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1-16 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Oh hello hello it is major -- and as sandy beach and they Oscar nominations are out and I think who questionnaires -- going to be part of them. As you know other allowed to nominate ten films for best picture aren't they only nominated nine. And I have been on good authority that tenth one Clinton being -- Gabbert -- video at all. All of the good slide in there will now. I'd be out there going wow -- and AVG's topical he's funny he's an amazing radio performer that he just -- of that right off the top of his head. No I have to admit. And Alan Harris has joked okay I. How pathetic -- -- -- my career come to you and I'm quoting Alan Harris for jokes now. I'll let us find our next next are we going. You -- Tony. Next thing going on burns but after that I want you to promise me promised me. That if I ever quote airborne and he. That you put me down anytime. In any event I'm just saying it's over at you can include yet. Let's work it. Imagine you have different ideas. Of heaven and -- looked -- him. Hell to me would be sitting in the audience. And the opening act is accordion built in airborne and he is the featured I mean and you can't leave you -- stand there ruling that would be. Pure torture that would be gloomy wet every once in awhile almost -- grown accustomed. To. Glow of -- Justin's fans threw eggs at him. -- look at but if there's dozens of -- out of the negativity about it young. But anyway no thanks Alan Alan Harris. I whatever I never stealing my material is somebody says something funny and I repeat and I always give them credit that's the kind of performer that I am. Our let's see what's going on here. First of all eyes -- the sabres lost again -- shoot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah as though they started out like 40 in shootouts in the I think they've dropped the real last four and they were playing really well. At home and -- finally got on the opposite out of the road but -- two straight losses now the weird thing is. They've scored six goals in the last two games three piece and have lost them both in those six and before that they scored six goals but they won three of those games -- swords as a matter -- Since -- -- we're talking mean if you're the guys -- yes are talking how the NHL's just becomes so boring you know there -- watchable. It's not excite like -- -- my Haiti of of beacon of great sabres hockey -- to the French connection. But I also think of the when Mogilny. Howard shock all. LaFontaine. We're just what is the 76 goals that the deal he had the one year -- -- rookie season and wants a sports all changer remember and the -- you may not but in the early days of the National Football League. When you tackle the guy he can get have been riots right unless he was down for a certain amount of time that's right now it's our unity or whatever touches instantly to the point is over but our guys would get to actually got up and running yet I liked that idea you had three dollar and ten minutes of the best I got a commitment in the piling on. We east scholar pig pile -- where everybody would just jump on somebody you know. But -- -- exciting for apology yet in the in the old east to be a defensive backs which is winning the wide receivers. For no reason what's just north -- -- know what you look at the wide out but that's. It's fifteen to examine all via very very sensitive to that. Now there's a sports warrants had an -- Who is very very attractive wife. Of the quarterback of the Miami dolphins' lives here -- -- office is gorgeous. Where is she rented a car actually is an issue -- she read it emits UV and Ned took it out and she wasn't happy when it's -- she decides. I'll go back to the SS UV plays and get a different vehicle. So she's that I -- not happy with this is that -- will be -- even -- vehicle no problem so she gets a different -- drives away except she forgot one thing. In the back of the original one that you -- she left her a ar fifteen rifle. She returned. To swap the -- as general over -- car authorities say she left behind and Alan G-8 yards air fifteen. Which was secured in a case that remind the everything looks scary scary scary and it says it's a great weapon to have. But it's it's it's not a machine. Okay. So they said okay so she contacted get this easy rental car. Now if in our quarterback's wife of the Miami Dolphins Roger gonna. You know like a name brand that's what enterprise. Enterprise is like they're the cream of the crop for a rental car our company's what did you -- there. Why would you go to easy rental car sounds like got a place that has you know fifty too shabby sitting there -- that hasn't been driven some sort of speeds are. But anyway there's no charges are expected reviled division -- illegal. She has hot -- like you know like the quarterback's wife is going to be a dog right now not gonna happen not going to happen. Floyd Mayweather -- I hate is undefeated okay for years now. When I'm Manny Pacquiao was considered. At least his equal and pound for pound. They wanted to get a fight together because they figured it will be a super fight. And they could never get together should there be drug testing all this sort of thing never happened and then Pacquiao lost but I think to have to -- Well then he's wanna -- since then and now he wants the fight again about a Mayweather doesn't see it Mayweather says. When I don't know we'll know within the next seven days. He said you know what he's had a Mayweather a signal Pacquiao has two losses and tax problems now he all of a sudden wants the fight again we don't know -- blow people. -- -- -- deal you know why because Mayweather is undefeated and -- and Mayweather is the better fighter now -- -- I think -- could have taken them. While back better fighter now but every once in awhile you know would lightbulbs. Just before they burn out they're bright. And then they burn out. He doesn't wanna catch Pacquiao on a bright night I can tell you that. Because the skills are probably still there maybe -- timing may be that. The strength isn't what it was but he has our -- -- that night and suddenly not retire undefeated. Because it's as I know Marciano at 49 and in zip. Was the only one the Rocky Marciano that retired undefeated yet but that might have been just for heavy -- I'm not sure if that would include -- -- -- also do you think some other -- -- -- it's possible I don't know for sure -- look at -- I was short -- I'm not -- I'm not familiar with -- happening. Much Seattle took on everybody there was a fight. That's the point now some of them like Jersey Joseph on whatever had kind of past their -- but he fought everybody that wanted to fight him. Not the case -- Mayweather Mayweather I -- man of his great fighter make no mistake about I just don't like them. I think he's great fighter but these -- knob so to speak. But I'd like to see I'd sit back DO fights if he's got one more super fight and yet but. You know at this stage is just gonna remind me of the Sylvester Stallone. Robert are you think -- past his prime at that I think both of -- really -- Brian okay well we'll see what so what happens there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will be back after I'm trying to get -- -- to to come with me where we wanted to -- an intervention with Tony. We understand and we don't have it on you know home on really good authority. That Tony was sent out to buy formula for his daughter. And he saved the money and he's gonna you know Super Bowl squares and -- who rules -- and -- and while she she could have you know -- milk. He's going to be rooting for the AFC and the NFC. Do you deny that you fully denied that Hamas met Denise who perished in the this is they are probably. The Super Bowls probably the biggest single betting event. That we have in America -- may -- a March Madness too but valves on longer right but the Super Bowls one day and that's that. And everybody's looking for imagine and did you see that. Brady course is no guarantee that he would be in the Super Bowl -- they got to get past Denver obviously. -- -- I missed a practice. And he wasn't even at the field. He did he didn't even come then. So that's people are looking at -- they say this it's minor don't worry I'm thinking I wouldn't count. On enough on that being a helpful to you because well let's say you're Tom Brady you wake up. Next to Gisele Bundchen. OK then you decide hey I'm here or next or Gisele Bundchen or should I had a bad. Ever ever Michael's gonna go and have people chased me around the field. And I'm wearing a Red Shirts that they can't hurt me but I still have to run like a -- ever known I'd stay home was resolved once -- -- I'd retire you know I would do I I would just I think it would be a blanched and initiated retirement and so that's -- but I wouldn't count on that being helpful. You know what I'm thinking and it's just my own individual -- I had heard anybody express this because nobody wants to think ahead one of the biggest cliches in the National Football League I mean happens vitro but it's also cliche. Don't think past the opponent you've got to win them one game at a time we know that we know that get get out of my face we know it okay. But the bottom line is I think. It is my opinion if I were Peyton Manning person -- I'd be real rich that would be nice and and admired. A bit but if Peyton Manning and I had the year I'm having now which is the best year quarterbacks ever had in the national football and I won the super ball. I'd retire absolutely there's no better way to go than that what do you think there Chris. I think there's an idea it would be good time to retire form not only viewed on top the whale wasted no one to fifteen or so years ago but. He's playing in Denver and he's gonna win the super ball if he wins this -- York's all they -- cold weather nonsense god you'd you'd. Completely eradicate them all throughout the post season you go out on top. Peyton Manning for all the great things he's done and he's -- Super Bowl MVP a lot of people don't talk about him like he's got something to prove which I find -- insane remarkable but if he could win this ball like there's all that's gone well president while ago I mean you couldn't go off better than Matt and I'm thinking that if if that happened. Because he averaged over the next surgery so I'm sure that that's always in the back of his line. I'd love to see that -- I don't want him to retire but I'd like to see that scenario for him when the Super Bowl this year like the undefeated dolphins. I mean. It's something. It's like from Buffalo Bills went with Florida -- going to the Super Bowl. He's gonna do that again nobody is gonna go to the suitable for years in a -- that's over that's done. So you get a place in history where people talk about -- remember you. What better way than have this fabulous years having and win the Super Bowl and then he would tie his brother for a Super Bowl with his right and imagine the father having sons that have four Super Bowl rings while that where I was MVP to me that he was through. So that'd be incredible -- you guys like this this weekend. It's such a tough call right to -- games yet I think this is probably one of the best. First matchup wise when their last championship weekends we've seen in a long time. I still like Seattle slightly over San Francisco. And IE I kind of favoring New England over Denver. All right what -- -- progress on the opposite I like the Broncos and the niners. All right I'm thinking like the Broncos not just because I like the Broncos but I do like Debra buckles are hurt in the secondary if anybody to take advantage of that we know -- Well -- that's true I mean there's no question Brady's great quarterback I don't think that's to be denied but I just have a feeling this is more. The -- more via Broncos year. Regarding the other game I mean you we've got the big east on one side and we've got the niners on the other side and I don't know I think the niners have a better chance even though we're going to be in Seattle because they're playing good football capsule they really are. And their quarterback -- all the yucky tattoos he adds is is playing -- -- his legs and his head and his arm. The only you know I would have to say the -- thing I like your dad acting C give Seattle the advantages that are offensive line. And third defense are plain amazing right now. All right well -- award goes. All right let's say his order to talk about today. Edit its and we know this was coming. But you know when it happens zero -- a sad and disappointed especially if you're involved with -- is the Catholic diocese though of the buffalo. Has decided that it's in if it's in the best interest to close ten schools. Ten elementary schools. The day they obviously have the last attendance what comes one of our neighbors and Wales the agency certainly -- Moscow. The Catholic schools that are closing saint Francis of Assisi saint Leo's which is our next door neighbor. Our lady of Pompeii fourteen holy helpers you think that. There would be a middle ground the only close seven point helpers went the other seven but -- all fourteen are out what can I tell you. I'm not the issue of of the blessed virgin Mary and saint Vincent DePaul our -- of sacred heart saint Mary of the lake saint Bernadette. And the Saint Joseph so there they're closing those schools because of lower enrollment and justly realities. Of the situation. Now. Obviously the first but you have our. It's it's really too bad there are students and all those schools and and they're gonna miss going to those schools and they have certain allegiances and I can tell -- how it usually goes it'll usually go more parental group who have kids going to that school will try and raise money keep the school Obama whatever. And it's the same format as the churches when they were close individual churches. But beyond that you have to think of the residual effects of these students going to other schools. Now some of these students will go to other Catholic schools. Some might go to whether private schools. And some will go to public schools and that is the rub because I want to think about this and I hadn't heard anybody talk about this before. When you send your kid to a private school whether it's Catholic school or or any private school. You you don't get out of paying taxes paying school taxes so you paying taxes to New York town or city or municipality. For the education of your kid even though your kid isn't there OK your kid is somewhere else but you're paying taxes. So the school system is already getting the money. That if your kid we're sitting in a chair and in that school. They'd be educating your kid because of the taxes you pay. All right now what happens. You'll pay separately a 2% in private school and you play you pay tax money to send in public you'll. But now what happens as -- some of those kids are gonna end up in in a public small one would assume that makes as some amount of logical sense. And the school was already getting that money. So now now they have a student to teach. Before it was a free ride they were getting the money for the student but they didn't have bestowed and now they're gonna have the stone so what's gonna happen I guarantee you. The first ones we'll hear from will be buffalo buffalo teachers federation they're gonna need more teachers. A depends on how many of these. Students end up and bubble up but they're gonna complain that class size is getting under on -- whatever they're going to try to stick their snout in the trough again and I can tell you that right now. -- that is that the main focus of today's show it was yesterday. Kind of a little opening dialogue or -- where we come back we'll talk about. Private school in general on those -- arrived Saturday. And WB yeah. It W Guillen wherever you go with the WB an iPhone -- powered by Roswell park we can't let cancer win that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. That's what -- you know like thanks so zeroes so this morning I turn on the radio just before five -- I always do. And she mentioned coming in from Orchard Park how some of the roads though world little slack that there was an an enormous amount of small. But they were slicker than usual social and she said that I turned on. My spotlight the outdoor spotlight and the -- it was perfectly dry. But then before even finished breakfast is starting to snow and and coming in this morning there were some some points where. The driving was a little hazardous even north of the city but I I assume that's all done now but I like to thank her. For that. Now we're talking about the private school because of the word is that the Catholic diocese has a decided it has the closed hand Catholic schools. Now as I said because nobody brings this part up. The the people sitting in those seats the kids sitting in those Catholic schools states. Their parents are already paying for seats in the public school. But they're not in the public schools so. They're contributing the money to the public school that their kid isn't going where they have the pay extra to have more private school and now when these students. A go to other locations some will go to other private schools some -- the Catholic schools and some -- for public schools -- 11154. Students affected. They're going to be actually using deceit that they've been paying for all this time. And that made a throw out of kilter somewhat the finances of various school districts it's not -- a huge amount. 11150 or stones and a onetime job that long ago they were talking I don't know that it talks is still alive. A vote of private. Public school students and underperforming schools. Getting a seat in a Catholic school and would be funded by some some groups. Because as you know. I I'm a big proponent of -- I think that if your radio. Parent and you're paying money. You should have the ability to take that money and directed through the school district or the school. That you would like your your kid to -- whether it's public school whether it's private school I mean that should be. In of course that is a lot of resentment and and push back on vouchers because. It now you hit it via the problem would vote large public school systems as they don't wanna give up that money and then that's as simple as that. Now. I'm asking about private schools in general are Catholic schools but other private schools we have Catholic private schools we have other private schools. Is it worth sending your kid to a private school I think there's a -- a list of criteria that would make it worth it. I think that in order to make that decision. That you want your kid to go to private school a couple of things have to come into focus one you have to be committed to a better education in your mind. A better education at that school then what will be offered if he or she didn't so commitment -- first second Laker Chang could Chang it's expensive. -- cost money. And as I said you're paying -- the -- educations. For your kid in your kids getting one you're paying taxes. So that your kid Google via a public school and you're also paying tuition for the private school so you you'd have to be committed. To quality education assuming that you don't have a lot of faith in in the school system. Where Rome where your -- would normally go and that's that's not always the case that we a lot of -- school systems here. I would say they're very old to -- and maybe in some cases even superior to private schools no question about that. -- the class sizes may be smaller and depending on what kind of private school you went through May be there are schools specialize in certain things. But I'm asking. If you send your kid or if you do send your kid to private school is at war that now keep in mind. There's also a third element. Of -- is a third element there are people who send their kids to private school. Because of the prestige. And there are very happy to tell you. That their kid goes through the whatever private school at a cost the same. As going to Harvard I mean the -- and they'll tell you that okay. -- -- That's not even part of this equation we're talking about today. They wanna do it because. That the prison the presumption is it's the best schooling you can get and week can afford it okay. I think that a lot of people it's America's the private school don't have an excess amount of money but they they don't have confidence in the and their local school district and they'll want their kid to have an education because make no mistake about it. The -- key to success is education. But without a doubt when your kids you don't appreciate that when your adult you really appreciate that so what you wanna do the best camp for your cat. But that it kind of seeps over two or via my kids going to fill in the blank. President Johnson. Four million dollars a year but -- flip the c'mon come on that's just an ego stroke. So we're not really talking about that today. Your stories about sending your kids do you send your kids. That I'll throw this in there I'll throw the -- grenade into the and jail. All right vouchers. Say I'm I think vouchers would be a good idea because you know what vouchers represented. Vouchers represented. Competition. Competition. As far as I know makes everything better. When you have to compete for something. You're at your best you you out you have to win it over it's not just handed to you. It's like a restaurant that gets X amount of money from the government no matter how good the quality of the food is. You know the -- could have maggots on -- they're still gonna get the same a lot of money. That's dollars to. I as opposed to competing and saying we want this student. And we want the money associated with a student or want the jobs associated with a teaching the students and so we're gonna compete for. Everything's gonna have to be better we're gonna have to be more careful when our hiring. I'll make sure we monitor what's going on a do we have via the best curriculum. And -- to -- vouchers makes everything better. Can you right now. Via via teachers' unions were rather run off a cliff. Then have vouchers because they know that and head to head competition. -- vouchers. There and not gonna come out too well in some cases. Now in some cases the public schools we never as good as anything areas but in some cases it's not and you have to make up your decision. Tony have you given any thought to private school. Yes actually we did when when we first thinking about. When Nicklaus Gary for kindergarten out how we explored that the Catholic school in our neighborhood and very good school. But it came down to money they are usually does yes so we -- -- the public route and in the public school that he is going to his -- and. The other others play a good public schools no question about that. So we're asking a few questions. Private school is it worth it is do you think it's worth the sacrifice. -- momentarily. Is it worth the commitment. Your stories about sending your kids and what about vouchers if if you had you know its ads. That week and now we cannot have a government sanctioned. Religion. Okay. But there's I don't think it is the government sanctioned religion if you give each parent of Bulger because your your kid may end up the voucher may be end up being spent on a Catholic school but it may be -- -- -- -- nonreligious private school. It's the choice of the parent is not the choice of the government and that's the difference. So the government gives you back the money and you spend at the -- you wanna spend it so that's not government endorsement you can send your kid to a Jewish school of Muslim school. You know any school you want to. So I I I love that by the course. I don't think in my wildest dreams I have a better chance of waking up to Gisele Bundchen right after Tom Brady Eagles the practice will be back after this. It was gut wrenching. -- Here are cool communities that have been together for awhile. -- appearance who carefully chose the Catholic school. For a specific school community and -- it would gut wrenching it had to be done. But it was very very hard. I yeah I think go -- most public schools do a fine job there's no question about that we're not here to denigrate. Public education. Some school districts are better than others says that's as simple as that but I think by and large most of them to a great job. But sometimes people want that little extra for and they feel that sending their kid to a private school whether it's a Catholic school which would include religious training. Or a non Catholic private school they want that and they're willing to pay for because they're already paying the public school taxes. A without sending their kids the public's -- And this is the big gorilla on the real you know will talk about 11154. Students this time around but if it were a large number. It would have a dramatic impact because. The of these school budgets they are spending that tax money without your kid in the -- So if all of a sudden your kid comes in as -- means larger classrooms or whatever might be a difficult some asking about private schools that are they weren't that. Do you think it's a better education. Your story about sending your kids and then vouchers to may big government. Sure does. Should give each apparent -- Bulger. For each kid. And then the parent makes a decision you wanna use it for public schools is the public private use of private. And that's the end of that. It's not a popular idea among teachers unions because they don't wanna compete. They don't want to compete a lot of people you ought to be. Libya. Overseas and they just wanna do what they do and that's that and not then not be evaluated there's you know big problem with a valuation now in New York State. Treo not trio 18061692. Visits are 930. Give us your stories. This is Mike in Williams bill Micah thanks for calling -- on WB yeah. I find -- what's your story on this. While my story is couple innings I am it will it will resident I do pay little taxes. I think it to my wife and I can decide to send all our daughters. To want this will close yesterday. To look out your window you can't see it since you know what I'm talking. Say Toledo is now it's a sad to hear that because I go I go by at a lot and I assume when your kid goes to a school's coming close it's it's a difficult for them. Very difficult this morning. They -- -- -- -- it that it would -- situation out yesterday. Spoke. Very somber about the kids up this morning at school but I don't -- -- it can still get the schools because. -- -- Think it's something that. The public schools don't get and it's one and one very fairly friendly. Religious -- it -- Shaq and I feel. This whole issue is closing situation at. They are all a school board sites are the city of buffalo public schools decide that they want to. You -- his -- and fun and start its second hit the Catholic school so of course -- crisis but and close the schools. And our city apartment -- -- so basically now works in a price sport. Can't believe this idiot -- Florida board of education city are with a billion dollars cannot educate their kids to the same standards as the rest of the community. And it is and opponents of there electric performance and their lack of what I wanna call it but it's just it's it's it's disgusting and -- I feel bad about also. Have you made any decision of where you're going to -- -- locate your kids once and -- as does close. You know what's -- going to school or send them into slow. The glacial district who -- -- -- -- sort of working out but it's not going to be the same unfortunately. It's probably isn't about what Israel has a fine school district at least so it's not a choice of a -- you are really sad to see this close on -- we don't have good alternatives. So a best -- -- -- end and then I'm sure you make the right choice Mike thank you. And remarked. Yeah I'm sure that. I'm not sure there's an ever want to have a school. Although I would like to have gone Catholic school because I have the perfect Catholic schoolboy uniform like that could've worn. On and so I still haven't in the closet but I was never noticed -- maybe not. Trophy as I'm sure it is. A more you know a kind of a family oriented in the public's in the private school because they're smaller class size you dedicated. Parents that. The kids feel like they're part of more of part of everything. -- -- larger school districts to a good job to know I mean I'm not saying don't but it's not it's a whole different atmosphere and thank. You know last night while I was on Facebook's several my friends and either kids or grandchildren there are grown and or you can see through the timeline while -- how worried they worry and you know some were crying because their schools were should selected to close it somewhere related that there is we're gonna stay open. Well you really do get the sense that that there's a lot of love and involved. -- school and you know what I'm concerned about to the teachers now I'm sure they'll relocate some within other Catholic schools as they have to do. As a student enrollment changes. But I hate to see them out of a job if they were doing a good job at the school the school closes because of a good idea slower in Rome. I mean is this just bottom line because of more population. Drain from Western New York or is it more has to do with the actor. With the kind of guy has a lot with the economy because -- -- a lot Catholics will be can't afford it. Now I don't have the tuition right in front of me but I guarantee. It's it's not cheap. -- private school is not cheap and it depends on which private school you go to. Whether it's Catholic non-GAAP ago whatever. So any time you get more boutique. Is that boutique the right -- more like a boutique smaller. And focused group the more gonna pay. The larger numbers of people together. The last is gonna cost although education is not cheap at any level. -- but if -- the key is your already paying the public school fees. And you gotta go above and beyond that to pay for the private school so if they have money is is getting tighter -- more difficult jobs are scarce -- Common sense and logic tells me that that's one of the one problem not -- less Catholic people wanted to be educated in -- Catholics this. Will be back tomorrow beach company under his -- the united thirty WB yeah.

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