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Assessing Gabryszak Legal Troubles

Jan 16, 2014|

Paul Cambria

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Most of you have heard the news about former New York Phil O'Sullivan Dennis cameras back. He's been accused by several women staffers of sexual improprieties sexual advances even sending or graphic. Salacious videos to some of these women. He has a good defense attorney by the name of Terrence Connors. And we have another defense attorney on the WBM -- and help us sort through. Some of the charges against him if there indeed will be any charges during an economist civil trial. Our justice buffalo defense attorney Paul camera appall good morning and thank you for joining us. More boy you know this is a it it just seems like the world is -- in. Around the former assemblyman Dennis cameras and how are you looking at the Saint Paul. Well I. I. You know it's going to be a civil case obviously you -- notice of claim while. Mean that these Adidas totality of government entity is going to be shoot your captain give them don't complain. And then. He followed up with a lawsuit that's saudis what happened. Criminal from a -- import I don't see any criminal charges. Even this video that supposedly out there. They really it doesn't Cheney into anything. Of criminal. Statute so I don't see that all shall. It'll be -- -- symbols and obviously the destruction of a career. Your poll when there is video. Text messages FaceBook postings. Is this pretty damning evidence. Well as you can imagine I mean clearly the years now on the other. He's already started to lay the ground work toward cents that. You know this was kind of a mutual beckoned for a you know -- in an ever watched any -- it. Or whatever church any one side as far as criminal charges are concerned but of course you don't extra -- in order to commit. Some kind of workplace. Civil. Situation. Whether it be -- work environment chatter. Shell. It's it's obviously very devastating. I don't see anything criminal field -- These -- is in times they seem to be very very different now of this stuff was just coming out of the woodwork. -- lawmakers from one end of New York State to the other are being caught up in similar situations like this. That makes us think of years and years ago when things like this were generally swept under the rug. And you wonder how many cases like this existed in years past that we never heard him. While there's no doubt about that and I can tell you you know we I I run our -- source office ads. There -- about ten year search -- -- head of New York. In cases like this we've had. These cases in California for many many years. He adds lots and lots of money is that a lot of people lost their jobs. And it took a long time before New York's state caught up with that. And now he or more cases where people are actually based upon -- Hostile work environment -- It's -- and and the laws interest because. What and somebody takes the position that. It's day you know -- gender specific kind of harassment. It -- should be gender specific in other words we've had cases and -- -- aware since it was aimed at men and women. This one particular case. There wasn't an offense because there wasn't gender specific so there's a lot to it a lot of nuances. New York's on the way to catching up -- form. And in California and in that case too -- tax -- payment penalty. Well it depends that's such a private company. Then the private company -- it's a private individual. That person's case it's it's a government entity which while we're talking about sheer. And government employee. The government. It ultimately the taxpayers. It pol what does this video in a scant respect case student any settlement talks that might be under way. Well. I mean right now it's. So it is a matter of you know we've matter -- and so for this -- changed destructive. That would be the worst. Area that would you straddled while charting out -- out the second part is is this something that's going to be so devastating. That we might as well come up with a solution. Now because it's going to destroy any chance -- ending successfully. On the part of every -- in the states so that would be the analysis lawyers would go to. True for using it balance thing you know a lot this just so bad that we better settled now. Paul thank you again I think our listeners have a better understanding of how this is all going to work -- thank you again -- Aren't very good at buffalo defense attorney Paul camera.