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The Oscar Nominations Unveiled

Jan 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello everybody. Good morning. And welcome to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I'm Cheryl there -- -- sixth president of the academy. I want to thank everyone for joining us for these exciting announcements. Celebrating the heroes of moviemaking. And lucky for us we have a superhero here with us today. Ladies and gentlemen the very talented Chris Hemsworth. You very much no. Let's get right to it. The 2013 nominees for best performance by an actor in a supporting role arm. Barking mad at. Michael Fassbinder. In twelve years as -- Jonah Hill in the -- Wall Street. And Jared meadow in Dallas fires that Chris. Figures for best performance by an actress and supporting role the nominees. So -- Balkans and -- judgment. Jennifer Lawrence in American also. The bigger and younger in twelve uses slave. To -- votes in over his Osage county. And -- group in Nebraska. For best original song. The nominees are. Alone yet not alone from alone not alone music -- is rotten lyric by Dennis Spiegel. Happy from despicable me to music and lyric by for around Williams. Let it go from frozen. Music in there by Kristin Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez. The moon songs from her. Music by Karen no lyric by Karen know and Spike Jones. And ordinary love. From Mandela long walk to freedom. Music by Paul Houston. Dave Evans Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. You may know them better as U2. Lyric by Paul Hewson. For adapted screenplay nominees off. Richard -- a lot of Julie dopey and he invoked the before midnight. Really right for captain Phillips. Steve Coogan and jet boat with to a male. John Ridley for twelve uses slave. And turns into the world samples -- For best original screenplay. The nominees are. Eric Warren singer and David -- -- for Americans hustle. Woody Allen for blue jasmine. Craig Morton and militia while it for Dallas buyers club. Spike Jones for her. And Bob Nelson four Nebraska. For best animated feature film -- Sonoma not. The Cruz resendiz. Go to -- interest in belts. Despicable me -- Chris Wright note pick our offense and Chris -- -- it. And this and so listing. Benjamin rhetoric and video Bruno. Frozen Chris -- Jennifer Lee and Peter -- veco. And the wind Rautins. Bio Miyazaki and to CO Suzuki. For best documentary feature the nominees are. The active killings Joshua Oppenheimer. And seeing them be your -- Sorenson. QD and a box there Zachary -- -- -- and Lydia dean -- Dirty wars Richard rally and Jeremy escape hill. This square. Jeff -- news dime and Karim there. And twenty feet from stardom. Nominees to be determined. The best foreign language film the nominee's job. From Belgium. The broken circle breakdown. From Italy the right beauty. From Denmark the hunt. From Cambodia the missing picture. And from coast on a -- That best achievement in directing. David O. Russell for American -- Alphonso acquire -- -- gravity. Alexander Payne. For Nebraska. Steve McQueen for twelve years a -- And Martin's necessity. For the wolf of Wall Street. The best performance by an actress -- leading role the nominees off. Idea items and American also. I -- ship in blue judgment. Sandra Bullock and gravity. Judi Dench and to a made up. And Meryl Streep in over so -- down. For best performance by an actor in a leading role the nominees gone. Christian Bale and Americans -- so. Brisk Daryn in Nebraska. Leonardo DiCaprio in the -- Wall Street. To a town it's your floor in twelve years is playing. And Matthew McConaughey hey in Dallas buyers club. And finally real pleased to announce that the films selected as the best picture nominees 2000 goods chain saw. American council tells broken Richard Salk who make innocent and Jonathan Gordon for juices. Captain Phillips -- -- -- Burnett and mark who Deluca produces. Those boys club Robbie -- and right to -- produces. Gravity Oakland's I've grown and David -- produces. Greg Ellis and -- Jones and -- Amanda her juices. Nebraska. Over drug rip and -- except for juices. Phil made up Gabriel Santa Steve we didn't and Tracy -- would produces. Twelve uses slave Brad Pitt the god that Jeremy claw and Steve McQueen. And Anthony categories for juices. And the -- Wall Street nominees to be determined. For the complete list of over nominations please visit And join us Sunday night march 2 to celebrate these incredible artists in films that. The Oscars. CNN.

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