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Focus on Trump; Governor's Race

Jan 20, 2014|

Dr Bruce Bryski & Dr Kevin Hardwick; Pt III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More now about Donald Trump candidacy for governor of New -- stable dollar and studio guest doctor Kevin Harvick from conditions college. And doctor Bruce Bruschi from the SUNY buffalo state I'd like both you guys to weigh in on this Kevin excuse me maybe you can go first. David DiPietro in an interview on our station said. If you brought rob -- Reno into Easter aura that the -- croft him for a gathering. 2030 people like show -- live abroad Donald Trump and you know 500 a thousand people might show up. Now he's -- very popular guy a lot of people would like to see this guy. But can you translate that like ability and wanna see into votes. Assure you again I mean the the biggest hurdle in any campaign is name recognition. Mean -- it's why incumbents do so well at every level people know who they are people are familiar with them. Most people like other people I mean if they're if they're not a likeable person to begin with they wouldn't get elected in the first place. Some name recognition is is the first -- and certainly Donald Trump has that -- pastor Reno as I mean -- you know to David EP Crowe's point. Later this month January 31. Trump will be brought in by the Erie county Republican committee. The eighties they're gonna be -- -- the tours like a hundred dollars a person 175 dollars a couple I think you're gonna see that placed I know. It was at an event Saturday I know that nick -- worthy of the Republican share is expecting to see attack. He says they're gonna sell out ineffective if listeners want tickets they should go to the Erie county Republican web -- EC GOP dot com and they can get tickets online legacy that's gonna sell OK and NFS three don't work coming out. -- know you wouldn't. Obviously you wouldn't enable us. Bruce your thoughts then on -- -- like ability to look name recognition is important -- I think Kevin and I agree on it. But dumb you don't name recognition people can recognize you because they hate you. And you know -- did DPH road this warm and Fuzzy image showed the Donald Trump on not I'm not necessarily -- and it. -- a lot of people just don't like him in general they think he's so uses money -- Push people around and so forth IE is so name recognition is one thing but you know I'm not I don't see the warm and Fuzzy here with Donald Trump. Okay he's also known as a billionaire and you think people are gonna contribute to him. You know for campaign. Well. You know they did it would it would can imagine you know if you want your picture taken on the 31 is gonna cost you 500 dollars each your picture taken with style trump. -- and it's just part of politics just as fundraising and trump can do that. 500 dollars realize is -- going to Trump's campaign is going to hear again -- -- candidate -- which I have a vested interest in a way to disclose that Brian. I would think Bruce I'll take your 500 I didn't explain where they. And as you can have your picture taken is Donald Trump but until it and you'll you'll -- to that point about money however. Don't Donald Trump doesn't need to raise money Donald Trump has money. You know. Hasn't been a donor money in and who's third in fifty million dollar it's -- did it hearkens back to a few years Becker. Decade or so ago in Golisano Maria and I mean he's he put all his money into it in even have a major line he was -- his independence party candidate. And and portal item. His own money into it and got some got some votes as a result. -- Reno however has raised less than a million dollars in group Cuomo is sitting on 33 million dollars. The best arena comes and asked me personally it's just -- good to be governor of New York he -- new destiny now get an early. This -- crazy given money to -- the other guys get 33 million dollars you can erase anything forget it yet you know. -- it's going to be. It's gonna be a lock over it's going to be that -- agencies -- -- unless a policy analyst call -- all Chris Christie and shuts down everything in the state didn't. You know implode it's it's like to be much right now. Money is politics and I agree with Kevin that it's once he truck does not have to worry about right now do you was -- Ed Cox. As in charge of the party in New York -- are you losing control. We'll certainly -- would know more about that tonight Cuba you know but does that the thing is that. In terms a legitimate power he's you know he is he does have that power but you know I don't know. How much trump can sweet the leadership in the state in that that's the factor that I think were all looking forward to see how that you know on schools. Well he's he's the the chair but again. What's the the analogy herding cats or whatever when you talk about the various. Politicians in the state of the various parties here is there's only so much power he's not that dictator.