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Protecting Your iPhone

Jan 17, 2014|

CEA Spokesman Jim Barry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Has this happened deal your kids electronic devices are tied to your credit card and suddenly your -- with some significant. In app purchases. Well guess what kids have been running up millions of dollars of charges on apps that were initially free and then they decide to get some. Virtual pet food or jams -- Other items that lead while these charges. Let's talk more about this joining us on the WB in live line is Jim Barry with the Consumer Electronics Association -- kind of we're laughing when I started talking about this. Well good morning well because society woman our circle with thankfully you're out of Jean. -- All of those -- ending your Smartphone or your child. Began but I can understand this and you know you were talking earlier about the both of data breach of the -- on Adobe. Overall. New world. Connected. Every thing and let them by -- of careful and -- -- you are having to. Stop Earl. We're stuck with that announcement by the that -- -- the last couple of days they've -- -- apple. Which one senses. Old news since apple actually. Settled with a lot of players -- some customers. Last. Almost the Coke. About that very thing and you're right when there and I don't crow are forward dark. Wanted to add something. I'll put it in the password and then going. I met the night now that until just. Oh well once you put that in its fifteen minutes so you end up and watched all of it. That child can go ahead and continue to -- stuff. Then the problem is special little a lot of call that the premiums and so it's a freak and download -- cool. But then one by the pet food for the little guy that kind of stuff. That starts racking up though and -- fifteen minutes goes to a lot. Except actually. A couple of years ago but experts so they had to put an image that. But then when -- the second it was good account for fifty minutes so apple. Apple kind of print that you know we. Delighted. Me a lot of that now we actually agree focused and they've played -- dollars or ready to a lot of people who would. Well when apple first did this coming up with those free app with the -- will always inner hidden charges however that we'll get this past everybody. How did it -- the Internet watchdog totally over the past them. Well it's an -- apple you know it's in the -- articles call a lot of apps. And people like trip that a lot of people make money on. Apps World Cup always -- advertising. In the but also it's goes -- -- the hook but he doesn't have some added element. With that it think cable few -- channel or you or. So wasn't only apple and when you think about it. Don't really interest comparing an apple that apple is successful. Almost. -- doesn't go on now with iTunes store because they could -- -- -- You divide and then when -- -- in world. Picking BC is good. -- Spending culture critic. Yeah it's too easy it really is. But -- you you really need to know your phone whether it's an iPhone. Or an entrant right. Yeah I know phones you need to tell you need to make clear apparently -- poker game so. Do that there are a lot of and I've been there where what -- -- who respect he. -- what do I'm interest in the ball game around talking mommy. Now. And we have to though that what what the possibilities so much like anything else beside security. But it's also. Put the blocking with the U coat it. But then you're out of the places that look we. Can go. Don't know whether injury which. Which the -- -- but not necessarily. It would be. This place would actually start growing quarters it pretty quickly. He Jim we're glad you -- join us this morning as always great to talk with you. Oh. Yeah that's the bottom line that's -- very from a Consumer Electronics Association.

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