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1-16 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- big part of the army bringing them the -- events and not only because we went there. It is because they didn't have that before and after school programs which is very critical for us that the week my husband and. I work very difficult at times Saint Francis say ago. Partly -- pay fourteen holy helpers blessed virgin Mary Vincent and Vincent DePaul. Our -- of the sacred heart. Saint Mary of the lake Saint Bernard and Saint Joseph school will be closed. I'm a very difficult especially for parents and children who are part of that school community. For asking -- private school whether it's Catholic or non Catholic. Is it worth it is it worth the extra money because you still have to pay your public school taxes. And you have to come up with a money for private school as well. A your stories about to sending your kids and what a vouchers. It's him vouchers have always been a realistic. A way to to provide competition. For the public schools let the public schools earn the money but the public schools get better built through competition. A lot of public schools -- read a lot of districts are -- nothing wrong with -- I'm just saying the competition makes everything better. And that the government would not be supporting any religion. -- by giving the parent the -- the parent makes a decision where the votes -- Jews of the parent makes a decision whether it's religion or not. And not the government so today. I'd like to see but of course is a lot. A lot of vote forces against that. Let's go through a mark in the East Aurora mark here on WB yen. I SNB. I just wanted to say that it's it's it would be a trend for years that separate schools systems quote in their sports. I want to say about a banter isn't what senate and in the seventies and -- well closed in the part of what cynical to say wait a second hand outs -- consult our law. Are safe product -- that it would not want sync step that. Such as it is supposed to go -- and and that it's said the say it seems like it's gonna. Where -- it covers -- someday. I'll. It is sad because the Catholic schools can't compete. On a level playing field because the people who want their kids to -- -- are also paying for public education so as jobs get scares her as paychecks get tighter. -- it kind of puts a financial squeeze on the ability of apparent to send their kid to a private school. -- you're right Ellis what -- what to say about a badgers -- what the -- -- my freshman year. Then my debts and something was like the sport to actually on the west -- as well that's okay. That's Robert fresh pretty much -- but for me a look at culture shock on that polyps well. And our lightweight search lowly -- and I think you're not because the disciplinary. Actions -- -- I can't -- bishop Simon grip there Christmas. So when you say I was culture shock where it was -- not the same feeling is as though the -- as the Catholic school when he went public. Aren't inspired by fire the big big difference when -- got discipline and personal etiquette and the and the public school system -- -- There is not that -- -- Yeah it's it's different got you know they're they're talking about them. This buys and fund were or private fund might help. Some students in the bubble buffalo public schools are in underperforming schools. I'll go to -- other schools whatever it's it's that it's out of kilter now because of finances it's too bad. Because I think people go to private school often have a very good experience not saying there aren't good public schools -- certainly are. But it's a different mindset -- are committed parents or across the board. Four private schools and and and people get comfortable. Was that of more family like atmosphere would you say in -- Catholic education in your public education. Absolutely it was absolutely it was -- up. Dissident and its sound hypocritical you're right I have four children at our college now -- and they all went to the public school children watch Monica. You know that that was great that was their depth which stopped their original -- the Japanese rules but it religious social unaffordable -- because. I -- children were close -- -- that over that was that was not affordable but we were sorry that we did not -- on the except. All right so are you are your proponent of that and we hear your voice loud and clear thank you mark. Although I'd say this in a Catholic schools have a reputation but every once in awhile something shows up like -- never once that time. So I mean time and has tried to race all of his records. And and -- and expunge any information about him. They're denying that he ever went that Simon but he did and I'm I think Joey Reynolds when the time in two I could be wrong on that. I'll but I don't ever won there in Joey to engage in a match it never went to tied him -- may be finished up. It unofficially. Probably snuck out. Yeah it's it's people -- go to private school oftentimes have a real allegiance to what they like -- they're comfortable with a and when you're I think one you're comfortable with -- almost anything when you moved out of that comfortable environment something other. It's it's takes a bit of a death actions shall we say and I assume that the whole atmosphere is different private schools and public UN to -- right yet. Little bit different than Saint Bernard yes can you Burton does the great. And he can't zero western art I think -- did those early -- switch -- display like the muscles. -- forget about it -- so if you assembly if a bag of money fell on this guy Tony C. Oh. Would you send your kids through through private school. Maybe at the high school level. I don't know -- -- now I'm extremely pleased where you have schools left right if -- so far the two -- he's had. Are fabulous and they're doing a tremendous job he's learning he's getting great grades so I don't -- upset that apple cart you're. Ago what the advantage I think -- -- -- -- I think public education will be fine absolutely fun as a as a problem at all however. Politics always gets into. Funding issues in this and that the other thing -- you know we've done enough shows about those school budget issues where the kids are sent home -- notes tell your mom and dad to vote yes on the budget or you won't have Jim Underwood -- that okay. You don't get that same feeling it's the same thing in Catholic school or any private school but -- pay for I mean you have to pay extra for. So I don't think I don't think it's an equal playing field but certainly the people who go speak what I know. It's not an equal playing field when it comes to sports especially concerning. High schools is a huge rivalry between the public's and the out Catholics the public's accused in the Catholics of recruiting and things like that. In you know there's a lot of and distrust between the two. So what kind of you know caught in the middle of it in and you know -- in the world of -- high school sports those kind of crazy. Well what I do like is the people are teaching in a -- Catholic school there was assume that. They can make and concentrate on education. The political mindset doesn't really entrance there I mean I'm sure their church politics too but not nearly to the degree there would be. Four budgets and funding and things like that they they have more of focus on just the issue of of educating your child and I like that I like that and there are specialty schools. A depending on what your interest in and they have a great track record now as I said there's also the third. That the third leg of this is that some people send their kids to private schools so that they can have bragging rights. Well yeah he went to the air and did not much good -- when I tell you how much it cost -- all right is all about bragging you know. I will take a break we'll be back to a -- with beach and company that is a big governor Tony Caligiuri is weird. It's every -- here's -- figured out. Tony you got so excited because you found out that in China. There's a new theme park and one of the rides they're going to have there is but Titanic yes that's correct what does -- do. They're good they're gonna duplicate size wise and all the the Titanic. And now when you go on you're gonna experience -- it was the feel like tip the iceberg. Where the ship will sheik -- and vibrate and then he'll get the sensational -- look of the ship taking on water through sound effects. While an ally if you go there Tony I suggest you bring address. I. Know I've got. -- got it -- and I'm ugly but I'm Obama and. I won't be out with Kate Winslet has is not enough room on the door -- you're going to work and look for Leonardo DiCaprio and friends Abrams he's episode -- Miles if that works. Are right now let's see we've got two guys named Dan will take this -- and in Le Roy first Daniel on WB yen. I went I'm fine now what do you think about this whole -- virtual thing. Well I'd broken hearted about it I want -- school I was young. And it's either that what -- what -- talk about options. And. Because. Go ahead. And -- -- them. Well bands is disappeared. What is -- is a cell -- is kind of went disintegrated. Our day so he said a -- underwent aren't robots are so obviously his interest in vouchers but it's phoned this one away. That's it's it's a strange every once in awhile to sort of thing happens let's go to live in Youngstown when -- on WB yen. I'd and he -- it here again my pleasure land give me your thoughts on private schools Catholic schools etc. etc. etc. My confidence killer few years older than me. And that's what their three children here and their children their -- now that they're there late twenties. And they sent and the Catholic school later finest ones here in that your county and I think it was -- that -- -- 101000 a year well Angela Moore. And bring kids so that certainly adds up. And when they can't adult enough to understand. What they're -- basically it was. We are investing in this education's. -- here though because we believe it at best. And we want you to have this religious foundation are -- And when it comes time for college we believe you allowed Bellotti go to college but then you'll be and your -- Financially because we are ready and that stated. And what we believe -- -- fresh round Asian. And then I. They were cracked -- street kids did go to college in. Are successful they would careers then you know they can't have removed for a couple of of their move the area. But I thought they would agree in fact that they invested in their Allah matte screen. Junior and high school year as opposed to hundreds of thousands in college. -- -- great you know that is the ultimate vote of confidence when you're willing to put the money up. Because you believe in what are your kids are going to gain in that school system. That says it all I mean that is that's praise it you can't you can't buy especially since you don't get out of paying the money to the public's we'll just got to pay that's also. At that that's quite quite attribute that I think that's why a lot of people are sad to see that the enrollment is down. But that's why if we could get a voucher system going. I think everybody would benefit the Catholic schools and other private schools the public schools. Competition makes it all better thank you thank you very much I really I really believe that. Instead of of the money just falling in your lap and running to Albany and demanding your billion dollars a year -- on your school system like. A buffalo and then having a miserable results with few exceptions I mean there's some bright spots but. Generally not. It's it's a whole different ball game than we've got to do an excellent job because people are going to make a sacrifice. For us we've got to make sure that we -- have for them and I think what you'll find always the people at -- each of these. The Catholic schools I don't have nearly the money. Or benefits of other teachers of their committed to a -- single parents committed to it. Because. They think it's right for their children their children have a better a better life because of it. You got teachers committed to a because -- they were teaching in another system they might be making more money and having more benefits. He and so everybody is committed to it so then suddenly the kids are two of the final. Piece of the puzzle. The one thing that IE I really like within the the private school structure is that. If more parents who are dedicated to the chilled out education you're you know where he's you can go to a public school I got a girl is Richard and have some that that -- Bad and you know it's -- it's the argument that you shouldn't have to make. But it's a legitimate argument is is like the argument of do -- why don't wanna do. A -- why because I'm your father or army or mother and I'm telling you do it that's the argument you don't wanna make you you hope you can commence a resort. And edits via the same thing with the education. They're going to they're going to see. The sacrifice you're making and if they slack off. Then you make the argument of hey. We're making -- huge investment in your education we expect you to make an equal investment in your attention and your time. So you've got an argument to make you hope you don't have to budget -- and you do because it's stroke as opposed to the some schools as a what do we don't want this isn't Kenyatta day for the buffalo schools as the but one of the biggest things of problems they have in the Bible school system is that gets kids seem to show up. So I mean you look at the difference it couldn't be more stark it's totally different. Let's go to Dan and not a wandered down here on WBN. Yes alienated or on the -- would you have for us. I bought several -- -- sister might yet all of us to -- its grip since it's I don't want that except my sister because useful. Any pay it forward the work in General Motors no help from the governor Deval mobile air don't know. There and I it was shortly what that secret either go to look public. Virtue ethics school actual public but for my Brothers particularly compared order is who -- record I don't want to. But you know I think about sure I have three kids I would I would take -- -- and take my kids. And put it at the school -- -- a better education. But I don't get the money to do it and father -- it's -- it's always a waiter brings kids. I felt like it still expects summary its exit. It doesn't make any sense for me and -- Andy Catholic schools have a little bit of an advantages. Into. It into their curriculum and whatever because there it's not a public school system so idea I think that if given vouchers. I think lots of people would choose a private school many would choose a Catholic school especially in this area. And that's why is feared by the public school system thank you thank you very much so -- his dad. Also work very hard to Abu Kamal went that extra tuition because if you think about it especially. If you live in an area that has a decent school system but you really believe in the private system. Then you got a choice of all right I can pay a fair amount of dollars to send them to. The private system or the money is already being sent to the public schools. And it's not like there -- miserable failure but -- I prefer the other one. It takes a real commitment to do it a good choices are still bit ago but easier if the choice is the cut and dried the public's this system sucks. The private system is what I want that's easier to chose. But most of the time the public system is fine will be back -- more would -- -- and company. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- during their toll free line 180616. 9236. Well 11150. More students are going to be indifference -- possessions next year because. Ten Catholic schools are closing. And we like your opinion in general on non private schools Catholic or non. And do you think they're worth it. I think most people say that they are but keep in mind it's a double whammy because not only paying four enrollment in a private school which are also. Because everybody has that we -- paying school taxes for public education so you have to be committed to. In order to pay. Double like that. That's why I would like C vouchers the US government of course is not allowed to promote an official government religion. So the of people who talk about that all the time. The way to get around that and -- not -- he's having sneaky it's just it's legitimate and their way around it. Is vouchers. You give the voucher to the parent the parent makes the decision where'd you -- it could be at a Jewish school could be at a Catholic school could be a Muslim school. And it's strictly up to them could be at a public school. But education makes everyone better and the capitals have more flexibility I mean they can teach religion. While the other ones I just mentioned could teach religion all the public schools really can't so it depends on what you value what you think is part of the educational package. Dan got his phone back remember we got to laws then in mid phone conversation I've what else is on your mind. You know Michael and their so called the attack dogs and he -- that battery ventures and because it's it's it's tragedy at which level -- legislature and got to bring up from the state. In the state legislature because it's illegal looked like on Supreme Court and the Supreme Court said that it's. Everything you don't eat at the year. Yeah I New York, New York could be very difficult. Simply because of teachers union are enormously powerful in this state but I'd like to see it. Absolutely and that's another thing that that I -- an independent group that are in there I kept its -- to equal when it comes to reading writing with a ticket outlet -- And diet note that the ultimate bet my my ER situation there -- being kept its cool. Look at the nurse training that but they -- as opposed to law a propaganda that side and and Colgate the public schools so. Let's show you would get out you'll because they have more flexibility more leeway of course the old joke is the nuns with the rollers and think they always denied that of course but the advantage. Is that they do have more flexibility and if if you want religion as part of an educational process that's a good place for -- ago. Beard you're absolutely right there about Iran until parochial school with -- grade schooler but I never shy of the -- -- the -- It. Means you're good you're good boy -- that's what -- -- Angered by. No I never went to never went to Catholic school. But of people that have. -- like Catholic school and it does give it a different dimension. That is not available in public school now we're not saying the public schools are because they don't most of -- good but some of them aren't. And that's -- ago restored and the politics that are played in funding and in all of this sort of thing. In you know school budgets and all that in public schools. And it's not the same thing in a private school or Catholic schools -- it's it's can be focused more on the actual education. That because -- made a Diana in buffalo thanks for holding your patience is appreciated di analysts on what's in your mind. And well my were about to I think yes it's a good idea if you own a house and you have that in the I have to -- -- -- sending their kids. What your property can't hear you schools have -- Private school but does the public golf I think it's a good idea but I don't know how New York I'll. You know a big laugh -- stayed in the Cadillac Medicaid and if you find out that -- -- -- 20000 dollars -- kid out there. You know there have -- woman here from you know because they can't afford. Any kind of what other state the common good promoted a buffalo. To get you know -- Clinton in what that was about as. Well I think some of that put some of that some of that could have been but I have a feeling that New Yorkers already opened the doors to a lot of people who would travel to the state for state sponsored benefits so I don't know if -- widespread I can certainly understand what you're saying. Yeah I think you look at tended to post I can't they're -- a double what this school taxes because. Because of the amount of -- Well you know I've often thought of what if no well before this what if all of the Catholic schools closed and all of those kids ended up -- public school. There'd be a real problem because even though the kids aren't in -- will now they're being paid for that money is already been paid and so it would. An independent voters are now. I'm talking about the load of people that that they came to is that for the Medicaid you know they put the McCain dramatically they are pro welfare because. The president says that -- don't pay welfare you know little benefit little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But then -- you know pick -- I think -- can't remember -- good -- thousand dollars to protect. Yeah I I hear what you're saying loud and -- you know my only point is I think a lot of those people are already here I think the gates of -- and been open that. They've won I would count a people who really don't know what kind of baffled because of the. Public schools had that the negative on the patient but if if they get a place to go on to a and -- type of golf they would love to get their hands. Okay thank you Diane and given mind what are we do's and shows about via. Be buffalo school system we always quote the fact that. We spend you know we spend almost a billion dollars a year on -- this district but getting back to the point. For each kid in the buffalo district now we spend enough for them to go to the Nichols school. And have 5000 dollars left over. Now think about that nickel schools find schools also won the most expensive schools we have I don't know if that's the most expensive but certainly right there okay. So you can take each buffalo kid Brandon Nickels. And save 5000 dollars. Up her head so theoretically. I don't have the enrollment right in front of me. If Nichols could expand and keep their quality without oh without exception. You -- bring a whole district in here and we'd actually save money as taxpayers. You -- have ever -- on the buffalo schools and some in the medical school if or you know it's a dream of course if it were big enough to do it and kept the quality up at all and other sort of stuff. Imagine that we'd actually save money as taxpayers sending those kids the Nichols is that a sending him to buffalo. Just amazing debate we'll be back after the. It was gut wrenching. Here. Here are cool communities that have been together for awhile. Europe parents who carefully chose the Catholic school. For a specific school community and got it would gut wrenching it had to be done. But it was very very hard. Is region company. Yes unfortunately. Saint Francis of a CC saint Leo the great our lady of Pompeii fourteen holy helpers annunciation of the -- Of the blessed version. I'm Mary saint Vincent DePaul our lady of a sacred heart saint Mary of the lake Saint Bernard debts and Saint Joseph is will be closed. It'll involve about 11154. Students. So is not an overwhelming number of students but some of them will go to the private schools -- go to other Catholic schools as private schools and somewhat under the public school. And so or asking private school is it worth that. Is it worth it in your stories about sending your kids are you being sent to school. And what about vouchers. Vouchers would allow the parent to make the decision of where the money goes. As to which school would -- the idea. These -- the trust of the parent to educate their kids I love the idea of watchers. Let's go to who's been holding a long time. Three callers but before go to any of them I promise Chris will go to him first Chris what do we have oppose this. This is from jasmine she says I've attended both public and private schools in my experience parents and teachers were more involved at the private schools so when I have kids I will definitely be sending them to private schools if. I mean if you look at if you have the where -- -- you have the finances to do it it's it's a good alternative. I am not saying by any stretch that public schools aren't good most of them have heard good as some of them are excellent but some of them aren't. And that's the way it is and and if you're a parent. You know all of that the future success of your child depends on quality education it absolutely does. And without it they're kinda like doomed to have a mediocre to it's a dismal financial future true. So you want to do the best you can for your kids it's natural what else ago groups. This is from gal she says with local Texas Ohio I can't imagine how anybody could even afford private schools these days I do think -- is a very good education if you get it well that. You know that's true it really does I remember one time from. I'm not naive on what things cost but certain things that I I've never investigated have no information on. Always. A shocks me sometimes what things cost stock into a Tommy Shannon one time noted air personality. And he was sending his daughter to a private school. And I asked them off the top line had you know basically what was cost was a smoker. And now are my hair nearly fell out. So you pay a lot of money for private school and some people want their kids go to private school for the bragging rights. It's it's almost like Coca. My kids can do this Mike you can do that my kids isn't this school. I think that's the wrong reason to send a private schools. If you have if there is a private school whether it's religious or not that fulfills a need that is not filled by public so that's a good reason -- -- Or you know smaller class sizes things like that that. And the ability to learn religion. And some kind of ethics. Might be available there that aren't available public. Those are good reasons to do it but it costs a lot of money and the type of money outside of jobs the last opportunity you have to do that. Let's go to a gym in Lancaster -- on WB yen. It's a -- I want to do. Go along with what you set them off or vouchers. And one of the reasons I'm off for a we have. My wife went to Saint Mary's and I have to be present we have. Protestant network of high school to ourselves. And if you were to grow the the Buffalo News on the scoreboard page. You'll see that there's a whole network of almost a -- or more schools. That are Protestant church related. And they play against the public schools they play against the Catholic schools in that I'm looking at this morning. Christian central Protestant played Saint Mary's of Lancaster. In the Christian central 156 to 31. And I'm just bringing that to happen the example. So that we had vultures. That would also applied to these schools and none of them are closing. Are you saying that god prefer as we Protestant schools the -- athletic contest against the death of what next are just giving it. So you are -- Lieberman and private schools. Yes and in fact -- Protestant schools are connected to churches and and we have I think along with the Catholic. I think we have a little bit standard and much much better discipline. Because. Her father worked in the public schools -- in maintenance and he couldn't see he couldn't believe the none discipline that they saw in classrooms when they would be working. That's a that's a big a deal on I think a lot of people take that as a major consideration and it went. Because if there isn't discipline in the classroom it takes away the focus. It takes away the ability for the teacher no matter how good a teacher might be. Two to teach some of the lessons that need to be learn good points and thank you for bringing that up -- -- -- you aware that there. There are Protestant. Religious schools though I were glad to know the names that you know which anyone over them you know now a guy if you think about it AM. What's the last time you heard. Any private school has an attendance problem. Never. I hear that. That the private school principals have to get all of the parents to tell on the get the kids in the school. Or there'll be trouble here that. Part of the reason is more -- commitment so by the parents both. If verbally and financially. To a better education so the kids -- -- where the attendance problems in public school there in public tools and generally an urban schools. Where the parents and not a partners with the teacher and the kid. Two words -- make a better educational circle. And that's that's the problem which you don't hear in private schools and you don't hear it also because you're spending a lot of money wanna make sure those kids are there learning -- the most of -- would you agree -- a community is what makes a school. -- absolutely so why are we still bussing kids all over the place that is wrong I mean every time you talked to. Anyone about school. Everybody likes community. Schools within walking distance if possible. -- especially in urban areas are red lights that. But there again you know somebody -- years back it was our federal judge -- an idea of -- you know what let's bus junior from here. You know twenty miles over there are so suddenly they're in a different ever because -- better when the obvious answer is make the neighborhood schools better so you have a good quality schools within walking. I remember grown up and go to school Levy won in north buffalo and they were parents from all over the neighborhood. And missiles sold parent there volunteering. Their -- to know each other yes so literally they were that the parents were in the school during the days and they were part of it. They would be aids -- would ever talked to help out well let's face it the whole educational system needs an overhaul colleges too expensive. You just gave some examples about. You know middle school in in younger education. Private schools are nice not everybody can afford them I mean I'd like to see overall -- whole educational system will be back -- more would be to go.

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