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If Not Trump, Then Who From NYS GOP

Jan 20, 2014|

Dr Bruce Bryski & Dr Kevin Hardwick; Pt IV

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are talking this morning about the possibility of a trump for governor candidacy with two in the studio guest actor Bruce risky from SUNY buffalo state. Doctor Kevin Hardwick from -- college. You know and let's we've been going back and forth on on -- -- candidacy but if not from. Then hope. Would you say today proves. What. I think the logical Kennedy here is. Carl Paladino. You know he's done it before I think he's a learned a great deal from that previous experience. I think he'd be different -- I don't think he's gonna change you know. A 100% you know he he speaks his mind if -- a lot of people like that. But I think he learns from some of the mistakes that he made last time I think he'd be a logical candidate. Are you gonna get this passed Ed Cox. I'm not well you could ask the Republican in the room feel what. Well let's let's hit first and if not trumpet mobile listened to that to that point did you question I get that test -- at Cox wasn't on board last. Carl Paladino and be guided by a eureka any Republican committee chaired -- playing worthy. In affected Iran and attacks took it straight to the convention took to the voters ran a primary. And and ran against. The -- the anointed one Rick Lazio and handed him his head in the -- Then things fell apart in the general election I think I think is right -- run different campaigns. He's. I'm sure would be better candidate now whether he could. He could. Come out with a better result means net you know that remains to be seen obviously. Very uphill battle for anyone. Even Donald Trump with this money. Well ma'am would you answer at the same if not from -- like I mean I don't know I think I I think that choice. The Republican party's statewide would be -- these -- good person. One one drawback he does have a background in radio but other than that. Other than that you know he's he's a decent guy he's fairly conservative I think he would meet a lot of the the standard desperate Republican candidate. Whether he would be acceptable -- you know however I think -- is is. Express reservations. You know you you could have that nightmare scenario of Carl running as a conservative right against the Republican candidates splitting the vote and that would be an that would be -- everybody's right -- -- I was talking about other prominent Republicans in New York State. Michael Bloomberg for mangled a third term for mayor and -- -- he probably would have loved to run for Forrester. Why wouldn't you be interested in Africa and what about Rudy Giuliani. I think I think you know -- those are those are people who lose whose time has passed things that. You know I think I think the party is moving -- I think they're moving again I'm not sure that they would want to do all that would be necessary at all. Running running for for. Governor is no easy task -- And I'm thinking of celebrities running for governor you know you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger in California. And you say you know here's a guy who's had some some success in one area -- translate to another and and you know -- first it was a joke but. But you know give them credit he was successful but then you look at the campaign he ran to get there and it was a very unusual circumstance it was tied in with the idea. With the recall election of Gray Davis. And it was simultaneously done in the campaign was all of one or two months I mean the campaign you be talking about yeah governor -- New York it's it's from now until then. But if bush another bush ran for president I think a league with Kevin said -- those candies that you mentioned John their their time as well how old is Donald Trump. I don't the ages of initially with trump but -- I think there's other issues with trump and I think like ability is one of talk about the at the clout that Paladino holes with the party right now. Oh I think. I think there's a tremendous amount leverage yes I mean he's trying to. Get some concessions from the from the candidate if it's going to be asked to Reno he said he got to say you're gonna go after. The skills the majority leader partner. The jury is majority leader anymore what's -- what's being called a bit the head of the Republican delegation that the New York State Senate because as a strange situations and right now. You know you got to get ready here we gotta get rid of the minority leader in the state assembly. On I'm not sure those are things that the Republican State Committee can can do that idea. You know so Carl has some bit over a barrel here. And there may be other things that Carl is after that he would be willing to settle for I'm obviously on the inside those negotiations. But the last thing that Republican state like lassie is Carl run only as a conservative. You know and have him split the vote of the Republicans. And a nominee that would be. They'll be terrible -- faster I'll be good for the Conservative Party because they would get a lot of votes they would maintain their status. As third lying there are some people lit. Are thinking that maybe they could even be the second. -- getting a vote -- in the in the gubernatorial election which would have all sorts of consequences from but. You know will will will see about that.