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NY Sen. Mark Grisanti - Education Tax Credits

Jan 19, 2014|

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Part of this entire debate around neighborhood schools centers on tax credits when he unveiled. The consolidation. As the diocese is calling it of these elementary schools buffalo bishop Richard Malone said you now. If New York State had some tax credits to help us out here it would really have maybe forestall some of those closings. It's a dollar for dollar state tax credit. For any person or business. That makes a donation to public schools or private scholarships. Which can be claimed on personal income tax or corporate tax forms. Let's bring in state senator markers onto the day after Richard Malone made those comments he fired off a letter to the state senate saying yeah and we do meet this mark thanks for joining us. What -- -- -- I'm doing great -- to me about your proposal where did you send it and what are you asking for. Well David it's Syria build a cosponsor along with a hundred Galvin -- senator Marty golden belt status actually the originals ultra liberal what. I fired off a letter to what do you skulls. And Joseph Klein warp core leaders in New York -- -- in the majority united expand to include best. Legislation in the budget. And basically the bill are -- is on the bishop was saying provides incentives in the form a lot tax credits for donations for public education Kennedy's. Local education fund private scholarships. Tax credits for certain expenses were Herbert school personnel like a teacher wants to -- spend money in her classroom. An apparent to educate their children home qualified educators who purchase materials. So what's its broad spectrum what it's a revenue generating source. Four schools. Like assemble -- we'll figure -- -- private. Institutions. The public and charter school well. So if I'm a teacher buying pens in construction paper for my kids I can write that off of the tax credit if I'm home schooling parent. I could write some of that up but you're also in this the -- to me is kind of different or at least maybe. Deserve more discussion because -- first blush I wouldn't have thought this. Let's same apparent in his district like Clarence. In the middle of the budget debate this past year. They had a foundation set up so parents could fill the gap of what was cut from the budget. If I donate to a public school or a private Catholic school at the bishop is saying you want tax credits for both of those entities. That's correct it's it's public got a New York private scholarship programs as -- -- by conformity there are certain criteria that you have to meet. For educational scholarship organizations. That particular editing Clarence if they were registered in the sort of fashion and goals parents getting together and I don't maybe either and it as bad educational entity or individual it could've gotten your tax credit. Of up to -- 75%. Or or -- be more than 5% -- -- -- camp either that's that's what we're talking open employees. And by doing this as part of the budget it would just passed with the budget you're saying. You probably have some numbers -- it's going to be part of the budget how much will this cost. Well we were talking about the first hear about woman with a million dollars for trail earlier port saint 300 billion. Plus an emotional core to be edited it cap due to authorize contributions that were not -- -- and the previous year because you can stick a little worker time five pierce. And and one half one half of their kidnappers are actually available for the qualify contributions. Made at a public education enemies and local education fund and the other half. And -- capital available to educational scholarship organization. Where he hit it. Where do you get the money how how does this not throw a budget out of whack. Well right now you know right now world were part of surpluses should go over the last three years we have ten billion dollar deficit -- re able to stay under the 2% -- and government spending which is an excellent we're able to pass budgets on time. Right now you're talking about 882 billion dollar. Our surplus sort of speak and actually get it's kind of like amortized over next year -- two and a half years. And I think where you basically regain -- promise -- can Natalie get from bad. Because I'm not sure if what is being offer with regard to some of the things that are in the governor's budget -- -- But what we've been focused on as well and some of these initiatives at all going to be taken place in the fraud and abuse in the Medicaid system. When that'll hold if you want a two billion dollar. Not. That it's every taxpayer. Eight year after year after year we've done some things and medicate. Awful lot of abuse we're gonna do more. Some of the -- we have done is taken effect. Things like -- we at the public assistance from Calgary hectic each -- year after year. I want that's a whole other topic but battled all look there is. Which -- approximately. A billion dollars in Medicaid maybe you could take that money and put it back and education or it would take money off. The state tax on gasoline. -- were almost have time for this segment so briefly talked to me about the philosophy behind this why do you think it's important to help. Bolster the schools and and have this happen. You know its revenue generated and it's open it's interesting because I I agree you know when you have these neighborhoods schools keeps communities together tight knit communities and this is a revenue generating source. -- individuals. And these organizations are qualifier or you could contribute to a -- and with -- additional revenue source you made out of that quality schools and of course I mean -- -- shortly before. It's a particular poll where. This particular legislation in -- article and sponsoring. Other legislation that we've done in the senate ever ties and -- and school fields. Scholastic field ever tighten up school buses these are all generating sources. Awful school -- about may indeed it around samples advertiser once they can set the standard for what they are they -- -- down -- Colorado. Would be revenue sources and advertising and a Colorado. They actually paid for their players after school scholastic programs as well as increase your music and our. These are things are very important so you know rather than that they that this state console me toward wanting. You have individual organizations involved and you get all the avenues of revenue generating sources in this one of the ways we Q what's necessary steps in the senate. That's visible only to get. It's too late we've actually passed in the senate the last. Three years the assembly is not taken up all the older -- -- sports. And I understand right now there is at least eighty assembly members on board of this legislation. It's a typical maneuver -- some racial Obama credit for 40. So that's why you wanna slighted into the budget proceedings than senator resounding thanks for your time this morning. YouTube senator mark presented Republican from north buffalo.