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Trump In Or Out?

Jan 20, 2014|

Capital New York's Laura Nahmias

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WBM live line as Laura nominee Laura is a reporter for capital New York. Throughout the morning -- story has been a possible Donald Trump run for governor Laura good morning how are you this morning. And Daria we're doing OK we're running Paula WB and our columns scientific as that might be. Most of the folks have been clicking on our poll all weekend. And right now it's a 57%. They seem to think that Donald Trump is gonna enjoy -- of the publicity. And all of the limelight and then say he's not running. And your level what do you think what do what do listening. Well I would. Hat I would say that they. Are potentially not. Wrong -- mr. trump has history of flirting with running for a public offense and then not actually doing -- that much regionally and in that Tony twelve. Presidential campaign. I he said off and and off and that he. Plan to run and then and that got any yet he's also recently flooded -- name as a potential 26 team. Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. I am and he has never ended up running. If he were to end up running in this state. Poll out this morning shows that he would lose Friday. Almost as fifteen point margin against the Governor Cuomo. The public burning of the Governor Cuomo the Clinton by. 48 points in a potential matchup against Donald Trump. You're referring to the Siena poll which we've been referring to ourselves this morning. What would trump have to decide if he is going to run. He would need to decide. -- this spring there by the end of this rained. In are accused set -- Campaign account. And he would have to win in -- potential. GOP primary. If there were another candidate or he would have to get the backing of the State's Republican Party so he a couple of months to make -- the. Is there -- a Republican. In New York State. Aside from Donald Trump who could beat Andrew Cuomo. Well the State's Republican leadership. -- Cox. Believe that Westchester County executive -- actually Leno couldn't win against Governor Cuomo because after you know one in Westchester County where there at 21 democratic voter. Enrollment. In the edge. And that near the makeup of this state they're Democrats outnumber Republicans. -- Laura what war in I mean what were the issues in Westchester County. At the time he won the election compared to what the issues are and I'll stay -- Well eat at. They're dealing with that it Westchester County they were dealing with. Tax issue as it back issues they're actually very similar and Westchester County. Residents are are frustrated frequently with their property tax says that height accidents and that's something that people eat lighter also -- and what. But the problem with accurate you know as a potential candidate is that he has are less. Money to spend. -- on a potential rape and and Governor Cuomo has ads and -- -- last week he has. 33 million dollars to run our race -- -- -- Serena has raised so far. One million dollars -- a huge difference. And there's just no comparison in terms of what that could buy it in the campaign. What are you hearing if any about Carl Paladino from buffalo. And a possible -- are. And I am. I yet. Am hearing not much he had inserted himself into the race as usual I am and he is also. And critical of he mainstream Republican leadership in this state that that's not being you know I am. What he if he decides to throw his hat thing as well. Make it makes for a very -- thing. Primary race -- at all of these different characters in -- Laura nice to talk to you this morning thank you for joining us. Thank you for having Laura dominance as a reporter for capital New York.

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