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1-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- give let us so mail in or reduction will never forget news radio 930 WB EN yeah. -- right -- I talk too much. I also listened to much and trying to -- cold hearted show an IQ it's. Not going to hurt people's free elections. You think when you want about me I'm not -- it's not like I like meetings and my kids like a lose lose my friends like -- -- on the realignment news what she is what you can. It's -- now let me. How do you like to let off steam once in awhile it's like guy -- -- journal yeah. Actually I got shipped to them my right ear and my left here to fire away its lunch. -- broken down its local yeah. It's on an hourly health. The news radio 930. Movie references WBE and who wouldn't it smells like there's -- capital don't do. This is a grad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's up hourly on the radio I'm thirty WB and I don't know -- -- breaking news here but from time to time people get really nasty colds and that's what company yesterday. That are right. My ex wife had the nasty cold it's going around -- the fever the chills sore throat. And that feeling of boy I feel like crap. My daughter -- and as a matter of record which they'll prove anybody at any time my daughter. From -- I'm sure I caught this because we had once together. And Saturday. Right after once she went to med first two places that -- place was closest to where we were. And her cold and it turned into bronchitis or -- -- published reports so. -- And that's the story that's the truth and if you choose not to leave it. You know you can do. You made by me I'd say -- but diesel too early in the show. It is 310 news radio 930 WBE ant Alex keep things on the high ground. Joseph Grammer is your master control and John -- is your call screener. And that we have many things were getting into this morning old. We had many things we got into this morning on the program which which -- -- including of course the movie show with them about but this afternoon. We're gonna get some some other stuff and I hope that we have a chance to have some fun later. I related. I tried by the way to lobby excessively -- Michael group would not do the show yesterday I will I could not listening them. Because basically Michael is on my you know what list because -- I just I can't ago. I'm big consumed with bitterness. Everything else going on in my life. Everything else. Does it it's like water for the ducks back books. The fact that Michael Capuano hung out with Neil Young. I can't let that -- -- that's actually up a little. I haven't walked around the house. Trying to sing. Neil young's old man which is a song I don't even light. Because of Michael -- -- -- I've tried to drown it out. By playing mr. soul which is a much better saw the old man or Biden's selection laurel Clark that one. I haven't tried desperately and I think I may have mastered it. But I just want awarded an unlikely to go into way. Bitterness over Michael -- food don't -- -- with Neil Young mode at any moment. So if they're there could be a Neil Young Michael Capuano Tom Bauerle meltdown during the program today and I just want to award you in advance it may happen. Just say yeah. One of the things I don't Michael talked about this yesterday because he's tight with that Donald Trump. Maybe they share the same lifestyle and everything end -- I mean Michael's got his own helicopter he's gotta zone -- on the fiftieth or Buffalo's tallest building. And with the buffalo has a fifty -- building public is the the big bank down downtown. It might be -- I I don't know but in any event. Here's what -- triggering. -- -- Bed bugs are one of the worst gorges and humanity ever. Proposal bastards will bite you and I don't care what they bite where they by how they buy it back and serves. You don't freaks me out. Nuclear war. You know what else freaks me out. -- Circus folk smell like cabbage. That frees me up to hardly original. Now little Austin Powers reference for those who did not quite understand why I went in that direction. Now. I question if it isn't Donald Trump. Running against. Gun grabbing. Power mad -- Andrew Cuomo. Who. Would you like who do you think it's got a chance. Against Andrew Cuomo. Who all has a chance. Against the incumbent governor. Now that is an interesting question. Because the thinking within. The Republican Party is if it isn't Donald Trump it's not gonna -- is not going to be anybody who can beat Andrew Cuomo. I scratch my head about Paris I have pondered Paris I have gone up and down on theirs dignity and all I can come up with is I think they're probably right. -- that they got around Rick Lazio again. -- -- And I have to call lose you over because the poor guy he ran against Hillary. And a big debate right here in buffalo did what are the most. Asinine things I've ever seen a politician do. On television ever ever order of the race for us senator in New York State because Hillary has such close ties to New York State. When Rick Lazio walked across the stage and basically pointed his finger in Hillary's base. You wanna talk about ill advised. You wanna talk about horrible strategy. At that moment that race effectively ended not that Rick Lazio -- a short a chance whatsoever. He went up against Carl Paladino an unknown from upstate new York. And he was trounced by Karl. Rick -- The only thing Rick Lazio exist for other -- as -- -- close friends and talk a professional earlier about the personal. The only thing Rick Lazio exist for us to lose elections and to be a sacrificial lamb. Just so they have somebody on the development well we did challenge Governor Cuomo. Now I have to tell you have told you guys this before a million times and take a sip of water now this is water. It is filled with real lemon. -- non drug a non chemical powder -- I -- implement water so that it enabled drank 100 ounces of water every day. And I need to take a simple but now there is absolutely zero alcohol or anything else in this mixture I have concocted Obama's. And thank you thank you the way it. Just to. It's up here is this is really. I can't even tell you estimate an alcoholic beverage. Seriously. But I came back from hedonism. And I ask you guys -- alcoholic drinks do you -- Zero. So and I -- it's like really. I would address some of these things -- at some point -- anyway. If that isn't Donald Trump can anybody beat Andrew Cuomo I don't think so but. Here's here's my dilemma and I don't know how many people can. Relate to this but I I wanna address that. I've said this on innumerable occasions in fact almost to the point where it's become a month truck with me. And that is there's. I despise the Republican Party. I despise the Democrat philosophy. I respect. And admire the way they take no names. And they are all conquering. That is worthy of my respect. The Democrats unlike Republicans are not -- pussy cats. The Democrats fight. They keep fighting. They don't stop fighting until they win by discrediting the opposition. By trouncing the opposition by using every tool in their arsenal and I mean every tool in their arsenal. To attempt to destroy those who stand in their way. They will they have -- No principles. When it comes to advancing their liberal agenda. And I respect. I have to be brutally honest with. How many times have you heard me say over the -- politics is blood sport. It is nothing more than a glorified version of the coliseum how many have you watched the movie gladiator. How many. I'm suddenly realizing that the people in the next room may not even have been alive when gladiator was filmed with Russell Crowe. Are you guys were alive are usually in the movie gladiator. Here's how you have to think about politics and this is what the Republicans will never ever ever get. Gladiator is a metaphor for the political battles. Russell Crowe he's the Democrats. The guys who get knocked off because they can't fight -- the Republicans. That's why I hate the Republican Party and I'm sorry to say it but I do. I also despised Republican Party because they have compromised. And they exist to be liked by people who hate. Ladies and gentlemen. I speak from some experience on -- news. If you exist to please those who are your fiercest critics. If you exist. To extend the hand of friendship. To those who would slap and bite it. And turn it back and shove it up your rectum. You are not a man. And you're not even a woman. You've got to stick to your principles you've got to stick to your guns. You have got to be a man and stand up and not exist for ephemeral popularity. Or are you get invites to all the big -- all the big time parties and I don't mean political parties -- soiree use. Orgies recall -- -- want to. The Republicans. Are sellouts. And that is why I despise the Republican Party. They've done nothing but sellout -- compromise. While the Democrats are all conquering. I mean basically the Democrats they practiced blitzkrieg blood sport politics. The Republicans. Don't even understand. How to play it again don't get the holes they don't understand how they work. And folks I am not using hyperbole here. I am not exaggerating. I am not you know just go off the deep -- with words the Democrats understand this is about -- It's about money it's about contracts. It's about millions of dollars for people who support -- The Democrats get the Republicans. Are idiots. They are living in a reality that my -- zone because that's their comfort level reality denial. So well I have to be brutally honest with you. And as I said on many an occasion. -- cold wave is coming Monday in due Thursday. It'll be cloudy with some smell what the two which is tonight breezy late overnight low ninety. I've said that on many occasions and Joseph the latest temperature I got nailed by the Augusta window walking out of my Jeep when a parked at work your career which about the last -- muted. Cougars -- 21 of those she old episodes. Joe's gonna get the temperature forced momentarily. Joke -- your your let me down it's cold outside of August it's cold outside governor my thoughts now. A lot of I want to ask your question if Donald Trump doesn't run. Can anybody beat Andrew Cuomo. I don't think -- They're not good at the organization. Are not gonna have the money. And they're they're not gonna have the balls. And I'd like bones. 803 on -- thirty that's a team America world police reference for those who don't know. -- -- It 03 on -- thirty is followed Robert star -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM. Another something else that really wanna tie into this because I asked him where my boss I've been trying to do this all week long recess Friday invited users. What are my regular FaceBook contributors and one of my best friends in the entire world. And this is a woman who does not forget her friends. And this is a woman who. You know what. I IE I'd I'd just love love love her to pieces. She's one of regular FaceBook contributors and Davis Rachel wells. Now. She coined the term that I have stolen with her permission. Conservatory area. There it is perhaps not in the 2014 gubernatorial election. Don't ever think of burgers when you -- gubernatorial. Your friends ever for bloggers -- -- different used to do it's like -- gubernatorial about the about borders. Probably cold too but it. What are the things that came out on Fox News couple weeks ago. Is affected many Americans especially younger Americans do not identify with either political party. They've seen the lies of Obama. They've seen that he was no messiah. They've seen what it means to vote for guys simply because we wanna make history. -- have the first black president it's all about so as not substance. They've seen the lies. Like actors act like helpless keeper Oprah they'd seen that. My plan will exhibit 500 dollars or they know that the Democrats are foolish. -- And yet they look at the Republicans. And frankly as the libertarians have been saying for years there is not a dime's worth the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. In the final analysis. It's all about control. It's all about power. And it's all about wanting you not to think critically. About what they're up to and woe to those -- you express your opinions. That you actually do think critical. Wool to those of you who do. Now. Conservative Terry. Now I have always been ever since I read that phrase invented by Rachel wells. I hope Rachel calls and if she's up to. I'm intrigued by that freeze. Because conservative carrion. The two components of that word describe me to a -- I am conservative. In -- wanna know. In the extent that I believe that the public dollar is sacrosanct. That you don't take some people's money. And give it to other people's money to buy their votes and essentially to keep them in servitude. That makes me a conservative. But also not a heartless bastard. There are people who do need help. There are people who wore on able -- on -- but on able to work for a living. We don't want those people suffering in the streets. We don't want those people being thrown off of bridges. That's cruel it's inhumane and -- all its not right. And the Democrats have done a masterful job portraying conservatives. As being cold cruel. -- vindictive without souls. So to -- part of being conservative also means you also have to understand there are genuinely people. Who are not milking the system they're not gaming the system. Who do need your help. The biggest problem I have with the great society. And the welfare state. Generation. After generation after generation of people whose job it is whose career -- whose family tradition. Is social services. And I wanna play -- up of folks. I wouldn't have the first clue how to go about getting on social services not part of the family ethic. In my -- just isn't part of with one exception. Anyway it is a 26 minutes after three under his radio and I'm thirty WBBM. And we are back. And we're gonna take a break. And all was good with the world and we'll take your calls to argue the numbers coming up on us soil Wednesday. -- WB. This is Bob -- you earn your money during the week find out what to do with it by listening to money talk. Sunday afternoons from four to seven on WB -- One more -- Still under -- They -- -- -- -- Bound by salon -- thanks an awful lot you know just you can't just can't. I thought you are my friend you know if my friends all this crap on me to do what I. Either -- you are in now -- absolutely. While I am regarding -- goes interactions with that Neil Young. And I'm gonna steal from the electric. Of American historical quotes. Joseph in fact I don't even need you to do this. I have access to right here on my computer that you don't even know about Joseph I want to play something for you. And that summarizes my feelings to you -- this back to the 1950s. And there was a senator from Wisconsin named Joseph McCarthy. And he used to go around pointing fingers and saying. You're -- you're confident or confidence. And a one point he went after somebody and finally. Joseph mr. I'm gonna play Neil Young songs just -- dagger in the Bali -- back finally this attorney named Welch. With a brilliant rebuttal. To -- house un American activities committee and Joseph McCarthy said this and I go to apply these words to your constant. Harping on this Neil Young. And you know. And that's exactly Joseph what I say to you about Neil Young. Although I've -- just have to hear mr. Seoul later on note it's going to in my head. All right it is up -- 336. News radio 930 W via. All right we are with you on the radio on Friday so if it isn't Donald Trump. Is there anybody else who could run against and win the against Andrew. -- Lobo who absolutely positively does not regard the constitution as long. Fundamental foundational law in the United States he regards it simply is -- suggestions which can be altered his whim and caprice. And the founding fathers would be turning over in their graves. Meanwhile I got to play at all Hitler up he's going down the road -- be applauding. Because he was no stranger to using on. Related crises. To advance his dictatorial. Agenda. And those who think oh you're going to are you going too far you really don't have time to get into this on the year but you're all Smart people -- -- did get on the Internet. I watch it'll look up something that happened in Germany early in the Hitler era. And its coach called the right starred fire would be like our capitol building. The right start REI. CHS. TAG. Reich dot resume as a fighter in the German parliament building. Without any evidence whatsoever. Any evidence whatsoever that it was a giant -- is conspiracy. In fact they knew it wasn't. They caught the guy who doubted his name was bond -- Uga. They caught edged the fighter. But off Hitler said. A great opportunity for me to take away. The German people's rights. And there were a whole bunch of decrees. Which collectively are known as the Reich start fire decrees. And they are the models of tyranny in the world you use our crisis to take power from the people. And Andrew Cuomo did the same thing with the shootings at Newtown. He was anxious to wade through a river of blood. To have his own right start -- degree known as and -- You think you've got rights in this country you don't have rights in this country asked George -- Who did a brilliant bit on rights in America. You ain't got no stake in -- rights. Ask the Japanese. Who the United States government in turn it in the internment camps simply because they were jacks in the vernacular of the time. Life time magazine actually did spreads on how to tell a jab from a China. Are you kidding me. Are you -- yes in America. In the the United States and that's a part of our history that nobody knows about what few people know about less people care about. Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen your government. The United States government deep -- without any cause whatsoever. Tens of thousands of York -- citizens who just happened to be of Japanese ancestry. Put them into internment camps no criminal charges no trial nothing just oh you're -- into the camp ago. But that can't happen and America can. Anybody who believes this kind of stuff cannot happen in America. You damn well better start cracking open some history books folks you a better start understanding. People like George Carlin a visionary. Who knew. That at any given moment for the expediency of the powerful. That the objectors would be vilified crucified. And it basically. Trashed. Because the government hate people who see through the government absolutely hates. The government will do anything it can't. In order to. Convince the public. That depriving people of their liberties. Makes the rest of the public safer. And the most notorious example of its. Is the internment of Japanese Americans. In the camps in America without any due process whatsoever. A sickening episode. And by the way if anybody objects to my use of the phrase (%expletive) That is at the vernacular that was the vernacular of the time number one the number 2 I am part Asian probably Mongolian and you can tell all the -- or you can tell all the Asian jokes you want to and I really don't care. It really doesn't matter to me that stuff is just. It goes it you know what I left myself. I mean on the guy who said damn these UB students can't drive at all ball. I see they appear to be of Chinese origin. And it used to be -- open -- I'd say. Well why can't these people drive -- of these people being dumped some of them are probably distant relatives of mine. And that I realize that all came together this up with drivers in the family. Only recently did the automobile -- take China. Not many people in China have driver's licenses that's why so if you see a Chinese driver or apparently Chinese driver maple road. And driving lawful or would be awful. Believe me it's not some genetic inferiority. It's -- fact that they didn't grow up with people drive. You know we all watched their -- strike they did so try to cut him some slack and if you're Smart do what I do completely ruined vision. Sorry star and this comes from a guy -- was part agents or anybody wants to -- them as a racial slur may bite me. Now 342 were WB and let's talk about that conserve a terror can -- to go to 45 -- -- your authority your permission okay. So I talked about conservative organism. And that is a concept invented by one of my listeners FaceBook contributors and a brilliant lady who needs to get -- When I think of I -- -- I think of Rachel wells because I think they are both. Of equal intellectual stature except Rachel wasn't born in Russia end. Rachel is prettier by far and I -- rant and -- and ram was not. Ugly by any stretch of the imagination. She calling the turn conservative -- in other simple layman's way to describe a conservative area is conservative. From the waist up. Now the problem I have. And folks this is just me you do not have to agree at all with what I'm about this. But I do wanna know how many people kind of feel the same way first of all I've established that I have. No use for the Democrat party or the Republican Party. And I have more admiration for the Democrats because they don't back down. They understand politics as blood sport and they play the game as blood sport they get it. I don't respect their goals I have no respect for their genders but I respect the fact that at least they understand how to play. Cattle at the Philadelphia Flyers 7470 but I did not respect human. Story. I did not respect Dave Schultz. I did not respect Bobby Clarke I thought Bobby Clarke was big baby. Bobby Clarke used to stir up stuff and then back off when Kelli moved in and Schultz moved in. And I always thought Bobby Clarke got a break because he had diabetes. Tourist. Are sort of get -- I was sub Bobby Clarke hello I got away more stuff because he was diabetic. And my daughter also was diabetics -- -- them traction diabetics. Now to output and as I always think ahead to what people will say delay I year old. -- listening to every word how can we attack him next. Anyway and that that's been going on for years -- -- the so. I respect the fact that the Philadelphia Flyers understood how to play the game. I respect the fact that they want a couple of Stanley cups even if I didn't respect the team does that make sense to the same way about the Democrats. So. Parents -- sorry. To server Terry. I'm gonna throw a question. If there was such a thing as a conservative Terry in the movement. What are some of the things for which it should stand. And as I've said. To me. There's two components that conservative. The other component is libertarian. And I have to tell you this is right in trouble with some of my libertarian friends like James Ostrosky. Jim as a libertarian. -- -- so much of this coming years ago like they're called him a visionary. Which I hate to do. I thought I was the only one but. I believe we have to have some government. There must be a chain of command in order to solve problems. For that you need government. I do not believe for example the streets would get plowed without government. I do not believe that we could be a free and independent country that is free in the sense of not dominated by other powers without a strong military. I also happen to believe very strongly in a strong. Central Intelligence Agency and in a strong FBI. And a strong. NSA as long. Is. Those very high tech guys are not used as political operatives but are used as people to guarantee the safety of U. And your children. And you'll never know. How many of those men and women have given their lives. For you. You'll never understand how many of those people never celebrated the family Christmas in her adult life because they've never had time to marry even if they wanted to. And they didn't want anything heavily involved in some of the some of the stuff in which they were involved. And. You owe them an enormous debt which you can never pay that you can never paper. So in that sense I cannot fully embrace libertarian is. We're gonna pick this up on the other side. Conservative Terry. Is the time right for a conservative aryan movement. Those of us who were generally conservative from the waist up but we can't quite go down that fully libertarian wrote. That's where I find myself. 01 other thing. -- -- -- But I also include unborn babies. As deserving of the full protection of the law. -- Because I believe. Life begins at the moment of conception. One way I believe there's there is no logical place elsewhere along those nine months of gestation where you could say will -- where life begins. Even in the law agrees. Your drunk driver you hit a woman it was X months pregnant you haven't killed one person you've killed 2352. And ladies and gentlemen. I think they're quite frankly we are. Honored to I have. In our midst in Western New York woman who in my opinion is one of the great political thinkers of our times. And I'm not exaggerate. Her name is Rachel wells she lives in the pew. And I have been following Rachel now for about two with automatic two years. Somebody -- beyond her. And I hope I turnaround to. But in any event. She coined the term that I have tried defined for years. To describe. Politically how I view the world. She just came up with a -- like that. Conserve -- Terry. Perfect. I don't like and folks this is gonna anger some review but I will. If your new listener to the show first of all thank you very much and I think you may be hearing something other than what you were expecting. We thought it would be a remote. I think you're hearing something other than what you are expected. I will always say the truth that's very important to me and my bond with my core audience is that's everything to me. But don't have that bond I don't have the anything. -- right. The bomb that comes from my honesty I tell it the way it is. I admit to what I do. I. Am always honest with you. One of the things. One of the aspects of American politics I don't like about the -- Use. Barrier. Analysts say this delicately without alienating a lot of people. Their insistence that their way religiously and or in the bedroom is the only -- ago. How's that. Seek to me. I want to hear me loudly and clearly there's. Nobody in the media. Will fight for the rights of Christians. And Jews. And persecuted people more than I would. Though I am not a Christian I'm not a Jew I believe in god the creator. I recognize that my way is not the only way I would never insist. That's somebody embrace my personal relationship because that's what it is it's a personal relationship with the creator. Just as you believe you have a personal relationship with god or with Jesus I have my own beliefs to I would never say that you -- wrong. And I would never say that I -- I don't know I just don't know. They're for because I don't know and I can't know the unknowable. I can't embrace -- specific religion. And I know that that bothers a lot of people but what you asked the local Catholics. Four hole and by the way I'm very grateful for your prayers. It's Albany. I'll have a lot of nice emails from people who -- identified themselves as Catholics who have not forgotten my support of them. I just don't I don't know the truth. In terms of who created the universe why were here. Does god monitor our every movement. I don't know I just don't know was Jesus the son of god I don't know. Did the resurrection really happen I don't know I just don't know. I can't know the unknowable. But I'm not gonna say there's no god jet because I think that's stupid I think it's illogical to say there's -- creator. And some of the people on the right. Are intolerant of my view. I've never force might and anybody. Please don't force yours on me I get offended by. -- -- -- -- Smelly feet.

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