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1-17 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward -- got to have sandy beach chair today. -- 11 o'clock at the movie shows that Obama will be discussing among other things the Academy Award nominations. Now there is a they called me a smokers' rights is it exists now in Indiana and they're looking to perhaps. Taken off the books so that the smokers in Indiana would have no right to one of the things. That there rarely -- struck me is that an employer would be able to tell you where not hiring you because you smoke at home. Or you're fired because you smoke at home to me what you do at home as long as it's legal. As long as it is legal and doesn't doesn't cause any idea any legal problems for your employer. Is not -- their business and that's just the way -- yeah. I'd here's the story from the Indianapolis Star and we'll get to our calls it a 30930. If you like to give us -- call. Of 106169236. And -- 930. If your criticism from the Indianapolis Star if you're looking for job and Indiana. Prospective employers can't ask you to stop smoking cigarettes. At home. But the Indiana chamber of commerce wants the change that if passed. The Indiana house -- 1029 would eliminating smokers bill of rights law approved in the early ninety's. In waters would be able to require job seekers to stop using tobacco products at all times as a condition of employment. Not chest at the workplace. Not just in the parking lot but everywhere. Are you gonna argue you go to Timbuktu so when the light up a cigarette you're employed as a wanted to -- that. Indiana is among 29. States. With smoker protection laws in states without protection employers particularly hospitals are increasingly refusing to hire smokers. For smokers it's an idea it is I think discrimination smokers significantly -- raise health care costs but what happens. When costs -- raised in in any kind of a venture usually. The costs are spread among among a group that is that a higher risk. In Massachusetts we used to call -- I remember when I was a young and just got my first license. It was -- card and call the assigned risk pool because. You're sixteen years old when you have no experience okay. And so we understand that the odds are that made it and have to pay more than my father was a professional truck driver. Vote was not six seniors all. We think that repealing this legislation would give employers more of an ability to impact the overall incidence of smoking in Indiana. And we get a better handle on their own health care costs. The national work rights institute -- non profit offshoot of the American Civil Liberties Union as opposed such hiring bans saying they infringe on individual rights and I agree with him on this one. I really truly do. If you're doing if your smoking at home is none of their damn business and for them to be able to say. That where -- -- you because of it is out because I know I've been seminars I've read enough -- -- what you can do what you can't do when your hiring somebody even -- interviewing process -- right to know that this is outrageous. This outrageous. Removal of smoker protections in Indiana would have a huge effect Indiana has -- high smoking rate 21 point 2% among adults so -- in. So let's roundup here. Are you saying that one in five people and applying for the job might as well as his turn around and go home. Because they smoke and they're not allowing that and that's a reason you know many times when you don't get the job. In fact most of the time when you know get the job they never tell you the real reason -- Because they don't want to ever have an official reason why you've been the most they have to do of course as the why you've been fired. Because it it is kind of eliminates. The finger pointing and the blame. They will just tell you if -- for the job that we we hired a better candidate better qualified candidate. And it's up to them to decide whose qualifications the better they'll never tell you we didn't hire you because you're short you're -- woman a woman your black. You're from too far out of town. We don't like the way you called your air they won't tell you anything that. Any of that OK but they couldn't tell you if this bill is is passed -- or early emanated. When it -- -- smoke. But I'm not gonna smoke -- doesn't matter. Go home smoke you want but you're not going to be hard here I think it's ridiculous. The bill to repeal Indiana smokers' rights has been assigned to the house employment labor and pensions committee chaired by representative Doug got -- -- really should be -- gutless thing. From France's Villa Indiana. So I think I think that sucks because you know what they don't know they don't know if you go home and -- two pound cheeseburger every day. And what what -- on the top of it and have a banana split for dessert. Don't care if you never exercised the way they don't care about any of that all it is is about smoking. While I would think that the one could make an argument that there are things that are just as self destructive as smoking that impact your health. And what are they gonna do just dictate exactly how you live your life because they're willing to give you -- jobs. You see I never thought of it that way most people think of it like that will they give me a job my attitude has always been. That I have something to offer. You can make money -- what I have to offer. My employers in my career have made millions of dollars from what I have to offer OK so they hire me and they pay -- money. So I give them what I have to offer. They give me money and that's fine. I have a job and I make a living and they make money everybody wins right. But I'll be damned if they follow me in the house as long as I'm not doing anything illegal obvious from building bombs or something like that. They got a right to bitch but they certainly don't have a right to did you vomit smoker. What's next you know. Motorcycles and dangerous so from now I want you can't have a motorcycle yeah well you know and professional athletes most professional athletes. Contracts. Say that during the season. They couldn't be on skis. They Campillo motorcycles. Anything like that dangerous -- that has the potential danger. During the season. But you're smoking. And then you go to work. If you don't want to work possesses no danger to the employer. -- to the quality of the work in only possesses danger to your health. So if that's the case and you say yes I do slogan don't raise the rate. I have no problem -- that because it's an it's an extra rest after today. If you're driving a car with a yeah a thousand horse -- is they're driving of Iran is -- a thousand horsepower. Good for Euro cannot override but if you are you should pay more than the guy who's driving a little -- economy car access. If you're a smoker. Your right my -- that's fine but don't tell me can have the job. Did you could be fired from a job because I'd like your opinion it 03093018061692. Visits are 930. Okay we're talking about Indiana right now all they have a smoker's bill of rights -- there are gonna take a vote to try and eliminated. In what we'll do -- the focal point of this is this. Your perspective employer will be able to tell you that they're not going to hire you because you smoke even at home. And they'll be able to fire you for smoking even at home not just an extra premium on your health. Nothing to do that but it's about discriminatory there are a lot of people do things. Away from the workplace that are very injurious to their health. And there again I'm thinking of things you are you out of Tony -- out of the -- aspect of what what else they eat. But how about people it's all about people that the dual other things that are dangerous. Are they going to be able to tell you that. That in -- jury cloistered monk. That they dog and and I view this ridiculous so the person that -- supposedly person. That's smokes. That doesn't smoke. A rides a motorcycle all our eats like. Just a terrible diet or doesn't get any arrests or does drugs about drugs a certain drugs and there. A what about that if you're doing drugs at home. I mean it's a slippery. Slope and -- just pick out the smokers I don't think is right. Let's find out what other people think this is Sheila in Hamburg share your on WB yen. And usually it's always good to be Friday what do you think is this a fair thing to do. -- want. -- -- says what is your employer over. Currency. Wit warmth and and maybe help crock -- Because if you -- Good walking. Around and they can't market wrong. It appeared well all I can't beckoned to -- the parent -- If you think about it you cannot you know you all your body your obligation to your employer is a good day's work. There obligation as a safe work environment and a -- days -- overpay beyond that. And -- doing something illegal they should have no say as to whether you wanna smoke at home and. Call -- -- and my -- era ridiculous. -- -- It ain't convenient. Out there yeah I hear. You don't know why we need. Well here we have to sign a paper says we don't smoke if we don't do that they increase our health insurance by 600 dollars a year but at least at least you understand that they're not gonna fire you because your smoking if you have more health care costs the responsibility might cause more. That's understandably might not like it but it's understandable this is not understandable all that they would sell you -- done because you smoke at home thank you Sheila. And it's outrageous. And it's even more outrageous for me who's who's the spent a lot of time knowing. -- YE view Kim hire somebody why you can't do certain things that they don't get the job. How you can fire somebody are you not can fire somebody I mean I know all that stuff. And makes it even worse because everything else is regulated there are very strict procedures. Now suddenly. Now. ID you know is at Provo long day goes home with -- they don't go watch -- football game might have a cigarette. He got me fired. High and he can't be serious as selling John McEnroe you cannot be serious. Let's go to Ortega McEnroe one woman should ceremonial let's go to I was sunny and Lewiston -- Iran WBM. I'm fine -- what do you think should employers have this kind of power over him. No I did not have believed it just separate the threshold of your home educated -- you can prohibit them smoking. However I don't everywhere I go. Who died of lung cancer which -- several dozen. Were also brokerage. Oh yeah nobody's debating that smoking isn't good Gloria it is a good -- we know that. What -- series to have your rewards -- having to -- indeed. I called voice and HBO. They did this segment and as sitting in Indonesia. -- whether they allowed seven and eight and up. Over age to smoke they've both. Videos of these -- in groves all hoping and cigarettes. The US. Tobacco. Product makers. Are losing skills in the US sort of other pushing your -- overseas. Well look at it like this though look at how regulated it is here. Another words you can't obviously can't sell it to somebody under age you can advertise it in advertising and in certain venues like in racing in magazines and whatever you also I can't sell cigarettes within a certain. A number of yards over a school there is is it's regulated and yet they keep it legal -- of legal because it produces Petro. -- betray. Him. Al Gore forty years ago. Which we're seeing how he would mixed. In this -- mixture of tobacco and that the different poison that went in it. It was sort of my stomach I -- -- at 42 years ago and insurgents probably. They're this the operations and its is that if you hit that quit you would -- survive these operations. And nobody -- nobody certainly is saying that it's a healthy thing to do but what we are saying is it should still be your choice if they if they really believe. In in their message they would stop selling cigarettes but they won't -- that'll never happen. Because there's too much money involved so the government is very hypocritical as far as the money is concerned we want the money but we don't want -- we don't want you to be able to use the product of which we -- money. Yeah nobody's saying it's a first of all there a couple of things that nobody discusses. Not everybody that smokes he has lung cancer are not willing to roll those dice I think I think smoking sucks. And some people that don't get lung cancer don't small. The about Dana -- so man's wife battling cancer didn't smoke. Okay. Hands and so you know it's not an absolute. It's certainly is not healthy I think we can all agree on. And anybody who thinks it has is delusional. But the bottom line is there's there's going to be a rule that has to be a line between how much authority. Your employer has over your life. Now obviously there are some things if you're doing something illegal. You can understand that if you're doing something that brings a disrepute through your employer. Then you can understand that two. If if you bring you know negative publicity to your employer. Those things are understandable. But youth smoking a cigarette at home has nothing to do with your employer. It's that it doesn't doesn't -- impugn your work. And there's certainly no reason why your employer should be analysts say. You're fired because you -- at home I think that has them as as one of your caller says that has -- -- the door can you imagine the doorbell ringing. And your boss is standing at your door. And down and says I wanna check via the house if you know month. That cigarette smoke your guns -- I mean -- c'mon. -- but yet if he had like you know. The empty bottles of Kroll Warner -- he now has a problem no problem also drinking you know drinking is not a problem. The big video won't tell you that they're not gonna hire you because. You drink. They're not going to they're not to tell you -- -- -- -- foremost reasons. Because the procedures are so strict. Then I can tell you the real reason light and get hired but in Indiana if they repeal this bill writes -- tell you that. They would be able to tell you that. That we're not hiring you you have the best resonate. You have the most experience. Europe swell person where audio you'll you remote afar and from somebody's paw but when are you because of smoke at home. In the workplace is one thing certainly public spaces we know the drill. But your home is your home. We know it's going to it's going to be addressed and smoking in cars. The next logical step because there -- other people in the car including your kids we understand all of that. But I don't understand this Wednesday that will be back after -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Indiana is amongst one -- -- states was smoker protection laws and does an Indiana is one of one in time but they wanna make it 28 because they wanna get rid of it. They're saying bad if you're looking for job and Indiana. And your perspective employer can say when a guy -- badly because you smoke. And you'll say well I don't smoke on the job. Doesn't matter -- all smoke in the parking lot doesn't matter what smoke in the kitchen doesn't matter you know smoke at home and that's enough reason we're not we're not gonna hire you. And any employees that they have. Who do. Already smoke -- -- if they find out about it you can be fired because they're looking to repeal the smokers bill of rights. And I'm thinking a couple of those solutions first of all I wonder if they're thinking clearly. Yeah ha cost more to insure somebody who smokes. But if you put a premium on the insurance as we have here. 600 dollars a year 25 dollars and -- a pay period. If you smoke you have to sign an affidavit saying you don't and it's a 600 dollars a year cheaper OK got that. But the employer is just thinking in those terms they're thinking too narrowly give me an example. You know one person on not everybody who smokes gets gets cancer the -- I'm not recommending smoking in anyway shape reform. But I wonder if they're really thinking about productivity. Now you can't prove this because nobody ever calls in sick when they're not sick -- drugged out what the effects of drugs OK I'm guessing. That if you could prohibit that -- if you had a legitimate honest survey done that had information you don't find out last time is lost on the job because somebody smokes then somebody does drugs. But nobody calls in a sick by saying they're they're on drugs they -- -- say things like like a buffalo. Okay or I have a cold or something like that but the bottom line is when they are not at that machine or when they're not in that office that's productivity loss to the employer the employer has to get somebody else to do that job. And meanwhile that person is -- isn't even doing that for any kind of a punitive measures. Because they can't prove that's the point nobody calls in saying the drug out of their mind. And I'm thinking that if if a legitimate survey was done. More loss of productivity and the use of drugs and the use of cigarettes and their only targeting cigarettes -- Any gossip probably say the same thing maybe somebody that's younger that goes all Claudine in -- There are they drink it too hung over the common were up next day. That they didn't hire you for this reason but smoking at home is not going to be one of those reasons they can absolutely tell you you smoke at home was -- and that's it we're not gonna argue I think it's outrageous really do. If I I can understand like what we do here is a premium if you do goes. 600 bucks a year more but if you wanna smoke you can understand the expense but where's the premium for drug users. Not there is now in fact a lot of states -- going the other way. They're going the other way and in passing a medical marijuana so they can't work. Both sides of history but the side that says productivity. I'm guessing more productivity is lost to drugs. Than it is to cigarettes. In your honor that rest my case and you should have been lower let's go to stand in Rochester stand on WB yen. And finds that when you -- My can have my -- -- little. They used open windows in the house windows in their parents gave voters everything else founded as very -- friendship. I was anorexic with Simon going and nice meal and a guy it was gonna light up and I just look at you're gonna ruin my meal. I promised not to punish gay you don't. But when you get down to the bottom line each cigarette companies put an -- in their -- -- -- to hook you. And eventually kill you for profit. -- -- -- and guess -- guess who's implicitly that your government is complicit with that they have that information they'll still sell a -- as long as they get their piece of the action known as -- tax. Exactly and but just to carry a little further. National. Most people is of tensions that we have -- I guess enough evidence even -- -- which that'll tell you something okay to tell you. But the bottom line -- -- -- Cigarettes. Gambling. And out drugs probably have killed more people in this country -- all because wars. Well all right I'll I no is ever have and jumping on what you just said. They're willing to make it it's -- help you die and they government is willing to sell it to you help you die as long as they both get their money thank you thank you very much. Yeah and nobody is suggesting is should take up smoking and nobody is suggesting at all. That is good for I understand. My mother smoked three packs a day camels. My father. Smoked three -- today. Camels now is very seldom my father my mother were in the house at same time because my father was an over the road driver who's gone -- long time. But when they are at six packs a day in the house. Of camels which and I'm a smoker but I understand it's pretty strong brand aren't. And that -- all time I was trying to get them equipped never could convince him to quit I wish -- never smoked in the first place. But neither one of them died of lung cancer but the bottom line is this I think that employers. -- I think is grossly unfair to remove the bill of rights of smokers when it doesn't interfere with anyone else. Because the smoke that's being a -- at how at home is not secondhand smoke to anybody in the workplace. And they're not smoking in the workplace. I in the parking lot in a smoker's lounge -- nowhere then -- only smoking at home and I don't think it's any of the employer's business. You give the employer are good days. A good day's work they give -- good day's -- theory even. Will be back after this there there are 29 states right now. That have an area smokers bill of rights. Indiana is one of them they're trying to eliminated they're trying to rescind the outlawed that give you any kind of protection. And the bottom line is this you'll not be allowed to smoke if this is rescinded. You're employer will tell you you're not allowed to smoke. Not just in the workplace not just in your car not just in the parking lot not just in Timbuktu but your home. Your employer will have jurisdiction over your home and tell you. If if as the future employer we're not gonna hire you because you smoker well. Or are we are going to fire you because smuggled you'll have no protection. As you have now under the smokers' rights and I think that's outrageous really do. I think it's it's a directed at one group of people are there other people who moves out. Isaiah whose lifestyle. Might be just as dangerous. To the health insurers may be your ride up high powered motorcycles maybe you do drugs may be due -- Maybe do a lot of bad food. Maybe -- sleep I don't know what it is but the bottom line is. Your employer should but well if you pardon the expression that was not meant to be funny okay Chris we got a lot of posters on FaceBook or give me a double. Ways this is for Markey says such rules violate the basic principle of what it means to be an American -- -- -- my actions do not infringe on the reputation of the business on or off the clock. What do you wanna leave their property is my business. -- -- them I'm with him on this because coming into the workplace if you do not bring secondhand smoke -- you. You're not smoking bear there's nothing -- doing that that would be negative to your employer. Except maybe slightly higher and who knows they've never shown me those numbers have never seen them. Cost of insuring somebody who smokes as opposed to somebody who doesn't smoke. But if so put a surcharge on the policy and Lou we'll let people do what they wanted to do in the privacy of their own home as long as it's legal. What else. This is from say it costs Stacy she says this just seems to be another way people are trying to control your life is is getting ridiculous what's -- But I don't limit how much sleep we can get what we eat at home people had to back off best true. You know I I think I took too many Saint Joseph aspirin for children I'm hearing voices in the background know where you're tired of horses is that the CBS fox in this post let us know. When there's updates and there is a clown on their rate now -- I think she's host and radio show. Any spending over two minutes to do something that you take ten seconds. -- -- and CBS have -- -- bats where I'll be going live through a press conference. A -- and her baby will be there and you'll be wearing blue socks and read time. We have a live open ended made thank you very budge -- like this -- so far Colin whether -- request. You're right. That guys won't shut up guys knots that he realized that that box goes into radio stations I don't think that they keep Asus is big audition exactly OK now I'm grizzlies. This is from Susie she says although I hate smoking and don't smoke it is an individual choice at all smokers know the consequences and repercussions. It is not any of the employer's business there really has nothing to do them that's at all. I -- -- I really do and next -- they going to you know for those of you don't think this is slippery slope with the they come and inspect your refrigerator. Yeah all year you're reading this oh wait a minute hauled away in a manner that doesn't -- and don't look you have diabetes so you shouldn't be doing that's. -- my employer is not my doctor. My employer is not my nanny if I dual a fair job and they give me a fair wage that's all of my employer -- -- -- stay the -- lot of my life. Obviously. There are certain things that -- that that wouldn't apply. If idea if I break the law doesn't apply if I bring disrepute to my employer doesn't apply but under most circumstances. It's not a my employers damn business of I wanna smoke at home. Let's go to a rod and we feel Roger on WB yeah. -- -- -- -- My question English. -- group what are they gonna attention or you're a smoker if you smoke a pack cigarettes a -- -- smoker. It is smoke at accurate smoker. What is smoke -- cigar once and oracle orders order to a weaker one patrol LaMont. Or just periodically are still considers walker and not public and determined that. That's a good question in this article it's mainly about the yeah. They try to rescind that law but I don't know -- -- a cigarette obviously will -- cigarette have a lot less impact than. Six or seven those cigarettes and a lot of people like to have a drink after dinner to settle him down are they gonna start counting the liquor cabinet till I mean they're all kinds of things that and they're all bad. When your employer and -- involved in your personal life thank you run under much. Yeah many people come home from work OK have a nice dinner may be some Hawaiian or or maybe a drink to settle them down we gonna count that. We're gonna count that as I said productivity. I would guess there are a lot of things. That that would cost employers more because of lack of productivity. Than smoking. I'm thinking drinking I'm thinking drugs. I absolutely. How many people didn't go into work we're gonna go to work today after the -- global. You know as well as I do have the staff won't be. And if you're if you're all drugged up. The lead that they know -- one why you're not at work that day. You can say anything you want. -- that they ask you to prove it no so maybe -- -- too drunk to work you're too drugged up to work but I don't know how many people. Our rug don't go to work because they're smokers. Now obviously if they get -- Like anybody else can get sick you can be out of work for -- for a time period but the bottom line is just to focus on smokers. I don't think that's right I really don't let's go to gem in anti jam -- on WB yen. -- anybody and I totally agree with you today partly under percent thank -- I just wanted to make the point that. It's what happens with crooked politicians. In management at all Apollo. Now when I work for this date we got -- decision what I've from management. And because we had a strong union but I'll probably go this -- is that they that this should. We demonstrated -- -- of it out I mean we have about making it up. We have bought loads of correctional officers for correctional facility acquire Western New York show up. Corrections officers showed up in front of it got out. The state police got their patrol cars they would be an eight hour. Because we -- gonna tolerate it here here we put our -- and we got puppet puppet of accomplished. Almost exactly what eager to debate but he called about the vote in the told them it's type. Why you know it's arguably event you guys up for a president guards -- your face danger every day and that your employer might say something to be effective this was Indiana. That indeed you can't smoke at home thanks Jim good point. I mean. You got it that there has to be -- first of all the employer is therefore a reason the employer is there to make money. Okay you prepare for a reason -- there for a job so that you can earn money but the employer doesn't give you money you -- it. But in no way shape or form does the employer whole sway over your life. If indeed you're not doing anything illegal we don't always have put that in the -- if you're on the front page of buffalo on those are doing something illegal then indeed. That that's that's problematic but what I'm saying is if you're just a regular Sergio. You go to work and you're doing your job and they pay you they make money from your labor you make money because you're employed everybody's happy. But I didn't though when I sign on to work for somebody I don't sign on -- for them to be mine nanny. While my mommy or my daddy are had a mommy and daddy and I don't need an enemy. And I think Indiana ought to be ashamed of themselves for trying to reset and the smokers go -- to recommend people smoke absolutely not. Do I think smoking is good for your absolutely not -- -- probably -- Idea but let's get real he keeps them a -- lot of your house. You're you're good and a in their house which is your place of business they should stay out of your house will be back after --

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