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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>1-20 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

1-20 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Jan 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WBE. Chris Johnson -- master control Pasquale taking your calls this morning say hello to him when you give us a call at 8030930. Or star 930 recall like yourself. If you're outside the local calling area it's 180616. 9236. We've been talking a little bit this morning about the National Anthem singing of the National Anthem. It's kind of at a pet peeve of mine over the last few years especially. At the major sporting events like the football games yesterday in the Super Bowl and and the World Series. When someone goes out and sings the National Anthem and basically butchers the song and we just had -- calling. While ago from Cheektowaga and she is from England. Originally and she says the United States is the only country she has ever heard. That allows people to basically sing their National Anthem and disgrace it. And it just frustrates me. Maybe maybe I'm too old maybe I'm just becoming -- a funny Dhabi you know when when you hit fifty. Things changing your life and you look at things differently but. I I think there is. A reason. For certain things to be done certain ways. And and I think the symbolism is important. And I think one of the words we have lost in our country over the last few years years is respect. We we seem to have lost respect for our National Anthem and that bothers me. And I suspected -- every veteran who's ever served in this country. If it's not an easy song to saying -- the melody isn't something to -- go up in the kitchen. And -- make good breakfast and harm to yourself it's a difficult song. And sometimes it -- screw up the words what's the word fight was the word night was was it over or oh what the what was the word do. And I mean I've heard people saying the National Anthem and then. Home a couple words because they're not sure what -- okay fine. But you're not a professional but when you're professional. Person when when your career when your job is to sing. When it when your in the music industry and you're asked to sing our National Anthem I think you should sing it respectfully. And yesterday that was not done again. By and Wilson and Seattle. At the end of the National Anthem she sang it like she doesn't even know how to sing. She shouted the words and still couldn't hit the notes it was embarrassing. I think it was disrespectful. And I think it's time the National Football League steps up to the plate on that's baseball. And says. This is the way we wanted to sing. A song and we want you. To sing it for us in advance we want to make sure this is the way you're going to sing it you're going to -- it with respect. That's just my own personal feelings. And I appreciate those who call this morning. To kind of reinforce that we're gonna play the James Earl Jones version. Of the National Anthem and in just a minute for a gentleman called early this morning and he said. He didn't sing it he basically spoke it. James Earl Jones who you may. I know him as an actor you may recognize his voice he was the gentleman who said for years various news CNN. Yeah of course I can't even be close to doing it the way heated -- but you'll recognize his voice. And I wanna play that version the fact that sometimes you you don't sing that you you'd just say it. And you can see. The the respect and the pay patriotism. Within his voice when when you -- -- but first -- wanna take go call another call from Cheektowaga -- got land with us this morning Thailand. In itself. For some locals after L injections and -- The country singer yet interpreter -- it will stop turning. Oh yes I had. -- secret that would -- yes. Yes that's right that's great song I'm up publish your comments here OK appreciate. And thank you very much yeah -- politics right now remember that's not our. About 12 minutes after 10 o'clock at WB and Larry -- for sandy beach this morning Chris lets them play this only about a minute long it's not that long. But James Earl Jones spoke the National Anthem at the 1993. Baseball all star game. And this is the way it sounded. Saying. Yeah. The -- belongs to have a night. Okay. Happened to quiet nights. The and the right. Life. That's okay. Strength. Okay. The -- okay. I Martin Luther King Jr. would be very proud of that version by James Earl Jones go to thank. Larry -- for sandy beach this morning on WB and we've also. I really. I can. I'm speechless because of an eight year old. I think that Chris Sara Johnson who it does doesn't superb job for a sandy beach when he's in here and when I come -- -- he is such a delight to work with and he does the research and and the background work and as such a great help. And Chris found it. A recording by you always girl's name bailed Bailey Morrison isn't. Yes Billy Morrison images real load their sphere -- -- locked up she does the anthems for the operative sabres game -- now I I guess this was done when she was eight years old. And this visited an eight year old ladies and gentlemen. And eight year old girl and we're we're gonna do the Canadian version okay Chris. Because. If he does just such a fabulous job that this -- from what I understand. Has sung the National Anthem at the Canadian and American National Anthem at the sabres games a few times I have never heard her before until just a few minutes ago. When Christa found this. But. She sings this with such respect. And whether it's our anthem or the Canadian anthem or or the anthem for France or England or or whatever. That's the key to me that the respect angle of a country's National Anthem. You wanna hear something magnificent. I mean absolutely magnificent. Ladies and gentlemen listen to Bailey Morrison when she was eight years old. At a Buffalo Sabres game singing the Canadian National Anthem. Okay. Yeah. Okay. -- -- OK. Okay. Need. It's. Burned. Man yeah. Alone leave behind. CE fourteen. -- And miles beyond and didn't. Okay. Yeah leads. And I go wow I. It. I. We're. CE I am. Okay. Me. Okay. And yeah. Please. And in mind. Day. Okay. Okay. Okay. Warm. Wow. I have. I'm not Canadian -- watch at all. Is that impressive folks that's an eight year old girl showing respect. To a country's National Anthem. And yesterday we had a woman. Who I believe was in her fifties she might be a little bit older younger I am I'm terrible when it comes to guessing women's ages guys are -- we just have a hard time -- that scales. But yesterday and Wilson saying the American in the United States National Anthem yesterday and it doesn't even compare to that eight year old. Just incredible. Who is really Morrison. Who is that girl. Somebody from the sabres organization has to let us know that young lady is tremendous. Wow. Her parents have to be super for a super proud. Our National Anthem. Why can't it be sung with respect all the time. I got Susie and hammers this morning hi Susie. Like Larry how -- you know doing fine thanks you're. You. Try it on April oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. I am I getting my they -- the heart as well this year. I believe and we're back our country a lot on -- I had upper back. But the National -- by. People like that -- and opt out like that got. And back out and -- it. Or eat and eat like I don't know but I did not. That I actually thought. But only -- I'll let you know what you remember -- and -- a bunch of -- it on -- -- wanted to cry. -- -- I really quite liking girls young person and yet little girl on that -- median national it and -- not. Got it that she -- a comment. Thanks Susie appreciate your call this morning on WBE and yeah whether you say it or whether you sing it to me the key is. To show respect to. And respect is a word that we seem to keep losing in our country today for all kinds of things. Where or just losing respect for patriotism. And there are some things I think that deserve full respect. And do not deserve interpretation. Silent night the hymn silent night is one of those and when we come back after our break. All prove my point. With one of the worst. Singers to ever receive accolades. In the history. Chris knows who I'm talking about. In our country. Larry -- for sandy beach on news radio 930 WBM good morning. Larry -- for sandy beach on this Monday morning Martin Luther King Jr. day. Were there we've been talking about the National Anthem and showing respect for the way it should be song. And we have played a version done by James Earl Jones who spoke. The National Anthem we played. -- version of the Canadian National Anthem. By an eight year old and again that this is just showing respect. To our nation's National Anthem I don't think that's asking too much and I think the NFL should demand it. At all. Their games throughout the entire -- year let alone the Super Bowl I was at Super Bowl 25 where Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem. By the way Chris I did wanna mention something to you. Since the bills. Went to Super Bowl 25 which was considered you know the 25 anniversary of -- the big time -- silver anniversary of the Super Bowl. This is going to be Super Bowl 48. Next year will be Super Bowl 49. I've read where people kind of feel that the bills. We're going to be a playoff team next year there they're gonna find the right people are gonna draft cup more players and they could be a playoff team next year that would be Super Bowl 49. Just imagine that the bills were able to make it the Super Bowl fifty. Would that be something I would take it would be incredible at this point baby steps -- will take it playoffs bottom we'll get greedy right away until we get there that'll that'll disturbing about Super Bowl you know. But. Imagine. The Buffalo Bills making Super Bowl 25 in the making Super Bowl fifty I think that should be the goal of this organization to do anything and everything necessary. To make sure that the bills. Get to Super Bowl fifty I think that would be magnificent it would be ended disparate I've been number the numbers alone it's cool to think about but just. The dubious story of the league so I wanted to but it has every 45 years. -- -- candidate to get there yeah. I I think I think that should be the goal of the Buffalo Bills to make it Super Bowl fifty. So they can say they made it to 45 into the silver anniversary and then they -- the fiftieth anniversary as well. Before we took a break I had mentioned. About singers and the way song should be sung with respect I want you to listen to. The way -- -- silent night was just respected. By who I think is is the worst recording artist in. Modern times listen to this absolutely disgusting disrespectful. Terrible version. Of the hymn silent night man I'll tell you who sang it after. And okay. Me. -- awful and disrespectful. And who's singing that. -- about particular -- swift Taylor Swift. The worst recording artist in modern times and you can quote me on that. And take a break for headline news of WP in that will be back on the sandy beach jail. Larry hotter with the of this morning thanks for being with us if you wanna join us 8030930. Is our number. Wake up to Buffalo's early news with John -- who's -- grows and the entire WB EN news team news radio 9:30 AM -- And. Okay. Okay. I. I. Okay. Okay. And -- time in my life that I will never ever forget being at Super Bowl 25 my seat on the two yard line. He I was right next to the goal line work Norwood missed a field goal but Whitney Houston's singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 45. Many times and considered by many. To be the finest version ever song. Of our National Anthem we've been talking a little bit this morning about the National Anthem and showing respect for the way it should be sung. Because yesterday in the Seattle. A San Francisco game before the game the lady who sang the National Anthem and Wilson. Embarrassed herself. Toward the end by eighty shouting out the notes and yet not being able to hit. The proper pitch and I thought it was absolutely disgusting and it's a pet peeve of mine and it's been that way for a while I think it's that a pet peeve of mine since their Christina Aguilera. Saying -- National Anthem and couldn't even remember the words. And and the course that -- the excuses we continually hear for things like this. I I think. Get a little annoying after awhile your professional singer and you can't remember the words of your National Anthem is despicable. Hey don't make excuse or it's despicable it's embarrassing. It doesn't happen in other countries and it shouldn't happen and -- excuse me for showing a little patriotism this morning. Okay if if that offends you tough. Because. My father and my grandfather. Served this nation. In the military. Kate and I am very proud of that fact I'm very proud of -- country. Hey I'm not necessarily proud of all the leaders of my country but I'm proud of my country. -- and I've been given an opportunity to grow and prosper and succeed in this country and I feel and in many ways I have done that I'm grateful for that. And even though I may not necessary like the words or like the -- I respect our National Anthem and I think it should be songs with respect. And it wasn't yesterday. And -- been numerous times where it hasn't been and I think it's time for the National Football League. To stop embarrassing itself an embarrassing our country to the world. And require people at sporting events where there is a football game to sing the National Anthem with a respect the way it was written the way it was meant to be some. 8030930. Is our number at WBBM star 930s a free call on your -- and got camping in south buffalo this morning with me hi Kathy. You know thank you for -- what I've -- It's disgusting. There's no other word to congress under have been discussing the way they do best shot but my gripe is not what -- singers themselves. My gripe -- with the people that listen to the song and then Heidi gave them. I can't argue that at all and I said a little bit earlier I think the National Football League. Should acquired the person to sing -- -- and tell. Rooting them. And that's that's a good question. Mean it's not the person -- the president brings it on whatever it is. To the producer of the show and think that this socially and disciplined commitment and the thing for them. And then. It's up to the person doing everything oh look at of the more. The what are they al-Qaeda that they meant a lot. Paul Paul that's it. Okay -- ads go a little far -- about it. I don't mind the word moron no. -- they're right up there and -- kind of benefit much respect for America isn't any al-Qaeda fighter. They Qaeda truly hate us because if they didn't -- that they would be about and that is UN I -- And that we and that alone I can't predict many many many people for many years. But I'll look it up over the way their National Anthem the song so who's hiring them let's find out -- that programming who feared her. As someone in the National Football League I think needs to show little respect and responsibility. And and step up to the plate basically and -- you know I'm. I won't be offended to send a letter to the National Football League and say we. Human I wish you get connection poll and the computer into whatever I don't even have a computer. But -- line get your listeners to go online and complained loudly about that this is why people do things steal because everybody sit back. Put their hand it and we need to make they knowingly and be heard. Thank you -- nesting earlier this morning. As you stay warm now it's going to get cold we got -- AccuWeather coming up shortly but it's going to be a very. Very cold week so plan accordingly we have James -- what this this morning hi James. Our civilization and our World War II. In 1944. And replace star spangled banner. National income although a bit soccer specific. And all kinds of conditions on the aircraft carriers and what clues do all of that and speeches and then. China split when sort of under those conditions if you really get there is kind -- situation. So. That they're not sort of president felt felt the same as it is the first something. But the conditions under which it was written replies to stretch she wrote emerged where it was a very. Unusual position conditions. And a part of the people who want to check it should be allowed this thing I think it should be a minimum kind of musicality to it but I think the people who wore that thing -- -- disabled remotely using because it was so receptive magnificent. Thing. But it was sometime in the censored and those aren't there and we recorded it but if people wanna say it went from there are a thing that should be allowed to say it. And but I Activision is some minimal and it IB -- Okay thank you James appreciate your time this morning to WB and 8030930. Is our number if you like to get on board to share your thoughts on this star 930 a free call on your cell. If you're outside the local calling area it's 1806169236. I I really appreciated. -- caller earlier this morning. She's originally from England. And she said that. In all the areas that she has traveled and at times she had listened. To different countries play and or sing their National Anthem the United States is the only country that's sings it with disrespect. Think about that. Have you ever heard. Another country's National Anthem. Song that differently than it was meant to be song. Than the United States. Why do we make excuses. For denigrating. For destroying. Four embarrassed saying that our nation. With a version of the National Anthem that is disrespectful. Wine. What what does this say about us as a nation how low can we ago. Where does it stop. What happens. To our nation when we lose respect. For our National Anthem. What's next. I mean we we seem to have lost respect for. A dress code at. It in school they dress like a slob who cares dress like a hooker that's all right it doesn't matter it's my daughter it's just in fashion meaning -- Teachers. Teachers what happened to your dress code. -- We're supposed to be educating students today. To become professionals. How do you do that when you dress like Islam. Where where does the respect. Stop. 8030930. Is our number it's a sandy beach you know it's a Monday Martin Luther King Jr. day. I'm Larry hunter sitting in for sandy until twelve noon and by the way speaking of WBBM dot com I'd really appreciate it. If you took a couple minutes out this morning and went to our web site. And checked out our poll question of the day which is what do you think about Donald Trump's possible run. For governor -- three options there. And if you answer one of them and click the results you'll find out where things stand and will talk about that probably this afternoon when we fill in for Tom -- From three to six right here at WB Ian let's give back to the calls I got Joseph what is on the line good morning -- All right Larry -- -- -- -- it's a pleasure to argue over a year and a tremendous post he went to LA and enough. They're really nice guy in my own voice in the pleasure that thought he. Thank you very much GO OK -- must say this should come back for years he people drying out the national let them. I believe the first one to really get criticized -- -- -- police Seattle in 98 World Series the tigers and cardinals block. About advocates are due to which check it out not like criticism for that -- saying it well make that point -- -- It didn't are pro am are achieved at a -- game 98 eager are not huge numbers grabber. She would like streaks that match -- yes -- -- -- so many years and it's very important. Yeah you're you're right in the Roseanne Barr I think was probably the most embarrassing of of all time. I don't rule which organization was that you remember. San Diego Padre that -- saying that I -- the that you made a joke result you really criticized. And not that -- needed YouTube so I'm pretty sure it's make believe child per unit he'd like that it might find that. Yeah he really got criticized for that I Margaret -- -- World Series which is always packed. Yeah I remembered as Roseanne thing and it was quite a lot of flack about their as at about that as there should ban. Because it was absolutely. Disrespectful. And and embarrassing in its sport. Spoke poorly of her. And it's all gonna -- of the organization. As well that. I mean let's be honest did anybody think Roseanne Barr could sing. I mean Roseanne Barr makes me look like an opera singer -- You're right you're right you hope they want the attention turned and that these bonds managed just let out my arm all right patient and not. A lot more respect him and I departments do an at bat away -- Try it out like he. Not pictures all like and second year they inspect it and they make -- joke. Mentioned that you'll Larry all the great work -- like -- the. I appreciated -- thank you very much for the call this morning at WBE and yeah I remember that Roseanne -- thing has seen at the next day on TV. And and I thought to myself now why in the first place would they even allow her. To do that knowing now what she's like I mean she she's an obnoxious individual. Who basically opens -- mountain and says nothing not a regular basis and she can't sing and yet they put her in a position. Two totally disrespect our our country's National Anthem. Just in and did I hear. That she. Maybe no no that's not her coming back to TV it's Rosie O'Donnell I -- -- game it's it's hard to keep Oman. In line here. 8030930. Is our number at WB and if you'd like to share your thoughts with us here on the sandy beach show would Larry -- on this Monday Martin Luther King Jr. day. Is just chickened out there the radar a couple of minutes when I was doing there the weather and it appears that the band of snow that most of Western New York has been. Experiencing this morning. -- been moving a little bit more to the south east and is stopped. -- our studios here in Amherst and most of Niagara county now has the snow has stopped but it has moved a little bit further now. In two Wyoming county. And Genesee County. And -- -- county as well so if you're traveling east or south today you wanna be aware of that also. I was checking -- under the radar maps here and there is some winter weather watches or advisories. Out for the eastern coast from about Virginia. Up to Massachusetts today if you're planning on flying today because it is a three day holiday weekend. And many people will be traveling by air this afternoon. There appears to be some mild winter weather activity around Washington DC. Philadelphia Baltimore. And New York City so if you're traveling to one of those -- this afternoon you may want to. Check with your airlines just to make sure that your flights are going to be on time. And I always advise people if you're going to the airport where there could be some inclement. Weather conditions take a couple of extra snacks to -- on for yourself. And make sure that your. Cell phones is fully charge your batteries fully charged in case you need to contact people let him know. And you're going to be late justice a good a couple of ideas there for. Travelers that a lot of times. People just travel once -- or twice a year and -- you kind of forget some of that the basic set about it I travel a little bit more than that. And I kind of used to a lot of the problems that that you encounter. And so I've kind of made a little list of things to do and have. And take care of -- when I travel by air it's got a similar to getting yourself ready. For winter conditions for driving you wanna have certain things in your car just in case. He gets stuck or or run and some bad weather you wanna make sure you have at least half a tank of gas. You want flash -- You want some I smells or or kitty litter. Maybe an extra pair of gloves you know things like this it just kind of be prepared. The old boy scout motto and yes Larry was awful weeks. Will be back gets the city -- show would Larry outer office Monday from news radio 930. WB EN thanks for being with --

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