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1-20 Larry Hunter in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Jan 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- these away -- Larry hunter. News radio 930 WB EN. Good morning tee -- drive carefully -- roads aren't too bad this morning that -- coming through Amber's most of the major roads were wet. But there's certainly no problems but there has been little freezing rain. Out there this morning especially if you listen to John and -- this morning they told that all morning long so you -- reveal a little careful. As we have some winter weather warning out for this afternoon. And boy is it going to get hold all my goodness I again. Did you watch the games yesterday time that's I suspect if people were working today. And the majority I guess are are not but if those of you are working at some point. Talking around the water cooler you mentioned. The name either Seattle. Where San Francisco or Denver or New England or maybe you just mentioned the names Brady. And Manning Chris Johnson who does this sport's all morning long on WB eons. Morning news is. With this today he's helping them produces feel good morning Chris good morning where I'm assuming you watched the games yes I did I want both of them and grandma and rode up. You know quick cast for just -- those recaps and what about. And now just let everybody know we did bring the water cooler in here so we could talk around. The water cooler this morning so we would be just like most people at most businesses so. If the boss is listening. And he says ago whenever you guys talking about it it's like we were around the water cooler so so that's okay right Chris. Absolutely -- water cooler out there as well yes there's a couple of amendment in house or we could we could -- -- we need absolutely. A couple of things about the game I I thought about yesterday as I watched -- I'm referring. To the Denver New England game first of all. If you recall the week before. Denver San Diego there were a ton of off sides on the part of San Diego as Manning. Did some hard calls and got San Diego to jump offside I don't think there was a single -- by New England yesterday was there no end is in fact it I don't know pretty even relief flinched when all of his inflection at the line they often had nine guys up on the line. And -- you barely moved to -- and buffalo could learn from that couldn't thing you know a lot of teams can learn from that rewrite buffalo did jump a lot now now. On an interesting fact that I heard at the start of the game yesterday concerning the Broncos and the patriots. Was the very first NFL or excuse me AFL game was played between those two teams did you catch that when they said -- -- didn't catch it -- I heard. I was largely due to my cousins -- we talked often in between plays in formats like a lot of the commentary but it inaccurate that the old habit -- I think it was a Jim Nance who said it was September 9 1960. When the very first AFL and for those of you who are a little younger. AFL stood for American Football League it was not a conference it it was a league for what about ten years to the emergent. Seventy I I think after the jets won the Super Bowl. Yes -- yet as the first three Super Bowls. Were there were still separate and we bills wanna watch 65. It was a couple of years now. Right yes it was so it was the American Football League and the very first AFL game was between the patriots and Denver. But what Jim Nantz didn't say he said it was between these two teams know what he didn't say. Was that it was between the Denver Broncos and the Boston. Patriots. Not the New England Patriots Boston used to play I believe at Fenway Park. If I recall. Where the Red Sox play and then eventually. Built the stadium down in Foxboro which is south of Boston. Which is a terrible place to have to drive to -- game. I don't know if you've ever been there -- I have not at all I hear a Boston in general the CD in the surrounding areas is with a giant -- the driver Otis. It it is it it is awful the driving there is terrible. But the access to the stadium. Is not very good. And if you have to drive from Boston to the stadium and back it's just. That there really was. I personally. Can't stand listening to Phil Simms I I think he's terrible. I think he doesn't do his researcher background he just waits to see a replay and then tells everybody what we can see. On the replay and yesterday. He started off making a stupid comment as you could make because he wasn't prepared and he said. When Jim Nantz asked him how is this game going to go Phil Simms said it's about the weather. The weather is not a factor. Now. Can you explain that statement to -- Phil Simms said a lot of goofy stuff during the game at one point. You know there was it would they were backed government let's just say it was like third mates and they passed. And he said something like. Are well they like doing that in that situation because you know the Broncos backed off the liners -- some some nonsense that was -- They throw because it was third along like I don't like he did stuff like that all game long and I knew I noticed it often. Well if they like to do it in that situation why not tell the viewers before the play -- the viewers can look anticipate and possibly look. For that it to happen this this I I think Phil Simms is terrible. I really think he's awful and he's only gotten the position. Because he was a quarterback. In New York when the giants actually played in New York. And he won a Super Bowl but his ability. To really communicate and tell the viewer and give them insight as to what's going -- I think it's terrible just awful. I don't disagree with that I find it with a lot of announcers use you noticed it with -- because he's on the top unit and he's always doing because games -- Now which is it a -- and fortunately they're not doing the Super Bowl this year so. A warning atlas -- because I do like a buck and Aikman -- I think they do a decent job when you watch -- one after another especially guys you're just looking at color analysts. Aikman says a lot more stuff a lot more tendencies a lot more stuff to watch the line a lot more stuff after the play. Then maybe you didn't notice its its nine day comparing him The -- -- vibrant and on the other thing about the Denver. New England game that I noticed. Was. Brady's passes. A number of them were going much higher than they normally do and I think. Part of that might have been the altitude it do you think I've been to Denver. And I've had the effects of that higher altitude. In fact I've been up 678000. Feet. And when you give up that -- it does make a difference the air's thinner and a lot of his passes we're going high. Yacht and he missed a cup of you know more than one why there were two huge white -- plays down the field but he messed there was a play in the n.'s Hillary salad. He seemed off a lot of his throwers even some of his completion seemed off there was a story after the game I saw. It's idiot ligament damage in his hand most of the season that affected his grip. Maybe that had something to do that but it has early -- last week. But I know we -- thirty touchdown passes last week when he was precise last week and he's been precise during the season. -- -- It whenever -- the Broncos didn't get a ton of pressure on and they did -- him a few times but it's not like he was under siege all day there would make its -- salary and it seemed like he had time set a speed he dismissed them. Okay now Chris I got to ask you very. Very serious questions. Are you going to bet on the Super Bowl I am dots. I would let somebody out there listening got -- -- -- what do you mean you bet on the Super Bowl batting dot it would it makes you crazy. And even if I do any things -- you know like of the of the Super Bowl squares or whatever we you know you buy into reported borders on -- and yet I cannot know the numbers. Because I'm just fixated on what I need it takes away from my injury and again. Every year I'd bet that the first score of the Super Bowl be appeal. And last year was the first year along time that I lost. That's not a bad bad a lot of times teams wanna get points they're going to be conservative -- that -- take any chances yeah I've I've covered. Myself pretty good over the years with the first score the game will be a field goal for for those of you may not. Be familiar with betting on the Super Bowl and I am not. Here encouraging you to gamble and bad but. It's kind of a fun thing to do because. -- Vegas comes out -- Five or six or seven pages. Different things that you can bet on on the game one of the most common that people know was echoing talks whether it's going to be heads or tails which is a 5050 chance. Or who will receive. The kick off -- I mean there's all kinds of -- who will score the first touchdown who'll catch the first pass late this stuff like what color Gatorade -- -- on a winning coach Chris. -- noted some of those really bizarre prop bets if if five made that bad. I would go get some die and pay somebody to put it in the barrel. And make sure that both teams have the same color no matter watts that that the but I mean there are just a number of crazy options. To bet on the Super Bowl and I've. I always thought you know if you -- you know little bit here five bucks here ten bucks there on a couple things it's just kinda. Fun to do let's take a break we'll be back it is these sandy beach shell said he is off today Martin Luther King Day by the way most. Activities general. Businesses are closed and by that I mean government businesses here federal state county. Post offices closed schools are closed banks are closed. County libraries are closed but most stores. Are open are the metro bus rail is going a Sunday schedule today in case you need to take that. And for those of you who live in the city of buffalo there will be regular garbage pick up today some pictures. If future garbage -- there will be back sandy beach show would Larry -- on news radio 930 WB EM. This is the kind of weather where people. Forget how to address again it got warm kind of comfortable for a couple of days sun came out a little bit. So you don't -- the heavier jacket you don't -- that the law of this. It you just candidates they are this feels so much nicer and all of a sudden you gotta go through that again and remember how how to address this. Job by the way our web poll this morning is asking you about Donald Trump and his run for the governorship. If you have an opportunity this morning I would really appreciate it. If you go to WB ENN dot com. And check out our question of the day what do you think about Donald Trump's possible run for governor. Because we'd like to talk about that they're probably this afternoon. And I would be interested to see your thoughts on the matter concerning the Donald. And the governor. So we go to our website. Answer the question you'll find out where things stand and then will report that later on today as well. As we have for once in politics. Later on in the program Larry -- for sandy beach on this little low windy snowy. Monday morning Martin Luther King Day again most government. Affect all government offices are closed courts. -- offices city county state federal they all got the the day off for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Chris and I were talking about the Super Bowl and Chris we didn't have a chance to discuss the Seattle San Francisco game which I thought. Overall was a pretty good game until the officials missed the fumble call them their by the goal line. I don't understand. It this the most egregious thing to me was -- that they missed that was that replay. Couldn't challenge of how do you. Why -- replay system if we can't challenge things that everybody in America sees are incorrect now it doesn't make any sense to me. No it now it doesn't and I think -- Jim -- stated Ers gave me it was an answer Jack Buck. Stated that and said they thought it was wrong and Troy Aikman. Indicated that they're going to look at that concerned I think they have to add that to the list of replay I think any. Fumble concern should be able to be challenged and but the thing that bothered me even more about that. Was the fact. That how did the linesman. Miss that -- it was on his side and there was nothing blocking his view. To see that San Francisco had recovered the ball and the player was down. Yeah I had no there was no doubt when I watched the play that the niners -- I don't -- its -- is gonna went after them when start I got excited after the play and then. This from a Seattle guy gets that they didn't make any sense he had a and the guy was on top of the Seattle player who snapped his leg and happen -- currently was laying right on top of the play should have been dead at that moment. Absolutely they should have been no question of possession of the ball and the linemen. Should be right there on the goal line so I don't understand how he -- missed that call that that bothered me. Not I'm not saying who should've won but I'm saying that to me was one of the most obvious simplistic calls. An official could've made in the game and they missed it a 100%. I think god they're extremely lucky that wins fumbled on the next play and its efforts throughout the apartment was 4000 when -- -- -- -- -- -- and they got the -- -- -- But it Seattle scored on that play there were about a cloud over the game. Forever even even if you know and ended up winning by -- a reference forward about -- got a touchdown. Instead of just turning it over there with it was a three point game at a time of I'm not mistaken 232070. I can I would just would have been a disaster if they scored a touchdown after they clearly -- and turn it over question about that fumble that appeared to me that the quarterback. Handed the ball off about a foot too high and it hit. The shoulder pads. Of Marshawn Lynch which is why the ball kind of bounced off his hands. Does the running back. Get the statistic of it was his fumble or does the quarterback get blamed for that you know I'm almost 100%. Russell Wilson gets blamed for that fumble. Generally. And exchanges like that you'll see at the cornerback is charged for a even if it's not even his fall are Russell Wilson DD charts for that bombard I'd looked up at our scorers were talker and and that's probably right I mean you missed the handoff right they got to give it to somebody usually they give to the quarterback that's a had to experience. One of the things that them. Annoys me call me old fart if you want but. I know the National Anthem is a very difficult song singing. And I cannot think -- stain in the same active I have to change octaves when it gets to the second part of the song. But. As many times in the past I was so -- yesterday at this and Wilson from Seattle. Who sing the National -- And thought -- chi. Was more important than the song itself and couldn't hit the notes and sounded like a complete idiot that frustrates me so much as that you. 8030930. Is our numbers are -- thirtieth recall on yourself I'm wondering. If you get annoyed as much as I do. About people who sing the National Anthem as if there are more important. And the song George Noory overnights well until five news radio 9:30 AM. WD and Chris Johnson good morning everybody out there for sandy beach this morning on WBE and we're going to noon and then Rush Limbaugh. And then 3 o'clock today Larry -- for that sound partly that's -- body. The National Anthem. There have been so many events. Sporting events in which someone has sung the National Anthem. As if they are so much more important than the song itself and what it represents. And what bothers me a ball that. Is that it has happened. So many times on the big stage like the Super Bowl. I remember when I think Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. Did it I think in New Orleans. And it was embarrassing and then of course it was that Christine Aguilera who forgot the words. And I mean you know she she's a joke to begin with. But. Think about this when you hear the National Anthem has as you just did it -- second ago here instrumental. You'd never hear an orchestra. Or band or it's always. Try and make the National -- something different. You'd never hear him try and play it real fast. -- super slope or pause at some point to accentuate an instrument. They play it the way it was written on the musical score. And yet again yesterday. In the Seattle. San Francisco game. We had a woman and it doesn't matter whether it's a man or woman. But she happens to be a war and who I guess is from Seattle's sees some recording artist I didn't know she was. Name was -- Wilson. City cute you know Chris -- a few hours. Audited no I didn't know either worn out from either game. This is recording artist and -- never heard of real down. I mean she wasn't a part of that Wilson group there aren't that the girl group. Back in the the ninety's Wilson's something. Philips -- Wilson Phillips -- she she wasn't part of that. But. She seemed to be doing pretty good until they get to the last part. Where they sing for the Lan over the land of the free and they have to hit the high note. She not only didn't hit the high note and couldn't hit a high note instead of singing. She tried to shout it out and that she tried to hit three different notes to get on key and still couldn't do. And it was just it's totally embarrassing it's our National Anthem. And I'm just wondering what is someone going to step up to the plate from the sports organizations especially. The National Football League and say look. If you can't sing it the way it was meant to be son. We don't want you. We don't need you to embarrass us and embarrass. Our National Anthem. I'm just so tiger. Of these recording artists. Thinking that they are so important that they can steal the show. And sing a song the way today you wanna do it and some of the way it was meant to be -- on and the way it was written. I was at the Super Bowl in Tampa when the Buffalo Bills play in Super Bowl 25. And I was there when Whitney Houston -- what most people feel. Is the finest versions song of our National Anthem. She didn't half. To tell everybody I'm Whitney Houston and look at me. I'm going to sing it so you remember it she sang at the way it was meant to be song and everybody remembered it. Because she did such a magnificent job. Outstanding job. And I'll tell you why. When sheets that are singing that song. There were tears. In people's eyes at Super Bowl 25. It was magnificent. It was touching. It was -- the way it was meant to be song. And another one that I thought was done extremely well was when Faith Hill. Saying the National Anthem at the Super Bowl I thought she did. An outstanding job singing the song the way it was meant to be. And maybe it's just me maybe it's just me. But. I feel that. There are some things that are a little bit sacred. If -- and there are somethings you just kind of don't. Play around with and change and fool and and make different. Whether it be. On a national scale -- on a local scale. I think the National Anthem should be one of those things. I think it should be sung the way it was written. It's the way. Orchestras play yet. They don't fool around with it why should singers. And I just. Was so annoyed -- yesterday after this and Wilson. Did her terrible. Up noxious. Rendition. Of the ending of the National Anthem it was embarrassing. And I just kind of wonder why don't people say so. -- why are we so politically tough. So afraid of being. Not politically correct. Because she was a woman because she was a minority. Should be totally irrelevant. Totally irrelevant. You should sing the song the way it was meant to be song. And if he can't remember the words then you should be embarrassed. That's just my personal feeling. 8030930. Is our number if you wanna share in with this for a I'm not gonna go a long time with this this morning but it's just that pet peeve of mine. You go to a sabres game comedy you go to a sabres game raise your hand if you're not driving okay. -- go to a sabres game right quite a few of you. Do you think. That the Canadians. Would just sit on their buttons say nothing. If we sang the Canadian National Anthem the way we thought we wanted to sign -- I think there should be a little praise. For those who are at the sabres games. That sing the National Anthem of both countries Canada and the United States because they sing at the way it was meant to be song. And we can sing along whether it. We can take our hats off we can put our hand over our heart. And we can sing along. Chances are if we were good enough we'd be -- it out there with a microphone I'm not good enough. I can't sing that well always wanted to. It was like if if I was given like three wishes in life one of them would be to sing on key and be good singer because I love music. And and I think that's why they invented the shower. I think they invented the shower for people like myself who loved to sing but just aren't. Good enough to. You know do it professionally. I'll take a couple calls on this this morning I got mark and -- good morning mark. Good thank you -- doing on this holiday. Two it amounts in the they. In order under. The National Anthem electric car in court shock alt country. Yeah outlaws. It really wants. It also -- -- -- he -- treated they're currently it's I -- I thought annual and from art in all it's a pretty good stop Specter in the very you know. Oh she -- -- Yeah she was an art there there was police through the seventies mid to late seventies early eighties OK. And it and number one it's terrible you are delighted. Know where she came from I I just been recognized name. I appreciate you letting me know that. Our mark thank you very much appreciate the call this morning on WBE and I got to Bob in Williams who this morning hey Bob. Good morning. It. Would guarantee he wrote -- it was all well and so are we may well. And I don't remember what it was but James Earl Jones with a magnificent. -- he was the gentleman who did this is CNN I believe for a long long time right. It is -- either gentleman who used to you hear his voice on CNN. I hit a -- and -- And he says well Indonesia. A couple a lot of you have -- Check or at least admiral. But definitely is a wonderful voice -- -- politically I don't want it was it was a lot of technical. And the well you know I'm I'm a veteran I'm a patriot but they care about when he when he spoke. Well it was Nate it's as and it and it and it -- what does it irks me is. They have to remind people there yet. That I've -- shouldn't get the. I thank you Bob appreciate your time this morning on WB and tell you let's take a quick break we'll come back -- more your calls. Which some thoughts on the way the National Anthem should be sung the or can be sung or was on yesterday Larry harder for sandy beach on news radio 930. WBE -- more anti Hillary hotter in this morning for sandy beach on WB and we're going till noon today. And we're taking your calls at 8030930. -- 930 is a free call on your cell as we talk a little bit this morning about. The proper way to sing the National Anthem I was a little offended yesterday by the way and Wilson destroyed. The ending of the National Anthem by not being able to sing it. By shouting yet and still after three attempts not being able to hit the right note and people applauding it made me sick. Really did I think -- there are some things that are a little bit sacred or should be. A little bit sacred in our country and one of them is the singing of our National Anthem. You don't see him at the Olympics. Trying to change the way they do the National Anthem. And they shouldn't do it at football games baseball games soccer I don't care what it -- as. Sing at the way it was written sing at the way it was meant to be song. We just had a caller. Talking about their James Earl Jones and his version of the National Anthem Chris Johnson found that forming so will play that. And just a minute so you can understand what he's talking about because I've never heard that. And so I'm interested to see how it sounds skis here Alex -- -- the gallery. Frank is -- this this morning good morning frank. Even more mr. honor I'd like that your question why it not been respect this is. And that traditional -- I believe it -- like all of that means the building block in our schools are what our kids are being top. How often do we say the pledge of allegiance and more all -- -- and how law and -- kids so worried. About speaking out about doing it right or wrong. Because it's all the three. It'll tradition. The chill off our schools. And it's time to get back to it and I equity Whitney Houston was the epitome. Of that rendition. Yeah when I was at that Super Bowl let me tell yeah it was it was almost as if time stopped when she got through singing that -- It was incredible I think everybody there just felt. Pride. Patriotism. They just felt so good about their country they didn't think about the bills of the giants. They were Americans and proud to be so. But the way she represented our our national -- Thank you frank for -- call this morning I think you bring up by some great points there in fact interestingly enough. We may be talking about does some of the things going on in schools. This morning because kids have today off from school. Teachers after -- off from school and I thought we might to throw in a little topic about schools so I'm I'm glad you brought that up. I've got let's see Dave Davis what is good morning Dave. -- Larry how are you today good thank you. I got an interesting story. I started working at memorial auditorium. One week after president Kennedy died. And one of my job I was the sound man and the -- should have won a major -- was the play a National Anthem. And we had a 78 European RPM record. It was very scratchy and I think it would. A rendition backed at eight and a. I don't really remember is fifty years ago. And down. What a wild. Hockey team hockey players would by the way there was a man that they auditorium that hockey games his name is normal way alone -- And he used to play the organ. And he may have actually. Played the National Anthem. I put the flag up by an American -- like a projector. And we Chang playing up on the -- all way up in the top in this section in the great action. An email. Provided the music but I remember in the record. And several times I remember. The hockey players would get in now a rocket and the director. With motion to me and I run in the control room and put there -- -- come on record on. Two attempt to quiet everybody down you know I guess that was the reason I don't know if that was during the game. Yes -- that's going to be fighting and the like owner but he scream and whatever they are doing. I was in the control. Plane. National Anthem record. Well. Right on the teacher. Substitute teacher. And now -- saying when that's and we do the pledge to the flag every single day. That's good to know -- because I know some schools don't. And we do everything I think it's an -- and I was at the auditorium for a two years. And now. They get to watch L hockey game but I was airplane the National Anthem I think for the basket like get out of ventured into the issues and and that would -- them. Three. Basketball team I think I played the National Anthem process. Which -- record and I particular case let's let the fifty years ago I can't. -- should've taken that 78 record with vehicles that would probably be worth a lot of money today. I mean that would be a true collector's item the National Anthem on a 78 RPM. Or should have to find a record player that still plays 78. A it right there are some there's still are some around. Not many. But that's great thank you Dave I appreciate your call here this morning on the sandy beach EO Larry -- from news radio 930 WV and let's -- the -- to want to say good morning to Marie hi Marie. -- -- Yes wondered how long it would take for somebody to bring that about the match and then them. So is this even idea because never the announcement from the -- potentially. That that that. You know them at this there patent them. Tried the jet that. Yeah exactly you don't hear other countries doing the a disservice to their National Anthem. Nine point nine nothing -- that terrible -- are -- up and that should tell them. -- the -- is done that in the mesh meant in the thing straight exactly that thing is. I'm not did the power right distance and that and them all kinds of things -- day. Is that there they. Try and get this up. Yeah. Anyway thank you very appreciate it a little I don't British accent their memories from England I appreciate your call this morning at WBM. Larry -- for sandy beach on this Monday we'll take a break -- -- and come back with more of your call.

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