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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>1/16 Michael Caputo in for Tom Bauerle HR 1

1/16 Michael Caputo in for Tom Bauerle HR 1

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time now and hey that's quite a voice you've got there you ever think about doing radio serving up food for the mind what's on your mind today give us a hot spoonful of your opinion it's -- -- it's all about raising the stadium we do all the needs -- I recognize that voice anywhere and Tom Fowler -- rose one impressive my. And some -- bolt action news radio 930 as we say in the radio business if you put that on the radio people will listen -- just. It's 309 on his radio 930 WB -- -- And this is Michael good. Go in for Tom Bauerle who has the phone. Tom's got the phone. And I know I'm get to swear him. I felt a -- she's just about the time I heard that -- -- -- Race help little tickle my throat nose was third run I know what the 'cause my daughter edit my wife had it in it's my turn just like it's announced today. -- I challenge. Today to tell me if price if if this stuff does not sneak up on me by 7 o'clock because it is. I can hear the footsteps behind me. The -- after mean. We hope Tom gets -- better Mardy gives that comes on with a fever comes on with not with nausea and done so far I'm OK but I -- optical. The group knows and it's dark and a comment. I'm OK so far though -- you'll hear Tom probably tomorrow at CP gets through this this thing is there's a lot of that going around a lot of that's funk. My daughter was confident Smith went for Andy's. But hopefully the -- will be passed Tom will be here tomorrow I am right now still well enough to speak. And so. Here we are today WB yen. On the news. View on the at the top -- Robert. That Donald Trump is on his way here. Erie county Republican chairman -- angrily and our local assemblyman David DiPietro. Convince mr. trump to come in and headline the party's annual. Lincoln day dinner on January 31. Which is a big deal it's not a big deal just because he's going to be year we can meet him. It's a big deal because he was challenged by the -- Right know what's. Right and it. The right nets of the Republican Party in Albany have been trying to block him from getting into the race for governor against Andrew Cuomo I know because I have been there. I must admit I've been working with a deep DiPietro and assemblyman bill no genie out of the Rochester area. I tried to convince -- Donald Trump that he should run for governor. We've been within several times and talked of arch over over. It's not just that he's going to be in buffalo but this is significant because. The Graham who bonds. Of the GOP said if Donald Trump wants to give him he's got to get out of new York and start talking to the Republican well you know what now he has. He's talking to the largest Republican Party in the states. On arguable also. Perhaps I think the best Republican Party in the state. After all we took over the the the county legislature for the first time since I was in high school. And you know this is this significant I I'm proud to be a part of I think mr. trump should run for. But boy oh boy is the media after him. They don't want to run they want Andrew Cuomo. Waltz in our backing to the governor's mansion. There is another candidate department in the race on the Republican side is name is rob mastering of Barry very good. Quite conservative he won and he's county executive in Westchester County which is 821 -- to the Democrat can mean just like. Our. Legislature he defied the numbers. And was elected as county executive. I think twice very good guy I've met him on in fact. The chairman language introduced -- several hours at a party qualities. Very good guy I he'd make a great governor. I just think that he's my challenge to get there because he's got a million in the bank proxy not even. And Andrew Cuomo announced two things analyst for one. He's got more than 33. Million dollars in the -- ladies and gentlemen that is more money in the bank for campaign. For campaign. I believe than any other governor in the nation. Andrew Cuomo has got money coming out of his years. And if the Republicans think in unfunded can't -- can run he stunted campaign. To defeat Andrew Cuomo no matter how great the guy news. Well. They'll be taught a lesson in November. And I gotta tell you this. If we if if we run under funded stunted campaign at the top of the ticket against. Andrew Cuomo if the Republicans do that. Are we will the Republicans will lose the senate no question will lose four seats. Of the legislature are all of Albany will be completely controlled the Democrats again. And you know we've seen going wrong with the state so far will continue to go wrong. Are over in my mind if the if we don't defeat. Andrew Cuomo and we lose the senate which I think. Is likely if if we run -- -- to campus on the campaign. If I believe it's -- I just moved home. After thirty years -- I just moved on in 2010. Because it was time for the right I've been looking forward for yours. In the middle of the world and and I came home write -- these are my dad's here very important to be here. -- personally. But I'd have to look at my suitcases again. Because if Cuomo wins. In a landslide and -- all the other candidates the Republican candidates for attorney general all. Controller. All gathered -- as they -- down ballot candidates on the Republican side will be just. -- Absolutely eviscerate. So will have absolutely no input on what's going on in Albany. There will be an open fiscal conservatives if you thought. That Andrew Cuomo. Had gone liberal last year you'd have seen anything yet. And it's time for all of us to leave all of us every single one -- view is listening to my voice right now. If you don't get out a year. After nor -- the November elections. After the Republicans run a candidate who can't beat and it can't -- Andrew Cuomo it's time ago. I would recommend we all with Pennsylvania would actually have jobs the 235000. Jobs. In the natural gas industry which of course Andrew -- will not let happen here because he's been held hostage. By the kind of -- to know who's running body ground. Justin what has improved to protest group that stands outside his office with signs because they don't have jobs. That is actually the it's just the end it is the I loved me and there's no place greater on the planet -- loved buffalo lived all over the world and every place I lived. Q where -- Russia. Asia all the places that -- Central America Latin America. Everywhere I was always one. And I have a very dear friend who was my professor university of buffalo. I'll be Michael's. Anybody out there who's gone -- year at this point in time going to buffalo state where he teaches now. You know and that. Out of Michael's problem the smartest men I've met. And every year come -- to see my dad for his birthday on August 4. Every year I think and maybe if I missed four in the last two years that might be but when I was in Russia and come all the time the -- couple. But it never came home I would all -- -- and ask him to go out for lunch and he would. Take me out he always knows the right place to go when he was priced. But I would say LB is -- time for -- to go to come home. And he would say no don't come -- to -- new business users in the future. Every year for thirty years. You've got no business if there is no future here and sometimes I didn't believe him he would call in people that he knew to convince me that he's right. In every year I would go back to Everett Washington. Mean Moscow wherever. And I would say okay on Google. And I waited twelve months and asked again giving the same thing the Colombian business here know young people it any business here. Well I came home in 2009 from four others -- in nightmare -- you don't want should now be said. Asked in the usual annual question I -- LB should I come home. Is it is that right. He's absolutely. I was shocked drama for I think we're at the buffalo state. Faculty a restaurant a very nice place actually. As good as any of the Greek restaurants in buffalo. And I just looked impressive what changed your mind he said we cannot. Absolutely cannot under any circumstances be any worse off than we are right now. There's nowhere to go. But up. I came home. I thought well I'd love to be a part of Buffalo's Renaissance lovely part of rising tide lifts all boats normally in the would benefit all of our -- would that if I came home. You know I set up my business here and I don't do much work in buffalo over in my points -- the United States and other parts of the world. But I moved here and then Andrew Cuomo got elected and what LB say it could happen happen. It's gotten worse I don't care -- tells you this the new New York. He is smoke and what he wants to make legal for medical purposes absolutely smoke. Absolutely smoke. If we don't beat Andrew Cuomo in this. Our election cycle we have done pack your bags given out because it's defeating Andrew Cuomo our setup for here on the station. Not even state senator Jesus H Christ could be and then. David DiPietro came to -- he said what about trump. What about -- He and a assemblyman note -- had been floating around Albany last summer. About trump. And what about so he asked me a set of meetings and incompetent and weak and here we are. Opposite to market he says he's 5050 he says he's gonna spend thirty to fifteen million dollars -- And he's gonna start right here. In Buffalo, New York we're we have gotten the sharp end. Of Albany's stick. For decades. -- also we are we worse off in New York State your race today. I think it's going to be great on them from coming here January 31 for Republican fund -- let's talk about the governor's race let's talk about Andrew Cuomo. We are at. Lower -- real quick break here and if you -- -- beamer says now. I'm still news books so if I missed cues that speakers. That's because -- but. Alitalia. We have absolutely. No hope Republicans have no hope and I say we are known. I must admit I'm a member of the Republican committee here I've -- government member of the Republican committee everywhere. Even in Moscow. We actually had an international Republican committee. And it's just you know we we can't aren't we can't win there's just no way to win and then they -- strong. And then their strong. So people who win the DB DiPietro name to an elected on December 4 talked and we move them off you know to maybe. That became backing him to his office in January 10 but replace them. This guy's gonna go. He's -- he's gonna run. He's -- went in the if somebody tells you that Donald Trump has absolutely no chance to run this that's because they believe no human. In New York can beat Andrew Cuomo I don't believe that I don't believe I believe there is a solution. I believe we need to look for the solution cast a wide net to find a solution and I believe we might have found beaten Donald compact two opposites and I believe him. If he runs is gonna put 32 million dollars in this thing and he is going to. It. He's gonna win. -- I know the matches against him I know there. The media is against him. I know. An element and I wanna talk about that there's an incredibly. Incredibly interest in article you know I read this blog politics and white dot net. Every morning I wake up and read all the Internet every page so you don't have to 3.2 billion pages. Of the unit to find the best articles. And put up on one today that was written by Daniel had injured. In the Wall Street Journal urged go to politics and why -- and then click on the link there -- bits that says. -- year. Click on the link. Four Wall Street Journal called Christie is an immature Dan manager talks about how the media. -- liberals. Spend their time tearing people down to try and assured that no they have no dissent. As the terrorists there and in him and we decent in two. Average status in the world. Take a look at that article to talk about -- -- what Chris Christie's enduring. That is absolutely nothing compared to what what I've seen -- what you may have seen. If the Republicans have -- go up if we're ascendant anyway we're called stupid. You know we're down. In -- -- we don't we don't like women we don't like minorities. You know they pick up all these lies lies lies lies lies every one of them. In order to try him on the security of themselves back to sleep or hopefully -- some of the low information voters. But there after Donald Trump and also about the way they're being helped by Republicans. Yesterday. Yesterday saw a former senator. Alfonse D'Amato endorsed Andrew Cuomo and along with him -- a bunch of the people who got rich off -- -- and now they're attacking Donald Trump. Behind the scenes from the scenes are common after let's talk about tennis. To a 30930. Start I entered on your cellphone. Will be right back after this message. I. And we're back. -- -- here for Tom barrel on the -- -- issue earlier news radio 930 WB and it is 333333. -- year. On WB. Tom is out sick. And I'm coming down with every guy that not because we were could come around but my family had a -- accuse and a and now they've given to me in -- is -- they are my symptoms now I've got a headache but I don't just have a headache because. I'm getting upset about what they're doing Donald Trump and have a different and -- got this illness. But. Where it'll threes -- to restart ninth through your cellphone -- call the Donald Trump -- for. What do you think about Donald Trump come to buffalo. Debbie in the report thanks for calling. -- -- I I love the idea of Donald Trump running -- just Salem couple. Concerns number lines I heard among Fox News about two or three weeks ago and they ask the question are you going to run for governor. And new York and he -- in all at the -- question because I literally love what I might do meaning Earl of -- In -- in the city and you know in -- to be free and travel go worry why I'm from and do everything. Back to -- me now he's gonna have to do that see if he's done. Well as Eleanor and I am sure -- like there's no doubt in my mind. That you weren't. Like -- as an early adopters you know he's a trial like plant along a little bit and -- eleventh. Hole. And and getting their flight -- because and email Paladino. I don't care how many you know. Very. I mean in the states. Nobody is going to be all ball. And so you got somebody like Donald Trump then there and it and so to -- alliance re all set early going to -- Walls and helped me tremendously well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've spent a lot of time with him since then. Were on the phone 34 times to open them put together. And he's a series is as rob mastering for certain. He's as Ceres as rob mastery we'd have the Republican chairman in Albany city of Donald Trump wants running needs to go ahead and declared while he doesn't say that about. Rob mastery -- apparently put -- first. Trump's -- was in the water I actually I think has put his walk up to his -- I can also tell you this I've seen I've looked in his guy I've looked him in the and I've asked him viewed it is this something you would like to do. And he told me this is something that I feel like I must do if I can. And the problem we have is that the Republican Party is blocking him because they have all of their. Cowards or whatever there chipped behind rob asked Reno -- -- we have all the Republicans who were working for Cuomo of which there are many. And they're starting to come out of the woodwork because trying to get -- You know. So I think did trump is very serious -- -- he's very series and let me let me say what he meant by that I love my life I've gotten -- life. I've never seen a life like that in my life in my life I've never seen him and I've worked for billion of that work for several billionaires now and and when I was living in Russia. I hung around with a bunch of all of -- billionaires in the -- -- -- -- lived it's an amazing crazy if something I can experience with. I was like -- appears army. You are probably very much like -- Donald Trump's wife is incredible. I mean I've been to his offices houses I've seen Tyson and his wife. His wife. Are amazing to me if you've seen her on television these scenery in print pictures. That doesn't even do her justice she is as beautiful as Aphrodite. I mean and and devoted to each other just devote it. And if I were Donald -- I would say get out of my office are not running for governor but he's not tell us that he's not. And another -- another thing that would be beneficial or. Can we column trump certainly -- after tropical point. Well you call whenever you want my column mr. trump what's -- called hold it on my bosses mister -- the from. While all but we'll call him mr. child for how -- he learned to being able to. Take over the tower and in New York State can you imagine how much more it would not affect. Not just since we have all the people at new York city New York State and everything like F. I think he would be. See he would be so much in control of taking -- lower and then just. And doing away with the bad things Cuomo administration. Has done. And he could do welcome once he's good darned good or New York City and for himself he could do ten times batter if we've got. We -- of the Cuomo administration. -- -- like that. I'm just afraid these satellite you usually he's got his ankle. Up there and water paid -- already derived. And and by the way he's not -- not come to buffalo for itself. I wish I had the money a congratulatory. Rhetoric from elation of the -- We'll be thank you very much for calling it a full time now to fall out of hell down to a. He's not archetype you take it personally because I've been all the meetings he's not doing he's not doing he's strongly considering it but I think he'd be nuts to do it. Debbie thank you very much I gonna get to a caller here. Mom Sam in Lewiston thanks for whole months. Out on him. Com or call it would go like almost worry about -- out that Iran worry about it so of course they don't want -- there. The bigger -- that people get people understand it. Democrat Republican. It's a voting and it. Democrat Republican you're -- 00001. And we learn. Lot. Of people are really poor. If you're voting Democrat Republican or the comic section. You know what they say. -- we. -- -- -- -- let me tell you this stuff pops up well once I moved home to New York. From Florida before that I lived in Texas are as a member of the Republican committee and both state and both states. And the distance between the Democrat party the Republican Party in the states is distinct. And they don't endorse each -- -- don't sleep together they don't they don't make money off each other I've moved to new York and I have a very sensitive gag reflex are about are about army is awful here. Author poll by the way not in buffalo not in Erie county and really not much in Western New York. But boy when you get downstate you can't tell the difference between Republican and Democrat the only thing you know is that they both have your their hand in your pocket. Yeah you know. And stop what are we -- learn Bill Clinton. Porsche -- a lot -- part of them lately Hillary Clinton Chris -- the machine. Cool and the -- and the 22 beaten good people. But everybody. Everybody should and we all want change what you're not gonna get the change if you keep voting Democrat Republican because. They can come and utility vehicle democratic detachable from Republican that -- -- And it only got old and acknowledge people show you how remote independent no matter who created a culture with a guy is. You've got the same story on on a ticket I don't want about these guys I don't know what there's a lot of good people and I'm not I I don't consider all of at all. Call saying don't actually the people that. But they can't make it different because of that you have higher -- that you know that the. -- military -- I've got so many calls here are really appreciate handled months and there's one thing I -- As you know I told us that I've talked earlier about my blog politics and -- dot -- there's an interesting story there that I put up on the left column in the briefing column. About. -- Republican bank was now backing Cuomo senator to model and a bunch of them by the way all downstate. Republicans. Who come out -- and it said that they're gonna not only support Cuomo with a gonna raise a bunch of money form and it abandon our party but they remain registered and the majority of our problem. With the Republican Party these. Certainly south of Albany including. But we got a budget -- here and I just human thank you very much really appreciate. It. Hey Ronald in new fame thanks for calling him. I got a couple questions for. An apple Google. Made mention it. So we like Jesus Christ like -- scoreboard couldn't be. You really believe. Donnie Moore OK anymore not anymore and I hope you're right cultural. That was an area. Professional please say -- would replace. -- and I hope you're right. I'm never claimed to be a professional. And Everton and -- and and and all of his humor so he can't take it personally. But. It. You know Ronald I think that you just I think we all got to come stand -- because. -- after going through this with Carl Paladino they're gonna try to destroy him. They're gonna try everything making him to destroy -- in fact. Let me read you something that a liberal columnist at the bar will equal the -- low -- it's the journal news. Down in Westchester. This reporter columnist named Phil rice and what are -- what is that Joseph Joseph what are my what does the word I'm allowed to use to describe him. What does the word I'm allowed to use. I'd do Jewish told rice men is -- do push. And his article if you read it it's it's actually are also in the Britain column politics and white dot net. He says stop it. Address please despite his public chest thumping and inflated assertions about how rich he is and how he's got all the answers to New York problems Donald Trump will not run for governor there is no way in hell he will. Ever it's tiresome. And then he goes on and tells trump to shut up and go away and -- goes on and rips him apart and as if Donald Trump was never accomplished anything in his wife and it's just starting. Ronald it's just starting if he gets in this race. These. Pointy headed liberals. These this columnist -- man what a -- -- what what's the word again. Thank you. A -- -- rice men from a low hood. That huge. It's gonna go out there and just take swing after swing after swing at him. He's saying and they'll never get elected for and -- a number of a number of reasons one of them is because the conservative pundit will George wills called trump a blow meeting agreements. As if that's gonna stop anybody from voting for anyone George will is part of the establishment. And he put sees waste exit -- it's absolutely ridiculous and were just seen in the started. Just. -- -- But thank you very much for Carl and Ronald. We're gonna take our real quick commercial break here. Imus Michael grew import Tom Bauerle on -- my thirty WB a will be right back. That's the song that they played in my wedding. Thanks Joseph. Yeah I know that reminds me I am my wife. A Ukrainian hippies -- believe in Ukrainian can be yoga and meditation instructor. Has got me on in the each. Golden seal. And robo toss whatever. And and I'm a little bit not all that much. But we're gonna talk about trump today and that's. Poll poll. Bunch of full load. Telephone. Call here -- get right back to please hang on do not go away but we're gonna have to right now. Go to Allen with traffic. One degrees out there your -- with a forecast variable cloudiness today. If you 4 hours this morning high of 32 considerable -- news tonight with some snow -- coating to an inch. -- 27 mostly cloudy tomorrow with some snow showers perhaps. Another coating to an -- 233. Saturday. Mostly cloudy and cold with flurries. And a high of 24. This is Michael parliament for Tom our lead -- -- WB com is out. With a touch of the funk which is creeping up on -- -- moment by moment. We've had its a full banker calls here called -- about the have been news that not only is Donald Trump considering running for governor his first campaign event. It's going to be at Salvatore. Of all places. Dan on the west side thanks parliament. Dan -- there. They can't thanks for all not so long man. I. A lot. Is that really you know down its New York State. And what's going here's the radio airs Friday. -- -- -- Can't art shorts -- -- -- well. Pretty accurate will be here at the end. He caught up in -- multi bit. And all the way to. I'd appreciate it all. Oh. And certainly lagging well. It's people don't understand -- wheels series our situation. So cultural. Progress under your lower -- about quality quality and Carter political shortened arms control information on all the -- It's -- -- -- -- -- Where. And what countries are calling -- -- -- -- very bad policy and and an insider and. Hold on hold problem well what about Wisconsin. And Wisconsin they've got a they've got to a guy with some -- -- knees there a governor. And he has turned the clock. He has turned it around. You know we're all slot on only he. And and got a pretty easy to counsel and for them that battle field. -- it was like. Loading and I'm a little horse bill that console at all I mean. -- I don't normally and it actually -- them because. Because you vehicle. Market he's. You know Chris Christie does not knowing -- an album going to be. Was she so that we all column. Much Republicans a little vote. About walker walker in Wisconsin is his level that is as they get in years and slow plodding moving forward not stop him kind of guy. And -- Wisconsin is not a red state. No no I'm not -- launch not violence and all of that has a policy. -- Director -- but Democrats that a lot can market. We. And certainly Bill Clinton got. Got a picture Democrats Soledad. And they wish overall we're slightly as people get the point where -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- great. Agency. While stand by -- it may happen we don't know there thank you very much for calling him -- called -- enforcement thank you for coming on. The only event -- -- I'm there. I I think it does step daughter they want sure -- presidential. -- I think indeed this governor's seat. And he needs to crush Cuomo. -- of Governor Cuomo. Doesn't crushes opponent you'll never -- Well yeah yeah why -- why -- you -- -- against computer with just because the the tactics that they. What trump. I mean I gotta tell my advice to him was that he should do it and that's why I've been flying back and fourth place and talk to him on the phone and but you know I got I was convinced by David -- -- of the assemblyman from the south pounded by the way Dave's gonna be on the here in the studio with five. To make his case for wipe -- -- from should -- part of his case news. Exactly what you're saying he'll and that is that he can't no one has ever won the presidency without having a political leadership position. Or military leadership position. And right when he said that -- don't trumps that and in written reply he said yeah I know kind of like that. He wants to defy the odds. But since then David has had some personal time withdrawal and he should on the numbers and and trump I think one of the reasons why he's interested. In in running for governor of New York is that it provides him with a path to to whatever aspirations he might have been the first thing. It is on his mind and the most important thing that is on his mind is the city's state I mean -- born here raised here made a lot of money here and he's watching a great -- to. -- I think they're vastly underestimating the voter and how powerful that people feel about that Second Amendment issue yeah it's the second -- today. The first the third deport people want want want tomorrow. I need optical mom say that he's going to support my right first off. Right well I'll tell you first of all is said. He said that in the meeting with the Republican leaders but he is pro second -- in fact he said that his opinion has evolved. Because both of his sons are marksman and and and in him and and gun enthusiasts the collectors. So army in fact trump. Fifteen years ago was a little bit less that's probably a lot west pro Second Amendment he is today. But today he told us that he's that oppose this -- that you think has to go. Well it bears in the opener I believe that you know he'd abandoned our military you beat by any mean our our bright. I don't know how he amassed twenty to thirty million dollars to -- like the next eight. And I'd also like to -- that the two with the bases. He can actually back. Looking to put money together and you -- keep it there then why couldn't. Can't do it as well I don't. It -- that the money matters to you know what -- they announced today that we're gonna have to go to break here but let me tell you. -- they announced today that it Robert has three rob mastering or the anointed governor gubernatorial candidate the Republican Party. Has raised almost a million dollars I gotta tell you something. I found that much money in Donald Trump's couch. Will be right back after these messages.

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