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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>1/16 Michael Caputo in for Tom Bauerle HR 3

1/16 Michael Caputo in for Tom Bauerle HR 3

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

509 PM. 509. Works over folks get your car warm it up head home. We got new moves today. Here on news -- 930 WB yen this is Michael Caputo in fort Tom -- out sick and I'm getting sick. But we're here. And Alitalia -- big news today used at the top or. Donald -- coming in town on the January 31 of fundraisers here in buffalo are we spent a lot of time trying to talk them into. Running for governor and I think if you heard me in I guess it was early December -- no it was November. When I was inferred -- sandy I said that no one can be Andrew Cuomo. End it's just impossible and we should just give up well I've changed my mind and the person who changed my mind about this. Is in the studio with me right now. That's deep -- -- assemblyman DiPietro. Is from the south -- actually from -- or he's practically my neighbor and David. Welcomes these so welcomed the expert and -- to -- -- all I needed -- -- on you by the way. I -- we've had people calling here at 803. 8030930. Start -- the editors often gives Karl if you have any questions about the logic behind Donald Trump running for governor. Made threes or 930. -- would tell me. Why do you think Donald Trump can win and raised -- I don't think he can win. I think he can win big. He took to when we had that first meeting with the Mikey and I sit next to him. And while -- talking election renegotiate -- you really think I can win. And I looked and I said I don't think you can just when mr. trump I think -- gonna win big and remember stop the -- All David and I think it'll and then many referred to him later everybody referred to get on January 10 you gonna be an impact. So and here's why first off he's is all brand name recognition when you think Donald Trump everybody thinks they don't think politician. They think a premise they think billionaire. Real estate beautiful wives. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Big helicopter big jet they think they think. The guy is something that we all aspire to he's made he's made it. And he's continually making it in doing things he's doing it with a smile and with charisma. He just he transcends politics and when. When you talk about low information voters right -- that's the first one -- when I bring up the story Michael -- in the cab from JFK to Trump's office. We talked the bottom in the cabin we didn't -- -- a word of the cab driver took about forty minutes we get to that trump tower the cab driver turned around just looks licences. I'd vote for trump. I don't know he said this may -- some. I would vote for -- And you said hey that's awesome what were you -- said Russia -- We exchanged a few clever words. Noticed -- attracts a different kind of voter I mean you were telling me some of the works for you said -- -- -- -- -- it probably doesn't vote. Right wanna my account or Islamic pressures of my directly and quote I love that they say and they don't know anywhere near politics just. From trump right he's as old Brandon -- recognition everyone knows who he is in the thing about him is he's a magnet. People like him he's ease ease the -- he's the exact opposite of Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo was so early I've met the man number times you don't warmup -- he's arrogant he's so early. It's his way or no way he sucks all the art of the room you've been what trump Abiola trump many times been -- -- them. He is a nice guy yeah actually like this guy he's funny he's witty he's one of these guys that the UV he builds other people -- Right and that's and that's when when this race if this happens it's going to be. Such there's -- the dichotomy is going to be so cool to watch this because you're gonna watch. Cuomo's numbers go down so fast like I think I think it's going to be tough but I think people are just gonna gravitate to him. Low information voters anyone out there if you -- across both lines -- a lot of different issues I love the guy I hope he gets them. Well I'll tell you we I went back and fourth quarter with a reporter from capitol New York if you New York that comes and actually. It's a great publication. Very strong raiders take a look at it went to -- -- from a capital New York who said on Twitter he said. Cuomo has raised 33 million dollars. Putting great distance between himself and -- Reno and trump. 33 million dollars -- -- under quite impressive how does that mean -- -- how does that make any sense he says Walid doesn't have an account and he doesn't have any has committed any money to a I see here you know they're dance between the raindrops if you if you don't have any money your wallop your bank account -- -- does that mean -- broke us it doesn't mean that but the media doesn't want them to run. They wanted to run. Because they know there -- Cuomo is gonna give me mature you know. I mean I I -- Italian today. The Buffalo News broke this story. That that he's coming off and also said in his interview with news that he's gonna span between thirty and fifty million dollars of money reason. Now here's the thing about that right. That -- that he gave -- the day that he eat eat it he catches up is. His campaign account it changes everything it's a game changer because that day. From that airport. Andrew Cuomo was full time fundraising. That's right all his time raising money just could be scared out on -- people who -- answer in Cuomo's office right. And they told me. He's frightened that oh he's going around like a mad men have covered stories up in Albany I'm open Albany last week. They're telling me he's making calls all over. The state trying to keep trump out of this race he cannot afford it trumps the one guy quote -- Cuomo needs an easy race. And an old restaurant Esther nobody needs -- -- Reno type race where he doesn't spend a lot of money and a lot of effort wins by 2015 to twenty points. Looks like he's unbeatable 'cause he crushed in New York. And then so that he can immediately say I am a man for president I want the nomination -- sixteen. Trump trump not only can beat number trump would what it would be so he would he would trump would take him on head on. Remember trump commands media presents rob this real social thing to people pick it up and write about it. When Donald Trump walks out of his building he's got 500 people trying to get his autograph this man a -- attracts attention. Number one we're in his office he said he -- thirty million. He goes -- building here at the buildings where they 150 million -- -- -- You don't know a hundred million down Bernard do you know about the money goes also for my own I don't need it in which I said dormant remember. You've got to have a fund raiser even at five bucks a shot because people not only in New York but around the country. Will want to have a vested interest they want to have a piece of the game they want to skin and his election. They wanted to say I put I helped Donald Trump played -- that's where you have to -- the the public help you he can self fund but I'll tell you what when he opens up that the donor list. I think he's gonna put. By the ten million in 24 hours well -- this. Turns into Donald Trump cheerleading show. Yet we have a caller here. Who doesn't appear to to agree with -- hope we have he's right on the line right now there's some Democrat liberals that want to disagree I love to hear from. The liberal Democrat and well that makes it. That would long battle for -- One of my favorite things and recent politics. When President Obama I think it was the they do some comedians that stood -- from -- Stick with the -- -- wasn't born in the United States. The president. And -- a -- and -- He. Not so bad about his reality show doctor about the big decisions yet -- -- Boyer or some of cooking show. If you dial -- with a little brittle and it really. Let me ask your question. Do you like -- do you like Andrew Cuomo. Okay what looked like about. What the what do you like about it. I don't know I don't know were not as NASCAR -- what do you like about Andrew Cuomo. Just like little. Short. Don't know. -- that's not a that's not a union and what do you like about Andrew Cuomo everything. You just like that he would you dislike -- he's not a he's not Paladino and his George Bush. And the Republicans. Have these communities. Who. Presume anything. The American people against. This -- are perfect for sure. You know I don't wanna keep abortion outlawed. I don't know who's gonna do that in New York I wanna be teachers unions destroyed. Not gonna happen in New York now I don't I don't feel it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- or -- there's going to be earthquakes it will destroy the earth. Is likely to run for president. He it's just real terror or is sure that's true. But the good as it's grown to. It is -- for a. I think you mr. trump had mr. trump has had a moment ago. I think the word was likes of the 750. Different businesses of these articles each one of his ability to all different business. He's had more than one go bankrupt he's got a couple go bankrupt I don't have a problem with that I mean we take a risk there's a lot of covers it. You know and if you got a problem -- afternoon got a problem with a lot of what's going on in buffalo. If he's such a billionaire like any reported decent today. -- -- -- -- That's -- ICC this is what this is what this is I know this kind of opposition they come because then the personal attacks to right this is good because here's the thing we're not Smart enough. We're not we're not a loving enough we hate people home awful we have week we have a bald head -- too short I'm too fat. Give me a break in army at the end of the day. It's about policy -- policy and you disagree with trumps policy Republican policy I get that and just because you and I disagree. Doesn't mean that you're wrong. I'm just blame and those policies on what's going on in New York. I can't talk about deregulation. Like -- you know. How the deregulation we're up for the people and Terrell went junior right now. Well how does that -- due to deregulation the -- -- -- wherever I does that have something to do deregulation. I mean you may know something I don't know. We haven't inspected the plant in twenty years of the people of good people that particular run their government. Aren't really too concerned about the chemicals that have been weak field -- today. 300000 people with water it's also up for profit. Water authority there that downstream from a so they've they've really don't have any interest in. The public safety net it's they have an interest in making money -- water so I guess they -- that I'm expected a little too quick. The well you know I -- not sure I don't know the whole issue down in West Virginia I do believe there is -- regulation I think the regulations are important health the safety of all right. They're brought to his guns were also sold ready for New York did you start pumping -- can look. -- absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely that's right because that's what I wanna do. I wanted to -- chemicals in the ground water because I'm stupid I'm fat I'm bald. I you know I I hate are minorities that's why you're absolutely right -- I should be -- run at a town you're right but you know what you're absolutely wrong. Now I want to talk to. Oh we have a few more seconds before we're able to. We have to go to a break here Allan thanks for waiting. Always hope -- second over a second traffic balance. -- two degrees out there folks very variable cloudiness today. Few flurries this morning high of 32 considerable clout and it's -- with -- -- can be coating of an inch. -- 27 mostly cloudy tomorrow with some snow showers perhaps another -- Maybe an interest to. Saturday mostly cloudy cold with flurries and high of 44. Allan thanks -- homeowner really appreciate your WB yen with David DiPietro played well. There already got a good. I grew up downstate and I IE and many -- and not so. So fond memories of the girl and the first thing is that I don't I don't think he's Iran I think ultimately. Ed Cox and the Republicans are going to. Put up a primary. If trump is serious but he does a lot of primary -- And could rewrite that that that's that's gone through we've talked about that many times and that's in the realm of the possible yes. Right so bad that my prediction. From the get go but you know things are wrong and he does and upper. We can agree I think that most of the voters in the New York. Are located downstate within these New York's metropolitan. Area and it's. It's idiot. Centers -- -- agree no question. And day. Followed mr. trump for -- and tried to destroy. And tried to destroy him and me. And failed and you'll also agreed that the vast majority of those voters downstate all our. Group. Pretty liberal -- sure. So -- got a bit of a problem because I don't think that means all important yet in the U guys app for. And I think other people an effort in my state. My first problem with him. These via stated that you really never has any. Nobody knows issues here nobody cares about your I certainly don't know what he thinks about. That's the first set. The second that it I don't normally plays low other I don't think he's the guy who. Deals well with conflicts war people disagreeing with and were telling him now. And that's kind of what politics it's a lot of give and take. And I think he's would get her and I think he's a taker but I think it's on his terms not anybody else's terms and I think he's gonna run it all in Albany. Like a lot of other people to have tried to reform Albany run into walls -- right. That's -- let me let me element Tata first off the New York City here's the difference they love -- in New York City he's he's like. The either of these is the man they like Hayden the man they just love to love. Because his because they know him down there and it's sort of like the Paladino issue appeared back. -- going Carl ran there was -- if you remember it wasn't always for governor at the beginning it was for for -- between governor and congress. Against chickens and one of the things I told Carl that those -- the persons with. Talk to him about the governor issue when he was first -- Was one of the positives was love him or hate him in buffalo. We know him. So some might call him names. But he's our guy so and so recalls and if he stayed in buffalo you know someone might attack -- and in my column name. And then we would say -- -- it may be but we know we -- many may be that but we like -- -- New York City trump. You that when the media stars the bashing it's gonna roll off of people's backs causing all done an exit or whatever. You know at the same time at the same time however you're talking about trump is kind of ignored upstate New York. You know I he's had no reason to come upstate New York he's a man who's in business looking to make a profit and there's very few prop beat -- appear additionally. Andrew Cuomo has been in politics of the day he was born. That's he's over fifty years he's had an opportunity to help buffalo and he just started last week so I don't know if you can hold that up there. I mean it's been longer than a week idol -- a month. All right well maybe it's a longer it and but. But he and so he's he's got -- start I think you know you've got the name recognition but we're gonna disagree -- -- New Yorkers are gonna. You know circle the wagons around the local -- elected -- -- appear I think it's wait wait wait they're. And the other thing. Have a public what second or what does Carl campaigns form. In -- and in what's. Sure well I don't know dude you don't don't be social worker at Carl's making demands the Republican Party. Bit mr. trump probably won't pick a seat to I don't know. But I think if I'm not mistaken I think what a groping -- said that he was -- it was trump. As choice if it went that way and we're all -- I think I'm jury's out -- -- -- that that's what the emails that. But in any event I am and I just I think that. You know I think it's it's uphill battle for for mr. trump. You know and an assemblyman you mentioned that you know almost kind of an unlikable Geithner did he gets under people's -- and any -- governor. Its -- kind of the same way you know if you know you you've seen -- in in in even in the apple and somebody says something. That trump doesn't like she will relentlessly and viciously attacked him. And I think that that secure are flawed as part because -- the bad guy who can afford not to pay that kind of stuff detention. But had a guy who before. You let stuff roll off his back he's not that guy. Right -- -- -- I'm I'm given you in my opinion because I sat on the bed and breakfast twice with the governor. -- -- luncheon I've talked to him personally about some things up in buffalo. And I've been with mr. trump and that there I can tell you right now they're at their exact polar opposites and that's where I said this is going to be one. Because when they start going -- when that was the first starts flying between two home. I think that the number one the state in New York is going to be. Ground zero in the country because they're gonna wanna see this battle it's going to be epic are. Look forward to receive NHK Japanese television here. Allan thank you very much really critics for it really got to you know we really got to go pay some bills here this is Michael put in for Tom -- here on these -- your -- to the WB and we'll be right back. Singer. Have always been real close man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- 537. Five and seven and he's reunited thirty WB and this is Michael good to import a Tom Bauerle on the Tom -- showtime is out sick. Got the phone it's that's the same thing you had a couple of weeks -- who have -- AB DPH or assemblyman David DiPietro. You were six for public yeah I was in those crazy stuff crazy stuff well -- took part in the Austin -- your. Round equal number -- and a five minutes boom. Well listen David. We've got a lot of calls about about trump trump was your idea room and you receive the -- when we break there the one this year the audience. We're talking about the race and first off I want to thank you offers -- and liberal ideas it was a good call cause could it compare to that first youth -- about Trump's hair and and and stuff going down down in Virginia which had nothing to do but it was it was the old liberal playbook 101 bring out all the you know everything that had to do with it's not it's I don't want -- -- bush I mean that that was just sold blatant. Pro pro -- but anyway. -- excel for an X -- but then we're talking. That Hank Williams junior might be coming out of the country to the jam in the valley. Overwhelming counting this year. And we are talking about Leo what Donald Trump in the race anything goes look you gotta -- million Neil Young could become -- into law. You know could be coming out to jam in the belly just to say hello and Hank Williams junior can be taken a tour through some. Small towns is to say a lot of people -- he's -- Donald Trump right ever he brings he just brings that dynamic where all these. Well all these people that he knows personally to start you know I don't know he's coming as it. There's not enough crossover potential with Donald Trump because he's too far greater order I I -- exhibit eight Neil Young walked into his office in their pals and if Neil Young is right Winger. I'm Sandra -- John and Pendleton thanks -- -- Good grades. What you have to -- Damn rocket. Yeah play heroes. John gets called back maybe we'll get back OK okay period on the -- were. -- Outside I was asleep and then. What awkward -- so our first twelve there and a Madonna called earlier and yes. Want to do -- -- school. He said he did you ought to do away with. School unions. It was typical liberal he's just trying to is just trying to pin anything making on. I'm Donald proper any conservative or any Republican is just the old playbook you know we're against clean -- You know we're against that teacher does it just it doesn't it doesn't doesn't fly here and nobody nobody looks at Donald Trump as a politician. Well actually it goes to the park or -- or importers. To. I work or oracle or corporate state. And time and teachers union. And Lester Patrick which side. He sent followed him to do would be. Negotiating. The negotiating. Wobble. He -- corporate raiders. The coming into the negotiations. Went on for what are -- we've been dealing with the -- our global negotiators. So anyways I just want. And I went there -- voters listening because. There were almost. Why it and and I think the unions are not pleased with him but he spoke to have -- on his side because you know he controls the purse strings right. I -- I think if you think Chris Christie's staff was tough. On a four week view and -- global book makes them look like you know sister Mary Joseph pregnancy they predict. And by the way I can't sailing about teachers my sister's a teacher out Holland and she was actually the head of the union so we have some great discussions. So what she's a trump -- Jobs that. Are saying. I have been sporting since I was eighteen year old old old I am now able. And I have never ever contributed. To our. To everybody's campaign. But out -- war and it probably a I don't know how many people out there. If mr. trump decides the one. We will take whatever I can afford and don't. You know if you're exactly right that's what people do they want -- he just transcends. The normal political mode and you know I love that too -- when you sick I've heard from so many people and violent analysts say it on the air. That the EU EU US pounding something that a lot of people are thinking they just they just want something different and you'll actually take a dollar out of the wall to make this happen. John thank you very much -- budget callers were -- to give thanks John thanks you know. A Rick in the greatest village on the planet -- Laura thanks for calling. A but they hear that Clinton. -- without trouble as they governor. I'm not really get that -- I used to work without trial. Many many years ago. 1980. -- -- or something. -- you sound like you're 25 years old you're dating yourself. Yeah I don't believe it -- That he is actually. The used all of the new York New Jersey generals. Of this of the USFL. As anybody can remember that. Remember. Jim didn't Jim Kelly play for them did you know. K after. -- In -- out. Well I had. Well because you haven't been to a why do -- and a well. It was antitrust law suit which BO which we lost which the US have now lost. And it was just it was it was not I mean really it would be and why -- more and more and more. Daddy wasn't gonna get it so he's sued. In the antitrust lawsuit in and you know got -- support I. You know we will we lost in the hole -- went down the went down twelve. So you know considering that it can't run up football -- Well I think called it we thought we did pretty good we got weight drained Jim Kelly and Kent hall that I right after toppling had from the USF well. So we knew we were before I think we did okay. From I'm used. -- and Emily did mention the more L. It had nothing to do it injured the general the only entity produced actually -- -- should be trials were purple walker. -- let me ask something Rick -- would you would you rather have. A person who has never taken a risk who is scripted every moment of his life. Who has when he made a mistake taken comic and Lysol to clean up to be confined. Somebody who is moved nowhere into an impulse be taking no risks all of his life. And who has been in politics since he was circling on his mother's. And at the same time. You know doing nothing in the privacy or would you rather have somebody who's taken a few risks. I absolutely would I would have some of that -- and if you -- Because I'm sure that that New Jersey general story is only one of several strong. But I. And that goes a recent -- -- And any impact. Impact strong. But Ricky didn't go to go bankrupt personally. My my understanding is he had corporate bankruptcies -- may be wrong I mean. And I think corporate bankruptcy laws there for a reason it. -- debt debt debt right but do I want you don't know what that little terror terror are you know kind of managing. Mike government -- recovered she IE don't think so. But is it something you entertain. Think about. I while OK that stepped up they eat too much -- each electoral personalities too much of a character. -- I'm not in because he's never really. -- in politics right I can't really say that he would do. Anything for. Office. For anybody. I'd I would disagree with him I think he's into a lot for a lot of people. I think you're gonna see a lot of jobs opened up in this in this state when he -- -- gonna change the dichotomy he's gonna change the whole dynamic of paradigm Margaret makes good points because you're I don't I don't understand what he's he's different because he's an outside expert -- -- That -- personally in my piece of you know I think look at what we've had all these years we've had these these in the box politicians and we've continually gone down because none of them can get out of the way to get out special interests. Hey Rick we got to go to break here real quick -- -- gonna reload with privately thank you very much fun -- for calm and really great town and there. Thanks. And we'll be right back after -- a few bills here on news radio at 930. WP. -- weather forecast. Very obvious today few flurries this morning 32 considerable arguments tonight with some some accumulating. To an inch of both 27 degrees mostly cloudy tomorrow with some solution or perhaps another coding to -- -- -- I'm 33 Saturday mostly cloudy and colder with flurries. Michael put here for Tom ballot on the Tom issue here and the WB 552. But it is a couple of minutes. Before we got to go one break him. David -- take this one color here who's. -- via we've got real quick it was Doug Flutie from the generals to Todd Wright writes we get to blame. We can blame mama's account for Doug Williams find -- -- that go of my favorite breakfast. Mike NG -- And it -- be that you. For joining built -- the -- -- in the court. It did not. You walk on who among the locals it. He chose not to compromise. Is that this figure. If you build equity. Act and its authority so he will be -- You know I didn't sign onto it good that. This tainted by the likes of DP from you know. And we really. Court. It was just that -- I don't know my sister's a teacher and I hear about it all the time I've talked to of been to a number reforms have been invited to speak and listen. Did a couple listening tours for common core. It's incredible when you start seeing my daughters and first grade. In some of these common core questions are just ridiculous so it's it's -- I was rushed through it's it's a horrible program right now and needs to be totally redone. Revamped I've talked to so many teachers principals superintendents. Who have just said. We didn't get an input they've rushed it through no time no training. It's you know what that filed a money trail on this one folks. -- exactly so -- support education. We need to bring education back to America American education by American teachers. A curriculum that is American nothing glitch I hope we won the revolutionary war at least look at our education from England. We'll flags like Dick Glover grown in the -- and -- -- the -- Todd he's courier on the air a little at all. Yes good afternoon -- good afternoon like I can do it he'd be I wanna keep your opportunity so you. There's been a lot of water under the bridge between you and I over the past couple years. But I gotta tell you durable bang up job -- Which tell us which tons. You. Taught an East Aurora and tossed doc -- All love. You you got an early as he's -- greatest -- in America I know you are. It is that it's the greatest -- America its ways we can. We're wonderful things happen sometimes program. Picked -- in the neutral. And stuff happened but anyway. He's got a phenomenal and your kids -- -- Appreciate it. Well away. And on -- so. -- -- I don't know where. I'm. -- this book. There I mean -- can use that word. Is seeking. -- But you know the thing about the is it obviously narcissistic he obviously since he has been raised in this kind of. New York City Albany royalty. At the complex and do anything obviously key topic at the trickiest. I -- that a lot of people talk about personality and that. Issues they're always always controlled me personally and I think this is big -- spectacular. They act. Parents that we relentlessly. On board as an -- is the church is mr. trump on the continued at that from war. -- -- -- First day in office is repeal he's -- both his sons -- expert marksman they shoot for the entire they shoot for sport and for -- competition. There and his -- Erica talked -- Personally he's gonna come out if his father runs he's it'll go beyond your more than once he wants to shoot with me so we take them. Take -- -- -- Let me there's a quick on my buddies we talked to him we're standing nieces and this guy's a huge value of big -- guy he's got probably forty guns. 1000 rounds MO I won't tell about it but. He looked at -- -- -- -- -- got Eagles are probably got you beat decent. What do you at least that I got about 20/20 5000 rounds and Eric goes I got about 40002. To three along. -- -- -- -- So you think you were well. -- were recently. Interviewed in American -- like a couple of months ago Campbell that they're back here at a it just the question was state if and it sounds like me to do you know Mike you're you're dead -- with this that they're going to look that's -- They're they are taught taught -- -- -- can you hang on until after the break time. Okay -- he's got to go pay some bills and this is likely to go in for Tom Barrow here and he's adamant that it Libyan will be right back.

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