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1-15 Tom Hour 2

Jan 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- It's okay. It's a very very sad day for some review and you know what some of it might be better. So would you might be sad and some of it might be just plain angry. You know when they close a couple of Catholic schools people go through the roof. -- -- And I'm -- offered the opportunity if -- affected by the announcement as you heard live. Under is ready at 930 WBM to a call and give us your two cents -- and again. If you go to WB EN dot com. Pardon me little back -- here if you are. Going to go to WB EN dot com. You will find it the list of closings. That had been brought about by declining enrollment. And it basically I need to consolidate. Basically folks wherever you are a church or whether you are pretty religious denomination. Or wherever you are a business. You have bills that have to be paid. And if you can't pay the heat bill if you can't pay the electric -- guess what. You can't stay open. And they really don't care power company -- company or the textbook company whether or not you were there for good or for -- All they care about is the money. Which by the way is as it should be in a capitalist society. Are we don't exist. On -- If you own stock in electric company you wanna see that stock go up in value. And it's not gonna go up in value if bills are being -- And expected income expected revenue is less than what was expected in the prospectus -- red. We're did not read. Before you investors a lot of you have a mutual funds in your 401K. And you might be invested and power companies and those big bad oil companies that don't employ anybody of course. And not even know. Kind of funny how the biggest anti capitalist people in the world -- some of them Mara also -- heavily invested in this some of these evil businesses. Joey -- at a major help clear the interest in the stories are great guess what I can't give it to the website. So I'm gonna need that list of schools like now. There's no just no I mean now I mean like the printed list if you can just go in the newsroom and -- -- up up your real time out just got it. The diocese of buffalo has announced the closing of ten area Catholic schools as part of their revitalization. Plan. Okay personal note. This reminds me of George Orwell. And his famous essay politics in the English language which by the way I've referred to on many an occasion. I find it interesting that in order to keep something alive to re by July visit you must killer. We have to destroy this village. So it can be state. I'm not economic picture it's all right it's just not the work -- those just read vital is nation is just not the word I would use. All right annunciation. Of the blessed virgin Mary school in alma. Closed at the end of this year. Fourteen in the holy helpers school in west Seneca. Close. At the end of this year. Our lady of Pompeii school in Lancaster. Closed at the end of this year. Our lady of the sacred heart school in Orchard Park. Saint Bernadette school Orchard Park. Saint Francis of assisting school in Taiwan I noticed CCR screwed Saint Joseph school in gold wonder. Saint Leo the great school in Amherst that one hurts. I'm not that they all don't but. Never saint Mary of the lake school in Hamburg. And saint Vincent DePaul school in spring broke all of these schools are going to -- close. At the end of this school year. And folks you know the stories that I've talked about over the years. This is what happens. When you live in an area. Bet is dominated. By a political party I either Democrats or do you prefer the liberals the progressives. This is what happens when you chase the child -- population out of an area. Likened this to -- taxes. By ridiculous regulation. By acts that deprive you of freedom like the New York State act. This is what happens when liberals run a state. You'd chase the best and the brightest out of that state. You'd chase the best and the brightest of childbearing years out of the state. Because people aren't stupid well except maybe liberals and progressives and they mean well I'm sure but. Anybody with a brain your 3035. Years all your wife is 3035. Years old you'll wanna start a family. Between the two you're making 70000 dollars a year in New York State. You moved to a state without income taxes Florida or Texas which I consider. You immediately put more money into your family's -- Jerker. And you do not pay for the freaking drains on society which we invite to New York State. Because we not only have the Rolls Royce of Medicaid we not only have. The Rolls Royce of other social programs. We have the gamble Lear -- of social programs. So for those of you who think politics don't matter. For those of you who think that all of this stuff is a theory. That all of this stuff is just some philosophy. Politics has real world ramifications. -- in Erie county lawmaker once said grammar for patients. Politics matter folks. And when you consistently elect people who believe that. We we got to fundamentally change America. We we got too much of inequality with wealth in America and we gotta we gotta. We got a picture of things even out and frankly the Catholic Church has been partially response. Trouble for that -- think social justice is another name for it that's another name for. Social justice. In a lot of cases means left wing progressive priests. Who think that the rich are evil. And that even the upper middle class just isn't carrying its -- load. So ladies and gentlemen I just wanna -- this is the kind of story you can expect even more. In the days to come. Because the politics of this state. Which believes that New York State should have first dibs on the fruits of your labor not your own family. Not your children's education that you would pay for. But other people whether they're illegal criminal immigrants or not. You know in this state you pay. In state tuition. For. Illegal. Residents. Of this state you know that right. You can live in Pennsylvania. Legally born in Gettysburg or Harrisburg or -- And you're going to pay out of state tuition rates. In the state university system in New York State you are as American as apple -- and fake boobs yet you. Will pay out of state tuition to attend Howard university's. You take somebody who is here with no legal right to be here today get in state tuition. Which is considerably less expensive -- out of state tuition. So if you're looking for somebody to -- about this. I want it'll look in the mirror if you've consistently been voting liberal or progressive Democrat. Because that's another name for whatever you may. They believe the state. Has first dibs on your money. And we have done show after show. Show after show. About how this area chases away its best and its brightest. As I said earlier. So many people people I know -- child bearing years. And this has been taking place as a trend for a long time. So many people have said this state it's it is is a lot. Baseball to places where they actually get to keep more. Of the fruits of their labor. So I just want to keep that mine. And if you go to -- church I don't care it's Catholic or episcopalian. Believe or not at one point I was confirmed as an episcopalian. But I was acute I didn't know when he. But no matter what church -- -- when they start throwing things around like social justice. That is a liberal code word for. Hello you've got to view. You should be driving an old Pinto. You live and up 14100 square foot house. There are people who don't have a 14100 square put house you should be living in -- 800 square foot house and somebody else should get that extra footage giving up. Because of the income inequality. In the United States. Ladies and gentlemen do you think there's a country on the face of this earth or ever has been. That does not have income inequality. And I'm gonna let you know I'm a little secret here folks life isn't fair. I would say that again because I do realize that there are certain people in the media who need it's that a few times to get it right. Life is not a year. Many of us are the products of the genetic we'll. In the words of the fictional character Paul jolt -- on the -- products. Talking about the death of Michael. We know our Christopher -- played by Michael and burial -- he said it a who would against I beat the prostate he dies and a car crash. Ride that painted pony let her let us -- it will charge. And many of us ladies in jail and whether you want to admit this fact or not. Higher IQ people tend to have higher paying jobs. It's not mayor. It isn't you'll never have -- -- solitary and state. Even in the old Soviet Union votes do you think Khrushchev and rash of -- drop off. And all those other do these bags you think for a minute that they lived like the people they were governed in summit gala Terry and utopia. If you really believe that. You really need a serious dose of reality I would suggest you talk to somebody who grew up in a Communist country. And but I also add that many of the refugees from Communist countries whether they are the Soviet Union or Hungary. -- them sometimes. Why do you think we have so many Hungarians in Western New York -- just use your common sense here for for for a moment I -- -- closed with a local Hungarian community. I actually got to say good morning and Gary -- results. I also -- had agreed a lady has set to Kokomo -- your hand. That's proof of my closeness. You talk to some of these Hungarians. Who came here after 1956. Day relish the freedoms we used to have. The issue. Communist alleged egalitarian -- Because it's not fair and it's not right and life never issues. I'm gonna continue this thought because this is really -- the Genesis of why this announcement was made today. You're politicians. Have chased. Income producing people and productive members of society out of this state. Why because people who were on the government teens. And I used the -- apps. Which is a biblical reference four bogeys apps people or the government perhaps they know where their bread has butter. And they're gonna keep on voting yen. The same brain dead -- nuts those of you who bite into social justice up there's nothing wrong in effect and a champion. Of social justice. And you know it's troll because -- can prove -- over thirty years. I don't like people who were the little guys. Getting X greeted upon by the system. I try to defend people who are being bully. That has been the story of my life. And I hope it's the story of your life. But social justice. That term. Has been bastard -- And has been hide you what it really means social justice. Would it really means is hey let's continue to let people in the country illegally who were simply gonna sock off the government perhaps forever with nothing to contribute to society. Let's just make sure that we have everybody on a Lear jet or maybe even a citation. In perpetuity. Because we need to take care of them. You know what I'm all for taking care of people who need to be taking -- My own personal code of -- says when somebody is down and out. When somebody is physically or mentally unable to work I do believe. That we as a society have a moral obligation to make sure that their bed warm and well taken care. I do not believe. In a cycle of dependency. That goes back to LBJ. And the great society. And by the way there's a famous quote from president Lyndon Baines Johnson. And it's affect it if I were black and I'm a white. If I were black obese so offended by this and I can't use the word because I don't have my black card yet. And embraced by every other ethnic group. I need to be called an honorary black guy which somebody please call me an honorary black guy I'm going to be ten people to consider me an honorary black guy before -- can use this work. Lyndon Johnson once famously said. After signing some of his great society legislation. Well this'll have the blanks voting Democrat for the next hundred years. But they're filled with love and compassion -- I need to -- a WB -- your phone call 8030930. Imagine -- political threat to anybody. 8030930. Start 930. And 180616. WBZ and top market is gonna have a full list again of the Catholic schools. That are going to be closing at the end of the year I want your thoughts if this affect you. Forgive my monologue but folks this is a practical application this is a practical result. A liberal politics in New York State which chase young child during people. In two areas where they can actually prosper instead of just squeaked by. Your boat politics have consequences. Elections matter. Remember that votes. The ratings of it now it happens to make perfect cents. 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WB yen to my new listeners thank you for checking me out. Give me a chance on an okay guy. -- a conservative area. -- -- By the way my personal apologies. To those who have been writing the obituary on made sorry guys you you could see your counselor they do -- medications that make you feel a lot. It's 434 news radio 930 WBE. And a law and order form. To cut through things -- let's say number one. I don't back down number two I step up number three. I'll show every politician. And person in public life how to be a freaking man. I am soul. Are likely sick. Of people in the public high. Doing -- here Layton may quote lives. That it may never has been never will be what you hear is which again it always has been always will be and folks. All right can't begin to thank you for all the nice where she's -- -- my way I just want you know. I am stronger. Than you have any idea. And I look I I feel your love. I don't worry idealist and I feel your love like he can't believe. And part of it is the fact that we know we just. Always been honest with you guys. Even about things people said top. Why do you even talk about the effect you vacation at hedonism two integral Jamaica with a swingers ago. Because I don't want a phony LO. Up a couple of words about that as your average. Pay are trying to get that has ever jacked off himself. Really I'm just -- curious. -- is that what you want seriously. Anybody who's taking part. In the lynching. Of damage against Ebbers act at this point. Gotta be issue and yours -- You ought to be -- -- The man resigned. He's at this point eight private citizen. I watched the video at WB -- that. Is if there is anybody who thinks. That that is a video of a man actually. And achieving. Our. I'm sorry I don't know anybody. Over the age of thirteen. Who is able to finish that fast. I see that and I see oh my god this is a joke. That as ever Jack I'm proud to call -- average act a friend of mine and I'm sorry if that offends some review. But to me look at that has ever -- say oh my gosh here's a guy who's got my sense of humor in many ways. And I know what's coming next buy hourly support sexual harassment. Folks I'm not -- went to the story again about what I did in Florida. I actually got a white guy fired. Because he was resting. -- a black lady. In Florida. In 1989. So if you wanna say that I'm supporting sexual harassment policy UN court. And the story. 803 don't let thirties via phone number -- news radio 930 WBE and the let's talk about the -- Catholic. School situation. Because many if you hold your school's very very year school are. You know it's funny schools -- percent. Before I put calls on the air I just a lot Taylor story. That's how the pirate Abraham Lincoln used to start and preamble some of what you would say his cabinet -- story. And this wasn't -- a Catholic school. There's like there's a an elementary school located on freeze road that's the one that ever releases Fries -- -- it spelled that way but it's freeze wrote. And of course the count joke wise it's Fries and that's not hurt and freeze on the tour. Funny inside joke against you had to grow up with a out of Ottawa to appreciate it but that's always called -- elementary. It was originally built in 1927. I know because in six grade I wrote a history of our own school which the principal loved by the way the late great William north. But anyway. I -- It was racer. Yeah north -- was the assistant principal and a great man and I know his family listens to me and I've never forgotten. Mr. William or -- Tremendous human be in any event. That school was torn down. It had been closed back in the late 1970s. Early 1980s bad era because of declining enrollment. It was leased to various community organizations over the years but. Being that it was basically. A structure that was built for a different Europe. It's outlived its useless. And it was torn down. And in a metaphor. For all of Western New York. Brighton elementary school which educated generations. Of young children from kindergarten through the sixth grade. Was demolished to make way for. Senior. Citizens. Housing. If that isn't a perfect metaphor. For what we've talked about today I don't know what it is. And I went to -- elementary school. And some of the saddest days of my life. Took place when they tore that building down I took videos of the destruction crew the demolition crew that was in there. And here here's how much that affected and -- that this at all. I went down to the pizzeria -- threes and Brighton. And I bought a large cheese and pepperoni pizza for the demolition crew. And I drove it to them at lunchtime. And I gave it to the mice that guys I used to go to this school. I harbor no ill will for what you're doing but is there any chance that I can take a couple of bricks just for old time's sake. I've learned something in life. Pizza solves all problems and they were like to shoot for lunch you take as many as you want I took two or three. One of which is now probably in the position a possession of one of my former schoolmates -- mil which she houses her -- elementary school brick proudly. So I know what it's like there was a school. And we're gonna take your calls it 030930. I apologize to -- it all three Oakland thirty start ninth thirty and 180616. WB EN. Does today's announcement of the school closings personally affect. And do you believe that. Catholic schools or private schools are better than public schools. And what I have to say coming up is gonna surprise the hell out of summit. Because I don't like being predictable and I don't like sticking to a script. Let me go to. Buffalo on WB -- -- hello. How do -- Do you have a child in one of these schools or somebody you know when one of these schools that is not going to be a school much longer. Now I actually do not. I myself. When -- true -- -- or grammar school and high school. And my dribbling hand it's buying high and it's -- But who. -- My question moderate right now my question as you brought -- something regarding social justice. All right wage and -- she's -- I need to bring -- waste basket over here because I find that very termed to be a medical to me. In other words did you puke social justice but please go ahead. Okay. What is your definition that social justice and I want it finished talking about. Why does it matter what my definition is what is your definition -- averting explained social justice in my definition -- years. Look at kind of -- a little bit about that's why. Others are in and listen to it on the Internet -- you brought up the subject during your call of social justice so I'm asking you what that means to you. While you're talking about -- hot means taken away from those who have been getting to those who do not have. That's a big part of it -- It's a whole code for progressive politics. What. Shall I -- and German is a better. I am sorry -- speak the language. Now. -- it would be lost -- It is a code the term itself has been -- year because think about it rationally social justice sounds. But it's not social justice what it is is progressive liberal politics. -- -- them I'm wondering about as because. I cannot say. I I'm not a huge proponent of Catholic education even though I am a product -- that. My own children did not. Go -- Well I have one child and a Catholic school Catholic high school and I have another. Child who is an -- public school -- at my -- children want you bought a public quote and I'm thinking back a time when I was in high school and I took and actually short on the class. And I Catholic all girls high school all that. Really really made an impact on me because they're talking about now for men and apartheid you and al-Qaeda doesn't match with. I guess with what you're saying social justice and. Well now let me just ask you question in this this is a tricky question and it's gonna get me in trouble. May I ask approximately what year you graduated. From my arm yeah I graduated -- -- IG's sun and tourism older than you are. Our students are aware that that's sucks. You do know that at one point Nelson Mandela. -- forgive me for being politically incorrect. But you do know that before he had a halo on him. He was also. Consorting with people were were not exactly angelic correct. -- -- -- What now transferring social justice to 2014. And by the way Nelson Mandela. Ultimately proved to be a great man. As did Martin Luther King. Now Martin Luther King I mean if you wanna talk about great Americans. Dr. Martin Luther King he was a man who also. And sorted with some people who weren't exactly. Especially in the times in which he was consorting with them. Outstanding citizens and I'm talking about the Communist Party. You do know that Martin Luther King's friends in his early career many of them were Communists and did you do know right. Okay now. Here's the deal. As far as social justice is concern that term. My opinion. That term has been hijacked by people. Because who wants to be against social. Justice it sounds. All eight. Social. Justice but. My dear I believe in social justice for the American taxpayer. And when the Catholic Church as an institution. Is against our immigration laws. As by the way are the progressive politicians. When they believe that everybody essentially deserves a place in the United States that's not social justice that's anarchy. So while I guess what relatives and Hotmail I think we're out I think we're on the same way public. Because whether people wanna think this is BS or not I've said this before. Dr. Martin Luther King is one of the one of my all time great American heroes. And you might think that's BS. He's just saying that recover his ass I've got a long record as saying that so invite me. But but mark at the reverend Martin Luther King Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man. Not Nelson Mandela proved UB. Our great man ultimately at the end without Nelson Mandela there would have been more bloodshed in South Africa. Then there is even now and what the media has never told you about South Africa is -- do you know what country even under a part time. Even under a racist regime. Do you know what country in Africa saw an actual increase in immigration a black people. -- -- Or more. Were were I'd like we're dirt during the during the apartheid era in particular you'd like -- name during the boat that regime. And prior to there. Now the media but -- just finish my thought the meeting here. Made it seem as -- South Africa. Was this place every from which everybody wanted to escape. Everybody just want it out of there yet the statistics be lie that narrative. People were dying to get him to South Africa because it was one of the few places yes under -- tied. We're an economy was actually grow. And word jobs were to be hat and I don't endorse apart tied I don't endorse racism I think we've listened long enough. You know that that just -- knee. That's not my bag baby. On. Martin Luther King. And -- I'm trying not to ramble here but you're stumbling on something that's very emotional to me. Martin Luther King single handedly. Single handedly changed. The United States as one man standing up against the tyranny of American racism. And Jim -- And social justice now however. It's changed. The term social justice to beat and I expected a lot of people listening has been hijacked by people. So that if you oppose the -- Unchecked. Illegal invasion of America by people who have no legal right to be here. Well if you call that social justice who wants to be against social justice and please look this up yourself on line it yet. This does not this is not brain surgery. If you can also look up by the way. Is autism on the subject George Orwell. Politics and the English language I posted that on my FaceBook about two months ago. At the -- words can be used. To hide the true purposes. So a lot of what is today considered social justice. I considered to be nothing more than progressive. BS designed to keep Liberal Democrats in power in perpetuity. I understand I guess I just had a different understanding. Cultural adjustment. And as compared to one year old has come to me. Oh you know what JoAnne is that you know basically. I think -- whole were on the same page and we all adults here which authority figure you listen to. No matter what they say. You have to do your own -- whether it was Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. You've got to figure out when they use words what those words really mean because seriously who wants to be against social justice that's likely has. Apple -- But when social justice is misconstrued. And this applied to basically condone and endorse anarchy and our borders with Mexico well at the same time Grady has the way that our I have to get the fort -- to play bingo there's something wrong. You're talking about. Amen sister. Do we understand each other and do we part as friends. Yeah we understand each other that we don't artists as -- I don't know about you don't like the idea. Not much out there. But I applaud your honesty I really do thank you very much. Thank you restaurant manager called. It is so refreshing that somebody is honest you might think that I'm offended. I love the ladies honesty. I would rather have somebody who doesn't like me say they don't like me. And somebody -- more than happy to accept my money. And then suddenly forget about. This. All right well look you up she'd like previous caller you know like -- But I encourage you very much votes to be very critical. -- people who use terms like social justice. Because deep in our American psyche. We all want justice don't. Don't we all want the lady blindfolded balancing the scales and judging and adjudicating a situation based on the facts in the probative evidence don't. Of course -- Thought. Call -- old fashioned. My ancestors came to the United States and I'm sure yours did -- for the most part. As legal citizens. They went through the up process. Though legal way. And unfortunately. The so called social justice crowd. They actually believe I'm not make in this up. They actually believe that anybody who's able to walk swim or wade across the Rio Grande. Ought to be given citizenship. And all benefits. In the the United States. I don't think that would that's a great way to destroy a country that's a great way by the way to destroy the health care system you don't know folks. -- he must be right wing paranoia act out you can look this up yourself. Folks you do know. Bet innumerable hospitals have closed along our border with Mexico. Because what would happen and which still happens is Mexicans sneak into America illegally. They get their medical care they squirt not a kid and are back they go into Mexico. And guess what they don't pay their bills. Are racist out. If it is then why did the hospitals close. Because their expenses. Over rode their revenue. The bill the bill never got pay now let me ask you another question whom does that hurt. Does it -- just white people. Doesn't hurt anglos. No it hurts everybody. No matter who you are what you look like. At some point you will wish to build yourself. Of an emergency room. At some point a loved one is going to trip and fall and be bleeding profusely and in need of stitches. At some point. Your kid is gonna break and -- And instead of a hospital being ten minutes away. Thanks to the invasion from Mexico. And the fact that many of these people who come here. Justice were not a kid or for free medical care never pay their bills -- -- that has any impact at all on why hospitals quotes. And if you don't think that's the case would you like to go back and read the transcript of his excellency bishop Malone. Talking about why ten Catholic schools are closing at the end of this year. Because of revenue the revenue is not covering The Beatles same thing with hospitals at the border. So again. I will support the Catholic Church. I will support born again Christians. I will support Methodists. -- support any. In bigger. Ability. To practice their faith. Or their lack of faith. I can't stand Catholic match. I can't stand -- bench. I can't stand Protestant bench. Because a person's relationship spiritually. With a creator. Or a non creator -- own business. But whatever your belief happens to be I want -- -- ominous stand behind your ability to practice there. Until. The heavens fall. It is as brother Kevin Costner likened JFK was and let justice be done -- the heavens fall. All right it is. He also -- popularize the expression tyranny -- never prosper. What is the reason. For -- for prosper. None dare call it treason. 456 at WBM and yes I and the most brilliant men in buffalo.

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