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1-16 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well thank you very much an example of why good education -- necessary but occasionally lacking in our society. A the guy is a terrible reminder is a terrible thing that always. Able refused to clocks for Christmas let's get on the second clocks knowing yes yeah -- when I was doing early mornings. Which is most of my career and I would be covered 2:30 in the morning you know I -- I set alarm clock on my nightstand certainly. But I always had a second clock away from the bed where in order to shut up by the get out of -- So that's that's very very helpful anyway it is our Beijing governor -- sandy beach or talking about this nose and it really is sad news about the closing of ten. Dialysis and schools middle schools. And certainly can understand the economics of -- if the enrollment is down it costs money to heat -- buildings individually. -- -- album. Two -- you have electricity and number whatever and it's an economy of scale. And because of the lower enrollment they have the close ten and I totally understand. One is difficult though is explaining that to the 111154. Kids. Who currently enrolled that are gonna have to be somewhere else. Now they may be and other Catholic schools than maybe another private schools and some of them may be. In in public schools but were asking private school is it worth it now I've I've yet to hear from anybody who says private school isn't worth. I think the real obstacle to go to private school is financial. Because you're already paying the taxes for a public school but that seed is going unused and meanwhile you're gonna pay more. To work to send your kid to. To a private school but people do it and can do it says I think it's worth it. On your stories about sending your kids or maybe you were there and also vouchers the V word the teachers' unions do not want to hear the V word. They don't wanna be evaluated let alone in competition from the dozens of them at all. Now when I'm here to look through -- stop on public education. Many public school systems are flying their great very very yeah very good but some of the market. And it's nice to have a choice. All right a couple or oppose things if we would Chris this is from -- she says I was educated in the Catholic school my kids go to public schools. I think there are pluses and minuses to both in the end though I think school is what you make of it and your values come from the home. While that's true -- -- you count on your own values first your church can reinforce them the school. Can reinforce some of them if it's published tool but not the religious ones. And the a private religious schools can do that I mean you can get religious instruction outside of upon outside of the year Catholic school. They have an affiliated with the church and things like that. But the bottom line is I like the flexibility. The more flexibility they have in private school than public school -- like that. I think of when people complain. The New York State doesn't give it doesn't allow enough leeway as far as punishment a school memo would have doctor Williams in here. And he would explain how difficult it is to exact though appropriate punishment for people who were troublemakers. And to get him out of us out of this classroom -- them not disruptive. I mean there's so many laws we have more laws protecting the people would do the wrong thing. Then we do protecting the people who try to do the right thing and that's bad. But you get in a public school setting and you have a lot more flexibility one more place. This is from -- she says 95% of Catholics Coke has gone -- college I'm not saying that college is for everybody but it does show the dedication to excellence and involvement of the parents and teachers of those private schools that is exactly right on target who wouldn't or couldn't do better myself let's go to Wendy. Wendy you're on WB and give me your thoughts please. Andy I'm originally from fort area I -- in the -- -- -- area now. I had both my children to Catholic school which in in Ontario at least are referred to as separate school. My granddaughter. Goes to a private school here at Carolina area fabulous school. On at any rate in Ontario. Catholic schools are funded all the way through high school probably through two I don't know picked up a grade thirteen they did. Here's the -- but they're funded by the government because. The population has the choice of whether their taxes are allotted to the public school board for the Catholic school board. See that's great I wish we had that here about. Knowing the political climate him in a New York State that'll never happen but it's a good idea. Well that's what that's what they do their. I don't know I can think somebody. Some somewhere down the line someone should bring this up I don't know what the logistics would be even if it's only in Erie county but I think it's very durable. Well here's you know a constitution know what time of the separation of church and state. The constitution says that we can't have a government sanctioned religion but when I'm thinking. The government doesn't make up money to give to the parent it's the parents money to start where it. So if if they waved. You know having to -- -- an end to any one group. Then indeed there are not there are not recommending a religion you could be a joy should to be Muslim you could be Protestant you could be -- thing. But it's your choice so I think that that easily defensible and I don't know why it's robbing -- -- -- thank you. Thanks so that yup well like I did not know that that was a structure and in Canada. But see I like that I really do so that there's a difference. Say you move into the community. And there's a difference. And the government says I'll tell you -- we will give you money to go to a Catholic school okay. Well then you know you're gonna have lawyers coming out of the woodwork. Saying and that wedeman the government can have a sanctioned religion a religion that they endorse. And by giving money and tuition to the Catholic school they're endorsing that religion okay. That argument can be -- probably one. However the argument of you don't have to give us the money in the first place to arm of the government talking now you don't have to give us the money in the first place. You can use your money you have to document that is being used for education. You can use it in any educational environments whether it's private whether it's public weather is Protestant whether it's Muslim whether it's Jewish who'd -- who knows. And they are the government hasn't made the decision the only decision the government made is to let you make your mind up. So that's that whole different ball game but the reason you don't hear it discussed all the time and the reason it hasn't gone anywhere most of the time are the only. The unions do not want to compete. Plain and simply you know why they don't wanna compete as they can. The simple as that. If I would like to see two trees side by side and put ten dollars on the top of each tree. And then show me as the as the money falls down -- tree how many actually fall into the classroom the actual teaching environment. And how many get away -- away elated by. Pension funds and benefits and this and fake boobs in certain districts. And all of that sort of thing. I guarantee you. The people that are teaching in Catholic schools do not look forward to fake boobs as part of their benefit package. We'll take a break will be back -- more with -- -- company. I assume that this school would stay open because it has been around for so long. I actually wanted grammar schools are my top. -- -- -- bit of a surprise. And we're talking about the S goes I mean everybody -- coming down nobody knew exactly how many schools involved. Enrollment by the numbers that's what they say in this of news report by Denise jewel Gigi and OJ telecasts. Basically are you looking at to attend schools are Catholic schools in the buffalo diocese that have to a close and you can understand that. The economy of scale. It's not very efficient to be spending money for a few students when you have to pay the same for heat and light. And snow plowing and the insurance and all kinds of things that go into an individual building. It's. I don't know how far apart these buildings are I would be nice if they could have been some consolidation likely that with the churches. Remember. When they started closing some of the churches for various reasons. The people who worship that those churches many of them got together and and did that they aired their best to keep those churches open. And there's a visit -- there it's an important -- and I think where you worship is certainly. Provides you with a very strong emotional -- and I think where you go to school. Gives -- -- strong emotional side. Because people want their before you maybe your parents went from the same school you're going to now organize them a close. And you hate to see it in and the building is still there. And every time you go buy it like for instance what I have no ties at all with the saint -- but saint hoses right Tony is in remembrance no. You can see saint -- from our parking lot yes and even though I I have nothing to -- saint Leo as I've never been in there I don't know anybody simply just felt once it -- on the list. I think that's the way it is and every time walked by the building. You'll feel badly about it's too bad day in an ideal world we would have more employment. And more more money people afford -- different options that they don't have now keep in mind they're talking. About the the privately financed by season fund. To help some kids I don't know exactly where it is but to help some kids. Who are in underperforming. City schools go to private schools. And that would be beneficial so there's a lot of what is a wilders away. And I think we all recognize it's an important issue. There's nothing more important for your children than a good education. Obviously good health. -- -- -- but a good education. In -- -- it's absolutely yeah you can't get by without it. Let's go to Mary -- and Amherst -- -- on WB yen. Well I think and I don't yeah I couldn't be better hello Mary -- what do you got. Talk about saint -- cycle they're almost everyday from morning man and as such it's -- It's a wonderful schools the idea. See -- picture is wonderful it's going to be dead he's dead they'll that they don't go to nothing. Yeah I really will be good because everybody has their own set of memories even if it's just driving by it. But I thought maybe it would've been one of the schools as if they would have consolidated. It was music campus because. It's such easy access to get a big Turkey cut everything you know but apparently it was -- so but. I cabinet and yet. I I have three children and I get them out. In public school I lived in north possible and a bit of time they started busting. And I thought I'm not sending my kid involved in this area because of the school and that I innocent of all the way to the other side account. So I put -- in -- -- school and once Jack is seventh grade once started it's escalated yet instead of first grade. And I was very well police and that night they went on to privatize schools and private colleges. And my husband work two jobs I would that we can't fight who made that commitment I always felt. They're education is their future without that they don't have a future. While that's true way -- without a future. The the whole country can grow properly because you need productive citizens doing productive jobs churning the the tax rates so that you can provide things for people who can't provide for themselves if all goes into success and success is is bred in in -- in in education. And we talked and so we -- price for them to go to pick these two questions for the private schools colleges also. And then they all worked it worked like ten years old in big settings. Two doing newspaper wrote this stuff like that so now they're all successful. Something big and their children now to go to camp with schools. And they they just -- -- a lot of times say they've complained about it because the twitching keeps split up and I keep reminding them. Your take your education issue if you just look what happened to you guys and I like the idea is indeed a uniform. Because the executive board discipline to -- everybody dressed the same that same look which he's got and and who got something exposing themselves I've seen some of these kids. Come out and local public appearance let's go to school to. Until you see the parents and they're dressed like -- to -- With the uniform under all the same. Everybody's got an equal footing just walk in the park by -- -- uniform man. Well I don't like the idea of a uniform because a it cuts down aid -- makes them focus more on the important things like the lessons learned not what you're wearing today. And white or color your new shoes are. Albert like to think it's a big commitment and you -- it's apparently you have to be willing to make that commitment and they don't have to be this -- -- on the black because my kids aren't. But they but by teaching them to work hard. That means it could accomplish anything that is that the bill is about. And a match that you can't suppose isn't quite a public school but I think it was the religious aspect -- they get a little bit more deeper into it. -- do and success breeds success and if you think you're on a classroom where you are competing with the other students and you're all trying to do your best. That's a whole different ball game than being in a disruptive classroom where people are just goofing around and have a market there half the time. I never want to Catholic school I didn't even I only -- a high school education but I was taught to work hard. But this is what you have to do better for your children it's a lot of parents today don't they don't -- make a commitment it's all about them you get if you bring children into the world. You'll get to make that sacrifice for them. Provide form absolutely good points thank you -- -- appreciate that yeah how we hadn't gotten Andrea. Subject of arms but I don't like that I always have a simply because in today's society. In today's. Now what are you wearing what's what electronic device do you have. A do you have -- -- as this we have the latest that if you could strip away batting get through something basic. Where there's no competition as to who's wearing the coolest looking outfit that day. I think that's -- that's beneficial to -- do it 803 so I've always been in favor of a school uniforms. 80393018061696. And are 930. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start ninth birdie there are told free minus 1806169236. Panel Rebecca regionally -- said -- these things change and you don't even realize what they were like until you start thinking back. And you wonder when they did things a certain way then if they still do them that way now. I spent first I was born and Fitch were Massachusetts okay. In third grade we move to move remembered masked by the first. The the first two years of schooling first right in second grade. I went to a public school in Pittsburgh Massachusetts died across the street. From Mojave Nolan schooler -- school was a saint Anthony's church Roman Catholic Church. And I remember. It was either on a Monday or Friday. At about. A 3 o'clock. The teacher would say everyone's going to saint Anthony's please rise. And -- the people that we're doing that are going to catechism religious education would stand up and there'd be somebody to guide them across the street. To a church. So. I don't know if they'll be allowed now and I always thought 'cause then I wasn't you know why I didn't join -- -- -- later. And so why I -- always thought how cool would be to get out of school an hour earlier even laws first and second right. But I don't think they do that now because that really is that seems like it's a whole different ball game now. Every Wednesday I would have to and the school. I'll early school leading one early to go to holy spirit for religious act OK so they did it was in the 71 -- area I was. I was doing it earlier -- matters 1743. I was was that was -- it was a great year from Denver scholastic -- -- but yeah I -- about two thirds of the class would stand up. And go to saint Anthony's and the other third including me would stand back and stay back until the end of the school session and continue our lessons. I bet they don't do that anymore I would be very surprised if they do that anymore. Going from a public secular school. 200 to -- church for religious instruction when it's stopped now even though that's the government doesn't. Doesn't endorse of the Catholic Church they just allowed you. To be absent for that -- four for a purpose so I don't have -- over him I would doubt very much -- -- -- Because I'm sure somebody would -- -- would file suit saying their kid was left behind and it's not fair because they don't feel like they're part of a group but they -- -- -- Catholic I get her entry if that's that's some water wouldn't that absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But there are you know how Sears has good veteran best. The these are public school system can be outstanding or can be mediocre -- can suck it. And it depends on none depends on where you are let's go to -- into -- the pager on WB down. Hope. I raised seven children. I was educated in this situation. And I went to public school. And the -- and on a few responsible. My husband had -- shall. Parochial school so he's seen since the children went to local school. -- that all of them did and three of them. But scholarships to college so I'm all on the Catholic education. So you made a big investment sending seven children of that required to -- required working hard. And it if I I I don't think we have. -- -- in the beginning yeah. I -- you said you -- seven children republic are through private school right. Yes but I don't think it cost that it is that this proposed -- all I know that the other thing in Anbar. If you wanted to become a teacher. You could not get married and I want to get married and the baby girl. If I hear a little New England accent there which I have and I have the cover up but I hear the word teacher. Yes yes I am. That's where I was born and got my grandmother wasn't born there but that's where she lived -- so yeah so what where who we have some commonality there is are you strongly recommend a private school and worked out good for your seven children all. -- -- thank you thank you very much. Yeah I heard -- say did you. And archipelago was my sister. But you know what's funny is my sister and I grew up in the same house with the same mother in the same father a month in the same my school. Inch of course I did go to radio school of trying to remind -- an accident and every once the markets and but she has the worst Shelly she's just -- side of Freddy's moralists as far as having a New England accent I couldn't understand him. Freddy is a stylus yeah yeah I you know I didn't I didn't show was Burleson on now on -- true. And I could understand them because I'm from New England. But that's what they said I want apartment Condit Melamed yacht and I put -- -- my sister told me I don't know -- in stitches. She had a goal. Two to get some building material like paneling or something. And they they didn't have a truck -- had a goal on the roof of the other vehicle. And she's telling me the story about getting it from the home building supply tour house. And I said how did you she -- I put on top of the cop. I said well how did you use a pass and she's that well we put a tap on the top of the -- I said did you put up you mean you put a TARP on the top of the car she's -- I put it up and adopt the Mets at a -- -- that. At what I would show its Marlins thought a lot for us we don't break. And I could understand everything he says I'm probably one of the few that he allows -- -- -- his back every three months so let's bring in the -- worker. And we get our take a break we'll be back with more -- -- -- -- you'll wanna hear from you. Private. Whether it's Catholic or not private schools. Are they -- that your stories about sending your -- the last -- seven kids but she said it didn't cost anything then. So law that was an earlier time because of Gaza open now. I had vouchers what do you think about -- the big. The big part of its -- me bringing them detain sentence not only because we went there. Is because they didn't have that before and after school program which is very critical for -- that the week my husband and I work. Forgot a couple of numbers before we go back through the the post things on our FaceBook page. The closings or ten of them affect 11154. Students this is from the Buffalo News article. 11154. Students and a 195. Teachers and staff. Now I would you know I'm -- I'm concerned about all of them certainly. But some of the students will be relocated dobbs sure and other Catholic schools maybe some and other private schools and -- publish -- What I'm concerned about though is 195. Teachers and staff that may not be as easy to relocate. And we hate to see we we get to see that happen and -- I don't know if if the existing system can assimilate a 195 teachers and staff. The schools have an average enrollment of just a 115. Students that's. It's only slightly higher than the average enrollments of schools close in the past ten years so I think the diocese was caught between a a rock and a hard place. And had to make these changes I don't really blame -- I blame the economy. More than I would blame the diocese because in order to enroll your child in the Catholic school you have to want you have to put up the money. That's the only way you can do it. There has sensibly and effective as you're already paying money for education for your child in the public system and and then not using that because they go to private schools though. You -- you know you gotta hand it to them for holding -- as long as they could but let's hope that. They can that can operate in a more economical alone a model and still have the quality education available. All right so let's say Chris got time for a couple more before -- go back to the callers please. This is for Marcia she says I graduated from our lady of sacred heart in 1973 am very sad to hear that it's on the list. And so many great childhood memories from that school and it's like we've seen a lot of those schools closing in the last of three or four years and is really really sad. These are middle schools always seem high schools and and and whatever -- it's it's. It's sad but sometimes you have to downsize to look to get to the right size one more viewers this is from -- she says I think kids are better off in private schools we polled our older child out of a Catholic school and seven to public school in the seventh grade was one of the biggest mistakes we made as parents well I think you know if you are a lot of people say that there are things that you can't get. In a public school that you can get a private school. Especially Catholics or you can get religion. They can't teach them public school. But you get -- there. And I think wind that comes perhaps a little bit more respect for the classroom. Maybe you respect for the parents -- if the kids were old enough to know what kind of a sacrifice the parents are making to invest in their education. That has code to Richard in buffalo Richard you're on WB and. I have been used in the ID I graduated from Catholic elementary -- -- for questions instead. And so I have nothing but gratitude that I went to high school it's a very high school in Brooklyn. Taking an active fund 69 street very good one of the first things I kindergarten and first grade I was in the story but my parents want me to go to Catholic school. And did so they went to confession and to preach stole my father said that they -- by the -- -- -- in the PRC so that doesn't that. We hit thirty -- -- record and my elementary school we learned the basics. And then we went to when I went to high school brother Norman. Algebra homework virtually every. It would they would discipline if he were in the high school teaching nowadays. You wouldn't have the discipline problems that you have an. Inch deep. And -- and he yelled that's. You know 11 thing that Catholic education -- given the command it. And I think it's split Koppel said the ten commandments and not that intense suggestions maybe you people learn the commands we wouldn't have so much crime we have -- I and other goods thumbs up for -- education thank you Richard appreciate it we haven't had one single collar. Even suggest that they weren't happy with -- Catholic education I want so that that that says a lot end of the only hurdles seems to be. Financial. If if if the money were there. These last that a lot of power before they brokered in my haven't. If the money -- -- I think many more people would choose to do and that's why I think vouchers would be a good way to go out there show me an example. Where competition. Doesn't make things better there are not many examples like that let's go to John any storage on -- on WB yen. They say the hour I'm okay now what's on your mind Arctic ever schools all my life great school and I cool conditions college. You're right about joked -- -- AG Joey Graham. Was -- -- You hear me I graduated with these. And out it was probably even that. And you know I never saw a jolly fat I've seen pictures of George Pratt and you know or credit to him he velocity never gained it back which is great so -- it was a year behind your -- I'm gonna. -- they are allies and -- photos are great years and not as a soldier. You're under your. I would do it all over got a got a great education. And thought what am I'm a retired position when I got -- that's cool let's go look at it doesn't culture Shaq and -- all -- long but I don't doubt they're pretty fair. And what political situation but it thing is that. Well anybody that could have survived school would have been a joy Runnels. Has my and should but I think they literally had a great night one now. It VW was resurrected. Not joy -- joy I've said I said before many many times. The single most talented person I've ever heard on the radio and out. Yeah -- he started his roots here -- Danny never a lot of book. Tommy Shannon a lot of local law local people who really put buffalo on the map as far as radio as concerns a good thank you John thank you very much. Imagine. Matt joins Coolidge or girls now I can't imagine a millionaire's. Yeah I went for the first time I met Joey. My wife and I just got married and I was working at WD RC and Hartford. And a friend of mine knew -- Who was a jock on the staff and one day -- -- -- with me because I was a big huge fan of George. And start to enjoy them by may come to buffalo and so come we've just gotten married we decide will make a motor show about the buffalo from Hartford. I remember how star struck -- was remembered getting off the Kensington. And getting on main street and actually thinking of online in a dime okay. While I bet this is the street the Jolie takes to go to KB every. That's how starstruck. OK and then I got to meet him and he couldn't have been nicer he was just great. Fabulous nice satin and Washington to show I think he'd. He let me do a couple of things wisdom which was great and it was so a fun time and we went out to dinner my wife myself and him that night. On here's how it works when your -- rattles. He says you guys congress. So why don't go to dinner. He said I know a good restaurants -- usually close vote was that he picked up the phone call mrs. -- this is -- got some friends here from Hartford Kenya Kenya keep somebody honest effort just an hour two more. This ensures that will be -- Michelle so we get down and you know once the cloister. Was one of best restaurants and bubble and they kept it open for Jolie to bring us to guess from Hartford which -- me in my life so are you talk about being a breast. And the next day Leo and after the falls and check that out but I don't forget I'm Italian I'm heavily into revenge and memory. So the job he's always been my panel and it was a magic time and and I'm glad he told us that he was rowly -- I've seen pictures of him he was fat with a 240 -- getting -- on his years. We -- of those for those kind of pictures. But yeah so today's. -- taught us a few things it's taught us that people who have had Catholic education and loved it. Okay nobody not one caller even suggested that it that they didn't. While we all understand the economies of of keeping something going the economy of scale and unfortunately ten schools have a close. But if it's great that people have such great. Fond memories of the of the of the education they receive. And I'm thinking that if anybody if everybody had the wherewithal to be able to afford it I think there will be no question the enrollment would be super at the Catholic system. And wraps it up and will seal it tomorrow at 9 AM on newsreader and I'm thirty we are WB. We'll -- much they never had to leave it peace.

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