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NYS Republican Chair Ed Cox on Donald Trump

Jan 19, 2014|

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Senator mark resigned he will be along on a similar topic one of the things the bishop of buffalo said when he shut these schools down was that. You know have probably would just get its act together and have a tax credit where people can donate to public or private schools. They'd be able to maybe survive a little longer senator Mark -- is putting that idea forward. He sent a letter off to the leader of the state senate we will talk with senators on two before the next two hours -- done. But I wanted to kick it off this morning with Republican state party chair -- Cox as you know there's been. Quite a bit of discussion last little bit here about whether or not Donald Trump will run for governor. Whether rob best Reno will be the candidate that challenges governor Andrew Cuomo and along the way. There has been a lot of discussion about where the Republican Party is headed. Trump even made charges earlier this week saying that they have a culture of losing he set. That they don't have a lot of leadership that they don't necessarily have what it takes to put forth the good fight. And I figured go one of the people can certainly address that probably bashed back against a little bit as chairman Cox he joins us now. Good morning -- opera -- just like to -- with respect to tax credits for parochial and public schools that is that's something that we oppressed for some time now. And that's a bill that really ought to get past. The legislatures this year sort it's really important for the help -- to -- to a bit true men such. Tremendous boon for torture case -- There are an art in our inner cities. Let this one at fault on the to respect for the politics. You know better than that in buffalo. And in Erie county. For the first time in 35 years thanks to chairman and according worthy. Is go to work over the years -- auto club via apps might art chips for minorities the old actually -- itself. Now happened -- -- look majority. Is that the Erie county legislature and that's happening all through all throughout the the upstate. That and any place outside the major cities of New York the party is really overall. 21 democratic areas are better we applaud weathered the Rockland county which is a huge surprise we're -- Westchester County where Rob Petrie knows we elected -- -- -- it is that. -- out there are seriously considering running for governor. Or Merrill -- that you should to a democratic -- and and we woke up we upset in an incumbent and won that last November. -- And of course I mentioned Erie county living amateur in the legislature for the first time in 35 years Republican Party -- its -- -- Outside of the major cities we're just so excellence on the one democratic. It's very typical when -- -- but otherwise we're doing very very well and going. Into 2014. With a lot of momentum behind. But stay right I think there is this sense that at least trumpets putting forth that. We're not going to win Andrew Cuomo will be reelected addressed that. Felt. And hit it rating -- going down steadily. A particularly in upstate New York just to say that but. It's because he has made great declarations supplying the problem very well that New York shouldn't -- should not continue -- attacks. Capital of the of the United States and New York there is. Fact -- at least that that's prevalent statement driving queue up traders out of Europe some time now. And he couldn't correct correct that but in the end he compromises all the politics that that's what he has. It's focused on the pulp fiction to focus on the politics and it's been paralyzed and -- interrupt. Trying to battle for politics rather than doing what's right for the people of the state New York sort talks about. Medicaid reform. They Medicaid reform -- but nothing happened there are still growing at 45% a year. It talks that teacher valuation. Reform of but in the end at that compromise total respect unfunded mandates is drive up property taxes again -- -- commission. But then nothing gets done the abducted two people have understood that in whether recent poll which. -- -- stop -- on the 44% he's honorable you don't sit. That's why he spent a lot of time reaching money a lot of folks and how on how to solve all. Of your state and that's why I think the only rob apps Reno is really certificates and the -- cultural. Have you talked with Donald Trump where do you when he stand because he said earlier this week and -- -- play -- cut from. Fred -- programming and Albany radio station. He told the editor of the New York Post that basically. He won't run -- unless he gets a guarantee that there is no primary and even went so far to say that that basically -- I am and I play the cut here. He wants to hear a phone call from you guaranteeing that here's here's what he said. -- he's got to make phone calls and he's got to be proactive because you know a lot of people say it's a death wish when you have. -- what you have 31 Democrat two Republicans when you have all of the problems that the Republicans have in terms of you know demographics chapter. It's not an easy thing to do. So you don't wanna do that dealerships total support him unless I have total support I would not do it under any circumstances and I'm not gonna go into a primary. With some very good Republican. And and and then the new weapon that precedent has no chance to win the elections thing to do that. What do you say to -- Well -- any of primary is a long way off however true match convention at the day. That our convention we would that you made are our gubernatorial candidate. And they'll hopefully after that we would not have a a date September primary. What you -- I know I can't avoid anyone we've got sixty to carry cheers you have very able. Chair in Erie county chairman the line or they. Do you reach out there. It's how the participate in the decision put them to participate. Ultra -- power to get up there and and campaign with him and talked to them and that and committed and skeptics that he really is going to go to pollute here. Because he hasn't. Of course in the past and -- -- other movement toward a lot to -- by your president -- out which presidential run in 2000. And debt and and twelve. And speculate by getting out there and going all the reach into New York, New York a very divert state you learn the issues. In talking to the Republican leaders. And they know how to win. They know how to approach sent the the issues and each of their -- -- north country you've got -- of New York or slash New York to southern cheer. Hudson Valley Long Island City each each just effort. Each that there were that cute electrical and -- the governor -- much. You have to get out there in the what you get out there at the start it is -- the over the next four months now and our convention. -- there'd -- two Republican. You -- the Republican leadership protector case still as rock that's real good again about Katrina that he's thrilled that bottle -- As though its -- to consider running for governor that two of them out there makes more spanking or an arresting and they feed off each other. Where 0% the issue each -- -- get out there. Took that's so popular that we need. I can't avoid anyone that's up to the state committee and had to be and took the Chile -- are our chairs were well. -- -- -- -- In light of what you just said -- pretty much know that you probably can't enter this -- question but I have to casket. Do you prefer rob best Reno over Donald Trump. Well I actually work with -- Petrino when you. Oh lead really viable candidate out there but so that we're. Not all -- with bottled up and offered a spot on him saying we will help you. It out there are word ago when the meetings are. And what the issue will be. And so we all that to him so he can get to the process. And twelve days 88 periods -- ten. Talk to me about what I imagine are two factors and any campaign name recognition and money. And on both of those I think he could probably argue that the Donald Trump's everyone out. You know before the Iowa primary who knew who. Barack Obama watched national. You just came from nowhere and became -- United States. -- Eight good -- and he didn't have much money. A good candidate someone who understands the problems of New York State. Can address them well. And they deploy. That that we have now had the over the last seven years three democratic governors. They actually run the state and they're running into the ground we're still the -- says. Business -- United States -- have the highest that for -- that we are the highest taxed state. In the United States the -- present that case well that that individual. Would be. Ten. During a good campaign. Get that name recognition that and that and that and that the funds of course with common all of us. Let me throw another log on the fire. When you talk about name recognition at least upstate. There is Carl Paladino he has been talking about possibly running as a conservative. Knowing he says that the Republican Party wouldn't be able to win against Andrew Cuomo he would like to at least use that as a vehicle to revitalize the Conservative Party. And he says them and last. The Republicans come out against the current leadership of the legislature specifically -- -- us and now Brian called by the assembly side. He says that a he's still contemplating a run as a conservative what are your thoughts there -- -- conventional wisdom is that his run as a conservative would really hurt the party establishment AK AU. Well that's cookie would run as a conservative than than his potential running -- -- even he and stating it's very conditional. Basis so we'll have to see how that situation -- are really cool public -- all. I -- -- we are really on the as far as what needs be done for New York State -- on the same path particularly. With respect to schools what he has done get himself elected to the school board buffalo. And tried to reform that. Terrible system that is really depriving the inner city Houston in buffalo they could education I really admire what he's still a bit and he's doing it very well. Organizationally though if he was to run. Would he stir -- votes away from the party could could actually take do you think then number two line in and diminish the status of the Republican Party. Well I don't know that's up to the Conservative Party. And where they will be I know that they are very enthusiastic about -- at street level I don't like Donald Trump's. And I know on all the major issues. Stub Donald Trump and rob actually you know. Do agree though with Carl Paladino. So it is that it may differ on how we approach such issues and how we get there. But. That decision will be up to the Conservative Party whether who their candidates. And if Karl wants to run on the Republican side you need to get in the race. And you you don't agree obviously now with what you said this past week. That yeah not a trump -- your your basically just kind of waiting to see what happens because. You mean you're throwing up your hands my words not his but to paraphrase I think some of the earlier remarks there was something on the lines of they're not willing to really really fight here they're not behind -- therefore they're willing to accept defeat. Well. Well. Who we are altering our platform and our help to get any good candidate into the race. And the particularly Kennedy and not run the war in that New York State. Like Donald Trump I think we could be very helpful and -- aldermen offered to have to help him. Yet around the various. Parts of the state meeting with the very Republican organizations around the state meeting -- Republican leaders. So that he can hone his message. Which respect how he is going to be Andrew Cuomo rather -- no course has won two elections and Westchester really a big upset election. 2009. He defeated the incumbent to -- democratic very socially liberal he has great social conservative. Still want that in Westchester County. It just got reelected with 61% of Hispanic vote 25% yet after America vote. So he now he is also getting the state and he had to be transferred courses state -- bigger. In the suburbs of the New York City were -- those issues well. Well trump the statement we will helpful but don't. Talk to me a little bit about process is a primary first and then convention or could there be a meeting. Where chairs sit down and say you know this trump idea of no primaries and the bad thing. -- that -- are you do bring up a report egotistical to look at the presidential complex a primary percent -- not the way the system works here there -- first convention. Which will be in that -- day. And that's four months from now on the big convention. The party. In the state committee which -- chairman. With all the committees 400 plus members of the committee. Led by the county chair of Republican cheers. Will designate. Our candidate to run against. Andrew Cuomo. And then after that Thursday petitioning process for those two. We're not with a person but definitely wanna keep going they can -- petitions and then there's a primary. In the early September properly although that's still being debated in the legislature as to when that that primary -- -- So there is a possibility here. That the trump no primary scenario could emerge it's just something you're not willing to declare by fiat right now. The we upload -- Between now and the advocate French. Oh Leonard and during that period of very good period of time more. Potential candidates to ruled that to really. Built up their message to pull together in a way that they can be effective candidate coming out of the convention that there detonated. All right chairman Cox thanks for joining us this morning. -- That's at Cox chairman of the state Republican Party. It's hard -- on news radio 930 WB and good morning this is Dave Tebow we're talking about Donald Trump's possible run for. Governor of New York State here's what he set an Albany radio station earlier this week. You have that Cox who is. Probably get his mindset of someone else and that's okay I mean honestly because I know rob mr. you know very ways a very nice guy -- But it's going to be very hard for him because he's you know you have to have a war chest that is very substantially haven't -- a raise that kind of money so. I said very simply if they come together. And and do it if I have to go through primaries and and have a primary against somebody that can't win the election I'm not gonna do -- All right that was Donald Trump talking about that county heard -- on the air just before the commercial break. One of the Republicans is close to Donald Trump has been working with those who support him. To try and orchestrate Iran is Michael Caputo is a bill operative from west new Yorker commentator even an occasional host here on WB yen. And I gotta say during that last segment my phone was lighting up Michael you and a lot of others say hey hey ask him as sort or counter attack with that. Talk to me about what Ed Cox is said and what you think about that I've read my text in a -- -- repeat those on the air. But you didn't take well to what he was saying at all. Now while I was listening. I did I had to look out where the wind to make sure I'm still in order. Because the chairman is absolutely not -- true. -- everything that we done to try to recruit Donald Trump to this race has been opposed by the chairman in fact. Keep on it on as far as we had a meeting on January 10. With county chairs he'd gone as far as calling all the county chairs and told them. You should not go to that meeting are due in October that he was calling them this is -- -- generally -- -- -- -- hung up -- them up until midnight on the right I got a call from the county here at midnight. Telling me that our Ed -- and all of them are something that would completely untrue and the next morning he was calling and -- them all way up until the -- During the meeting chairman Cox was. Here Donald Trump was laughing about out of -- of were bouncing around on the table. During the meeting he also demanded that can't reach here in the meeting attended a meeting with him immediately character down the street. And at that meeting he told the double problem why your. He told them don't leave him at the altar he told them Donald Trump which losing them. And we didn't exist straighten it absolutely incredible that you would get on the radios exactly. All right -- I wish we had more time we had to shoehorn in here but thanks for at least that little moment of rebuttal. I'm sure it's a discussion will we'll have a lot more over the coming weeks thanks -- We David developed a lot of interest rate -- going to be good because Dick -- --