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Sexual Harassment Cases In Context

Jan 16, 2014|

Attorney Lindy Korn

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lindy corn is our guest on the WB and limelight she's an attorney who specializes in sexual harassment cases. And so we are not gonna talk specifically about the Dennis can present case because she's not involved in this case anyway but. Just in in generalities and might do to ask some questions Lindy good morning. Good morning you know when when evidence is out. That includes a video what a video mean to a sexual harassment case. Well any. Any visuals is important. Because it's -- If it goes before a judge or jury. It is so. He usually evokes a feeling and -- many stories that words can not. And any any evidence whether it's text or video. Or. You know a picture from the cell -- nowadays. We have much more evidence. Because people gathering documents. And and in the case of sexual harassment. It's documentation. Documentation. Documentation. You know when you have those videos though was well as expressive as on that we saw yesterday and everyone who saw Scioscia that's command. -- me when you do have a video I mean how does the person involved the so called defendant. -- they deny that campaign. Well it -- you know it can't. It is what it is. See what it is now you know many times in a case there's other evidence. And you you don't. You don't know this is you know it was a lot of media exposure. Very early on. You don't. You don't know what other kinds of media could possibly tell another story I mean I'm not talking about this case. I'm just playing. That it's early to judge but absolutely. A video tells the story and it's hard to change except by another story. And what is the the burden of proof here. It in a case like this to show that there's a hostile work environment. Well there's there's there's it's it's the plaintiffs have to show that first -- it was unwelcome. They also have to show that it was severe or pervasive and those words of -- -- seems simple but they're very happy with meaning. In other words you know sometimes some -- -- happening and it's just one it depends on the context to. That it has to be severe or pervasive. And that's part of what constitutes a hostile work environments so. There's lots of elements. And and it and it it's heavy burden however. Documentation. And visuals but very much. There's -- you know we're all caught up and frankly stunned. The local assemblyman former assemblyman has allegedly resorted of this kind of behavior with female employees but. Outside the government in other workplaces even in social situations. We're wondering the stuff like this happen often. It. Poll really they're not rare these are. It's more prevalent than. It doesn't this is. There are public cases because there. Because -- the president of the United States because their congressman because their attorney general because there whatever they are all over the country. And it makes news. Because they're public servants let -- however. It happens in in boardrooms it happens in. In -- it happens anyplace people gathered with the go to work. For a long period of time for a certain period of time. Things happen you know whether their word -- it you know when they're physical tight -- Whether there. You know at actual some kind of electronic message. Whether it's over the Internet I mean. This happened. I don't know of a profession where it doesn't happen. While hello and even practicing line in this area. In my thirty this year. In this particular area I would say -- solely about twelve years -- been a lawyer for 35. And it's it's just increasing. Com I -- what's also on the rise -- pregnancy discrimination. And sexual harassment of the very young. The first time worker I'm talking between sixteen and twenty. Now it's that's very interesting. Lindy we appreciate you joining us this morning thank you very much Lindy -- is an attorney. Specializing in sexual harassment cases.