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IN FOCUS: Trump For Governor?

Jan 20, 2014|

Dr Bruce Bryski & Kevin Hardwick; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two in studio guest this morning to talk about a possible. Trump candidacy for New York governor. Doctor Kevin Hardwick from commissions Kalish doctor -- risky from SUNY buffalo state. Let me ask first Bruce let me start with you do think he's leading us on or do you think trump is going to run. Well past president says he's leading his son IE. My concern is that. And Kevin can probably verify this I don't think he can call the shots the way he thinks he can't. He wants to run for governor with no primary. There's going to be some people who you know -- opposed to that. He's got the money's got to name recognition. So -- got a lot going for him. But -- quite frankly you know he's indicated before a minute run for president I'm gonna run for this run for that. And I'm just not so sure that he can be handled. I -- Karl calabrese said earlier this morning I'm on your show. When you interview him but you know quite frankly. He's so used to calling the shots and he's got he's got a brand that I think could be damaged if he lost. And he wants to do that. Kevin what do you -- of it aside from saying he doesn't wanna primary what does it what do you what do you mean by calling jobs well well. I mean IE. Don't expect him to run but I wouldn't be shocked if he did I mean the guy is an entrepreneur newer he's been out there before expect congress before. This would obviously be a huge risk running against a a no statewide anyway popular incumbent. Andrew Cuomo. But it wouldn't I wouldn't put it past him certainly. He's gonna come up here January 31 he's gonna come to an event itself the doors. Which incidentally is huge get for chairman nick playing worthy of the Republican. Committee locally. And and you know the crowd is just enough on all over them and I think that's gonna feed his is ego. Any good thinks seriously about that certainly if he gets into the race he has a chance I mean that's sort of money that he could throw in -- that anything could happen. Why is it going to be Trump's decision or is it going to be Ed Cox's decision as -- as to who runs. -- it would be it would be Trump's decision I mean. You know Bruce's right DA he's got to be -- call the shots I mean I -- the one of his conditions his look I don't want to mess around with a primary. I just wanna be the nominee and and it's that clear the field for me. Well attacks can't do that now. The Republican State Committee at their convention in the spring. I can't name him in effect the nominee and make it very difficult. For someone who wants to challenge him say -- -- Reno to get on the ballot. They would have to go through a petition process we're trump would. I mean that might be enough two to convince -- yes that's that's okay. They might be enough to convince us to Reno that look I I'm I'm not gonna go through that I don't have a chance so. -- that scenario could could play out and I think we're gonna see -- like Eleanor. Our guests are doctor Kevin Harvick from conditions college doctor Bruce -- from SUNY buffalo state either you can weigh in on this. Would rob mastery you know seriously challenge Donald Trump on the primary. You know I -- -- this terino. In December he was up here for the Erie county Republican committee Christmas party. And yeah he's he's definitely serious -- I reminded him that of course it was -- -- the former Westchester County executive. History knows that current Westchester County executive anyway Andy Indio Rourke challenged Cuomo's father Mario Cuomo and got his head handed to him. I'm not sure that -- Reno appreciated mean breaking it up but you know it is what it is it it it would be very difficult for him to win in November. -- And I think you don't going and going against O'Donnell trump if he is serious that would that would be really hard pressed to Reno under the name recognition alone in the money did trump can bring. It was heaven knows money is everything in politics. And I just don't know what kind of -- -- on the ground he has what kind of a campaign structure. Organization he can get to developed in that short amount of time but you know quite frankly trump would be very formidable.