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Trump As Gubernatorial Candidate

Jan 20, 2014|

Dr. Bruce Bryski & Kevin Hardwick; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have two in studio guests to talk more about this this morning Kevin Harvick is here for the nation's college crisper -- from SUNY buffalo state. Up first if I can bring up the at the attacks and and interview with it was on hard line yesterday. Mr. with hubris privately do think the state Republican Party doesn't want trump to run because he doesn't want to play the game and go through the process. Well you know based on what I heard Michael -- say yesterday that's exactly what was going and I'm not so sure how enthralled a -- would be even you know Cox is -- it. Break down the middle he's doing his job. Mean you know IE. I would sink. That with that would we challenges said that fifteen point lead over any Republican candidate right now is it would be. I'm very difficult. Offer any candidate to to be Cold War now kind of surprised that Cuomo set far ahead right now but anyway. The -- that -- there's probably a lot going on behind the scenes that I don't know about I'm sure. On -- and Kevin Kevin knows more about this than I do because he's more connected but. -- quite frankly I think that. You know Cox was local. Lukewarm yesterday when he resigned with the evil. Doctor Kevin Harvick from conditions college also in studio live of those -- warning. Given. A guy like -- Cox chairman -- state Republican Party he wants to have control over his candidate ultimately. Yeah I think. I think first and foremost he wants to win I mean though the whole purpose of a political parties to win elections and he wants to give his. These people the best chance of winning. Course he could be looking at other things he may be looking at the impact the trump candidacy would have -- -- other elections which he hopes to win. I quite frankly think it would would help Republicans across state to have idea. A competitive. Race for governor but but that may or may not be the case I mean he's looking at a lot of variables. And and all of that he has the way. How about these numbers again let's talk but these numbers for Cuomo -- say you're surprised Bruce that he's pass such a commanding lead this early in the game you. And the list I mean -- ceiling innocent people over the last year with a safe act in their negotiating with with -- unions throughout the State of New York. Including the union and I'm in buffalo state Sunni. So there's some bad blood. That was established with some of the unions on I guess some kind of surprised that those numbers are tries they are right now. It was you know polls keeps saying and indicating that the majority of New York State residents. Registered voters support the -- that. When there's no doubt about them all there's no doubt about that -- but I'm just you know all looking at the big picture John. I thought that his numbers would be would be down. Much more than they are right I'm just I guess I'm overwhelmed when I first heard that this morning then. And it bodes well for the for the governor right now because he's got he's got the organization he's got to name recognition so I'm just kind of surprised what about you -- Well well I think that part of the reason he's up so why is he hasn't conducted any traffic studies and -- New York's George Washington Bridge. You know people might be comparing the Chris Christie in this. And all of those shenanigans. You know I think I think that could be built -- you yo what what those. Surveys that measure is. The intensity of support. They have a lot of soft support I think the people that are opposed to him the very intense minorities. The gun owners for instance you know there's no way there's no way they're ever gonna vote for so he's never gonna get those people that. Republicans however could come back and chip away at 50% that the governors now. And and you know those are people in the middle that that could swing either way -- real reason perhaps for them them to be against the governor now. And you know let's let's be fair you know and if you if you think about it trump has really just you know kicking this around right now. And he really becomes a viable serious candidate I'm I'm sure that that that gap is -- certainly be narrow. I'm still predicting Ditka Mario Cuomo is going to be George Pataki. I hit that one down there was no wait George Pataki was gonna be Mario Cuomo popular governor like this. I mean who the heck was George Pataki and really what is eight George Pataki have you ever heard this accusatory with the town supervisor on child well yeah I think was this simply abandoned you know but. It came out of nowhere came out of nowhere Eldorado let them around the state by -- hint that he and lo and behold it becomes governor. So it has happened caller oh goodness yet it happens all the time.