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1-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's about our way under his radio and at thirty WB EM thank you -- thank you. -- we're with you here -- it's a Friday and I was off yesterday because this damn cold it's going around not just an ordinary called the fever the chills. Mechanical doughnut nobody does refueling crap. Anyway it went through family -- -- son is probably stick mine now but it's another story. Ten minutes after five WB -- oh and I can document. Just but he would. The bills now. Trying to put some light. On what it is like to be a conservative -- I'm honest with this just a little while longer because I know that politics. Something about which a lot of people can't get excited although I do not do. A 100% political show if I did it would drive me absolutely. Up the ball. Because I just -- politics. Our daily thing. I think you you can become maniacal about a subject. Mean if I had my way I do a daily show on Shakespeare's. But I also have to remember not everybody's in the Shakespeare in fact most people. Understood -- and that's partly why. But that need to use them. Bet that if you master Shakespearean. Elizabethan English. The new testament the old testament become so much more readable and understandable. Because it's the same error it's the same English and a talking about the king James version of the Bible. Of course -- king James he was absolutely insane because he believed in evil. People the yen ghosts and he believed in the world unseen NC. Which of course makes him. -- couples Memphis now it is -- twelve minutes after five news radio 930 WB EN conserve. Terry and his I think I finally found a political philosophy I can embrace 100%. And I got to play is that the folks and I hope -- and able to get her on the air at some point she's more upper writer Bengie is a hawker. But her name is Rachel wells. Ordinarily. I don't pay a lot of attention. Two local bloggers for people who post by post their stuff on FaceBook. Because I consider myself a brilliant man and my children. -- -- Rachel -- me. Like a -- can out Smart amount for. Politics are her life she is so in touch. Not only with politics. But I -- she is. She's a master at all traits. And I really really really use her. She's been a huge influence on me. See because this bond we have -- goes both ways. I have a bond with you you have a bond with me. And when I read Rachel's work. And the way she thinks. I feel intellectually. Inferior to her. That doesn't happen. And Rachel coined this phrase called conservative area. I'm gonna give -- the brief definition of of it as I see it and I'd like your definitions of it as well. To be a conservative area is somebody who is conservative. From the waist up. Now our caller Dan from the west side who we're gonna get back to Dan in a minute because I do wanna hear what he has to say about there's. But he says that the current conservatives already have this covered I disagree. Because I have never heard conservative talk show host -- Sean Hannity who might love deeply or Rush Limbaugh who might also loved the -- Glenn back for that matter I've never heard them say. What consenting adults do in the bedroom is none of my business. I've never heard them say about it correct me if my role. I've never heard any of those three -- again whose opinions I respect very much. I don't go after fellow people were generally on my side -- won't do. But. I also believe. That you are not responsible. For whom you choose a lot. I believe there are people who were born. With any emotional and physical attraction to the same sex. And the way I've looked at it has been who in the hell and high. To try to say that two people who love each other who happen to have the same -- -- genitalia. Should not be able to get married and enjoy the benefits. A marriage. As well as the hassles of marriage group. That I believe is what makes me a little bit differently that's why I've got to -- conserve Terry and as opposed to conservative. One other example. Today putting people in prison for drugs. It is. I believe in legalization. And I believe it legalization because I think most people who abuse drugs. Are actually self medicated for other issues. Some people self medicate with booze you might know a few alcoholics in your life. I'm told there are quite a few alcoholics around here affect them and told her quite a few alcoholics in the newspaper industry and in local politics. That's what I've heard. You might self medicate that -- You might self medicate with -- You might self medicate would blow. You might self medicate with fill in blank here. I don't believe gonna end up in prison. Unless. You hurt somebody. By getting behind the wheel after self medicate. And what it does give you one more. -- I'm never going to be an agreement with might much respected fellow talk show host to tend to be on the right. I believe prostitution should be legalized. Now I'm not saying that fourteen year old Chinese girls should come over here to be prostitutes. And talking about consenting. Adults. Some people choose to do that for eleven. I don't think it's any of the government's business I don't think it's -- your business. So these are some areas where I'm trying to illustrate conservative. Vs conservative -- Now the libertarians. I don't think they've got a quite right either. Because we do like it or not folks we need some government. And I wanna just give you one quick example before we get back to mr. Dan on the west side and I'm not trying to cut into your time here but I just I need to illustrate a point. We have to have some level of government and -- one. Recently. I called the village of Williams bills. Department of the public works. And I told them there was a pothole. On a certain street. Bet I was convinced that just swallowed a school Obama's. And those children would never be seen again. That was an example by the way of humorous hyperbole. Not reality. Do you know that within 24 hours not only did -- and his crew over at the village of Williams -- department of public works. Inspect the pot -- But they also determined it was within the town of Amherst jurisdiction and the town of -- DPW had it fixed within a day. -- shouldn't be left up to the individual you have to have some government. Right let's get back to -- on the west side Dan again lettuce that let us go forward -- conservative vs conservative area where are. Well I think I can capsule is -- I'd say that your. Well a conservative libertarians have. What they haven't examined does that. Neither one thanks. Government should be and -- and every day life number them. Conservative. -- was worried about what people privately. There times once some of these things become public issues like. Changing marriage I mean you know certain that this may make it huge fundamental change of the basic building block of society well. Great ending Jim Crow and segregation was a huge fundamental social change in America. Agree or disagree. Conservatives won and that again they had as a matter of fact without Republican -- what in the asked -- this story through voting rights bill to and the than in the sixties but. But it was still a major change a lot of people didn't want did not wish to -- It was mostly local there as well I mean you know but the but the pointless. What I'm saying is here we've seen with the abortion gun control and now game marriage. Social engineers making an on -- all -- grown so the electorate and you know I mean. And and to make such a fine and an argument if you wanna compare. This sort of civil rights with gay marriage you know I think it's. Very concerned insulting is through those people will benefited from a civil rights. After. I don't find it bizarre or insulting I think it's just reality. Well a lot of them do. -- do you know OK let me give you another example sodomy. There are people who believe that we ought to have laws against sodomy. Four for people in their own bedrooms there are still sodomy laws on the -- and statute books and some states. Net nanny and that. I have never met anybody who thinks there should still be laws like it's not the point the point in time to vote. Changing marriage. For the about the Chinese Chinese social engineering and leads. Who welcome that somehow managed to convince a lot of people out there but everything it was about fair that you -- -- them goes so I mean. You know. -- -- -- I mean think abortion what with without -- representative system they're getting gun control. Against you know I mean the whole state -- -- they act and there's there's there's no no inkling that there. Well the -- -- -- I understand what you're saying -- I hope I've given you enough time and I respect your opinion we differ I'm glad you called. It looked -- like in a foxhole favorite their favorite have to be in one I promise it won't ask you -- -- I admit thank you for the call. All right. Another example which is game to -- -- at one point it was thought that. There's something wrong. With black people marrying white people. -- cajun nation it was called. Again it was a radical idea that one point -- black woman could be able to marry a white man and -- and you know the whatever gender you wanna put in there. And -- today what we whipped out excuse me while I witnessed how. Finally is if Donald Trump. -- is there anybody but Donald Trump who can topple king Andrew Cuomo number one number two. I'm trying to get in depth into this conservative area topic now I know that some of you think Tom you've been grossly unfair to conservatives. I don't think so. I think that eight part of the conservative movement. Has been unfair. To a homosexual Brothers and sisters. And even if you don't agree with what I'm say. I hope that you at least respect the fact. But I refuse to be pigeonholed. Into some dogmatic. Falsehood. In which I do not believe. Now let's go after liberals all the liberals are early part of conservative -- and his. Liberals. Say that. People on the right are without hearts. And have absolutely no compassion for the down and out. Let me give you two examples of how BSE that is number one liberals also believe essentially an abortion on demand. Now you might think a guy who's supportive of homosexuals being able Mary. Would be all in favor of abortion. Well. At all like Donald Trump I've changed my views 180. Degrees up. To me life begins the moment mr. sperm says hello Mr. Big let's make up. To me that's the beginning of life logically I cannot think of any other time. We're light would again during the gestation period it just doesn't make cents. I wonder how many people who have been in the abortion on demand camp changed their views. When they saw the first sonogram of their baby just weeks into the pregnancy. I wonder how many people change their views at that. Began to reconsider. Their perspective. I sort of WB two examples and I don't think I have to go any further -- that conservatory. What does it mean -- you. We've got a hell we've got to make sure these calls did that the names and -- something -- -- big time -- the computer yet we -- -- Hit the buttons speakers. -- hometown. And that makes me very very upset. GO. You know what happens when mr. -- -- gets upset. People died. Yeah. I need to -- of that song once a week. Just for humility. It's 534 is ready at 930 WB out of power leaguer Joseph -- is a master control and that mr. John Sherman. Is in the call screeners see where I hope he remains in perpetuity by the way John. I'm going to ask you become our permanent call screener. Chelsea preferred alternative music and I I she is such a genius with alternative music. That I hope it works out for -- alternative music that we so you. User are my choice. You're not as good looking is that Tyler -- You're good looking guy John don't get me wrong. But Tyler is just too good look. And I must be the best looking man on the buy -- show otherwise in securities creep up upon me. But I mentioned the Asian component by genetic background yes and a teacher. So John. There will be one final inspection before we give you job. That's. Kind of -- -- my bag -- one bloke yeah baby is pumped all of my bag written -- Austin. As the week. But our attitude is more a bigger issue. Hannity -- a program about said that implement. And I have no shame whatsoever. At one of the all time funniest scenes in any Austin Powers -- Danger palace personal effects. Actually my name is Austin and now it's just -- danger around us and -- and it. Danger is my middle name. Austin danger pounds. Ones who crushed velvet suit. One frilly lace crevasse that within this one's silver medallion with -- male symbol. One. Battalion boots and a goal on the final record album that -- placed his -- well yeah. One Swedish may. Penis in launcher -- That's well and one credit card receipt for Swedish made penis and nausea. Sun times and that you hate me. One -- come out full Swedish made penis and not to pump. Filled out on. Austin and even this sort of thing it might back -- -- -- book Swedish made fetus not a pumps and to me this sort of thing is my bank. -- -- -- Assignment from the fact that it had in general assignment to get things moving again. There there. Austin Powers and -- Mike Myers and the brilliance of a great mind. Are right it is up hourly and they had better make up for Boston power Austin Powers movie they set about a year and a half ago they were gonna do it I haven't heard. Anything since then my son and I are both gonna be very angry at Mike Myers if he left is down numbers. That I mentioned that and mr. bagels worth its bad people in guy. So that's from the Austin Powers movies if you did not understand. Okay there's a lot of non suckers on the show you just up the follow along and trust -- All right conservative Terry and his and can anybody beat Donald for I can anybody beat Andrew Cuomo but Donald Trump I say if Donald Trump -- -- group I say if Donald Trump. Goes against Andrew Cuomo for governor. He will win by at least ten points. At least ten points and by the way our -- encourage all gun owners and people who see the world is I view the world. But whenever I totally agree 100% -- guess what you're there'll be things you think that I don't believe and and vice Versa but I think you kind of get the point of the show and I think I've been. Certainly. Open it up about my political viewpoints that we try to agree on most next please. Call a talk show. Is nothing. Like your calls don't get me wrong. -- the -- pitcher be an actor. I want you. To wherever you're listening in New York State not only to register to vote. But to make sure that everybody who believes as you do and as I do. Registers to vote that you have one more duties as a citizen. You must make sure make a list of everybody you have signed up to be eligible to vote. You must make sure that those good people get to the polls. To defeat Andrew Cuomo. -- -- strike a blow for liberty. Back to the calls of Ottawa job in buffalo John you're a WB that had your thoughts are on conservative Terry -- his support Donald Trump V Cuomo. Any idea how well it what -- what you promoting there were getting everyone out the vote but I think you know even have a liberal but I think. I think everybody should vote this -- people. Who necessarily agree with me. Well I've heard I think that only a conservatory and should vote and John as a liberal you have to endorsed the belief that vote early and often especially Cook County. Hello humor there come out we have fun. That I drove it. A shot at people we're supposedly illegally voting which. But it never really happens. Still. No -- in order broad time there. Is any illegal voting people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law I don't care they vote for my guy or dale. Right but it just never happened -- any president you never see anyone getting. There's just it just doesn't happen people don't commit voter fraud and at least they -- -- bill and I'm sure elections have been stolen another way it would worry me more volatile computerized now it needed to act. Computer. Really. Minister that it can put stuff on computers that -- sorry did you mean people can actually put stuff by computers that they the personal loans that the bill. Yeah right I'm shocked I tell you work and go into shock. -- the usual so -- is a bigger part. -- -- there won't be anything I wanted to put in a military perspective. Much like he did with black soldiers. You know maybe at that point further right the point for this country time and again and they were in the revolution they were -- -- of them -- the -- for the right again to fight. A war a lot of people who want to -- And by the time World War II world round. Hope that it conservative people in this country that took the way to where it played again and they were only allowed deployed. In the area. You know in -- supply type situation there -- I don't know what you mean by conservative types of people because. In all fairness or to -- served -- the -- I mean I know that political terms change. But the Democrats. Of that era in the south. We're very militantly. Anti black pro Jim Crow pro segregation. He caught. It I just I wanted to give some perspective in May be correct a misstatement. Because they had been dominated with an iron boot. By the Republican Party -- -- nights after the civil war. Well regardless. They were the right. To equate it with gay people. Always someone. And denying public soldiers was one of those -- they. Say look they can even play. That one end and the commitment that it would get people to connect critical caller who called you earlier who said that he didn't think people. Deserve the right. What -- bit right now -- flight. And so does this incident is more comfortable house and when the -- it's warming paper and get back from Iraq. That they don't have the they have enjoyed you know a lot of financial benefits. It -- a -- I could not on this issue you identified yourself as a liberal I believe. -- I gotta tell yeah I believe in what you are saying I mean libertarian. May very well embrace some of those views which are liberal to me they're just common sense people are people and everybody deserves equal treatment under the law. If you don't mind we've got myself Mike Huckabee I'm I think it was Mike Huckabee talking about on Fox News outlet. You know would only there it's you know the white men are -- degraded in this country now. Instead -- it was only one man whose side of the constitution and the declaration there was only one man who died at Denver. And and it made me think about the soldier role because by that -- there were plenty of black people so black men serve in the union armies. I did not hear. It utterly pathetic -- -- for the call I did not hear anybody say there but the statement is demonstrably untrue. And anybody who cares to read frank has schools account of the battle of Gettysburg. Originally published in Harvard classics 1901. They're very simple piece called the battle of Gettysburg by frank Haskell Franklin a Regis -- -- school. He refers to the beginning of the bombardment. On the third day of Gettysburg July 3 1863. And one of the first exploding shells killed a number of animals and the driver all in by the way the driver was black. So if you think that black men have not sacrificed and died and bled. Along with white men in America's military history you really need to go back. Now the hypocrisy of the union and I got into this. A Tuesday or whatever. Is that president Lincoln gets all accolades. Lincoln freed the slaves he let their catchment. And -- he was advised not to do it by the presidential protected people at the time he went to Richmond. The black people of Richmond greeted him like they would Greek messiah. Obama today. Here's the little known story in the delegate to this a couple of days ago behind the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln did not free the slaves. Lincoln or police freed the slaves in areas under confederate control. And as our caller set. The army. The union was more than happy. To use this sweat the labor and the oil a black man. And the washing and cooking abilities of black women. Basically if it were slaves. But they were serving the union army. And they never got their folder. And let me share with you another bit of irony. Black people in the south slaves in the south and people have a hard time understanding -- But a lot of the black people in the south believed. That day would love to have defended their old hole. They looked at the north and northerners as invaders. Now maybe some of this some of them did this out of ignorance is not knowing. Because they'd been so brainwashed for so long. The irony of the civil war is at the whites in the south. Treated there black Brothers and sisters. As. Equal citizens. The war might have had a different outcome. And by the end of the civil war folks and you can look this up. I know my stuff don't ever take that away from. By the end of the civil war the -- finally agreed because it was getting it's ass kicked thank you general Sherman. That they needed all the manpower they can get they were actually in the process of training black regiments why. Because they saw that yes the black man can fight. They saw the 54 Massachusetts. They saw what they did. In the Carolinas they saw the other black regiments and they said board we screw the pooch on this one. Perhaps not in Denver but you get the point. It is are coming up on 548 WBE and it is hourly so dumb how can be. So you know it's interesting because nobody wants to talk about anybody else who could beat Donald Trump. Worker who could be Cuomo but Donald Trump but I do a lot of people Chiming in on conservative Terry and his. And if you miss the definition of it I'll get into it maybe in the next hour unless I decide I want a mail it and the next hour Woolsey. Let's go to what might in buffalo on WB -- Michael. I'm -- views about conservatism what financially I think you're more financial conservatives. I am I I believe the public dollar is a sacred trust -- believe public money is sacrosanct. And ought to only be spent. On exactly what is needed. And I believe in zero based budgeting by the. Right now mostly about somebody -- talked about the king James version and all that I was thinking about something in the Bible. You can remind me of about money the morals. Police say David police say David. Campus -- -- -- you. Money and of the compass. That's meant something that's very interest. In -- child and teach in Canada and Sesame Street. And it was about money and just ridiculous as you know -- -- can further efforts -- personally jitters out into the ceremony at whoever talked about. You're sorry -- thank you you only. You only betray your own ignorance. And you know what I'm simply gonna take the high road. And I'm simply going to tell you you don't know me. I don't make a big deal out of what I do off the year because I think it is unseemly. I will guarantees -- I've given away more money in the last eighteen months then you'll make this year. To people in dire need. And there are people out there listening right now. Who know. That I am telling the truth. There's something to be said for. Doing one's charitable works. Without blowing a trumpet before one. And quite frankly I'm not going to. I'm not going to allow you to dominate the rest of the -- Because. I know would've done. People. With whom I've had intercourse I mean friendship. They know what I have done. But my code of honor I will not allow you. At all. To. Have any bitter impact. Upon me heading into the weekend. Because part of my code of honor. Is to do good things. Without calling a press conference. Part of my code of honor. Is to help people. Only under the strict proviso. That they tell no one why. Because it is demeaning to somebody on the receiving end. And I don't do it for the publicity. And if you choose to compare me to Judas. You have every right to do. That is your opinion. It happens to be wrong. But you don't get to define -- I define. And I got to tell you something. It is so easy for people. To be. Wrapped up. In bitterness. And hatred. The easy way out. A real man. Handles adversity. With courage. With clients. And with taking the high road. And if you're one of the people I've helped I do not want your phone call I won't put it on the -- It is unseemly. I help people when they need help when I can because that's what a man Doug's. And again I choose the high wrote. I choose the Manley wrote. If you choose to be a coward. You can choose that. I don't need an at a boy or thank you every time I help somebody. And I'm not gonna allow you. To influence. How I react. When I know somebody certain. I wish more people would. Embrace that philosophy. Money. We can't even tell you the number times have said if money was everything. Why are people in Hollywood such messes. I'm Smart enough and I've made enough to now. Money does not buy happiness. The public dollar must always be guarded as sacrosanct. Sir I can say something you can't say. -- --

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