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Buffalo Diocese Closing Ten Elementary Schools

Jan 16, 2014|

Sister Carol Cimino

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome to the WB and lifeline sister Carol's amino superintendent of Catholic schools for the diocese of buffalo sister Carol good morning. Good morning to you as preparing to issue could be yesterday for the announcement. On the closing at ten Catholic elementary schools how difficult a day was it. It was gut wrenching. Here. Here are -- communities that have been together for awhile. -- parents who carefully chose the Catholic school. For a specific school community and got it would gut wrenching it had to be done. But it was very very hard. Just assuming you know of the diocese left for Catholic schools in the city of buffalo. Untouched now had it not been for discussions. That could possibly lead to some students being transfered into the schools from failing public schools in buffalo. -- these four elementary schools Catholic schools also have been in line to be closed. No in all likelihood it would have been kept open because. Are they represent. -- rebuilt the health commitment to the poor -- churches always. Get a commitment to the towards its Ameritech -- -- would be caught in order to take care of Portugal and so. We felt that at the church we could at the end and -- area. Let me ask you this. Enrollment was around 12510. Maybe even a little lower in some of these Erie county. Elementary schools over the -- and for closing yesterday. In buffalo police for elementary schools what does enrollment likened his poor districts. Well it depends. Was it -- school for example he has almost 530. Academy at about 500 that are in the city. The other schools they chose says -- lady black -- and kept look at getting it went up in buffalo can lower enrollment. But we felt that they are seeking care I'm from the children that really would not be there as well as we can do their. If we -- to close those schools. The appeal of Catholic schools over the years has -- the small class sizes the fact that these schools were in people's neighborhoods. Now with this announcement on his ten closings do you -- at that appeal is going away. Well we we heard about it to appeal will be there. Which strictly negative clip -- of forty or more. And yet they still there's still a community church -- -- those schools we're gonna call them community school. Would be building might be guided edit specific perished. We're asking the surrounding parishes to break stay at school -- to embrace those students because a lot of those students come from surrounding parishes. We think there. What would really. All the research has said that it's the social capital. -- the community of values that -- Catholic school that really make parents ought to choose Catholic school incredible programs that are offered. But you know the sister Serena knows the other day when we talked with. -- -- just Tunney act the secretary for education on the Catholic school system here in western -- or she says that the emphasis yesterday. Was going to be on consolidation she didn't wanna talk about closings but yesterday all we heard about was closings and we didn't hear about consolidation. Well how many ask the question about the merger or consolidation it's a legal term. We decided to it since it's simply close those schools. The consolidation part comes in deep. The migration if you will our children to another school we gave every one of the school that is closing. A -- of surrounding schools that -- opening. And so bet that there is sort of consolidation we're talking about Harry consolidation of school communities but that's the schools themselves. Just -- some you know. What does a teacher in the Catholic elementary school on average earn annually compared to a buffalo future. Well I I I think I could I couldn't give you an actual figure however compared to a buffalo public school teacher she's earning. Probably 13 to well what he has to 81 -- of I give you what the F maybe two. Three quarters. So and other Richard Neer saying that some of these teachers are earning 20000 dollars a year analysts. You're correct. We're going back to class sizes he said he won't be class sizes of forty or more but could there be class sizes of thirty. He could because as a twenty. Went -- to thirty. Depending. If if parents really want to calm to a specific school and they already get 25 it's really up to the principal. To determine what the limit and class size is but it won't be overwhelming. To tell you what I started teaching at 72 kids. Just this -- should there be a process. Where public school students are transferred into these remaining buffalo Catholic elementary schools have that if successful. Do you think it might be necessary to bring in public school teachers to help you -- I mean how are these teachers that are -- such salaries that are so low. Are they gonna be capable of dealing with class sizes that do we think -- going to be necessary to accommodate all these kids. Our teachers they're capable of doing an awful lot with an awful little little. They understand the teachings for them as a ministry. They're dedicated to teaching these children because it's in the Catholic school I would. I would never limit our teachers I I I think the world of -- And certainly do it yes in a teacher it. Looking forward positions with better -- system that we could replace. We could marketplace and in Catholic school. Got to pick up on something you mentioned the piston minute ago he said when he first started teaching. You had 72 students in a class. 72 students in the classroom. But can't predict prepare troops -- -- those days. While -- -- starter Doug normal and -- though following your -- hit 48 and I just thought I'll. If you thought you had a big break there the sister Carol glad you could join us this morning and after such a difficult day thank you very much -- sister -- -- superintendent of Catholic schools for the diocese of buffalo.