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Trump Card to Be Played in Buffalo Shuffle

Jan 17, 2014|

Jimmy Vielkind

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB in line minus when he is -- feel kind of reporter for capital New York talking about Donald Trump Ginny good morning. -- -- trump is coming to buffalo later this month there's a fund raiser January 31. Do you think Jimmy he's coming here to test the waters and see how much interest in money areas and -- -- the state. I think that part of the I also think that you know. Paltrow says that he won't trump for governor -- he's trying to sort of keep that I won't do that perspective and out there in the papers and certainly particular trip upstate you don't and you will be able to meet with sort of went to a party -- Are to be able to talk to people at a different color display. Perhaps supported increasing its name recognition you don't get out there in the -- what he -- usually travel. So I think that we do all of those in what makes the trip next week. What's interesting though is that he would not come into Albany. Earlier. Next week when party controls of just what will you do when they start the process of the endorsement candidate. Cultural with the -- that. He couldn't have scheduling conflicts he said that put the mood at this fundraiser. For the party but they would he realized it was sort of electrical outlets just could argue but it looks -- -- there Rochester we -- Who's also the other potential GOP gubernatorial candidate -- -- bird. Generate New York State Republican Party chairman Ed Koch once rob mastery in oblivion the party's candidate for governor but. After -- doesn't have the ability to raise money. According to people who like him that are also being realistic. Here we have a situation where the state chairman is this with a laundry list of county Republican chairman. Which can't be a good thing. Well that's certainly it's certainly spells trouble the fact that we had just an -- at all. You know obviously air quality -- Democrat will start with these benefits of incumbency. Can start with at least authorities won't workshops and possibly more bodies so. The opportunity to be in the same -- Couldn't -- is that Trevor Cox is basically. Calling Donald Trump's book true -- -- that followed trump has talked about running for all kinds of offices before. -- -- -- -- -- He's never done so so I think that children are widely regarded this as a distraction. And if you look closely at trump statements. He seems to be sitting on the -- already. So if it is it's it's it's very very odd guests that we'll do it trump insists -- and serious. Chairman -- who doesn't believe him of other people like we've got a very skeptical. But the buffaloes certainly turn this this whole. This whole this whole discussion forward and it is an indication that trumpet equally true to go out and hardship post is about. You know when it comes -- money. Out in an interview with the Buffalo News trump says he's thirty to fifty million serious and he went on to say he would even put up this much -- 200 million if he wants me -- would. There was certainly exceed Cuomo's war chest. You would think so schools equals portals that nobody wanted to be able. Of a fifty billion most of it is there's there's not much precedent to spend more than control makes her. You know is that mr. trump certainly as a person that he is certainly has very cold around the country. But he would not attack included public computer which can critically important to a -- that -- be. These numbers but he's probably that I could beat the Buffalo News story are just -- leadership. What do you give us a guesstimate on what you think is gonna be spent on the -- for governor of this this year -- Well it's hard to completely especially into all the candidates are -- Bill that blood collection and Andrew Cuomo to extend through most of his workshop can be completely expected to expand. 35 million -- forty billion proposed object probably no great inaudible tried we don't if you want to date. From the Republican opponent that could be could expect because of the problem loans. Another ten to fifteen million dollars expect. Point we're talking a lot of money Jimmie thanks to the did the times when we do appreciate it. Mark always Jimmy feel kind a reporter for capital New York.