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1/16 Michael Caputo in for Tom Bauerle HR 2

Jan 16, 2014|

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409. And all you people and it's island county Pollard get in your cards. He just got to work I have never got 4 o'clock. In the public. Born Michael put it here in -- Tom hourly news review important WB and talk about Donald Trump in the likely or unlikely that -- run for governor. In fact we know now he is coming to buffalo for a fund raiser for the Republican Party. Oh boy there's going to be there could be a very very interesting. Year in politics. Dick you crawled in from Belfast you there. Natick -- ties up the before he gets their I -- your chip disabled I want him. I love Belfast. I drive I drive through there. Our everytime I drive to Washington every -- -- drive to Philly. I probably -- -- that little diner in -- pastor -- -- out of Belfast there what's the name of that place. Yet I've probably eaten there. Fifty times because I was going every week Philadelphia all last year I love bill as she got a great. -- -- Well I've got I -- is only about five things that mean anything to this. And New York City this is one of our problems because they control. Both the government. Of this state. Donald Trump that's his home town everybody likes -- there we've got that problem so we've got data on our side. Well actually you know it's it's a huge over registration Democrats obviously only something on the lines of 19% are registered Republicans. The thing that's different about about Donald Trump this season known commodity down there his popularity crosses party lines down there with -- if he spends a bit of money on median male. In in New York he's got to get 31. To 33%. Of the general election vote. To block Cuomo from overwhelming. His own upstate win. So if he's gonna run and think in his mind he knows. Is worried about New York. He's worried about Western New York -- a test the waters he's gonna come up here who have fundraisers. And if everybody -- Syria so there -- they're worried about his sincerity. They got to worry about their own sincerity. Worry about whether he thinks it's worth that are that. I mean they should have the biggest tipper. Paraded of people along his path and people shouting for him and let him -- -- hard. That does areas behind him then he'll think well maybe we're at the camp. And they can get -- bosses and go to the Albany. To protect this Second Amendment Rights. Isn't the biggest -- right here in buffalo to protect. Second Amendment Rights by supporting him. -- Rus Thompson. Can't we don't have to worry about that round wondered if he's gonna runner that he's gotten all the work and he's got a these people have got to get out everywhere they can be out there and let him know that when he -- about look at that -- comment about -- CP command. You're right you're right Eric -- -- Thompson. I I agree -- I I agree totally and here is the problem. Here's the problem. The leadership of the Republican Party specifically the chairman Ed Cox. Is giving him the Heisman in new highs in is that -- -- -- top the trophy. They're put him in the industry's senior or not you're not welcome. You're not welcome and that's Albany which is controlled by New York which really isn't a lot of waste. Up to Western New York to convince him to run. We hope that does that. That's what he's got to worry about it upstate Muster in the -- didn't. And I'd I think that he's really sincere if he shows that further people show that there are sincere. About. Right. Well Dick thank you very much for -- really appreciate we got a bunch of calls up and wanna get to that thanks. Colin Todd I want to thanks -- hold on their. Very good sir thank you very much. I recruitment trump will be an ideal candidate for governor but Barack Obama lashed sidebars it. This statement made this mission and chipping and the governor's mansion. Rockefeller will try last year with Kyle. But like you said -- your Jewish tore it apart. And I did that if we have acknowledged leader Donald Trump running for governor. We haven't touched. That running for. Lieutenant governor. And the because our law and order guy like Jim Howard -- While tea. We're not -- -- who he would pick for his lieutenant governor. But you have those concerns about regional balance you know he wanted to maybe have some -- from upstate -- But I don't know I mean I mean I'm looking at. Our own -- and I'm thinking this guide to Friday's. Rules I mean. I think that he's as much a part of Western New York is is a part of New York City as much as he is a part of our New Orleans, Louisiana ever he's America in army. -- -- You know. I know when I went right where -- went back to Russia last year to visit for work. I lived there for many years for six years in Moscow I went back and everybody knows Donald Trump. In fact if you look at Donald Trump's Twitter feed. A lot of people that are out there following him on Twitter have ceramic letters in the army it's just. He'd he'd defies conventional wisdom and I think that's an important part here. Conventional wisdom says he can't win. Conventional wisdom also said he could not have TB each. And and he was the number one shall running for a couple years. This guy has defied all every time he's been told he can't do something he doesn't and wins and wins. So yeah. They've got a great -- they would be if we had somebody rich and business experience from the governor's mansion and shut the globe are warmed over politicians. Well you know Rockefeller when he party wanted to run for governor. Political types like the chairman of the Republican Party in Albany. The political equivalent of the naysayers said he couldn't be elected dog catcher. And now we now I mean listen I'm glad that the Donald Trump doesn't have the same politics. As Rockefeller but I do believe he's got some of the same appeal but even more so because he's in everybody's living room every week. You know it's it's a very uninteresting kind of situation that defies conventional wisdom so my best friends in politics all by mentors every single one of my mentor and politics. Tells me he -- when I say why in the AC because. In orbit that he's outnumbered in in the Democrat Republican registration in New -- I say what about the what about the -- -- -- the seat factors incredibly unpopular even though it's still kind of even because were outweighed by the liberals in New York City. But what's effective all conventional wisdom says that the Second Amendment doesn't matter at all. In the winner to win or lose an election Second Amendment doesn't matter but. You know what here's our local political operative here told me something the other day that I think is important. He mentioned this and I agree with I have never seen. Yard signs protesting a law. In a state in my lifetime. Ever. Ever. So I think all bets are off year. You know ultimately it's. Now I enjoy and should get -- the other -- -- Carl we got a budget college years. All right are you there. I love when you're on I enjoy armed well thank you. More than even asking a question. At the book thank you but you know -- the slugger muzzle talk it. Your insight tracked him just like what you have to say and I appreciate that -- means a lot to thank you. Question. Mr. dot -- at all. As he wasn't for -- -- get out and get nominated. Ugly is. Republican insiders who what was going on the status -- How how would it undermine the main -- and get on board and. I got it I can only use a tunnel -- artist and repetitive it can only use one compared to the -- the 222010. Gubernatorial election which I was a part of I can tell you. That we had. The same Republicans who were were saying Donald Trump isn't serious and won't run -- trying to block him at every turn -- -- of the art meeting on the tenth of January we have fifty Republicans -- -- Thirteen to fifteen very powerful county chairs and and it including your account as the future Clinton traveled there on his own steam. To talk to see if you talked about how he views is that he was serious. All night the night before Ed Cox and his minions -- isn't it think about that cartoon. And they were calling all the county chairs they don't go don't go don't go don't go at midnight at midnight at a county -- from downstate called me NC. Is it true that you said that because I'm attending -- I'm endorsing Donald -- no that's not part of not precedent it's -- They were lying to them to get the momentum the next morning the downstate chairs around New York City who only had to commute in the go to the meeting. They were getting texts and calls all morning to try to stop them from going from 11 o'clock meeting and then at the meeting. At the meeting. We watch and several county cheers. Phones bounce around the table on vibrate because Ed Cox and his minions were where were texting to trying to get you know what's going on about the -- and then after the beating. The chairman demanded. Bit. All can creatures that attendance -- meet him down the street at an at and at a private club where he belongs and everybody else who belongs to Cuomo belongs. And and then content of the proceeded to be raped and lied about him again. The worst enemy we have to Donald -- -- entering the race are the Republicans who were doing whatever it takes to reelect him. Well in and not forget. While hopefully mr. trump and the the heat in tiger's. I think you're you're you're you're seeing a bumper sticker in the works there. -- ought. Don't. Roger is Roger not. On this idea he thinks he thinks that mr. -- can win. He has an interesting analysis upon his website of the stones and a com. In 1985. Are now and and he is a very he's like my Big Brother we talked every day but he thinks on that wrong on this I think he's dead wrong. Well thank you very much harbor net. Go to I believe we gotta do to Allen for traffic. 31 degrees outside your AccuWeather forecast. Variable cloudiness today few flurries this morning I'm 32 considerable cloudiness tonight with some snow accumulating. Coding to about an inch and low of 27 mostly cloudy tomorrow with some snow showers perhaps another coating to an -- too high of 33 Saturday. Mostly cloudy and colder with Hillary's high of 24. -- over halfway through winter halfway through thankfully. You know -- move back home in January from Miami so. And maybe I'm crazy -- Right. We're talking about Donald Trump whether or not he's got our run for governor whether he should whether you're gonna go to his event here. In the buffalo on January 31. And -- got a bunch of calls reverence April threes or 930 start -- -- in your -- love to hear what you think about the idea of Donald Trump running. For governor are -- in west Seneca thanks for you know. -- -- You know listen I would vote for trump can't but I just want to make a comment I would -- Republican for thirty years you and I like kinda chilly out had a little dinner last month site and Brian Hagan. I want I want the conservative line. Are you know what it's funny because that week. That week that the there was an uptick in registrations for the Conservative Party I mean. Don't like yeah I'll bet it. Get very big and take you know like an apparent -- that people want -- now. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah there's no question about that in and we had another bit of that happened yesterday when the announced that are now on possible motto. Is endorsing government -- to in the ninth in 2000 tenths -- not a big surprise it's kind of like dog bites man. But and every single one of those Republicans that endorse in Cuomo live in Albany or south. Every single one a couple of Republicans here. Who support global but they'll do it silently. In and they are not really all that much Republican anyway. -- it's all about the money you know it's all about the money just. Great. Thank you very much of -- really appreciated. A rob in Campbell thanks thing. People aren't certain what the political ticker Oakley you know -- -- -- whatever. He's got to go check that all of them could actually go union you can't go Democrat vote or understand it. Call -- screw the industry you're in all the workers don't look at liberty central and we cannot stand guy. Right I've heard that I've heard -- here's the interesting thing as well. Cuomo has blocked fracking. Some say illegally. Is blocked fracking it's been deemed safe by the in tiger land it. Except for the face -- crowd and the -- the folks were taken money from gas from Russia in order to protest this. But you know. I can tell you that when I was at a Pennsylvania look at the fracking industry. They told me that the New York. Union leaders came down and looked at it from Albany in all these other areas union leaders across the board and they. Our our base and nobody told us it's a successful. So if we're able to release. The potential energy of natural gas and get the job that we think will be created probably. According to the most conservative estimates about 50000. Of those jobs in New York State. Some of those union people gonna -- -- are gonna say they are gonna support. And you know trump is pro -- And available capital to backtrack a little like I don't know what them guys are doing that article. People there I mean I'm actually. Nothing. And the people now live out there and -- and a year will have -- And that people in the world with the stop. The -- -- -- go to now. That it that it looking. Out on the -- But I think sport that are about. And there's -- in. Order to. Oh I saw many of bunkers you know on one side of the border in Pennsylvania. The unemployment rate is a below seven and on the other side of the border in New York it's over nine. I mean that you could you look at it it's I eight feet away. You know and this is one of those issues the cross borders cross lines and and and and the and the people in the the union trades. Take that Cuomo's wrongness. But anyway we're gonna have to go to a quick break here Robert. Stick around permanent catches at the break I'll I'll come back to you otherwise thank you very much for calling. This is Michael put in for Tom hourly will be right back after this break news review an entity WB. I'm Justin get. Thank him down. Words. -- They were back. It is 4:35 PM here on these three -- 930 WB ENN. It is Michael Caputo for them count on. Him a promise out sick and I am get sick. Although it's not moving as fast as it was before my wife gave me all of these funky -- pills. And in the -- -- I mean it in the Asia and I mean. -- you know what it is but it tastes awful. But I do feel better. We're talking about Tom sorry Tom talk about Donald Trump. The idea and governor. Obviously than the breaking news today is that we got him coming in for a fund raiser for years Republican Party. On 30% January at 5 o'clock there are in the -- -- our top program or. David deep -- -- the from the south -- It's gonna communion talk about how he reasoned with Donald Trump and convinced -- this should pursue in and he is indeed pursuing. Where -- threes or 930. Start 930 on your cellphone. What do you think Donald Trump he's somebody you'd like -- governor. A -- here which they accuse. He keeps asking me what you think -- frank your call from your car you okay. -- -- -- -- in the trial in the second -- you. One of the revelation that Hillary Clinton look again these -- in supporting the troops. -- political region here. You know should look at the constituents you countered that and they are concerned that this that and the surprise is a good out -- -- politician a put the wrong. Election flesh you know all -- the content and a true and that kind of thing -- -- it. This happened every single -- that would at all about. Well you know. I worked in congress and it worked in the White House arm. And and they are your everything's political that happens in Washington where you eat at night is political. I think I I think that the fact is frank of Hillary Clinton is extremely political there's no question. The problem we have that she has with this announcement is if she is that you know she supposed to be Courtney. You know she's going to be you know she's -- ready be raised up to the presidency. On the wings of angels. And now we're finding out eight she's highly political and -- we just found out yesterday the United States senate. Democrat controlled senate. Blamed the State Department squarely. What happened and in -- And he was in a while it's really not Hillary Clinton it's not in Obama it is absolutely Hillary Clinton. Italian. Agreed and I call okay but it -- -- all revelation. But if you don't have a somewhat educated citizenry. They're not talking all of a good old in the oven Mitt Romney 49%. Comment I think that there were kind of about that people getting -- here. That they're voting for them -- -- retreat and I can dial trumped up -- you can run Hoke Hogan a -- -- I don't care who it would be. I -- there and a vote rule for their for the culprit street that have been for so long. I mean everything you point out from for acting. And that took that. That they go to that particular bet that the company country that we are up. People can contribute people like democratic in this state for a court. Despite the fact that backs are -- that they should vote otherwise. I mean. Oh I do I do in fact when when I'm moved to Russia in 19932. And three. I I mark my job for president Yeltsin was travel around the country to different universities and organize the youth to vote. And the problem they have is that pensioners retirees. Were 85%. In favor of the Communist Party. And 85% of them were vote. And the young people were 85%. In favor of the Democrat -- -- democracy oriented. You know policies and candidates and only 15%. And I traveled around it -- as 89 states and I was in many many many men and I'm good stories that coral year. But everywhere I went I said you have to get out and vote you have to get down vote and somebody in the crowd would raise their and it's -- how does America do with the vote I mean how many people brought America and I have to say you know what -- terrible -- it'll take us as an example. You know we're America we don't vote we don't vote we don't care in which. Expect the night at about educating. Apathy and Iraq -- it I would think the white board and show people exactly what he's talking about. And you look at the acting that you talked about you calculate they all -- and -- it in the seventeenth. The other church property express way. And help folks. You can have a job they could do on the other side of the -- if you vote for that you for a -- -- right it's fracking. -- that the misinformation to -- people are buying into the other side and it did the drug trade it's it's probably the perfect example. Of of people voting Bert Bert -- thinker are not in their own. No question I don't and Pennsylvania. Fracking was legalized in the regulations were developed by Democrat. And Colorado. Tomorrow Democrats in charge of tracking these huge industry. President President Obama. Is in favor of Frankie calls that an important aspect of America's energy independence. You know all these people run around with these supposedly hand lettered signs tomorrow another forward these buses that take -- on for actually I think but. You know. They are welcome in Washington. They're not welcome in Colorado Ohio West Virginia Pennsylvania 31. Out of the 32 states. Where. The -- that sit on top of the -- which were the only state. And of the 33 states that don't take advantage of the economic boom of the sitting right underneath us. But the people. You know it looks familiar but to get back to a talking earlier when your time. In the in the month about the remote you are a lot argument are you sure it's all need to look. If you go out there you're gonna a look at well you have coming -- -- I'm gonna get there and an -- in in in and it's the the lonely -- company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Vote that floor right in Sheen or side with the with the where they can compete with emotion that argument logical. And a -- -- -- can trump. That. I'm gonna have a lot of on the next nine months or anything but mr. frank I can tell you I'm gonna tell you real quick story. With which I have not told on the year because I worry about whether to get in trouble but hey I'm sick right now and -- little week's on the go ahead. When I went to Russia. Last year before I was going vector to work for. An American company was having. Intellectual property issues is going to help negotiate a settlement between the company was rushed them stealing logo. And I was back there -- -- back in the ninety's when I worked in Russia and I lived there for 96 years. Com -- my clients for a time was Gazprom the world's largest natural gas producer. And if the person in the kind of coordinated might work for them. Is a guy who was -- a fairly young back in the nineties. And now he's very senior and content varies. Varies we went out you know at a dinner together and honestly when you sit out at night with a Russian in Moscow you have to really -- -- it's it's. It's really too it's too much for guide him in your fifties but you know when I was in my -- I was so that we go through one bottle of vodka between the two months. -- we open up the second one. And he looks at me and he says so Michael -- you're living now. And I said I'm living in buffalo new York law yes Buffalo, New York Buffalo, New York I'm known New York very well. And I said I do you know New York -- race is no I've not been there but we sent a lot of money. That's what he's talking about he -- I think the name of the town is if I said what are you talk to be sort of laughing -- passed the bar. The next morning -- -- in his office as it can get more information about the money yours and to quote if the and he said what are we talking about while he forgot that he -- because he was trashed. He says don't call me on the telephone anymore and talk about the on the so I don't know that's hearsay it's just a bunch of in something I heard from a guy who was drunk by the guy who was drunk and in power. So you tell me newspaper buses. Paying for these buses who's paying for the buses. You know -- all we get money from a foundation where is the foundation get the money but I I I encourage one. Pennsylvania. County legislature or to come in to buffalo two to testify at a public hearing. In the county executive's office and he stands up and talks about how it felt great fracking is in Pennsylvania. And the whole face tattoo. It just add water instant protest group crowd who is filled up the county executives -- and by the we spoke place right. They based artists and abort and then I find out what I'm I'm watching them it's in social media places. They're digging into his finances seem to -- gets any money from the fracking industry doesn't nothing. Which is unfortunate disease should. It's nothing different mr. But -- they want to investigate. A guy who comes here under his own steam with his own money to testify the truth behind natural gas development. And and dark and when -- that's where they get their funding. Think people from them what -- -- Peace Center who say look for different from the Middle East and color that in their answer and that right there are. Like that -- our -- Energy supplies and an important the Internet that there is no consistent feel a lot no logic. But there are some other emotion in their -- meant what that site and put the camera click and according called low information voter. And then they think hey you know what I'm in the just check every month -- it is quote somebody else that late goal later reduced because -- Republican like Medicare bewilderment. What will then and the by and so until that bingo. It's just perpetuated. You know and so in that that the conservative right side or whatever can can can. Combat these arguments. I just I -- it's turning into public. Now I am I understand frank it's tough with the -- -- but I'm not given up and you should -- about the right now we're gonna have to go pay some bills here on. News radio 930 WB and we'll be right back. Home you mean we're an envelope. And we're back. -- -- On news -- 930 WD yes Michael could go in for Tom -- -- out sick. I'm incident. But I feel fine I'm I'm I'm I'm not able to do it. Amenable to get a bad tomorrow but the stuff catches up to you anyway. You know this has been a really a -- to get a whole. Panel calls I really appreciate people hang in on this has been really busy day with a very big day. A Donald Trump come to Western New York to test the waters run for governor. Testing here first. -- it's very interesting but to go to traffic real quick with -- -- two degrees in buffalo variable cloudiness today a few flurries this morning high -- 32 considerable cloudiness coming with some snow accumulating. Ought to an inch low 27 mostly cloudy tomorrow with some some notion is perhaps and other coding. To mention too high 33 Saturday was colder with flurries but we're halfway there. It's 421 and here and he's ready and -- entered WB and Michael Goodwin for Tom sick today. -- and -- your calling in about fracking. Polyester I gotta tell you are -- hit a nerve with me because I have a couple front war and we discussed these things in this. But it seems that the only place they get their information call is like the document are called there actually. On the biggest -- biggest lie put out since. Geez it's it's an amazing it's yellow journals. It's filled with lies that that move that movie is filled with life has been totally debunked and you know what they went out me gasoline to. I think they -- they still go by war and it's a great journalist would be -- -- If it's negated that. Had they want -- please call or where there is one call bear -- Because they -- Obama because methane leak. Into that area and you can see the war burning. The methane. It's it's an open about political player great. But this war and hopefully these people go make page again. On no question you know -- I -- and they do it all the time I've been down around their spent a lot of time down there. And I actually produced a short film for Bernie Marcus who's right who's boss. As you can -- seated job creators -- network dot com it's called border. Only five minutes three minutes I've spent a lot of time commitment met a lot of people talk to a lot of people and you know if if so I mean I sat in. In I watched our county. Legislature passed. I can't call it anything but a steaming pile of legislation saying the trackers were welcome. In in Erie county at all not the job's not money not the banking not nothing welcome in. And in Erie county. People are -- -- -- -- and lighten their water under -- Equus. Ridiculous that's a completely -- not because of fracking it's because the water has been on fire for a century. A century. We don't soak it all goes back to educating the -- you and it'll armed. Russian so lightweight mark or low information voters. I gotta do it it it seems that. You know anyone but what could or should it wage and -- programs that have to count on people not knowing. Anything about economics -- only take about. You know the actual market as and so that the economy. To make things work -- for -- change anything in the element people being completely ignored and unfortunately they'd find a lot of people that do. They do -- and -- -- is is one thing is very important to understand that our county legislate or Republicans. An independence. Party representatives voted for this ban on fracking Republicans. Who actually never spoke to anyone from the industry all they did was talked about the face -- to ground. And -- -- or Guerrero and somebody actually hold one of the county executives are accounting legislate course. Bit Beirut their water and where it's like it's complete farce and they were totally cowed and content and they voted for the span ridiculous. Ridiculous. Well there I'd say the basis of the bottom line is you know we have to educate -- and and way. Where is he can't be reputed and then but one vote talk about emotional or logic you and do so in that way where it's like okay look at. This is pure you're reacting. Emotionally it to a complex issue. And yet all it takes oil logically and give on the evidence. Takes time takes money and and in New York State there and Republicans don't have -- money. But -- thank your politics this call before we go to break Malcolm in the greatest town on earth. East war. Thanks for common -- Thank you by not Riley man right on right on the -- eleventh. Oh really are you grew up in. My question is sure you know well you'd think. Or. -- -- elected. What you think. Will be as effective at getting. The switcher. A -- -- And it's where -- like you. And your business. While that's not you know -- when you see on television is exactly is not exactly does that business that's drama written by Hollywood types but. -- -- I he has innumerable examples on his work billion dollar multi million dollar project. Where he has compromise with governments all across the globe. Is projects in. In Brazil projects in in Florida that's those are all very difficult to do he compromises all the time every day because he can't give everything he wants as a developer. So I think he'd approached the same way and the chances are if he runs on the top -- his ticket he'll carry more Republicans in the senate. And the senate won't be in in the hands of the Democrats which it's. Probably going to be if if Donald Trump. So I think I can do a great command and unfortunately we're gonna have to go to pay the bills so will be right back. Here on news radio 930 WB.

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