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1-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Johnny just two members of the Joseph is -- noted that so that's a fringe benefit to we can't OK it is up hourly -- ten minutes after foreigners ready at 930 WB -- -- joke -- master control and and John Sherman is our call -- a fine fine young man I did not even realize this until recently and I'm ashamed to say this. That we actually are almost neighbors we live like ten houses down. Old job I don't know why don't watch young men as they go by my house you know that would be that would be rather awkward. Anyway it is. It's ten minutes after four at WBBM. Now. Conservative area. I -- of Michael Capuano talked about Donald Trump yesterday. And I think the consensus of the Republican intelligentsia is if Donald Trump doesn't run. Nobody else can topple Andrew Cuomo. I cannot argue with the series logic. That is greater in that statement. I can think of no one. Who could do. As much as -- -- it as much as Carl Paladino is almost like family. He he's not gonna do it as much says. Yes -- can't even think of anybody else Rick Lazio would be obvious sacrificial lamb because he's used to -- wouldn't -- wouldn't break is hard he would accept. -- rare I don't know anything about the guy personally but he's always he's always getting trounced. Now. Conservative area. What does it mean to you. And again considerate of everything simple explanation to me it is. You are conservative. From the waist up. Okay and but let's just get your calls on that WBE and term. You know three on my thirty star and I'm 3180616. WB Ian do you know how but how great the opportunity is right now. For a conservative Terry and movement you any idea. Most Americans especially younger Americans don't relate to either the Democrats for the Republicans especially the Republicans but now that they'd say. The absolute bull. Be asked of Democrats. Under Barack Obama. Because remember a lot of young people -- political page in the 2008 election. They heard the promises. And now boasts and people were now more but -- were younger adults. See what a fraud. And a faulty. And quite frankly what do snake Barack Obama news. He's a documented serial liar. Like your help -- help my pleasure -- what about a 500 I was here we -- -- elected doctor doctor. Let's go to -- cellphone on WB and David hello. I'm. Person so local council decides your your. Cops are you expecting. We it was a woman on the trees. Secretary. Her name is Rachel wells. And you should threaten her well I don't know she's accepting new friends because Cleary got up periodically just to cleanse herself of the -- next. I found that to be very refreshing thing to do whenever I cleanse myself of the -- -- I need to be king newsprint anyway are four times I said it good I -- I probably won't use that word dental six now go ahead. -- -- -- -- I'm I can actually say so impressed at all by sitting there saying I am a libertarian but with conservative views right. Take both sides and try to pinpoint which one -- take. This phrase -- term. Just saved me a lot of press to let people know exactly where I stand and with regard to what you're talking before the break in terms that your views. With us. Illiterate in religion and do this -- out all this stuff I try to get out of my putting this is exactly the way I feel. Well again I -- reliever chairs to go interviews but you know about a mathematician but I did very well of statistics believe it or not. I believe it is impossible. Absolutely impossible. That everything we see around us. Happened by accident I cannot accept that is being illogical proposition. I believe that there is some grand design. Just. Nobody -- While Orton -- the science with regards such as -- that. Ticker talk and what it creationism or creation of universe where he talked about evolution. They're they're missing pieces in both sites. You know I guess players sort of policy or serious Q what is actually it. And that's that's more. And there's also a school of thought that what we see on this planet is nothing more than an alien experiment like you know we're we're some ant farm for alien children to laugh about. And kind of their kids assume that the you know in serious. Yes and let me just say that the ancient looking to save the alien children listening is now up. All right and we go ahead. -- it the with regards to you're trying to put it down Rachel and then open that you are for yourselves and to that affect. I just wanna -- out dignity. Yes I -- years. I really do thank you very much and let you call. All right I'm sure her husband would be much less enamored of the idea. But other -- undetectable portions. I'm kidding dude you know I've not talked about it it was a listen to Visio Ortiz he's it is up for sixty news radio 930 WB. I'm a conservative area -- out of the closet of the closet for awhile. There are so many people's conservative. Talk show host. And the image of a conservative. That brand has been so spoiled. I'm sorry. But by it and Holler at people who think that where your about a -- again your not a person. -- kind of an attitude is that. Not accepting whatever belief. People find it makes sense to them. Whether it's Scientology's. Judaism Islam. Catholicism presbyterian is a method -- And you are in no position to judge anybody else's. Religious or spiritual beliefs. I'm not. I've made a lifetime up pondering these issues why are we here who created news what is the ultimate meaning and value of what the overall that year. I have yet to come up with -- answer. I do believe there's -- creator who or what he or she is I don't have a clue. And really. Fundamentally who doubts. Doubt seriously. So that that's one issue and I have to is it. Like three is not showing up on the screen John German that's a shortcoming of our computer system I hate using the word shortcoming. For obvious reasons well one obvious one not obvious but I hate using that word but. What are the other things that bothers me news and again. I always laugh at the phrase conservative talk show host because. How many conservative talk show hosts. Were outspoken advocates for the ability of homosexuals. To marry. Not Mandy. Somebody told me. And folks this -- -- -- dance and I've always been in my own person I have always told you the truth about rice stood. I've all I've never tried this ate things because I think I should feed my audience BS because that's good for ratings. I would never tell you something I didn't believe. Why would die because you get tied up ice that's why. My life is an open book every one of my listeners and you know what they haven't all that's what I've got such a loyal core audience and that's why some people people like me. Because they're not used to a guy like me. They've never come across a guy who has such influence with conservatives. And middle of the road people and libertarians who comes out -- yeah I spent -- -- and he listened to what -- I call that the Madonna approach. Here which you think about were going big occasion or whether I'm wearing clothes are not wearing clothes the truth is I don't give a rats let's. Thank you. So anyway which orbiters. As far as. Sexual morality. Well as long as you're talking about consenting adults. I don't care what you do. It's none of my business. You'll wanna swing swing. You won a threesome gulf war. You wanna beat by go for. None of my damn business. I would have used another word other than -- -- but we are governed by the FCC regulations on language. So I don't know how many pure conservatives would ever say that. And a lot of players have been one of the reasons. I would like to say that one of the reasons I've always been honest with you guys about the way I've chosen live my life. Is so that nobody. Can ever hold anything over by a town. We've got naked pictures of you -- in Jamaica. Really can I see him there. That's the way I approach life. Anybody who allows themselves to be put in the position. Where they could be labeled as a hypocrite or blackmailed. You've got no business in public life. There's a great line from Oliver stone's JFK are used it many a time Bubba. Deep down people are suckers for the truth. And that is the bond that we had. And I am so happy. That this has been my long term policy you know people told me Tom why are you saying that you go where you going vacation. Simple because I don't ever want somebody to try to blackmail me with that and I'm not ashamed of -- are right let's get back to the calls. Online three we have. Jury in Amherst and Jerry are you can server Terry and or have you objections to have my categorization of anybody. I got your your radio grounded in fact off. That's that's rule to John on the -- -- show. Got a job as your radio off. Yeah I -- I was just. Or -- this this is John Davis jury jury injury that would. -- -- Do -- but that yeah I put so it's very simple basically don't that they brought to site that it did trump will run. If you consider that the the mayor of New York would just -- Bloomberg. He spent 650. Million dollars of his own money in programs around New York New York City. At -- billions of course he's gonna run. And he's gonna win this thing is now it's become politics have become now straight money if you don't have the money it got in the win. And that is the way it is that when they've -- yet have a good day he's gonna make a great governor. Well our our thank you thank you very much -- -- here's what I -- does not happen is there anybody else who has this three year. That Donald Trump is just point it's. Is there anybody else now and I want to hear the islanders. Donald Trump is a wealthy. But what else do we know about Donald Trump's personality. He loves publicity he eats it up a lot. Remember the newspaper headline in the New York Post back when Donald Trump was screw around with one of his many hot braves best sex I ever met. If that was if that was written about me in a newspaper that that headline would be emblazoned as a tattoo on my body. -- -- Donald Trump is the same way he loves publicity he eats up. And I'm concerned. And maybe this is an illegitimate concern. That what he's doing is playing missile for publicity. Because fundamentally. Like everybody else Donald Trump is mostly concerned about his own best interests. By the way -- upset. Everybody here's. Because if you don't care about your own best interests. Tell me one person who is going to care more. I hope that he's not bringing us to the dance. Inviting us to the problem. Only to call us on Friday night at six and say. I'm just not optimists. That's my biggest fear. I think Donald Trump could be Andrew Cuomo. In fact I think Donald Trump could -- Andrew Cuomo in a landslide. If that happens my brain will have an absolute orgasm. Possibly my body. But. I will be so freaking depressed. If he teases us and teases us and -- success and then calls this right before the prom to say I'm just not up to. -- -- 425 news radio 930 WBM it is our lead a lot of talk some about conservative Terry who's in my political -- anybody. I just all alone. And it wouldn't be the first time I've been. The man in the government. -- Another song might be going through your head and those w.s or aggregate or else maybe sink so what are. Easy. It's so easy I -- folks. About all guitar chords in the world. -- seventh any minor major and I. I don't think there is such a thing but somebody will about it at some point. Don't back down easy. He minor -- and David G. And the only changeup you're gonna have to do is a Secord. And he'll lower the Secord fits in because that's the one that. If you keep playing DG. You'll -- -- none of those cordial work that's what you do see. And obviously that's on line to. But to others what my listeners who is. She just brought out her to target after about two years. And she she's always saying Tom what are some easy guitar songs American war. As if I'm the guitar maestro in the family that's my brother Dick. They -- they named the wrong brother I have heard your report. On that's an easy saw Tom -- OPEC now. Yet in its simplicity. Is one of the ball obvious songs. Which is all worries. Always resonated. In my soul. And I don't think without reason. It is 435. At news radio I'm thirty WBE. -- right now we're talking about better. A couple of things actually a couple of three things. Excuse me number one. All by the way. I I I need to say this ordinarily. I would hear about are going here. Under ordinary circumstances but I was off yesterday because -- -- cold it's going around. Me. OK my ex wife had it she gave it to my daughter's. My ex wife my daughter my son and me we went out the luncheon Saturday 1 o'clock at the Olympic. On Genesee street. Shortly thereafter my daughter had to go to the emergency clinic to get a prescription for something because she has her Colbert turned into bronchitis. So I start to feel like absolute dog you know walk on Wednesday night. And knew I could not go yesterday because it was fever it was chills it was sore throat and hacking. And I'd be happy to provide documentation of my daughters visit. To anybody who wishes to say. Anything else. And that be careful what you say. Be real careful what you -- -- a battle line. It is 437. At news radio 930 WB -- Now. Them. I also have after and I'd like to thank the makers of app from for just being alive. -- well. I'm not a doctor. Here's what you have to be careful about -- Don't over use it. Why because if you stop using it guess what you can't breathe through your nostrils it's a rebound effect. Now with aspirin I don't know this is medically indicated or not I'm not a position. -- I've got more doctors -- friends than you can shake a stick. And I never wanted to go to medical school. I don't have doctor envy. But what I usually do is if it's allergies -- open one day I'll do one nostril the next day I'll do the other. And that has prevented the rebound effect in other words -- always -- able to breathe through the -- no matter what. Although I realize that some people were conservatives are supposed to be mouth breathing knuckle dragging morons who shop only at Wal-Mart. And I have to admit I love -- I hate to be politically incorrect. I love Wal-Mart. And if you think that that makes v.s and got a waitress -- not by me. I love Wal-Mart I prefer to stop look I prefer the neighborhood stores don't get me wrong. But sometimes if all you need our underwear socks. And a TV. I'd just assume go to war. If I give it all in one place. At some point I hope they legalized prostitution. Fifth. At warm -- All right these days it's just in the parking lot but anyway that's another story for another day so I'm a conservative area. I -- know how many other conservative areas are out they're also can anybody else but Donald Trump beat king Andrew Cuomo. That's what I wanna know. And as I said wreck before the break -- -- might not -- if you Mario. -- if your new listener. Who just two bit. My biggest -- Kind of understanding the psychology of Donald Trump. And his need to be talked about his purchases. He's -- and he doesn't narcissus folks. Whether you like it or not he's in our justice. Not that there's anything wrong with that I maybe 12. I hope that he's not get a court us and court costs and court costs. And invite us to the problem we think he's got invited to the prom. And then at the last possible moment say I'm out of going to the -- Especially if it's 6 PM on Friday and that's my biggest fear about this Donald Trump. He is the more I think about is the only guy who would ever be able to beat Andrew well. Donald -- Not only do I think Donald Trump would be Andrew Cuomo I think Donald Trump would -- Andrew Cuomo's apps. And if there is ever anybody's policy go down in flames. I should say figuratively. Not literally. It would be and -- I have some others on the list but they're not running for reelection right so we'll practice. I'm mentioning those votes. -- issued. If Donald Trump does not run get ready for four more years of and quell. Are accurately or if the Republicans dug up the Ronald Reagan and read that the fight him. -- -- -- or they could take Ted williams' head and cryogenic -- Unfreeze it at a acted out of somebody's body even Ted Williams or could not -- Andrew Cuomo Donald Trump. Can beat Andrew Cuomo and in a landslide. I would predict at least 810 point win by Donald Trump over Andrew Cuomo. Here's what I hit Donald. Hit a trump Wear with which he's not been hit before. Donald Trump. You have slapped with a lot of beautiful women. Everybody knows that. Donald Trump. Howard you gotta find time to be the governor when you've got so many other irons in the fire. That's why I have stat. Anything they throw him. -- just because Donald Trump has been in the public right now ever since high school. You know back when the dinosaur which you know market by the sword do you know. Are -- the -- on his back and he is depicted a school and -- -- -- outside and then -- -- going to class and come back and Fred would be waiting with -- and we count -- -- we go back -- Many unfortunate Burger King incidents at the drive through but. They didn't know. Now there's -- subject which is. Very I don't drop by the way is coming here on January 31. And I hope he brings some money for me and stuff but that's another story here's the needs. Now it's far is that I say that was that I allowed. But in any event. What happens in a lot of -- In any -- -- -- -- elected -- felt would really I don't want that just go away go away -- go -- the other thing is the conservative area. And I wanted to how many other people think the way -- I cannot fully embrace conservatism. Because -- too many conservatives. That would totally divorce me. Philosophically. By the way I've chosen to live my life and by the way for which I make. Zero freaking apologies. Zero zilch -- You went through horrible divorce. And you were -- you're damn right it wars. You know what. My ex wife and I came to terms with everything we both went through a long time ago. And wanted to use them. As contentious as our divorce was and again folks this is the honesty of which I spoke about. I was to blame for our divorce. Absolutely. 100%. We were two people who never should've married in the first place. However. As contentious. As that divorce was. My ex wife and I. Our best performance and have been best of friends for quite some time. I've done shows about that. About how once the divorce is over. The surrender papers have been signed. You can actually be friends again. Even if there are children involved. My advice to people who have custody is never ever ever ever mess with a man's ability to -- is here it's. My ex wife has been. An A plus plus plus plus I'm back. And if you're the primary source of support. You -- you wanna screw your wife and child support and alimony and not pay her the money you're supposed to Payer. That's classless. And I'll compare my child support and alimony to anybody out there and I'll guarantee was probably more than most people make and I'm not bragging I'm just saying. And I have no regrets. Okay not. We'll know in terms of what I pay none none whatsoever. But what -- I'm just I part you know part of this is personal but the other part the news. I know that there are people listening right now who are going through hell. You're in the middle of went through how many years ago almost twenty years ago. If you think yourself. This woman is a pitch I favor. Where your thinking to yourself this man is in no good philandering SOB. And I want to destroy. You may be having those thoughts right now you were allowed to have those thoughts. But I want you to take it from a guy who was here twenty years ago. Do not do or say things. That you may regret later. Because if you do with the right way. Your divorce no matter how contentious. Does not mean you cannot be excellent friends OK you were meant to be husband and wife. Are right that happens but you don't have to hate teachers. And I got to face up and I am honored. Honored. By the friendship of my ex wife. And I'm so proud. That we were able to as human beings. Get away from the bitterness and hate and the vitriol. It actually live our lives as -- parents. With dignity and class. I don't know anything else that I could say that would help you. But. This weekend. If you're getting into which your spouse and going through that divorce. I want you to remember everything I just set. Without my ex wife at my side. The past few weeks. Would have been very difficult. Want your remembered. And this is a woman I couldn't wait to get away from twenty years ago. And she couldn't wait to get away from either please remember what I edges. It is 446. Rob we're gonna Google conservative area finger coming up. Joseph sometimes things come to me as in doing a show. And you know what happens. I realize there are people out there who are going through this. And I feel I have to get off topic. To personally address those people were listening because I think it's my chance to do some good. In if I can do good for just a handful of people with that that was time well spent. A great. That's one of the greatest compliments I get when you email Tom. Your advice really made a difference thank you. Happens all the time and I never take your program. For 47 news radio 930 WBE. All right our guys you get the walk jog through this computer thing because John I know that you plug the information into the computer but somewhere between your fingers in my screen we have this communications on a mass scale. -- west side -- is named Dan westside -- -- Here's -- dam on the west side of buffalo dammit you're a WB -- -- or you wanna talk about being a conservative there. You know I mean I mean conservative -- is bet that expression really covering anything -- because. Heard of the conserve modern conservative movement has. Those libertarians and I mean I mean you know the guy who wrote the book about closely and in the national review was talking about. Bit libertarian and that was one of the -- of the cable. You know in the. But but you know I I have to interrupt because I I disagree -- and I'll tell you why. Because Rush Limbaugh for as much as he admires and deservedly so William F Buckley. There is no way in hell rush is gonna come on the air and say if two gay people wanna marry it's none of my business and they have every bit the equal rights under the law is anybody else rush isn't gonna do that. I'm glad you brought that up because when you and when you made the allusion to. But that I thought that was what you were talking on homosexuality. But remember this is. A social topics and of course libertarians are going to be. You know sentenced to one side sultan maybe not all because I mean meant changing marriage. Is a major social issue and and so I mean you know when they when it rains it. It is is about being -- terrorists and freedom it's its that's kind of the same stuff -- -- that the left. But but a lot of. I like the word soft mystery but I think you're really missed applying it to your ethnic I've communicated very. Directly. About my my political views on homosexual dollars. Yeah prospective yes but bear in mind before 73. And when the American Psychiatric Association. Decided voted to say it's been on that are of the disorder they have volumes written about and make a major social ethics -- I mean I was politically correct about it before it was politically incorrect I was evict. Social sciences kind of guy in the seventies. And then you know what I was delivering pizzas meeting ambulance guys in the emergency -- people on crops talking to them. I started saying that it wasn't quite you know all that it was being papered over that this is a very troubling him. And. That what was being. Area where we're at -- that what was being papered over. Well I mean I mean the the politically correct view. There's nothing going on there it's a dysfunctional or or or or raw onion and and and be you know. I guess I missed the part of the show -- said that all the because I want to argue further because -- this is an example of why can't call myself a conservative. Consenting adults I don't care what you -- These functional. Are you kidding me I wrote the book on dysfunction.

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