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1-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I usually we don't outplayed -- big and throws until such time well after the first hour of the show but that. The the voices are weak economic a little bit and that's -- I was up yesterday case an embryo which is -- Nefarious and a slanderous rumors. Get kick in the -- by the -- has been going around. Symptoms. Sore throat. I can work to almost anything but a sore throat frankly laryngitis his killer but it worked yesterday. It probably would have resulted in literature is like ahead in November 1992 which forced below the year upper upper were broken -- talk. -- the fever and chills can't tell you how many bats I took yesterday to relieve the edge of the -- on the big bad guy. And of course you know all the other stuff that goes having -- Sounds like -- estimates. Where -- it's my ex wife that it. My daughter had -- And my ex wife my daughter my son and myself. Went to the Olympic restaurant on Genesee street in Cheektowaga. At approximately 115. On Saturday. We sat in the corner table. The waitress will remember. Because I joked -- that I always leave a good 2% to. Let me just say I think she was pretty happy at the end. After that launch. My daughter went to one of those fast -- places. I think she went to the one of the debt. But basically her cold had turned into bronchitis and she needed antibiotics. Minus simply -- So that's the -- that's the story. Why in hell. You know there's a great Tony Soprano quote. And some people might deem it in advisable to user fictional gangster. From which to draw inspiration. -- The longer I'm on this planet the more I really. Appreciate. The way. Tony Soprano fought in the pilot episode. You freaking kidding me. You got it okay. Actually feel -- -- that Tony Soprano. Episode one of these products otherwise known as the pilot. And I am sure glad we didn't get the F bombs in there is that would have been very deleterious to one's long range plans mainly me. Now I don't wanna -- at this point in the show but there is a program that I have been dying to do. Like to talk politics -- because I wanna get the I wanna get some more people. Lined up on this one but. Our governor in New York State. Had something to say that. Personally I find offensive. And revelatory. Towards the towards the man's character. Andrew Cuomo. News. I think I may have said this once reports. Do not under estimate. The vindictiveness. Do not -- do not allow yourself. To believe. That he is some kind of a nice guy. He's not. Andrew Cuomo is a hater. Andrew Cuomo you wanna talk about juices. Andrew Cuomo. Is a -- And I wanna share with your quote. From Andrew Cuomo. Now it did appear in the newspaper whose veracity is very suspect. But I'll have to take his word for. Quote. Talking about you the voters and possibly the listeners to this program. If they are extreme. Conservatives. They have no place. In the State of New York. Let me repeat that. Because this is one of the most malignant yet revelatory statements. I've ever -- Coming from any politician. If they are extreme. Conservatives. They have no place. In the State of New York. He went on. To say that. Being anti gay. For opposing same sex marriage. Being against. Abortion. And favoring legalization of so called assault weapons. Disqualifies you he does not want you in New York State. Well. Governor Cuomo like just watch and understand. That a lot of those people you referenced. Are the people who helped to keep this State's coffers field. I think it's a matter of principle Governor Cuomo. You should not tax. And accept the money. Of people. For whom you hold such bitterness and hatred in your heart. Governor Cuomo I believe you should grant eight tax exemption. From New York State sales taxes. And property taxes. -- income taxes. Actually the property taxes at the local. I believe that you should grant an exemption. Because I think it is very hypocritical. Governor Cuomo. To say that you don't want certain groups of people. In New York State to say that they have no place. In this state. And yet be willing to accept their money. As a matter of honor Governor Cuomo I believe that you should put your bottom line where your office. I believe that people. At -- -- take this to its logical conclusion. And again you're just joining us. And again this is liberalism in action I don't know how many times I've talked about this in the past. But I love the liberals. Driving their Subaru is a perfectly fine vehicle by the way -- actually looked at one and liked it ended up with a Jeep. I've always talked about the absolute hypocrisy. Of liberals. Like Andrew Cuomo. And many many others who talk out of one side of their mouth when it comes to embracing the diversity. It's insincere. There coexisting. Philosophy. Is insincere. This is just another demonstration. Of the inconsistency. Of liberalism. All right. I may not agree with that damn thing you have to say politically. If I were governor. I would never say that you have no place in the state. Because. What is -- governor. But a glorified public service employee. With a lot of influence and a lot of money. I find his statements to be venomous. I find his statements to be. Divisive. If they are extreme conservatives. They have new no place. In the State of New York. And again he defines extreme. As being opposed to same sex marriage. Opposed to abortion. And in favor of legalizing so called assault weapons. -- for. I believe to be consistent in his beliefs. Any tax revenue derived from those people. Should automatically be returned. To those people. Upon a statement of belief from those people. Bet they are opposed. To gay marriage. Bet they are opposed to abortion on demand. And that they believe assault weapons so called should be legalized. In good conscience and in good faith. Governor Cuomo who says these kinds of people have no place. In New York State. Should return. That dirty money. To the origin. You know it's interest that I I hate to keep talking about there's. But sometimes some of the television programs on. HBO. In particular the HBO series which -- mostly fun to be brilliantly written magnificently acted and filled with all kinds of metaphors. There's a scene we're. Tony Soprano as wife. And it just for your information -- recognized that there is and was note Tony Soprano that was a fictional show up just two were clear on that. There's -- scene during the time when Tony Carmela we're having marital issues. And Tony Soprano -- wife went and saw a psychiatrist. Who was Jewish. You might remember that episode he was an older -- He had as our call a goatee. And here that was kind of pin but brushed back. And as -- call it and maybe Joseph weakened by the audio on this. Is ever call -- Carmela Soprano made reference to the effect that might god were spending so much money on psychiatrists. And the Jewish psychiatrist said mrs. soprano. I'm not. Going to take your money. Now keeps -- and -- Even though the Jewish has she. Was one of Tony Soprano is best friends usually. He was Jewish. Yet there was always this undercurrent. Of ignorant anti semitism. In the soprano for him. So what Carmela Soprano is meeting with this Jewish psychiatrist and said. Worst of the effect this is just so expensive what -- like -- you. The Jewish psychiatrist said I'm not going to take your money. And Edie Falco playing Carmela Soprano had this look of total disbelief. On her face. Total disbelief. And the psychiatrist. Jewish psychiatrist which -- mentioning because that is relevant to this story. You know what I told her he said I'm not going to take your money because it's blood money. Think about that -- I'm not going to take your money because it is blood money. He urged mrs. soprano to leave Tony. Even though would be today. Drastic reduction in her style of life. And he said one thing you can never say. That you weren't told. The job to find that scene and a YouTube -- -- -- play for you after traffic shall we. OK let's go to two out traffic right now ladies and gentlemen with -- terrorists. Banda. AccuWeather. Basically gang. Get the bad news first unless you're really into freezing your cronies. Next week Monday through Thursday it will represent a cold front for the ages just what you -- of the year. Now as far as tonight it's not gonna be all that -- we may see some snow maybe one to two inches at all. No big deal. And right now were holding at that all works like a 32 at news radio 930 WB -- actually -- Jose getting the audio. Of BC and I mentioned in -- audio. That are gonna play not the full four minutes is I might wanna mail it and but I don't need to mail it in that -- that I think I can make the throw last another half hours ago. From Andrew Cuomo. Folks. You talk about the forty hours of liberals concept of inclusion. And diversity. And co existing. I hope you realize that is eight total fraud. They're not about co exist with people on the right. They want people on the right to go away. Our governor had said that well you're governor I didn't vote for. If they are extreme. Conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. And Governor Cuomo. Who is a member of the party which talks about inclusiveness. And the divisive this of the rights. He describes. Conservatives. He does not want in New York State as being against. Homosexual marriage. Against abortion. Quote unquote rights. And in favor. Of legalizing so called assault weapons. He wants you out of the state. In my case she's gonna have his wish come true. Now in terms of -- folks I'll get into this at a later date that I I just no longer feel comfortable. Sending my tax dollars to Albany. Because I've started to feel like a hypocrite. Now. What Governor Cuomo said. I think he should live up to. I think Governor Cuomo should send money back. To the conservatives. From whom he has taken. Here's a clip from the soup products. And again folks this is what a man of principle -- -- this is the scene. From The Sopranos on HBO full credit where credit is due. Where mrs. soprano speaks with a Jewish psychiatrist. And a man of on a swerving principles. Let charging you -- us who pay them money. You can't -- I think in the vicinity. To have -- income. It. And of course she did absolutely nothing about it now what you didn't hear on that audio just in the interest of time. Was the part were Carmela Soprano said I I don't know what to do -- we hear that one more time joke because again. There are people who safe things. Yet. They believe that there codes of honor. Are meant for the good times only. And may be done away with. For temporary expediency. And frankly Carmela Soprano played by Edie Falco. Was one of those women. I watch it -- listen closely. To the man playing the Jewish psychiatrist. Because this reference. This represents a principled. Human -- notice I said represents. I realize it's a fictional character. Let charging Lucas who picked him. You can't -- I think in the vicinity. To happen and come home. It. Or Governor Cuomo I encourage you to be a man of principle. I encourage you to return. All sales tax money. And all income tax money. New York State has collected from those you no longer wish to resides. In New York State. I believe you should follow the words of the Jewish psychiatrist. In The Sopranos. And return the blood money. Stay with a -- radio 930 WB EN. Ha ha. Oh by the way this is another easy song to play I would recommend it for those -- you know nothing about bar chords which. Every good player in the start out you know he always -- problem bar chords don't Wear your fingers will eventually get stronger and before you know you'll be the master of the bar chords and don't compare yourself to Jimmy Page. Don't compare yourself Erica -- Serious. And twice as we have talked about earlier some of the greatest songs in American rock music history also happen to be. Extraordinarily. Easy to play. Let me give you two examples number 11 of my all time favorites companies. I won't back down. It is -- it's so easy. Basically -- he's talking about that. And that's about it. It's on line you can check it yourself another very easy song to play those of you who make music harder than it ought to be. You think Erica clap if -- guitar virtuoso. You think back to. He's unbelievably. Classic guitar solo across roads. And I know that -- a lot of different -- for crossroads at which that he be watching but the one it was on the record which was most popular. That was -- rock guitar solos. What Mozart. Would have done with the keyboard -- the -- Unbelievable yet what are the songs. At a crossroads is not that hard to play leaving out solo course. But one of the songs by Eric Clapton. That is so -- -- what you're gonna feel like a pro. Is promises. Promise as I've ever heard that's -- jury. No clear you're never home. Does he wrote Lou. That one easy as pot. And I like. Mountain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can other pot with a cool whip. That Mike I call and volatile time America's nobody's Tellme. It really was open a -- that the final part of Cheryl but. Gonna let -- date the EPA produce and talk a supplement it DiPietro has set picked up on the I think hate filled quotes. From governor Andrew Cuomo. And it never fails to. Disgust me. When people who talk about diversity. And inclusion. When people who talk about co existing. Deepen their souls in their hearts. Are absolutely fueled. -- bitterness. Hatred and venom. And vitriol. Toward anybody who did Ayers disagree with that. I thought that was only talk -- post holiday bring aboard David DiPietro. Assemblyman David BP April on WB and David you already issued a press release on -- hate filled comments by Governor Cuomo and for those who don't know. About what I am speaking I just wanna say that. He said. -- he said if they are extreme conservatives. They have. No place in the State of New York no place. If you are an extreme conservative you don't belong in New York State in fact you should move out. And he specifically cited people who oppose homosexual marriage. He specifically. Cited people who are opposed to. Abortion quote rights. And he specifically referred to people who want to legalize so called assault weapons he wants all of those people. Of New York State. David DiPietro assembly and I find these to be some of the most repugnant. Comments I have ever heard from a politician. And the absolute mean spiritedness. And vindictiveness. Of Andrew Cuomo I think is beyond belief. Comments. -- didn't hear 100% right and at the most racist. Vitriolic. Unheard of comment. -- sure on the other -- on the -- so that. Or a Republican or conservative that made those words but getting out of the state -- be -- we would be run out of Cotchery. Well I can't say that I disagree -- be marginalized. You would be -- be marginalized. And you would be vilified. And you would find yourself a target of incredible venom. If you as David DiPietro had said the. That there. This this is this incredible that you get to recapture -- most of the -- political after the real approach you know all of it but because -- -- Cuomo. They get more -- I -- ward. That just mention this mentioned resigned. Today that comment I would call for his resignation. I think he should resign right after NY say -- that's another story because that showed the man's true colors. You know people said oh -- tiger really exaggerating when you're comparing the New York State law to the Reich start fire decrees in Germany. And I have always try to tell people you know. My grandmother was from Germany she had family who lived through that so the fight against tyranny has always been very personal to me. Because my family. Was part of and thank god my grandmother got out of there before Hitler came to power and I. You know my my knowledge of those. Of that era and how Hitler gained absolute. Power because of a lie. I just can't believe that people don't see the correlation. Well let's put that. My friend always -- problem with the public as the people plump and what you just what you're saying Olympics you know history registry first. So what you speak -- -- true but there are. Bastion of people out there who don't want to hear the truth. And so when you count on the truth. Database all the you know. -- while they don't care and we know anything about that repeats itself I'm looking at the you what you sort of exact which ultimately read. About what those people shudder at the time and you'll see a direct correlation -- what -- -- we're not direct correlation exact correlation. Be careful service be careful -- just. To be very careful. The soul what are you to me I know that you put up the the new Israelis. DiPietro for you. From. What can you do as one guy from Western New York to make the governor accountable. For basically hate speech. At this this would be hate speech had it been spoken by it Republican or a conservative. -- -- -- Attorney -- across shortly here in I think it'll. Personally I think it starts with the governor's race I think -- -- divide in the Republican Party right now over. Over just over Donald Trump. I don't know hardly any state. Republican chairman who think that Esther -- -- a great guy -- that he can't win. OKMR trump can win and that's why -- -- that sort of start we're gonna have to change. Put gentlemen like mr. trump and who lift all -- Who will never hitter never issue. Proclamation saying that some people. Can live in the states but other equipment. That some are better than others and some are better than others that and appalling social good that. By the way and David forgive me for interrupting and people always cringe when I make references to the Nazis in Germany. But as I've told people my grandmother was born in Germany she came to the United States legally in 1923. And she used to tell me the stories of what she heard from her family. About Hitler and the Nazis and how they destroyed. Germany. Specifically if you and that -- giving. And I had a great uncle killed in the invasion of Russia the other great uncle was taken prisoner by the Soviets came back a broken man and died in the 1950s in my grandmother was very big if you think. Take the bill of rights seriously. My grandmother. Used to say Tom don't ever let that happen in America and David you know what the last words she ever spoke to me you know they work. She said. -- Tom. Because she's just very second she didn't wanna die in front of people. I've -- she would have found it very humorous but -- but you know they pay. At one point and people can look this up. This is not mean just making crap up at one point the Nazi regime. Decided that Jews. Were not to be considered as citizens of Germany. Now it didn't matter that they fought and died in World War I some of them along side here or didn't. They they they were basically persona non dropped. And they were deprived of their citizenship and urged to leave this state. Anybody fail to see the core relation. I really fail to see any logic in their thought process. -- my -- to a and they try to be good they're good Christian and reach out and accept one. Include diamond -- elected position -- try to work with one I can't -- them ever saying. What he's Kenseth out of that -- saying that if you don't agree. This mindset in principle should leave the state. I can't I can't -- about mentioning that the somebody OK we have disagreements we go oh. -- But I never sit there and say Q now. Okay we want to street ourselves. It'll work our people I I I just don't know. How that how that -- that doesn't get. Led based at all over the national -- That is just so hateful well it'll. I wouldn't hold your breath because I think there's something that is demonstrably true and in some cases more than others. The the media is absolutely. One well almost 100%. Liberal and they will never let facts get in the way of an opportunity to take out a conservative. Now David I wanna put you on hold a -- -- continue our conversation if you have the time. Because I have an idea where by Governor Cuomo could actually show the public that he's very sincere about his disdain for conservatives are you -- -- -- Now all right David was speaking with the state assemblyman David DiPietro. And -- value -- put politics aside I do not -- for any politician but I will tell you that David is a man of of honor. And that David also has his code of honor. And it doesn't change just for expediency sick. Don't go anywhere news radio 930 WB and more with -- DiPietro and your favorite talk show host coming up. -- permitted their thought it was sandy beach dammit more -- they DiPietro and -- coming up on WB -- Well -- -- your short boys and girls because next week is going to be absolutely frigid it will be Arctic light because of his damn. Global warming. Got to have temperatures it will definitely. Well I don't wanna be graphic but both men and women have Apple's. And you'll be able to write your name in glass with them next week. We're joined by assemblyman David DiPietro who in no way shape or form is allowed to laugh at what I just said lest -- be called a misogynist. David I have an idea for Governor Cuomo because. Now he's out of the closet he admits he doesn't want people like you. He doesn't want people like me or anybody who. Believes in the legalization of so called assault weapons. Who disagrees with abortion on demand or who disagrees on homosexual marriage he does not. Want them in New York State that cat's out of the bag I pulled people. This is do not under estimate the vindictiveness. Of this man. He is bitter and filled with hate this is hate speech. But I have an idea David not like it introduce some legislation. In in the state assemblyman if you are in the state assembly if you gradually eroded as. -- -- Because as we learned it from not only the Bible but also an example from the Bible in The Sopranos. Taking money. From people who do things. And who think things. About which you cannot be in harmony. Is accepting blood money. I believe that you David the theater should introduce in the assembly legislation. Allowing the conservatives. Who embraced the views governor ball ball. Believes should force us out of New York State. To get our tax money back our income tax money. Or sales tax money. And any other money that makes its way to Albany from our personal -- is because I don't think we should allow the state to collect blood -- your thoughts. -- get my arms around that sure start to -- -- over forty okay that kind of personal call for their child. Well I'd I'd right I don't know how far you'd get it but -- it to me. Isn't that how I mean if the Republicans wanna fight back and wanna you know grow a set that's that's what I would do. You know it's such -- it's such a different ballgame up their economic help keep all the time you've got a New York City crowd. That just thinks that anything west of the Hudson were all agree about your own farm. They don't pay attention to us they don't listen to us it's it gets it gets ugly sometimes. Theory it's. I -- critical third fight because that's what that's what I do. Try and get to get what we can do and get something done. But -- may remember you just said that these comments should cause the governor to resign. And he's obviously he's not gonna do that. Obviously he's not gonna do that so let's let's fight it -- ideas let's let's show him to be the -- recruiting efforts. I just can't. Say album I mean how can you tell people. I mean that's -- dictatorship. Just hope we don't like your views get out. I don't know I just said that to me the most appalling. Statement I think I've ever heard. -- and for him to say there. Is it shows it shows the depths or lack of depth to this character is it. You guess and slight right to this whole. 22. -- he has gotten dark side its that is really just just just. I don't get it I don't know I don't know how. Well on your show yesterday what mr. Cavuto. We got a caller call -- element and I will -- in the Olympic formal and we have to drive why why why why can't formal. I'll let Andrew Cuomo and not a party likable one like there are -- -- Butler is not bush. -- response. Well I I still I challenge you look at what is the site Pope -- -- progressive ideology what is it that you. Find -- that mr. Cuomo is like I can't find anything for. Yeah thank you for using the word Communist I thought I was the only person to start using the word Communist when it comes to the Democrat liberal progressive moment and I'm glad you'll also. I have used that word because you've now vindicated my verbiage which -- always appreciate. So I never backed down on network they just electric Communist mired -- GO. In New York charity. He calls himself that if someone calls themselves a congress. Why is that that we can insert that double -- short -- -- little. They -- they -- you. But you know I'll I'll just say this that's what the people of New York City voted and that's what they want and I cannot argue in this case with the will of the people New York -- as we all do the Iowa. You look David I'm I'm really glad you could join us on short notice and save my voice its remaining totality. I wanna see you sometime real soon I'd like to get you in studio and I'm really glad you joined us and try to stay warm this weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right well but a million dollars right now may be needed but we'll talk about that later thank you. All right David actually ten million but I didn't -- degree. I want to thank you very much for -- it with me today as always never ever think that I do not appreciate the special bond we have after thirty years. And I'm gonna get too emotional if I start thinking about that bond because it does go both ways. Hourly says he goes both ways. You'll never know. Two words remember that no yourself.

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