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Chris Christie Flap

Jan 20, 2014|

Dr. Bruce Bryski & Dr Kevin Hardwick; Pt 5

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are in studio guest this morning doctor Kevin -- from finishes college doctor Bruce rescue from SUNY buffalo state talking about a possible Donald Trump candidacy for governor. Let me ask for those who weren't with us and when we started an hour ago will he or won't he what do you think Kevin let me start with you. I ate ice at last hour that. I don't expect him to run but I wouldn't be awestruck at the kid I think I think he seriously considering it I don't think it's just. Merely a publicity stunt I'm gonna be very interested to see what he has to say when he comes to buffalo. To sell the tours in January 31 I mean the Republican committees bringing me in there have been big reception. Which is gonna be good for the local Republican committee. Thing is gonna sell out EC GOP dot com for tickets -- get it while they're there. But you know I yeah. I would be very interested -- on I've seen him speak a couple times down -- this seat the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. You know he he could be very interesting very formidable candidate. Bruce. I have you'd trump against Cuomo would be late or for political analysts it would be like Christmas every day during this campaign. Are but -- with Kevin. -- the -- is passionate he he cares a lot about these issues but but honestly I just don't see it that it would be a viable candidate probably. But I I just don't see it. Calling his own shot sums people say that you know human element to disclose all of those financial assets well first of all. He can't call solution out there right I mean that's an election get there. -- -- swarms that have to be filled out that have to be submitted. And sure you know there's no question that. Andrew Cuomo would call formed to release. Ten years of tax returns or whatever and and that may be a drawback. So we'll you know it's it's one other hurdles he'll have to get by. Is Governor Cuomo do you think so entrenched. Financially. Politically. That. Republicans are afraid to run against this guy. We'll certainly Donald Trump isn't afraid to because he's he's got the money but I mean you know any incumbent ran off the -- has so many advantages and you know almost got the war chest and -- you know he's got the visibility he's got the feet on the ground so -- he's going to be a tough guy to beat. Yeah would have to be someone likened them to really give him a serious run offers money literally run for his money. He got 33 million dollars in the bank of and -- in writing off Carl Paladino. No idea I. Try to. Run as a conservative I mean there are people pushing him to run as a conservative it would be great for the New York Conservative Party because they would be guaranteed of of picking up at least the third line and the bail than -- even the second line if he. Becomes in second like herb London almost did in 1990. When he was a conservative candidate. That is all sorts of ramifications. Mean they take over the boards of elections and and all sorts of patronage jobs mean the consequences would be huge in the Republican Party almost becomes a bit of the Republican Party if -- conservatives commit second the Republican Party. Becomes a minor party in New York State yet. We want Allah bring up something else this morning before -- Genesco bridge skate the Chris Christie controversy is growing. Do you think Chrissie will survive -- -- -- You know Susan this is so what Christina is a staple in politics that you know you can be on the top of the world one day and then to see your your ratings plummet the next day when it was a situation like this. At a party the other night with two people from Hoboken. Six months ago they thought that you know Chris Christie was you don't better than sliced bread and and there are very upset and what he's done. Especially how it's affected people on this story's gonna go on and on and on and I really am going to be interested to see. How would hurt his presidential aspirations. You'd go IE IIBP. I mean their survival and their survival I think it definitely hurt his presidential aspirations there's no question about it. Especially because there's so many other good viable Republican candidates especially the governor's. I mean you you you look around what you're talking about Scott Walker from Wisconsin what you're about John Kasich from Ohio. I for former governor Jeb Bush of Florida there's so many other candidate Paul Ryan Paul. Paul Ryan of course mean there's so many other good candidates. You know that did it. Christie didn't need dais and Bruce was making the point earlier Europe's it was off the year that this is good dog in this is not a story and it's gonna go away quick. So do you think all these other guys including maybe Marco Rubio in Florida. Are just waiting for the dust to settle here ever for the make a move. Well I think so there's no question about -- and again of the you know I'm I'm looking into television Norman left shoulder here and you know this is gonna go on and on and on this story with Christie and and I think he's just a tip of the iceberg. And he's still got to combat that -- issue. That -- so that's something that a lot of people are very concerned about including the people of New Jersey. Yeah this feeds right into that narrative that's that's the big branch reform. Paid to -- guys have been great nice second great conversation in the past -- we appreciate you coming -- evidence that pleasure. Has said doctor Chris Christie from SUNY buffalo state and doctor Kevin Hardwick from contentious talents.

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