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1-17 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah it. Kirsten Gillibrand a target -- Chuck Schumer. Christians in town today I thought argument won't shout out there it is the only show where is the unknown -- knows who silly political. -- you that was of course Tom Hanks after hearing that he had not gotten a nomination for best actor. He's that I don't give a damn I'm just gonna sit here at home and polish my Oscars from Philadelphia and Forrest Gump thank you very much. I'm going to be Tom Hanks that is the early show cinema Bob and he's NB beach. At a lot of stuff to get through today Bob by including be receipts from the box office big box office news. -- There's -- expressed lone survivor. It was at the number one spot to but it did even better than any of the studios had anticipated 38 million dollars. That makes it the second best January opening of all time number one was cloverfield in 200840. Million and -- was a PG movie for. Impressive and also the fact. That. It's it's a Maria is that targeted towards a male audience and there were big play off games both days last week and its films still did extraordinarily well. And the -- Mercury worth an outstanding plus how you sought I sought. Privately and here's what I saw I saw couples. Mainland couples in the audience. Let me just say this about that anybody who thinks that's a pro war movie Odyssey and again it is brutal. It very well done exceptionally well done on the magnitude of Saving Private Ryan. But even more brutal than that so -- anybody who thinks is glamorizes war forget it it doesn't but if it does have a you know way patriotic point of view in the end and you kind of obviously these are people. That -- us and we are them and so we know which side were on so if you're against patriotism maybe don't wanna see this but don't think it's pro war because it's not. Now -- hard to imagine going to something to a film like that or not. Appreciate. The sacrifices and the episode of men that are serve and I have to offer those sort of something a little lighter Disney's frozen continued to do extremely well -- -- another fifty million dollars and now. Went on to break a record it is it 318. Million here in North America and it is now Disney's highest grossing cartoon hit. In its initial release. Lion King at 312 million in its first Ron went which re released ten years later to another hundred million. This is on 700 million world points huge it. Number three legend of Hercules in nine million dollars wolf -- Wall Street to another nine million dollars it's now on number 79 and rounding up top five was American hostile. Eight million dollars it is now 101 million there were two releases last week that -- critics. All these DO away. Not quite dead but the critical response to these films has been an extraordinarily. Strong. They both went into somewhat wide release and neither had the reception that studios were hoping for a Spike Jones -- her. With Joaquin Phoenix Open in 17100 screens only did five million dollars which choose not work should be looking for. Would that wider release and the cinema score grade was B minus so a fair amount of the people who saw it felt fairly. I thought it was absolutely extraordinary one of the best films I've seen in quite. Sometimes definitely one of my top three films for 2013. But does not look like it's going to be a ground -- hit that they might have hoped for gold -- following but it's not going to be wide mainstream it. And inside -- and Davis at the Coen Brothers Garcia I loved I loved it. It is. Very much true to its time as far as 1961. Folk scene in Greenwich Village. -- only -- two million dollars I don't. Yeah it went into 729. Screens and only did two million dollars it's done nine million so far. But on it is definitely a film that is only pleasing niche audience I have to say for myself. I saw it and enjoyed it. Very much I mean the free wheel of Bob Dylan is one of my favorite albums of all time and it's like they took that album cover and said let's -- a movie out of that album cover. -- But I can understand. People who aren't familiar with that there who are fans of the music. Of that there who might feel a little cold by and this is not a film that says here's our misunderstood hero. Now fall in love with them you know this -- says here's -- misunderstood hero he's kind of jerk. Okay yeah I mean I loved it regular pretty good guy and I do wanna see it now what did you do test our movie I Cuba. Star -- Chris pine is the latest star to play Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan character. Which of the following stars has not played Jack Ryan on screen. The choices are any Alec Baldwin beat Matt Damon or seat Ben Affleck which one didn't play. RG and step on my high low gas I don't think he's fired -- he was up toward but I'm yet but he he is in talks either -- or call 6449875. -- -- very -- -- movie pass for two. To any dips and that are valid through April 30 when he 1425. Dollar certificate to send -- -- the pub and grow. Our Miller sport on transit nor expiration date total value is 43 dollars general contest rules apply. Now let's get into the Oscar nominations -- Are very Oscars this is the 86 annual. Academy Awards on Sunday march 2. Is when they're going to be given out on ABC on the generous will be hosting. A bomb. My biggest. Shocker the one that tests done to me the one that I'm possibly most upset about would be. You know that one of my favorite films a year was America council yes I thought -- actually outstanding and it did extraordinarily well at ten nominations. The highest of highest of anybody know complained there. But in the makeup. And hair styling category on it did not get a nomination -- -- -- didn't get -- -- the remarkable. Construction. That is Christian Bale. Lower. The most elaborate comb over cents well -- drop the after go to Donald Trump that's. Did not get an -- I mean I hope maybe they're gonna give it a special Academy Award just for all the turner and that was at soon. When they are they open a movie where that I mean basically you see it. And you can't believe it's Christmas bells and the first thing you think of is is he wearing a ball the way under that or is he always evolving image is doing miss the show I mean it was hard to figure. Allowing Christian well he probably shaved his head -- you probably should've portion of his head forward and and I'm joking around there so -- means I should be -- series and being annoyed that it did not act in a nomination because how often. Does the half year. Of the characters serve. As a major character and plot point and it really does for all the characters even Bradley Cooper. Who does this little home -- with these little tiny pink and -- ball in the -- the Christian -- -- every time I looked at him every time -- was on screen it added to his character that was absolutely essential this was not a throwaway thing that -- -- or amend the film is truly all about. Re creating yourself surviving. Putting on another persona to slip through situations. I'm sorry but here is off. Well I think you're right we'll take a break we will return to the movies shows that I'm Obama may sandy beach. A star -- Chris pine. Is -- it started way Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan character which of the following stars has not played not play Jack Ryan on screen in the answer would be. Matt Damon but it's early. There's always room format yes all right now Oscar nominations though we started by saying -- -- that. The big Christian -- hair didn't Vietnam had -- future one else's yeah well take a look at the best picture nominations for a bit earlier this fall I saw Harvey Weinstein. And the CBS morning show. And he was talking about there being just such an embarrassment of riches movie wise this year and especially in the movies that we're gonna c'mon over Christmas. He said really we kind of need to Academy Awards just handled the spill over which at the time I thought. Courier in -- you're always buildings that. But he's kind of right in it it's been a remarkable remarkable year there were ten possible films that be nominated for best picture nine actually got the nod. Twelve years as slaves which absolutely fantastic. American hustle got ten nominations this is the second year in a -- that director David O. Russell. Made a film that it was up for best picture best screenplay best director and it nominations in all four of the actual hours. Absolutely remarkable. -- gravity got nine nominations a lot of those technical. Wolf Wall Street is up for best picture Dallas buyers club. On her Nebraska. -- media Philip -- and captain Phillips. One. Interest and breakthrough producer Megan Allison. Produced both American hustle and her this is the first time a female producer has had two films up for best films pretty exciting sure the snobs are always a big deal. And saving -- banks a lot of people thought this was going to be for many many awards. It only got the nod for best score that's surprise lot of people. The Coen Brothers inside -- Davis. Gotten awful reviews it was completely left out in the cold not even a song nomination. Even thrown a bone in that direction. -- -- -- jasmine also -- up for a couple of acting awards but did not get best picture. The other big surprise is Lee Daniels Butler with Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. Came out in August the review is worse so that audiences really embraced it. Get over a hundred million at the box -- well and it really seem to be just sort of film that was just. Built for Oscar attention. And we had films before that -- big critical. Bombs but audiences of -- them and they -- well the blind side is a good example of that. This got no nominations. And they spent a lot of money. On the campaign for this Oprah received no love from the academy which a lot of people were surprised by. For best picture. We got Christian Bale. Four American hostility is actually his first best actor nomination. He won best supporting actor for the fighter but his first time in the best actor category Bruce -- for Nebraska. Leonardo DiCaprio for the wolf of Wall Street excellent yeah this is third best actor nomination he is not somebody who even though he's been around for. You know some 25. Years whenever he's not somebody who's on. Darling of the academies by any means. If he ever played this if it was a real life character but he is playing if you've played this like this and it was fiction. He be laughed off the screen but this was a real guy so there was no way to -- -- -- part now. She would tell it to four. -- made -- tell -- tonight is your four for twelve years slave. Marvelous. Birds are vulnerable. It's all great movie wonderful performance. On his part. And the fifth one was Matthew McConaughey for Dallas buyers club which if you were to make identity kit. Of how you win an Oscar I mean to script about a major disease. It's script that is. Resonance with in the gay community he lost some 4550. Pounds to do role and it was a very low budget important film. It's almost cliche and you know that's how you win an Oscar. As far as not there were some very big -- Robert Redford did not get one for all is lost a lot of people thought he was and it was a man of good -- I almost feel like. They they felt when owls that we're only gonna have one old timer. In there has -- rather than Robert Redford they decided to go with procedure. -- number one. Best actor he's he's not somebody who's gotten a lot of attention from the academy. Joaquin Phoenix did not get best actor for her which quite frankly I absolutely think he should have had what is very very disappointed not. The big shocker for everybody ago was Tom Hanks for captain Phillips. This is one of those cases where. Everyone just assumed. He was all -- sure you still beloved. We had a similar situation with just actress. With Emma Thompson. And I'll I'll I'll very briefly go over the nominations for best actors. Amy Adams for -- -- hostile Cate Blanchett for -- jasmine Sandra Bullock for gravity Judy bench bench for filming you know. And Merrill Streep for August such county. Now Anne Thompson didn't -- mr. X and Tom Hanks did for captain Phillips imagine being Niger. -- -- -- Or Tom -- economy your -- very well lot everybody likes you engages audiences love you critics love you man like me yet. Sense this film came to be spelled came out. Every single person every interview. Every. Grocery sailor poultry store clerk. A lot attendant has that hey you must be excited about how you gonna get an Oscar nominee -- -- you are short and that's got to be a bit may. That's got to be a lousy feeling although they've both been around long enough I would hope they would be of the feeling well. It just plays out this way. Homeland -- with phenomenal. The two best performances I've seen this year out of all those films. Are her are her performance. And DiCaprio. I mean just outstanding -- she she was just wonderful for me I mean -- obviously. Look at these. With greater detail as we -- closer to the actual awards ceremony itself. Off the top of my I had I would -- about best actors. Two way premiums for America posture of drug chancellor absolutely amazing and -- to college for four partners slave he is just marvelous although boy. Matthew McConaughey is going to be hard to beat. Best support actor. We had our -- deeper captain Phillips who's one of the small excellence at Bradley Cooper for American hostile. Michael -- vendor for twelve years a slave ray -- one with this kind of very harsh -- award for Schindler's List so that might be good moment for him. Jonah Hill. The wolf of Wall Street yes -- until now has two Academy Award nominations. I don't think there are many other people from Superman who can say that. The biggest prize of best supporting actor James Gandolfini being shot out for an -- all right -- -- back with more of the early show a set of obstacles that are based entity. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use WB EN dot com. As of early show -- -- cells of may sandy beach I really rely on the show now that -- on this -- I'm seeing a lot of movies and I rely on Bob to steer straight now here's what I'm looking forward to seeing Jack -- shadow recruit club. Yes this is a reboot of Tom Clancy. Character Jack Ryan who first appeared on screen in Hunt for Red October. Alec Baldwin played amend that and the most successful films were with Harrison Ford. In 2002. They decided to. Have Ben Affleck. Play Jack Ryan in the sum of all fears. And after that film once released the folks -- said you know what I think we're out of Jack Ryan business for awhile at least so in this film there trying to get it. Rolling again with Chris pine. Taking over the role this is the second big characters that Chris pine is in the situation or rebooting is the new captain Kirk. And now he is the new Jack Ryan this was originally scheduled for a December release Paramount decided to. That things were a bit crowded in December they didn't want to risk it getting lost in the shuffle. So they decided to focus all their promotional efforts on wall to Wall Street and move this to January. Which quite frankly might have been a Smart move just in that. The last several weeks. Has seen just so many of the films that are that are up for Oscars so many art films so -- random. Sophisticated thinking pieces and this movie wants to be a good old fashioned James Bond type. Thriller. It is significant. In that this is the first Jack Ryan film that doesn't follow a Tom Clancy story. There is not a -- recruit. Novelty you can read that follows the movies. Story to a -- This never to James Bond series I mean the majority of those films have only a passing. Resemblance to the Ian Fleming brokerage based on even though often the ones that follow the book's most closely the past. This -- to jump up as Jack Ryan origin piece it begins with Jack Ryan in college. Witnessing. The attack on The Two Towers and on 9/11. And he decides to I dedicate himself to fighting terrorism he joins the CIA he's mentored by Kevin Costner. And search working undercover on Wall Street. And I gets involved with a Russian plot to destroy the US economy. And the the Russian. Character here that he's going to -- where -- is played by Kenneth Braun who is also the director of the film. Heat turned to directing a few years ago usually when you have an actor particularly one who's cut his teeth on. Shakespearean dramas and things of that sort. All laden. When they move as acting often I'll be going towards ago art films and serious movies in that sort of thing. I. Once a direct big hits he did very well with four. And I would this film he's moving into the action arena and this film. Shows that he pretty flair for the action sequences. This is very much Jack Ryan -- action star much more so than in any of the other books. The the screenplay is a lot less complex. And the typical. Tom Clancy's story. But. For people looking for. I'm fine diverting. Action film. This is much better than most of what's offered in January in terms of. Action flicks I will check it out and this next film I wanna see too because if they. Film is as good as the trailers it's hysterical. Call right along yeah this stars up ice cube and Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is. A a comedian who's who's had success with a few small on. Concert films only small in terms of budget they've done very well and thirty million dollar range and all that. He's appeared in many films in supporting roles. He's been in several on stumble films. This is one of the first films that is really working to present him. As oh lead actor. In film. It's directed. By Tim Storey. Who laden may not be a critical favorite that he's had shown some very strong successes he did barbershop. About ten years ago. Which resumes everywhere entertainer and a very very big hit. And he also just did think like a man -- Steve Harvey. Film which critics did not care for but not doing over a hundred million dollar ultimately it did big big business. Alden this film. Follows. Kevin Hart who is face short guy he is in large man at all. On -- is a high school security guard. He is living girl named Angela. They're planning on getting married. And Angela's brother. Is a cup. Played by ice -- Ice cube is in serious serious -- our ice cube mode in this. And got this much looks to set up the the rush hour formula -- of character alchemy in which you have one character. -- a fast talking inexperienced motor mouth and the other guy is a very stoic. Serious. Straight man. And that is the had a situation here. Ice cube invites given heart to go along on a -- cool his plan. Is to not only scare him out of thinking of becoming a cop. But also. Get him to leave his sister alone he's hoping to just get this guy to run away. And never come back. It's a good setup it's a very solid setup of their reviews have not been particularly kind to the film. Most of them feel that there just are not enough laughs here. It does. Strained believability at times Kevin Hart's character. Is absolutely addicted to first shooter video games Grand Theft Auto and things were yours yours playing with little video gone in and shooting now. The script suggests that -- All the experience you need to do really really well with actual ammunition which panel I don't do a lot with actual ammunition myself but I'm kinda thinking. Probably not the case I can handle a week. I'm thinking you're not gonna do just as well with an AK 47 -- -- can -- -- but. Complications of course rhymes. Will. Kevin -- Prove himself by the end and say today well the only way I can answer that question here -- the other question. Have you ever seen a movie before 'cause. That's kind of where these things there are usually added. Major fan Kevin hearts and you probably have a good time. Most of the reviews ever though. Suggests that my interviews were very disappointed if there or come back got a couple more big -- him a victory and things on the early show with a movie show -- Bob May sandy -- it is the movie show starring. Bob's heels of course Obama has -- -- here big movies hitting the big screen today he told about Jack Ryan and ride along next the devils do. Yes this is imagine that's a found footage horror movie. Finally and spent nearly two weeks since one of those has come out a new stuff yes this is this is if if -- had to give this. A different name I would probably call it paranormal rose Mary's baby activity got a. Basically you have a gay couple who who just got married and husband. Loves to videotape everything. Just document analyzed videotapes everything I know he videotapes. Everything it's not this kind of movie after a month octave Gabbert. -- sell. The two of them are on their honeymoon. In the Dominican Republic. -- Well if it's a horror movie and notre air honeymoon inning ended Dominican her color you know things can only go down here ever hear. On their 408. They ask the cab driver to. Someplace. Special oh how cool it's our final evening. I just married this beautiful woman here I'm gonna spend the rest of my life whether cell I wanna. Put our safety in the hands of a cab driver. He does this. They don't really remember much from the rest of the evening same day they wake up go back home and she finds out she's pregnant. Don't even know they used extensive. Birth control she is still. Pregnant. He starts to wonder after awhile as her behavior becomes more and more unusual. Is he the father or could it be safe -- Com. She -- This is an -- Mean not too surprisingly horrible -- just Shockey. Made me maybe her critics. Maybe it's -- -- and many of them that critics are are very much complaining about. This accent and -- didn't make sense and why would they do this if that's gonna happen. And here's the problem I talk about this with that with horror films and comedies in particular. You're sitting there. Picking apart the logic of the situation whatever you're not entertained you obviously bored. And your mind is looking for subway entertain itself. And that's kind of the messed -- situation here. And like many of these found footage films. And ending in particular. Has been deemed as extremely. Disappointed by critics. Apparently many. People were watching film. Have a bit of a feeling really. Misery all over now. I don't know I don't know that we're gonna see a devil's due to the little brother. You would think that they had seen taxicab confessions on HBO and know how that's gonna and that's -- there is. The nut job Bob. Solid old Jerry Lewis movie. And sorry. Does that -- I'm not. Wow and you really how Holden. This is. A computer animated film. With voices by Will Arnett Catherine -- -- Brendan Frazier -- Neeson. -- Neeson as the coveted role of rec room. On the it Will Arnett. Plays so early. So early is a curmudgeonly swirl. And he lives in the city. In a park where all the other animals and winter's coming and -- and he needs knots and they are all trying to. Two save not all about or greater. Now is a time of feeling your joke with him. -- -- -- So. They decide that trend is there's not cart that they feel my car but -- it turns -- -- or not scarlet knights. He is banished. Yeah it's one of those. Ringgit -- not it's like I'm not truck. Like you have to get license amendment. And not cart is one thing people complain about this movie is what the completion for fifteen bucks a nickel to make a phone call there posted that -- -- current time but it's also -- to. The animation house here is a are clever. But. So they've basically. It becomes a big heist film. Where so early decides to -- redeem himself. And help everybody get through winter by doing a big high east of more reason not store. Is going through all -- nuts that yes this is. This is a kind of the not version of ocean's eleven with squirrels and raccoons which everybody was saying when is this movie -- -- up on the here one of the unusual things about this that. -- really was just mentioned time and time again. In and all the reviews and articles I read about this particular movie it is not unusual. Especially in a kids movie in an animated film. To take. -- dislike noble character. Somebody who's a bit of a wise guy and only looking out for himself. And through the course of the film. He opens up his heart. He learns to help others he saves that to me and it's kind of a lesson for the kids around how you can be a good guy you can turn yourself for round. This film. Decides to go the route of taking and unlikable lead character. And having him. Be actually more of a jerk by the time the movie's over. You do not see that very often. Many of the critics have also been complaining about the film being. Fairly violent. As usual on enemy cartoon epics like -- you're your slapstick cartoon Tom and Jerry -- violence. Violent. Since Rogers saves falling on their head and apparently apparently. This face fall on their head. And then we have to go to ER and and watch and try to get treated. Younger kids will probably. Like this film I mean to -- a ticket to go out neat park where there is is -- -- movies they're they're going to be happy parents and older kids will probably be bored. Teens in that who enjoy modern animated films who really enjoyed certain monsters university despicable me two from last year too big hits. They're probably going to be -- this one -- well just if you love them not jog your probably not going to enjoy on the new release show Lee Daniels the -- Yeah this is this is a sad situation here this. Your your new release shelf this week. Is. The sad parade of Oscars snobs. When a film comes out theatrically. Pretty much the same time they're deciding when it's going to be released. On video on. The shelves in disc format and when it's going to be available on demand and then all this sort of stuff. Often the release of the film will be calculated to coincide with another movie coming here. Starring that persons -- -- just saw the new Denzel lost in movie like while it was great I love Denzel Washington hey he's got a movie coming out on video this week took it and took advantage of that. So we had three films this week that were hoping for Oscar attention. And so that people would see what they're up for so many Oscars let's go rent these. And it did not happen for any of these we got Lee Daniels the Butler. With the Forest Whitaker Oprah Winfrey John Cusack Jane Fonda Cuba Gooding junior Robin Williams -- Shriver -- Brickman -- Mars well -- just a great great cast. Did very well. They do fine on video. But it did not get the Oscar cachet that they're hoping for. Then you have an offset with Julia Louie Dreyfuss. James Gandolfini and Katharine -- Was up for several acting nominations like the Golden Globes Screen Actors Guild absurd thing. James Gandolfini did not get a nomination from the academy which a lot of people were surprised by. He also of the film through bills through -- station. With Michael B Jordan and Octavia Spencer a movie that got very good reviews especially for Michael B Jordan but. Didn't get them -- All right thank you for that information Bob about that about wraps up the movie shows -- the rest of view on Tuesday actually Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday at 9 AM have a great weekend. They never dreamed could be used.