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Needing a New Catholic School - One Mom's Story

Jan 16, 2014|

Rachel Mysiak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB and live line as a local mom her name is -- chilled me she had. Rachel and her husband of three children. And send them to DePaul Roman Catholic school in -- in the Hamlet of spring -- it's one of those schools the diocese announced would be closed. After this year Rachel did you have any inkling that this was coming were you worried about it. I actually wasn't really worried about it I assume that this school would stay open because it has been around for so long. I actually went to grammar schools are my top. So was a bit of a surprise also because of where we live where in Holland in their kids that come from strikers now. I'll over the plate and though there aren't that many Catholic schools in the area that we have an option of going to -- Voicing new attended the school Rachel and now your kids to they must have been tears yesterday. Yes it was -- pretty emotional I was actually -- -- when it happened I was waiting for the 330 press conference that was advertised. However people in my office were saying hey this -- to close the schools -- in Italy 130 in the afternoon and although it. News blogs where posting up all over Twitter and FaceBook though. We found out much earlier than we thought we were going to tell -- that what the surprise and I spoke with a few of the parents afterwards that. We're at this school and they're just absolutely devastated devastated. How did your three children react to this once they realized what was happening. Well my daughter Alison she's pretty easygoing and those she just take that to come she's ready to go where you have ago. My youngest one nephew he thought his school closed. Yesterday and he was done with school for the year. And that my oldest one laughter -- he's pretty up that he made them really different that's -- them and then. He just he's gonna take everything -- it -- but stayed there a little bit worried about what's gonna happen next. So you say you live in -- where will you go next year. We're planning on going through immaculate conception in East Aurora. -- -- That's that's the problem I believe that there are with a lot of the Catholic schools closing especially so many in the top -- We rely on our talent for boxing and we have to be within a fifteen mile radius or at least one child does so it doesn't give you very many options of where you come out. -- we understand a question there had been sent out to many parents to fill out. Before of this decision was made did you get one of those question -- to fill out. I'm -- -- what kinds of questions were on medalist. Our question who are. They range from all all over is. Why you -- Catholic education if you were a product of Catholic education and they give you options it's because you don't like public school because you went to Catholic school because you're Catholic just. They give you -- multiple choice answers. Which were pretty specific they -- How important greens basically Q how important hot lunch program and how important -- -- to work. And then you had to be that Aaron I was ranges. And how important size class slot in before and after school programs. There was it was pretty. Specific in what they were asking. So I thought that that would have been a good gauge. I'm not sure. How much of that they went by because actually pretty surprised at the other schools that closed I have friend the other schools are closed in several. I'm of the school that closed I do know people and they were also very surprised. Talk about what was appealing for you at saint Vincent's that you worry might not be there. And the next school year. Well. I will have to say that we did just -- we did transfer there we did go to immaculate conception before that. We alleys we're gonna choose Catholic education for our children. But with me after my -- school I finally went back to work full time and the big part of it for me bringing on the pavement and not only because we went there. Is because they didn't have that before and after school program which is very critical for -- the week my husband and I work. That now. We do have other options with my kids getting a little bit older like they can go to the Boys and Girls Club album before I didn't have that though. I believe would be able to make a smooth transition but that's also if we can't get into another school I have spoke with. People at other schools that I know that are open and they have been inundated with phone -- just. Tons of people calling wondering if they can get their kids -- and what do they have to do and what paperwork today have to fill out. And these schools are not allowed to transfer students they can't take registration until there open house which is that their last week of January. If what -- class size are you worried that now. With the closing of the schools that some class sizes may be pretty large. Well I don't believe that it it all depends on the capacity of what the school can hold. I think there if they can hold up to thirty kids per class the immaculate I know that the -- -- wanted to -- public 400 plus students for school. However if they don't have the capacity to hold that I don't know how that was even gonna be an option. A much schools are planning on putting on -- so I think that our class -- would never go more than 28 or thirty students which is. Probably more than. The traditional Catholic school class would be. But I don't think that would be much -- a problem I think the problem is going to be is these kids from the south pound. Be able to get in another school because of capacity or because of distance that they are from that -- have to rely on their own transportation. Richard good to talk with the U good luck next year thanks for joining us. Thank you Rachel the Oceanic. The racial and her husband have a three children and send them to -- Roman Catholic school in -- which is one of the Catholic schools that's closing.