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1-17 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Harlow has major governing I'm sending me jet today. I will be here of going over in the movie showed the Oscar nominations I'm sure most of the most of the pictures except that nothing -- buyers' clubs off. He'll be good fun day Fridays are always great days of our favorite power of the week. Is the last hour of the week process that would be eleven to twelve with cinema Bob hang in there. Yes yes yes that is a beach in company and I can't see what's the matter with kids today. I'm just not dollars as -- a guy complaining meant to have kids like they used to be but let me just say this. Kids aren't like they used to be and here's an example this is out of Springfield Massachusetts not used to work in Springfield WS BR. Those were the days when this sort of thing wouldn't have happened are you ready. A trio of would be car thieves. -- okay. Carjacked that car. They costly. Occupants out and they -- America but they didn't escape you know why. None of them good drivers stick you do it. Often they didn't realize it was -- Rio Rio stick now a lot of cars have panels now. But this was an actual stick they didn't know -- -- drivers of goodness today. Me and pushed. I think everybody whether you intend to ever drivers there Bernard should should learn to drivers that simply because there might be some emergency situation where you have to. And sometimes. You you might BS to drive a truck that is a that is a standard -- that we all learn nonstick and and I still like. All the cars that I have have panels OK and they have had for some time. But I still like even the GTR. Had panels. But I still like good old fashioned stick shift but I don't buy him anymore you know one. Because when you go to solemn there're fewer people admire him. Because they don't know how to drive a stick so I don't buy -- anymore but I like there's something about watching that -- and listening to the revs go up. And knowing exactly when those jamming in the next year on shifting on the a -- -- fun -- -- match the reps. That's really cool and my father taught me that part of it because he was a truck driver and they have like seven years in three different level -- his crazy nuts. Blood. I I enjoy you -- drivers that. I haven't driven -- stick in so long but I loved it. I think a lot of cars are transient and stick and I really like -- our eucharist my car is listed all. I'll drive right -- good. I loved that if it really gives you more control in bad weather. Because you can do engine braking with the statement you can't I guess you could do it. With the with a -- but it's not the same things so there before -- so there's always and everywhere and here. Before you hijack a car make sure you can drive aren't maybe -- -- see -- -- this is you know. Where -- I went to school. I always used to get bad marks in department. You know and one of the things in department is uses time wisely. And I would always -- accuses time wisely because I was busy using my time making jokes OK and trying to get laughs from the rest of the class so you loses time wisely was not my strong point. But this guy. This solution is turner in Beatrice Nebraska he uses time -- outside of that he was an inmate in jail. A big gave him a work release. Job so that he could leave the jail to do a job in the community. That's using time wise oh -- except for one thing. While he was on work release. He robbed a bank. How is that program working out for a and got to learn a trade the united got a have suddenly you're going to get out of out of via out of area as str am trying to use prison terms you know so you got to do more than automaker should have. Notice -- -- ship because everything ended up big make a share of out of anything. You can take Angel hair pasta and they would know how to make a share about it. And and they always have the big big gangs some gangs -- better chip making than others -- be a good job when you get out. Hurts our ridership sure how many times do you leadership not compensate you maybe you don't wanna invest and actually making once align our rent one. -- -- you know you get -- it's nice and tidy. That the acquisition of the and they take the prince Albert and stuff while I'm -- that that -- good good bit. Have I have a little card table. And rendition of five cents various sizes that wave -- hand perfectly in custom made sheds so so far we've got a bunch whacked out criminals. We've got three guys. Carjacking -- car but not knowing how to drive a stake and so they couldn't say that we got a guy on work release. A from prison who robs a bank while he's on workers -- what else is going well in Frisco Texas. Yes there is a place call Frisco Texas a man was arrested for holding a sign up warning drivers that the police are ahead with a radar. He was arrested for that now that has people -- that case a similar case exact design an exact reason I'm in Florida. Where a guy got a ticket from the police for wrote a flashing headlights. And and the police that you can do that the guys that I certainly have every right to you know what it is it's freedom of speech and and he was upheld. Now I don't know what the sign is the same thing I guess in a speech in the form of a sign. But he is the argument if if all of these like radar traps or whatever are really about public safety. You should encourage people to tell others that day slowed out your going too fast and there's a crop up there. So if it's about that and not revenue enhancement. Wonder what are they complaining about -- and if this is -- in light of the high eighteen if it's about is exactly. I just think they like to be in the shade and that's why oftentimes. Radar traps would be all I don't know under bridges. Under trees on ramps. On the Acela express way I've seen radar traps entries in have you not under the tree actually in the tree. So you wouldn't you wouldn't even let me tell you pass the trade fair because -- -- -- -- while you're driving nobody dog may be about dogs are driving. I was so I've seen you know I've seen -- -- -- and I'm just saying and so that's the deal. That's the deal those of the he's been given a you know a ticket and we'll see what happens in Frisco Texas -- I worked in Texas. I don't recall Frisco Texas but it's a big state. We'll take a break will be back with more would be -- company -- news -- 930. Like radar general manager rarely knows how to hurt a guy hit and telling -- OK last night. They had this big fancy should -- -- dinner. For the sales department. Okay now. It's departments get all kinds of stuff we don't get every trades and overnight camping trips and they go to key elements are all NC -- PowerPoint reason all of this stuff they're traveling around the world bull fighting a big all of this stuff. What do we get every once a while get a mammals a nice job that's okay. But I was even worse because they went to -- fine restaurant I know what restaurant and as I've been there it is a fine restaurant. And have a good time and I'm thinking what -- week yet every once in awhile heats. Some -- that's a big deal some -- some doughnuts but we -- wings with barbecue sauce it's considered outstanding right. -- treated like royalty like a Donald Trump Rodham the dinner OK so not only that. Some watching TV. A meeting crackers and peanut butter. You know feeling a little down a mixed up a new batch of cool laid. So that I could enjoy the evening knowing that I wasn't invited to that fine sales dinner I had a -- did you have apparently been good for you. So and just -- -- go to bed I hear that that means I've got a new email. From Gregory. Only does he totally ignore us down at this and building the ones or actually presenting the product through the public. But he showed a picture. Of the two top sales people I guess is that because they were the top prize winners what what is so met with a top sales people right. Two women. Hugging each other. That I really miss it and why the ball. That all record up another hugging each other like that are gonna try to sneak in the next minute I thought these were boring say things. I think I could get into that you know our talk about -- and you have Richards yup. It is now. Are you OK if I deleted accidentally hit the delete button that we I'm so I sing these two women who are. Gloriously. Happy because they're probably the two top dealers on the the on the complex. And I don't know if they've had an idea and -- invasion and obligates our dialogue. Like they were enjoying that hug you get what I'm saying here you you know I I've I've kind of guarded it's you couldn't figure mountain blood there there it is known next time -- -- invited. Good luck with that angle -- the okay. Most annoying Smartphone behaviors at work. OK first publish something about Smartphone it's very helpful very useful and have a lot of applications. But there's something about when -- at work and people are using them there were certain things that people do that annoy people aren't 65%. Say they hate when somebody's having a loud private conversation. And I due to weather events that worker and public. I hid that because they always talk louder on cell -- and they have to do. And so I don't care about what their private conversations that body guys yes it bothers me it would I would put -- capitalist now. Not silencing the phone 59%. So that means it's going to -- ring and everybody's got these. -- usual. It quirky. Ring ring tones you know they've got the battle hymn of the republic are. Via the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or Porky Pig girl knows why. And they're -- try to be more clever than the other does that -- you. Mac quite because I love mine went what is yours the good the bad and the ugly all you do that and -- like that unlike the payment that's good Christiane -- special I have just a basic ring and those are even hard to find these days I think there was only one available on -- I. Have so -- I have. The old fashioned oh good car more. And you have that -- -- NGT. All up as I have you got. I I you know it's not imaginative but I love cars and that was the only car related wanted to -- 59%. Checking the phone touring the conversation. 52%. I hate that when it's not it's about that a conversation with summit in his state. Now I -- I might get a call but I really have to take -- you'll pardon me if elected. OK that's fine but -- while ultimately this is going like this in 42% of I'm at that point it leave you isolate what the hell's the point. -- -- know what it's saying is -- what is best when it rings. Day to look at the phone to see if the person that's calling them is more important the new car. It's all of well it's oh it's it's an underlying down oh never mind let them -- -- I've got to get this you know that's the way it is it's time. I had that. I've walked out of conversations. Because you know if if that's more important -- the conversation -- me fine just continue and -- equipment that's -- So it's 52%. Checking the phone and a meeting 38%. And well first of all. I can't get it down on that too much because meetings a boring and very seldom productive I can say that there's something about a meeting. You if you are you know if you're just -- your thumbs are whittling you know -- share of out of a piece of woods for two hours you'd say -- I wasted my time but -- during a meeting. All of that now that's different meeting that's something that produces results. And most of those meetings they'll. Bottom line is most of Royce at time and -- you have to be Adam you'd hate him and if you have to give him hate him even more. So that's that's that. I when I had to do meetings like and NBC and stuff I tried to make them fond tried to poke fun at stuff that normally happens at meetings. And it tried to get information out there we needed to get out. But you know sometimes it's. You'll Wear. -- -- -- -- where -- -- and it'll in my -- right now but remember we had an out of town speaker. If you remember this. Indiana never had a via a portable part. It what is is it's a small little about the size of a cellphone. And you planted somewhere -- and you have a remote. Now I'm not -- you don't hear me do fart jokes dignity I just don't do that all right but this was money. A cellular and it can work with the whole -- okay. So there are you ever remote when you hit the remote it's if I actually it's okay. And this is going to be a and -- out of town speaker. And we were all going to be there and I got to be really fun to plant the sound box in the podium. Okay and then they -- -- ever catch you with a remote because Uga -- really either about an enduring being something really important or when there's absolutely no sound in the room at the -- home. -- -- -- A second ago your fiery. Attitude to life has always been. They can tell you but they can't you know I mean -- -- attitude of a caribou that's of course. But I got talked out of I said what are you crazy -- crazy and but it would've been fun because it would have just. What did you its ups at the moment we'll hold it because it would be impossible not collapse but we're in totally improper. That's what makes me really like it and a big professor is guard Russell Johnson. From Gilligan's Island has died he was 89 so I guess the only two left and right. Yes you have usually -- the man for one reason or another. I like America ought to talk about today it would beach company -- news radio 930 we are WB. -- WBA and wherever you go with a WBM iPhone app powered by Roswell park we can't let cancer win and that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. Backward region governor of sending -- -- throw something boring. I have a ways to get through and I was talking about the effective. I'm not -- go to meetings that are really really boring harder way to get out but there are other times when. Have no interest in what's going on and you'd rather be anywhere but there. Here's here's some here's some -- -- have you guys do this so as I really do do this I swear to you I do okay. It's a -- wedding. You know okay. A brides walking down that. The an americanized -- after that I have no interest in what's going on. And ceremonies last an hour sometimes even longer so it's usually in a church here's what I do and I'm not making this up. Before I start looking around the church I try and guess without without scouting at first. How many candles there aren't there. And then outlook and start counting them boom boom boom boom boom and it's almost like -- over and under. You know like there's sixteen all sixteen candles make -- league low thank you very much personal. But I got I would do that and then if you do that is that going to that wants. Then you know it's fun coming this ceiling tiles that's harder because especially at a church -- ceilings are very high. And the tiles -- very small. But that gives you plenty to do while they're doing all the other stuff like love on her. They took Kobe out I don't legal base stolen there anymore you that it is a base villain in get my lawyers and -- my -- equal opportunity. But Doug I I count when it when I am totally bored I count I I have a gun shows I've counted tiles all right. What do you do when you're totally bored. I count things to I don't you know maybe not the same way you do but that and I just kinda figure what people are all about and I'll look at somebody and and try to figure out their life story. Okay how about you. If it's a wedding Al al-Qaeda like I'll try to figure out who this person is what part of nothing does he really wanted to be there if this does he know anybody like you this could be and a family wedding and it'll be your sister and -- almost everybody but I got to go to warning and a couple months for -- summit I don't even know. I I don't I -- going to be totally out of place here and -- Something to do while the ceremonies going odds -- you're if you're there and body but not in mind. -- was this -- this and related it is is a grandma great grandma what's the age range you know -- funded -- to know if your back of a car. And you're stopped is that take out our quick glance at the license plates. And take the numbers in Panama up. And then Panama backwards and then subtract them one at a time so that you can you personally get the total okay. And go from left right then you go from right to left. Get the same total and it's kind of like it's just a fun thing to do. Well I see you back to my trying to figure out what people are all about I'll do that what cars to what kind of car the bumper stickers. I'm there now -- -- -- tells a story about we make isn't judged by the bumper stickers. We would know how many times have you gone by a car that has a bumper sticker you disagree with. So you give a measure passing them you give them the look of you know our total moron every time I see in Obama sticker that's it -- I think so yeah and you can break it you're very good at portraying your feelings through facial it changes much like silent movie stars were there's no question about it but on the other side. I've pass cars that were -- classic cars or cars that were modified. Given the thumbs up asks the thumbs up absolutely jumped he was funny yeah I had a guy passed me. In Rochester and he he was in a GTR OK now at that time I had just sold my GG ER. Very good car okay by the way so he passed me. But he gets he stopped at the next light and it was two lanes and he was in the left turning lane. And I was in the center lane so as soon as I got to him I put my wonder about an idea of two thumbs up he put his window down. And I said I used to -- -- conversation back and yeah and then. There are people started honking at us so there's a camaraderie for -- guys -- with that women -- I'm sure but -- that where he appreciated the fact that I know he was driving and I like when he was driving and I told -- I used to have something like he was driving. As organized conversation. I was at ERC chose football game last fall and I had Nikki with me we're leaving. Is this guy comes by in a classic Corvette was so beautifully and I ordered everything. And I he uses slowing down and I had to you know given thumbs up -- just tell no -- -- and he thanked me. That works in a positive manner but it calls it being negative I remember when people were actually buying aztecs. And I would wanna stop and offer them cash selected take the car crash. At what you think I don't. Did you actually five this because I like to meet the salesman is sold it to you because we could use of our radio station. You ever -- Or make up your mind to what kind of persons driving -- car by what they're driving. Usually it's I don't like those old little -- tires and -- goofy okay the old civics -- we're shape to really weird. Yeah I like some of the some of the modern styling now is very nice but very similar it's hard to tell a difference but in the in the days or very specific and and if you don't like -- -- you know like stuff. And and hybrids. Hybrids I mean some hybrids you know -- high and hybrids if you're talking in the house as a fabulous cars but the regular run of the -- hybrids then that not not even a half a thumb up now -- half of them that's about it. A conversation the other day about a car that I used to see drive around the neighborhood -- when I was. Working it Jimmy quick move on Delaware it was heat -- it. Can't remember it is that dodged daemon but I don't remember the year in a beautiful purple paint job on -- side of it he said plum crazy. They're real nice wheels on it and his car was gorgeous and trying to locate and find out what ever happened that are so account like that really stand out. I'm actually kind catches your attention and also people who have a personalized plates. Sometimes you can't figure out what it is now I mean judge -- a tragic -- that can be this dumb. That I can a guy spent extra money to get these plates and he and his you know wife or daughter or husband or whatever. Probably spent a lot of time being clever to come up with this a combination of letters and numbers and I can't figure out. It's all it's it's it's almost like a puzzle looks in the paper which I don't care about. But with license plates. Then it sticks in your mind and you try to figure it out later news yeah I was at number are supposed to be a letter exactly and and you know all of that. The -- Motor vehicle department will not put anything they consider obscene license plates but I've seen some people who were clever enough to get it past them and I'm thinking that if I ever argue about the radio job which could be. In an hour -- final but if ever give that up I'm going to go to motor department say I -- the ultimate. Nobody would get one past me believe me and day and in -- you can take great pride in them because I -- I think. Can happen it just can't happen if ice is -- race yeah ice of this jockeys. If you when I was and -- half. I would tell this -- he's gonna have a meeting I'd say if you think you can get a pass me. Think again you're wasting your time and they didn't drive at that time of the boat race yes what was the -- All you out. The one that's our Ted Kennedy -- yes I can't think for the -- My -- when Ted Kennedy died. He used to race Indy a sailing race OK when he died and people talked about them. They would mention this one particular race. Is the most easily east. That's not a ball. Easily accepted name of an obscenity that anybody could ever here and the reporters none of them got it. Of them. Not one of them I always network reporters there have been Leslie really sheltered lives I could've told you what that -- and fifth grade and Bloomberg okay. But they never got it and I used to just laugh -- Partly because here -- these people make a gazillion dollars a year they have their hair stylists and all of his stuff just right lighting but they don't have anything going on between their ears because -- -- and get the Ted Kennedy boat race they get enough. I would take a Braswell ID or on Obama's side. We'll be backwards a little dig in there will be back after this is region governor has this started now this is not our subject comes just gonna comment on this before we start our subject. Remember -- a couple of times when. We would do shows on DW -- driving while intoxicated. And and we've come a long way in in that helping with the problem on the road. With checkpoints and with the information out there and demonizing drunk driving and more convictions or whatever. But I've always said we're we're far too lenient. In punishment of DWIs and remember. I said watch the papers just watch the papers and see how many people that are picked up for DW I have had some accident or something. Who have up a long list of prior VW wise. How does that happen. Well every once in awhile we get an example of something I said the look out for this was our a couple of days ago when I'm doing this is the subject I just wants you will be aware. From the Buffalo News. A man with seven drunk driving convictions has been charged again. We're driving while intoxicated. Following a hit and run incident that left the city motorists were minor injuries late Tuesday night. And contributed a second hit and run involving a police car. Alexander should know 31 of Seneca street. Seen by bullies driving a 2003 sport utility and then they tell the story about the crash or whatever so this clown -- and writers. Now he's been charged. With the eighth one if he's convicted of that and make DW wise. Now what's -- punishment going to be will be interesting to see another slap -- it will be interesting to see. Because I don't care how lenient who you are how compassionate you are you've got this reason that reason our god knows what kind of pressure he was under. Or any of that other crap. When when you are convicted of seven and charged with the eighth one something's wrong I think the next thing you should be looking out for is a besides pedestrians is looking out the window with a bars on. And I don't know what judges got to get this case. I don't know if it's been assigned yet but one would hope. That they look at that and say enough is enough Europe menace on the road we're gonna make sure you know driving for a danger to society -- -- absolutely. All these people all of these people -- about the gun ownership rights. Your chances of getting into an accident with some clown like this guy I think are far greater so anyway as assignments in that. Now our employers. We talk about our players and there are certain things that we like and certain things that we don't like it we certainly like the paycheck and we like beat. The effect that we have a job. But employers are getting more and and more authority over our lives not just that work. Because after all they pay us to be at work. So that if where there eight hours or just say eight hours or -- some people were more some people work last month. Are your varied hours. While -- there. They are employing you to do what they would like to have done and that's fine okay. But I think that once you leave after work that day. And that you go home something in your own home. That you would like to do I don't think your employer tells you -- it's illegal that you can't go okay now there are you can't do illegal things. Simply because a bitter legal for other things. But when your employer tells you we don't want you to smoke. At work. Our guys understand that we don't want you to smoke in our parking lot okay no smoke in the bargain lot. But what are they get off telling you can't smoke at home. And that's exactly what's going on. In Indianapolis Indiana right now they're preparing to vote as best I -- this vote has not been taken yet to repeal the smokers bill of rights. And what this will do. Is it will allow employers to let do things that they're not allowed to do under almost any and all circumstances but again doing here. All right if Bob if you apply for a job. The way they can they can't tell you we're not going to hire you because your black. They can't tell you we're not going to hire you because you're a woman. They can't tell you or not gonna -- you closer to shore. They can tell you that we're not gonna argue because we don't like the way you -- -- your hair. But they can tell you what they repeal this bill of rights we're not going to hire you because you smoke. And your first question would be well I want -- work doesn't matter I don't smoke in the parking lot as a matter. You I know I won't smoke the workstation and well -- doesn't matter is Morgan home where are gonna argue and that that'll hold up in court. That is pathetic. And that's what they're looking at right now in Indianapolis. For all these other reasons that they couldn't he never even tell -- they wouldn't hire you those are all protected legally. But you know smoking at home are not protected legally. If they repealed the you know the -- -- in the and a bill of vote writes for smokers. Now we have a situation here. Where I can understand it. That you know our health care plan. We have to sign an affidavit was that once a year and it's like once a year saying that we do not smoke. And I have no problem signing and I've never had a cigarette in my life okay not even after sex which is amazing. That's not that. It wasn't much of a sacrifice but the bottom behind is. The bottom line is you sign it if you don't sign it. Your health premiums go up I think its fifth -- 25 dollars 25 dollars per pay period. And there are two -- and -- that's fifty times twelve is 600 okay. So that if you smoke. And you work here you gotta pay 600 dollars a year more. Four that insurance for that health care insurance than somebody who like myself that doesn't smoke. But at least I can understand that because the costs are higher. And they try and distributed out to the biggest the biggest chances the biggest gamble that insurance companies taking when they take you on as a client. But the bottom line is best. I have no problem -- that because I understand it but -- they said you can't smoke at home or you can be fired I would have a big problem with that. A huge problem -- that and if somebody could coming wanting to work at my place of employment. And they they had all the skills needed -- have a good attitude and their -- ago. And they smoke at home we're told that they -- the -- they won't hire you because it's voted on I think it's totally wrong I'd like to hear from you. Sure -- employer be able to tell you not to smoke at home or your fired or you're not tired at all. I'll go into the specific code information that I am from a make on news radio 930 we are WB here.

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