -- listing off other places to live and you have hurricanes and tornadoes. And wildfires which to me is potentially the worst of it happens all the time it swallows up entire -- tornadoes -- Equally devastating part oftentimes are not huge. And you know. It's horrible when they ripped through a towel but you don't see the massive devastation generally that you do with wildfires -- -- doesn't appear immediately north. One of the things about California wind. It's amazing the image. You have in general of California what people say California what do you think about it. You think about the cheeses. You think about Hollywood. It made me think about Yosemite National Park -- or even Disney land it. When you travel the country. And you say -- from buffalo. What do people think of it's a little cold blurry. But the reality is. California. Has some of the worst winter at times. Of any place in the country. I mean let's be honest. -- of some of the biggest earthquakes occurred in this country and the most damage to look at California. I -- the forest fires it seems like every year it just keeps getting worse. And worse there. To the point where. Not hundreds. Thousands. Of homes. Get burned. And tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of acres of beautiful forest land. It's totally destroyed. Now. I can relate to a little bit of how bad it can get because a few years ago I was in Las Vegas. And it was a Saturday that I was leaving to come back to buffalo and they had been having some very bad forest fires. To the east of L -- Which is a buyout of by I believe a four hour drive from Las Vegas to the Los Angeles so that would make it. What about 250 miles there are so dependent upon how fast you go. And they had been having the Santa Ana winds out there which have a tendency to take. Seats. Smoke from the fires. West out toward the ocean but the winds that shifted. The day before. And the winds were taking the smoke from the forest fighters out there in California to the east which is where Las Vegas it. When I woke up that Saturday morning. Am I looked out the window of the hotel. And I couldn't see the mountains. Out to the west of Las Vegas and normally they're very visible. And it was like I say to myself all look at the -- one hole crawl. And then I had breakfast in the hotel. And went outside for a little bit and all of a sudden when I walked outside. The smell. Was unbelievable. It just smell like. Things that were -- Kate -- you know that smell after a campfire. In our cities'. Love the smell of a campfire hate the smell the after the campfire. Not only was the smell bad. But I hadn't turned on the local news because I'm Leaving Las Vegas for the day what do I need to watch -- local news for well I went back in and turned on the local news. And they had a a smog alert that an air quality alert they were urging people not to go outside. Now now remember this is like 200 miles away. And the smoke from these fires was coming in to Las Vegas. And they were telling people Wear glasses when you go outside in case there are still some embers in the air. Wear surgical masks so you you don't breathe in these particles. And it was awful. I mean it was ten horrible. And I thought to myself. We complain about snow. I mean -- immediately popped in my head it's like we complain about it's now. And the forest is burning houses are burning. There's smoke for over 200 miles. You can't breathe the air it's terrible. It smells awful. And we complain about snow and to be honest way via I've done a lot of traveling. And yet it's cold here -- we get snow here. And you know what we get beautiful springs we have wonderful Summers -- gorgeous walls we have the season's. We have what others wish they had. We don't have to put up with the hurricanes. I I think I recall. Tool. Small tornadoes touching down in Western New York in the last. What 3040. Years one was out there by the holidays cinema theatres on I'm union road. And I can remember where were the other one was but you know it's gonna -- African cold this week I'm I'm on the radio so I'm trying to be polite here. But -- going African coal. And some people are gonna wanna go out at the bundle up and error saw. -- It warmup it'll go away Ian and spring will be here but these forest fires in California all goodness it's just. It's awful it's dreadful Tennessee and and I just can't imagine. Watching a fire. Come down hill. And fire fighters coming to my house. And telling me you've got. Twenty minutes to evacuate take whatever uniqueness chances are we can't save your house to think about how terrible it would be. To see your house burning in everything you've lived for just go up and in flames. Because of somebody being careless. At a campfire. Just. So we got some cold be grateful that's all week. 8030930. Is our number WB and wanna talk a little bit about schools when we come back. School is off today kids are off teachers are off so let's talk about a little. About the education process and not only that. But. The parents. Of our education process in 22 minutes after 11 o'clock from news radio 930 -- hotter in the on this Monday morning were sitting in for sandy beach today. We will also. Be sitting in for Tom -- hourly. This afternoon and it's I'm kind of like two timing you today attitude timer. Not a not a one timer a two timer every -- we needed because both yeah are you hearing around. Now we now know that they had a mortgage on an afternoon at. -- I'm sure Joseph will be thrilled. We do not have a dress code. Here at WBE and for those of us who work on the air. Unless. We go out to do a new remote broadcast and then were expected to address and -- a respectful manner being out in public representing the radio station. But I I've been looking at some research doing some research. Looking at some information concerning. Dress codes or uniform policies for schools. Since schools are closed today and and the teachers have -- off I thought today it might be interesting. To talk a little bit about dress codes in school. But not just the students. I think. It's time that we talk about the teachers. And their lack of a dress code. I again. I'm showing my age okay I'm over fifty. So there are big deal. I went to school. When you could Wear. Jeans. Or as my. I think grandmother column -- -- does anybody. Use the word on the reason anymore Chris I have and I knew what they're called that at one point I have not heard that term used in. -- -- for talking you'll agree are now. Yeah grant Graham hours say Larry. You made some new Dodge -- And hit it if it. I don't even know that orders in the dictionary. Anymore. But when I went to great schools. You could Wear. Jeans. But when I went to junior high which was seventh grade. You cannot Wear jeans. And boy is going to school. Had to Wear slacks. And I remember. Having to go out -- my mom. And buying a new pants and it was kind of a mental adjustment for me because. My wardrobe. That the way I dressed for school was never an issue before. But all of a sudden I was becoming. Both somewhat about a young man a teenager. And I was being taught that things are going to changing your life. And you're going to have to follow. A few more rules and regulations. My education system was preparing me. For the realities. Of life outside high school her life after high school. So I had to go to. What was it -- gay Brothers and AdWords and and whatever the stores were in Syracuse back then. And by some slacks. Never heard the word -- before. But we bought some pants for me so. I could dress accordingly to the rules and regulations of the junior high school that I was going to attend. The girls. As I recall. Had to Wear dresses or skirts I don't think. The girls wore slacks and all back then. Maybe my district was a little bit more strict. I I've I did go to a school and wasn't a parochial school it was a public school. But the rules and regulations at our school were were pretty strict. And if we didn't follow them. We were always fearful of the board of education. -- and and now nowadays you see back then the board of education was a board. It was a peace award. And I had the word education put on it. And -- they would use. Right across your bought. So when I went to school we were little fearful of of the board of education and so we've followed the rules. Was -- -- A 100% always following the rules go off Matt Wise and I'm sure I wasn't. Can't remember of the things all the rules are broke but I'm sure -- I didn't -- hall of home. But I did have to dress. In what was considered in a respectful manner. And the teachers in school. Had to do the same. You know with the teachers war because the men. Wore ties and coats and have to be assumed. Biggest sport coat via tying it didn't have to have a jacket buttoned up. But the teachers wore a tie and a code and the teachers. Who were female. Or address. Or skirt and blouse. They dressed in a professional. Manner why. Because they were professional. They were educating you. About the reality. Of the world. And life after high school. Today. I am shocked. At the way. Some of the students dressed. But even more so by the teachers. And not only am I shocked. But I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that. We have educators. Trying to prepare. Students for the real world. And part of the real world is respect and responsibility and rules. They're out there and if you don't want to follow them if you don't understand that there will be rules that you have to follow. And that you may have to Wear uniform -- Trout. Or you may not be able to have pure scenes all over your face on your job. If you don't learn that in school. Women where are you going to learn it. So I want to ask you for a while this morning. Do you think teachers need to dress in a more professional manner in our public education system today. To teach students. That it is a different world out there from high school. And if you wanna become a professional. You have to dress accordingly. 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 is a free call on your cell on the sandy beach show -- Larry hunter. And teachers teach in the -- who. You won't be doing OK. Angola the -- -- in the lunchroom. -- -- -- Don't -- -- -- -- Third and now. -- right into the -- song it's. Cool days remember those school days when you got out of school you went over to the so we're shopper the malt shop in and put a nickel into the jukebox. And and Hannity. Banana split plan and had a banana split a long time that sounds good. Although I got a feeling when I go outside today all of a sudden a banana split won't sound so could speak as it's going to get cold bird. 8030930. Is our number at WBM asking you about dress codes in school now I'm I'm not trying to be. Judge you medal here and I wanted teachers to think that. You know I'm picking on them because I'm I'm really not what I'm doing is asking you as parents or if you are -- teacher I'd I'd I'd love to hear from you. I'm asking you if you feel that it's appropriate. That the teachers today in school are allowed to dress down there. As opposed to addressing more professional. Because that is really what they are supposed to be teachers are supposed to be professional. Educators they're supposed to be people that. You look up to -- and respect a individuals. That have achieved things they've they've accomplished things. And they're trying to share their knowledge. -- with others to help. Provide a more successful future. And in doing cell. I'm asking do you feel that may be the appearance. Of the teachers. Today the way they dress the way they're allowed to dress in school. Doesn't really portray. That kind of professional message it doesn't kind of blew up have the appearance. Of respect. It has an appearance of kind of like one of the guys are or one of the gals are. I'm I'm hip why I'm cool. Look look at the way I can dress like like use the the students I can dress down. And I I'm just wondering do you feel that is the the proper way. To. Address our education system today and expect. Respect from. The students. I was really surprised when I recently went into a school and -- all the way. That the teachers were dress or. In some cases the way they. Were not -- what I felt would be -- in somewhat of a professional. Manner now I I understand that you want to try to be able to relate. To the students and and have them understand that you you know what you're talking about it but. Do you really do that by a dressing down. Do you do that by wearing a T shirt or or or shorts. When when you go for a job interview. At a professional office. Is the person who's in her for viewing you are are they wearing a T shirt and shorts. Are are they dressed and in a professional manner. And how do you address. When you go out for a job interview. I mean wouldn't you want to be shown a little respect. Let's let's be honest here. If you've got a couple of piercings in your eyebrow and maybe no -- in your lip as well. And your Harris a couple of colors. And you're wearing cut -- shorts and T shirt and you're going for job interview. And then the person who comes in after you is. Media -- male. Wearing a nice pair of slacks a button down shirt. Has his hair combed back. Appearance wise. What do you think is the image that's portrayed for the person applying for a job there. And for the interviewer what kind of immature you getting back. Now I'm not saying it's wrong to have piercings I'm not saying it's wrong to have your hair in two colors. What I am saying is. We still as a society. Get an image. Of people from their appearance. And I'm wondering if this dressed. Is may be hurting. The ability of the teachers to get the respect and be able to teach. The way they should be able to. We've seen is a lot of reports in the past couple months. Of where the United States stands education wise compared to other countries. And we continue to fall behind it. Now are we falling behind because of what people are wearing I doubt it. Bought. Could we maybe do a little bit better. If we. Presented a professionalism. Atmosphere. In the classroom by the teachers setting the standard. For appearance. 8030930. Is our number and again if we have a teacher out there I'm not trying to pick our fault you because if you're following the rules and regulations there's nothing wrong with that. But what I am asking is. Could you do a better job. And could you. Be shown a little bit more respect. By dressing in a more professional manner I've got -- on the line and Williams filled with a mean this morning hi Gail good morning. How can you help -- witness. I am very much in agreement would what you're saying -- deal with teachers do you dress down too much. And that that is part of the problem they would gain every back. Especially the younger. Teachers coming in now I've been doing this for awhile and sometimes like any intelligent and curious student in the hallway and a teacher. It your theory right. Now a year EU RTG you don't have to tell me where your teacher but could you tell us what. Whether it's like grade school or high schooler or what level. It is middle school OK I go to work every day draft as a professional my student noticed that they make comments. Why areas so truck stop and I. I explain it to benefit you when your professional. You need to director Kurt. And dammit just parted a gap. Have any of the other teachers ever said anything to you about. Why do you would dress professionally. Only if they noticed that they only they and that. They. Tell me that I should. Diaz. And no doubt with the draft and conduct classes there want -- by yup they noticed that alien make comments to me. In favor of it. But they -- only just apparent. We do get -- sound Friday's. -- do not participate at the the because it's Friday I don't feel that that it -- down your -- professionally and you're in front of the kids and they do -- they do. Have a different. Al look at. And you have to that we draft. If we have this end and personally I I kind of annoyed by dress down Friday I remember one time I walked into an attorney firm. And the secretary it was on a Friday the secretary was dressed down. And and my opinion right away of the firm was I'm not sure I don't wanna talk to someone here -- I mean -- just. It it get annoyed me but if we have this dress down Friday. Why don't we have a dress up Monday. It. I mean why don't we show the other side of the real reality of of life -- and our society that you can't just get away. Would Venus slob and expecting to get -- a lot in life. Exactly. And I have to -- that they also when we get cancer days and Tia holiday -- that day. And the student do you choose to dress up day their demeanor is different here my whole demeanor is. -- by the way draft. Yeah did you find that throughout life don't you are. And I mean let's be honest we are judgmental. By appearances it's cracked and and I I don't think that's necessarily. A fault I think it's just a reality. I mean. If if you look at a tall building and you have to go up to the top floor it's gonna take longer you figure well you know it's gonna take longer. If if you look outside and see snow it's well it's probably cold. I mean we we look at things and we make judgments and we do that with people on their appearance and as well. Now if if we look at somebody wearing shorts and a T -- we say oh boy they're probably stupid now that's wrong. I mean that that that's totally wrong. -- but if we look at someone in in a professional environment like I said when I walked into an attorney's office. And the person merit at the front desk was wearing like a T shirt and jeans it was like. This this doesn't impress me at all I expected it. -- a professional. Presentation and I got a slob. How -- we fix it -- Who. -- don't plan that they -- my husband coveted Derek Plante is that how to draft -- Have no doubt that might not be a bad idea for all of our high schools to have a a class maybe for a week. On appearances and job interviews and and how to speak responsibly. Oh win now applying for a job right. Now Gail I appreciate your time thank you very much for calling. It great okay bye bye now. Like I said I mean if you're a teacher I'm not here to you know criticize you. It if you're following the rules but I'm asking you could you maybe get a better response from your students. If you dressed in a more professional manner. 803 on 930 is our number WB and start 930 is a free call on your cell. Larry hotter and for sandy beach today on news radio 930 WBE and with that in mind I want you to check out our poll question of the day on WB EN dot com and has to do would Donald Trump. And whether you think he should possibly run for the governor's office we have some options for you to choose their -- we're going to be talking about that later this afternoon. On the Tom -- shows we fill in for Tom this afternoon as well I'm doing a double. This is my second double in in less than a month. I could almost get used to this but I'm not sure my voice could. In fact -- natural listeners could either so let's get back to the calls we welcome. All which I got Jon -- you. I apologize. John if you're listening please call back -- put your right back done. The fingers sometimes aren't as qualified as they used to be let's talk to -- and if you -- -- the area here outlet you're gonna be receptive attitude at all. Thank you very much. I just talk a little bit about it. Now -- -- I don't work or outpost. In the southern tier. And I got to be honest in all our teachers are unbelievably well -- and addressed appropriately but what they're teaching because obviously with. Greer and vocational technical. Your education in a certain guys probably shouldn't be wearing ties and talking about construction. I'm -- they are still dressed very sharply in the end I know reacted act and of the class threat to properly as well. And I think back to where I want a high school all my teachers in the eighties and you know a little bit of the nineties or graduated. Well -- well dressed. Again appropriately for whatever classes they were teaching. And we appropriately dressed as well many of not being athletes at this time we're required to Wear shirts and ties. Days that we had. -- sort matches or games that were out of the building we were required to look good at all right. To represent not only pitching that we are all waiting for a put ourselves and I. That that's really gone away I haven't seen kids show up at a high school football game where it. -- -- -- And -- actually does play a lot in Q how much they care about or how much they care about representing their school their themselves. Yeah I you know I I understand casual Wear and I also understand fashion trends change since I was in the apparel industry for a number of years back I have no problem with that. But. I sincerely believe. That when you're dealing with. Teenagers today. They need to know. That you can't just be a slob. And get ahead in life there going to be some rules and regulations you have to follow and it's sometimes. You're going to have to dress and a respectable or professional manner. And I think teachers could portray that message so much better then the schools. Require them to do so. That set the that is true because again it's about setting an example. And sure -- -- -- the most comfortable anywhere. Oh but you have a different mindset when you are looking good and walking tall and well -- policy that might opt for -- one year out of state. I swear I -- whether I had to work hard and they're here that sort of you know. Well this is going to be expected of in this class and no it doesn't take that much effort just what that you'll work well. Better you'll perform better in a different mindset so I agree we all -- everybody looked good in any profession that current. Mary thank you. WB and John I apologize for the wrong -- there appreciate you calling back. Ought to -- -- that they -- amendments act you're the amount and we don't respect somebody differently by they looked or other. They're just they're very sure but in it's so weird double standard but got out we're out there AT shirt. But he clearly an Iron Man he sure would womanizing drunk. You know vigilante got the joke people. -- -- -- You know the guys that say something again -- -- it because international incidents like the bad guys and they're in the clear -- That's a role model but your your Second Amendment and it -- the -- that are out of. One of the problems I have and it's maybe around about problem. Is that my tax dollars helped contribute to the education system. And -- that in mind. -- -- Feel. That I should. Be shown a little respected by the people who are using those tax dollars. To educate our students. And part of that respect. Goes with the your appearance. In presenting a professional appearance. And educating students to let them know that there are rules and regulations so when you get out in the real world you can't just dress like a slob. Recollect I respect my bought -- no matter what they're wearing what I don't know they are. And you know they're they're they're doing their goal of -- it doesn't matter they declared my spots are short. Wouldn't. -- mother and where you're I Joba got a break but thank you very much for your time today at W the end. If you will follow up -- this at 3 o'clock today live when we sit in for Tom -- so if you. Weren't able to get on their join us -- three we'll see if we can catch up a little bit. Larry hunter for sandy beach thanks for being -- us today we'll talk PS3 o'clock today for Tom --

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