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New Winter Weather Advisory Posted

Jan 20, 2014|

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and live line National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Hamilton -- boarded up next. Winter weather advisory posted for all the westerly. There is an Arctic cold front pushing down across Lake Ontario. Early this morning that's generating. About a hundred mile wide -- of -- note it's going to push down across Western New York during the morning hours. Most areas probably our pick up two to four inches. Who is coming from Lake Ontario is that -- maybe the northern areas are seeing a lot of this right now. Rather than southern areas -- -- right now it's been a burden Niagara and Orleans Chinese for the past couple of hours and little steadily you know pushed out during the course of the morning. Some of them being enhanced by Lake Ontario itself. It's been a rough winners so far no doubt about that we can deal with the snow as the cold that's the rub how cold is it gonna get to. -- temperatures early this morning probably right around the thirty degree mark for those -- push. Through the day temperatures are going to tumble through the twenties and into the teens and and some paper -- to get down close to zero in the outlying areas. Will there be a wind chill advisory posted for tomorrow. Were not quite it would ensure advisory criteria were looking to be in the committed to. Upper teens. Below zero for that right now of working like 1413. To work flows. Looks like better chance for that coming on Tuesday night. We have some strong wind gusts on Sunday above any idea any people and goes nuclear. -- areas that measure wind -- between 55 and sixty well. -- Brendan how much again how much snow can we expect out of this today. Now we're preferred general two to four inches and that would pretty much blanket the whole -- area. We're looking at a miserable drives and then drive back home. Today. Well more so on the way in this afternoon things should have taper off from most areas so. That's probably a good thing that it's a holiday but it's not going to be fun driving this morning. Yep you're right thank you Bob thanks for joining us. Meteorologist Bob Hamilton -- the National Weather Service or poor weather station.