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Securing Your Phone/Computer

Jan 17, 2014|

WBEN's Tim Wenger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tim why -- our operations managers in studio to help us sort through a spotlight story this morning we've been telling you. That moms and dads using there iphones are Smartphones have given kids permission to download. Apps games of the kids play. Unknowingly they give these kids carte Blanche. To. Get more apps to improve their game performances. And suddenly a lot of moms and dads are getting bills on their credit cars of the didn't expect and Tim you were among those how much money and does this cost. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's ultimately would be in the hundreds of dollars for us. Will be refunded probably a couple hundred bucks as far back as the current credit card history grows you know -- keep. Change your credit cards no. That's how far back apple go OK if -- kid wants to improve. Third game performance. And logs on to the gap -- to get these little tips his little and guns. Are they told -- in charge for it well is you know I know -- and I. I think disguise I think they say it now to buy premium. Kids in our premium to -- kids tell her daughter you know you know she's buying these things called jams. You know and it really sounds silly and it sounds harmless doesn't. And I think with the kids don't really know is they did to get an iTunes account. You need a credit card associate. Saw a lot of parents like us you know the they haven't you know she's older now which he has an iPhone. And she has an iTunes account. And associated with that is my credit card that's how we set it -- but she doesn't buy songs she doesn't buy movies she doesn't you -- it's not a you know that stuff for free. But she was doing mess and it was really kind unbeknownst -- it's really matter follow the cool thing is. On that number one apple support is incredible. They really were I mean I'd be the first one to throw a -- him for me if I needed to but they really. Were tremendous yesterday I probably spent all told thirty minutes on the phone with the very nice lady. -- who helped me out she's gonna refund us. You know she hook the credit card back -- -- -- -- and it. And then also we walked through how you go through on your phone and -- you know I'll do it real quickly -- here but if you go to WV and that comments I've heard you say. There -- step by step instructions but if you go into your settings. You click on general. And then you go down to restrictions. And that's the area that I -- know about restrictions you have to put in a code or set up a code. On the code would probably be the original four digits that you used to access your phone. Once you've put that in or set it up you can slide right down you can now restrict all of these different aspects on your phone and one of them the important one. Is in an app purchases go ahead and enable it. And then you -- you do this on your child's device and your kids phone or any phone that you want -- or your wife's phone me. -- don't wanna make in app purchases. I'm kidding there but -- any rate you can now stop and prevent that from that market -- use your phone to disable that now. Let's say each phone it's important to -- each phone you don't do it from the master. The -- and the Q what about an iPad one of the kids absolutely on the Baghdad absolutely have to -- he's able to and he should go to settings and follow and I -- I took screen shots of my process of doing it and put them the blog and the web sites with I don't wanna spend a lot of time and I'm here. Step by step again but it's really easy to do and it's important I think. Yeah and and here after it target breach. And now this I mean every reason to be checking those statements and here's the other thing I look at my credit card statement and I know that's -- our web -- this morning. But you know I'll see an occasional iTunes purchase. And in that coincides with an occasional song. I might have purchased commence on purchases for Susan way whoever. Put my eyes were just glancing over -- the amount and I was seeing nineteen dollars and forty cents nineteen dollars and forty cents on consecutive days. Seventeen dollars and 86 cents comes to mind. -- nothing we twenty bucks but that adds up and they were well over a dozen charges in one month. And then this lady and the phone walk me back all the way through June. And the other tricky thing is that these kids have their own unique iPhone. Apple accounts so your credit card might not you know I was looking in my own iTunes account saying those charges aren't there while they were there for my account. They were there for my -- apple ID. Important stuff and really ends and it but it says it Helena taking -- restrictions just a couple of just a couple seconds and I shut everybody down itself. Including -- you know -- you have me but you've got me wondering if you know my granddaughter my granddaughter Ellison. Loves to play in my iPhone and now look at all the stuff in my today that all those Israel is games I watch it I must have. Thirty games here. And I one of these guys who don't check the credit cards -- indicated you know what they do they're comparing each other you know I played XYZ game. And they talk on the -- -- in school and I got to this level and that level so they're they're motivated to wanna spend. And by these extra things to enhance their performance -- Okay check out to whiners blog on WB and we can block the star program.