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1-15 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Auto Lola does region governor and I'm sandy beach like a good -- bad knows about them discovers that -- the bad noses he's out of office record for the good knows is he's getting into and a lot of work he's going to do infomercials. As a matter fact he just posted online. I demo real about -- miracles. I'm just saying OK got to check it out and at the end he replies to the director. Yikes how dumb are these guys I mean that's the question -- have the real gas. The people who are in charge of our lives the people who make decisions on how fast we can drive how much money we can take home. What we have to send back so they can buy more votes. You know all of the things when stars can be opened. Dumb as a stop they really are now I've sat in the guy -- -- video. I mean it's just beyond. Words I mean it just truly is an and it's very. Very adult oriented it was put -- beyond adult okay so just just be advised. Ma am you know I Q when you think you're never going to be more amazed you become warm -- that's where it is. Tony is back from -- -- -- on hanging in there and gas and our Chris Chris that a good job yesterday but we know you're -- weren't there but we're glad to have you back in Q I was feeling -- this morning it's funny I feel better as the day goes on usually. Then one it used to be. That I jump out of bed at 2:30 in the morning when I did mornings on FM mainly. And I just fabulous just hit the ground running. Now it takes a little longer to get through the of the pace that's an idea help -- a little -- has this state goes hi I'm sure I'm sure UB -- -- -- -- -- to our blog today and Chris -- Chris did a good job yesterday and he's happy to be in the -- -- today right -- answer it talking about it I -- -- -- -- -- I was a brand -- bites but clearly our Lola Brenda only city. Has a blog on WB and -- com cobra does bites. And because she talked about food all the time we're always interest in what she's posting and something I've heard about but I'd not seen it before. It's color krona. It's a it's a hybrid between. Quote science. At a doughnut and the urge you guys -- seen matter that yes I've seen a picture of not your food channel fanatic -- good. It's something I would try it's we did the -- Chris have you have you seen -- -- before you guys were on mornings the only big crone like crazy in New York City where people waited exactly right got it was like a guy I was like a real -- It debuted in New York it's the biggest food item in 2013. And that the combination of the two and I'm thinking. See the advantage of like like with a bagel if you have a bagel for breakfast or two holes. -- bagels basically bread and so is toast. But once you get into road to own thoughts now you're talking about frosting now you're talking about. Filming cream -- judge jelly filling talking about sprinkles yeah it's you can eat a certainly yeah a piece of toast or televisa toast. Or a -- -- with no guilt feelings at all but once you get in the doughnuts. It's a whole different ball game as soon. As its -- as you swallow that bite of donut you've Google. -- bit and maybe it's my Catholic upbringing you know we have to have X amount of guilt we have to fill out the -- every year I met the level of guilt that I should be you know. It's it's good. But instantly feel bad and the crow dot. I have not seen I've not I've not had won so I'm I'd like to try one. Other things that drum that are that are coming out as far as fashionable foods the rom and total burger. It calls for the new rules to be fashioned into -- And long line of people thought that they -- -- they should have that so if you want to check out the the new -- hot trendy food. The -- ago would be -- -- -- excellent if anybody out there by the way we don't wanna. When a lot of seem. Cheap and tawdry and I'm looking for free stuff but if if you have a -- if you make the krona -- and overly. A couple of Tony -- because he was sick yesterday if if if if if they can get it. This is the mandated two year old pop. -- there's always a rap pop -- I challenge him and what we -- rapid it was normal an evening because it's rap and metal aluminum foil. -- -- And you couldn't even tell the difference right now that's why I say for your emergency food in the car pop -- because you know be something other than try to post. Like duke is eligible -- just tried to host in crackers I bet because your stomach feels yet. Have you ever tried. Liver and a and ice -- and -- it's really good you you put the lever in the oven. Put a -- -- treatment of them put the microwave on and that kinda. Kind of drips down cascades on his -- so -- kind of cascades down the liver. And an end and little French onion soup after reports that that's an. -- All right let's see Justin Bieber. He is such you know law is in the Justin beaver. First of all this is the kind of kid you love to hate. Because all the little girls go. Justin -- Oh John -- a dream about. You find out -- little punk has enough money to buy a Ferrari any any does any. He's a beast terrorizing his neighbor is doing a hundred miles an hour and is driveway basically. While now we got something else -- does Justin Bieber four he's nineteen years old. And he has not embarked or charge but he's a suspect in a neighbor's house and getting a neighbor's house -- ten years old. I mean this is ridiculous. The Associated Press reported. He has not been arrested. During the search one member of his -- of his entourage. Was arrested for suspicion of cocaine position possession so is is Al wild diverse crowd if you look at the diversity. One -- snort Coke the other guy's throwing an -- at the neighbor's house -- if -- contains everything you want in a social relationship goes about -- rescission rights. Snore or should I go to the poultry division and pick -- -- makes for a little fun tonight. Abbas Norton than -- yeah -- it's -- the egg completely available on the -- up to a -- goes. OK and I anticipate that money H Ty Warner okay. First name begins with -- age I don't know what it is ties the wide. Warner. Is a guy who is accused of tax division for hiding 25 million dollars and income. In a secret Swiss bank account. Now if you and I hid for so I'd like to have 25 million that I gonna hide but. If we did have 25 million and we had to hide it will be a big trouble right well. Not so much trouble for him because he invented. Beanie babies. And the judge who could have given him up to five years in prison. Gave him two years of probation no prison now for 25. Million bucks. 25 may now if you owe the IRS a dollar 32 who. I don't work out a payment plan for -- but you better pay up. And now it does not mention restitution communism I'm sure that that would be part of it he says he was suffering shame and embarrassment. Pay for 25 million I'll suffer shame and yeah. Chamber of Russia and remember him he was on PR for awhile I'll take -- will be back that Justin Bieber outlaw you know I. I'd love. For him to go to jail simply because the image of Justin -- in prison just tickled my funny you know. And they applies when a mine and therefore we egg -- neighbor's house what did you do you murdered some. That's our next step from egging the neighbors -- knicks were gonna go to TP would go to the toilet paper than trees. Will be back after this you know people think that when your on the radio. You must lead up pretty exciting life you are talking about his backstage concert stuff meet the artist interview the big debate will -- club and you know just haven't -- great intrigue of the front of the line they don't let that other -- Emma -- and you -- -- -- -- and how we don't paper tickets for anything it's a pretty glamorous life except. For best. Last night at 930. I was watching a show. On how they manufactured Q tips -- A -- and I can. My life has really gone down a couple of while you all of -- A right let's. Followed by how they manufacture four home I'm not kidding and aware of the -- stuff that the repair adding. When you when you ship things as -- that they don't break. It's how they cut home and how they manufactured cute that was my like last night you are up because on Sunday. Georgia spirited talk about any thing. And somebody is liable a lot of ludicrous to get on the air this is always our fear they got a lot of -- get out there and there is a oh by the way. You know how to manufacture Q tips and I'll be able poem about that so I'm ready camera -- ago now some innovation. In the Super Bowl this year coming up on. Yeah this is from the Associated Press apparently fox sports has a few weather related tricks that they're going to use next month for the Super Bowl. They're gonna start with the that I tried out this weekend in the NFC title game between San Francisco and Seattle. -- can give is that they have cameras that are gonna show. Player's body temperatures and how the change throughout the game on this is base that is going to be. Regarding use oral thermometers. And it hit it I hope not otherwise would only -- with senator Patrick. -- -- is gonna give you some pretty -- the visuals in the also said. That they are going to have our device that was shall I'll wind affects quarterbacks and kickers. And they'll also try out some new high tech for -- cameras. Then we'll zoom in for when he called the definitive angle and they are touting this as the coldest in bowl the Super Bowl. However that's interstate I think -- -- would be interesting too is Mike them for heart rate. To see if when the play starts if all of a sudden there are outrageous goes sky high rollers you know when merry you know on -- or something it's it's lower. Our whomever they try different things they tried Mike in the coaches. Christian and jump and -- -- and that proved uneventful because the good colorful coaches they had been since -- -- at 800 chuck -- -- of the war even care about. A study tried that I think the thing that I like the most it's come up in the last half dozen years. Was the the movable over the field camera -- I'd -- back as -- gives you a perspective. -- even an out pattern how much army you have to have to get that ball -- yeah I love that -- in a -- -- -- what do you guys like the most of the innovation in the last few years I think its Arch Chemicals that might -- the -- when it doesn't really show you because I'm on the other shots that they -- to take it doesn't look like a big -- As a matter fact what you find is when you go to the stadium it doesn't look nearly as imposing as a dozen television. You know what I mean when they're kicking a field goal for them you would think if you -- a stadium you would think a seven yard field and arm. -- -- much you know on television. Is it reverses. Anything like him a technologically. Advancement of football the one snow game we saw this year in Philadelphia between the lions and the Eagles they superimpose. The yard markers over the snow I've never seen at a total seats go. I like that I'd like to see laser yard markers have said that for years and years and years because it would it would show the running back with a receiver where they had to go to get that first down. But he be very interesting because -- might we see on TV the players don't see -- line that's that's yeah a television. What they re I was reading arena football is going to do this year. They're getting in picture bring a ball the face mask rate between eastern ball. They're gonna have a camera and I know how almost word all my award have you noticed in the playoffs this last weekend. How many here's the guy with the ball okay. Here's the ball here are two guys coming to get him. From the same team. The guy with the -- ducks underneath and the two guys bump heads and how many times we say that to happen and Mattel has got hurt to think yeah I wanna say I want to say they have like four or five time -- just the San Diego game alone sandy hook up knocking each other out exactly and I think you'll find that a lot of the times that your favorite player is knocked out of the game it was because of somebody are friendly fire somebody on their own team. You think that there have to be a way to coach around that. But I guess when they're flinging their bodies like missiles at each other. That kind of stuff happens -- the time coach now of the -- but it's I did -- and Chris is driving for five times. Okay a survey from GFI's survey 565. Adults. You guys answer. If you don't race all of your personal information on line would you. 11% said I don't think there's data on me on line and 30% said no 59%. Said yes they would raise all of their data. We jury saw your data on line. Not necessarily now on how about you I'm not that socially active so I think I am pretty say I don't really care yeah I don't I don't put anything but a questionable long line of people. Might put stuff on about you we have no control over that but now. Now it's it's it's it's silly and it's oh here's another one asterisk. 1% said what and my thinking -- Fabrice the news and diesel it respondent this theory. That time now. When you see that video you gotta wonder the -- nuts. Does he think nobody else is ever going to see it. Does he not take a chance that it could fall into bad hands. I mean I don't know when this thing was shot. Glad it's them pretty remarkable makes me -- more in favor of term limits oh absolutely. About intelligence tests to. We could -- that true -- -- tell you as a photographer who took. A topless picture not of himself. But of a female model on the top of the Empire State Building. And he's been so one point one million dollar lawsuit filed against this guy by the owners of the Empire State Building for taking the picture. Of a topless model on the observation deck while you're gonna observe you should be on the observation they're going to bank. You're consuming all you want to just now are PGA's please said the F photographer Alan Hansen. He says after six years in the army he's not afraid of via. Of the lawsuit. The owners claim that he damaged the buildings reputation. As a safe family friendly attraction when he took photos of the model in August. They say he never asked for permission. And that he wouldn't have gotten permission and he acts. The photographers that he was a myth that the owners claim that he took the photos what. They called his self styled -- around the town project so he's got to boobs around with our project. Why -- we gotta say I'm a lot of time has come to a management meeting here in America are you want -- -- the gas drive all around down let's go to air. Kansas City to the -- with the phone when no kids were around. And he says they have no commercial value we just posted them on social media. So a boobs around town I don't know if it's posted now are not through guarantee people don't -- that building one point one. That's 550000. Dollars a well. That's a lot of money good things you did have one on the back preventing it would have been cost prohibitive. -- back what -- -- beach and company hang in there. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. Tony zinni crackers because he loses -- how yesterday and his stomach too little queasy today but I we -- now Tony I'm thinking. Sometimes -- usual remedies of help soon that is an upset stomach -- thing I have ever had to Opel engraving all -- -- really are with hot -- ago I'm. You kind of just it's seeps right through the tofu and that it's like eating a sponge. It's very very very tasty the -- got to try it I'm here and make it through -- at -- I hope I'm glad I'm in a different studio and you are however and that's another story. Love and marriage love and marriage. Go to the other like a horse and carriage and they do that's true. But here when earlier you start terrorists they are dating and our young lady your week and reverses -- you're dating a younger. Next thing you know after you've been dating a little while your mother says. When a YouTube kids got to get married okay this is a little pressure. And then after you do get married the same mothers says. You do kid's gonna make me a grandmother. You're gonna have kits so the progression. You -- somebody you follow. You get did get a lot of suggestions that maybe you should get married. Then get suggestions that maybe should have children that's the circle the circle of life. And it works for a lot of people but for some able it doesn't. And say here's an example of what I'm talking about there is a new study out that says. That people without children get ready to gas now. Are happier. I heard rush talking about this yesterday on the way home and am I as I heard it I knew that I had to do it was a subject begging to be done. IA gas. When Russia that. I'm thinking way to let this go around settle a lot of -- cars because they assume. That if you say you're happier without children there's something wrong way the -- The only reason to be able should be togethers have children and further the population of the earth that's and that's a big house and a lot of people taken to extremes. I think as many children as I can possibly have that's my goal. Okay but the thought is that a lot of people perhaps and the people are willing to admit that. A lot of people wouldn't admit that they were happier without children because it seems almost to them like a character flaw. -- you're supposed to be happier with children without them but I'm not getting any sleep. And -- I -- wit's end half the time and we have no life at all it's all around the kids. And -- can get if I could just five minutes of peace and quiet I would give a thousand dollars for. But they feel guilty thinking about apparently not everybody is going to hide their -- because. They -- they replied to -- a study. In open university in England and believe me when not a meaningless I don't know about that it says here in the CNN article. The strain can lead parents to feel less satisfied -- their relationship according to another study by open university in England. In the -- studied which involves surveys of more than 5000. People. In England and in the United States the authors found shot was couples were happier when their relationships. And where they're partners then parents were who had children. OK so the people without children were happier and here is that I kicker okay. When asked who was the most important person in their lives mothers said the children. Fathers set it. The partners. So the father says yes my wife is the most important person in my life and the mother says my child is the most important person in my life. We've talked about this before. What happens a lot of times is you want is OK honey I'm pregnant. It's so exciting. First of all if you've seen him in the TV commercials for the pregnancy test you know where they always show. -- -- -- -- I'm pretty happy error when indeed I'm sure looks as pivotal. Moment Oslo. What are we doing now call partner -- book the fire always learned and that kind of stuff all right. So -- answer you get married and then you have the child and that's great. But everybody wants to be a great parent. So what he would do he would devote every waking. It. 20 they've been child. And you kind of neglect your partner. Has got to put on hold because your bargains -- grown up this is a baby baby needs a lot of attention. And as the years go by suddenly you'll find that. Your your time and your effort in your thought process is rarely. Israeli totally devoted to the children. Okay what happens after oh I don't know seven seniors. Kids go off to college or they go off to work or they go off the military. And you you have empty nest syndrome. Two parents looking at each other and wondering what happened to their relationship. They got married they I mean they fell in love they got married they had the child. But at that point the relationship and grow anymore the relationship became a work relationship. And suddenly now the kids are gone the nest is empty -- you go from here. Say and that's why in this day when the men said. The women were the most important part of their relationship the women didn't say they said the -- And so -- everything devoted to the kids. And nothing devoted to the relationship. When the kids are gone you don't have a relationship and that's what happens a lot of times it happens a lot of times. And you wonder you try and you try and rekindle what you had. A before and I'm not talking about reading off a computer you tried to rekindle. What you had when you first met you try and remember what attracted you to that other person. And you can barely remember because for the last 1718. Years maybe. It's all all of your effort has been devoted to -- Now that's grade -- the -- you know good parent and we all should strive to be good parents we have children absolutely. What I'm saying is this is a situation that has to be faced. And you'll notice some parents try and them. Rich and try and heads about a little bit and they have like. Every third Tuesday after blowing we have time to ourselves and Newsweek. It would go out on a date Leo go to McDonald's and get Fries and and that's it. And and they trying carve out a little a little couple time. But it's not enough. It's not enough because all the rest of it is for the and -- enough times what happens is suddenly you can see breaks in the relationship because certain things happen. Suddenly dad's working a lot of overtime. Because the overtime means extra money and the more money we have the more things we can enjoy and doing whatever his family when in truth that that mainly. Is working the extra hours because he just wants a little different change of scenery every once in awhile something a little different. But nobody wants to admit that. Because they they they knew they see themselves as not great parents selfish may be. Because the people of seventeen children think that anybody who has sixteen children are selfish doesn't have seventy it's just the way it works. The way -- -- should be as far as I'm concerned what's what the couple wants not what their mother wants not what their aunt -- wants but what they want. They want children and children they don't want children don't have children shouldn't be pressured and and there's a lot of pressure. I mean there's there there's pressure within the church. I certainly within the Catholic Church -- assume I'm familiar with but there's there's a community pressure. They assume that that there's some kind of deficit with VO if you have not had children after you vote got married and that's not the case at all. Maybe maybe you'll waited a bad because you want to get established in your career. Or maybe there are certain things that you absolutely want to do what your life. And you'll want to duel before you start having children because once you have children may -- can do it anymore. And then any time you feel that -- have been devote yourself to your life as much as you'd like to you blame it on the -- which is unfair. Trade on on 3018061692. For six aren't thirty. Are you happier without kids. What was the most important purse and a person in your life as far as couples a concern as we said in the survey for women it's their kids from minutes -- women. And you know I don't wanna be alarming here I don't wanna be. Grandstanding but I've come to the conclusion. Conclusion that I'm against. That memory used for us acts. Women don't they don't care about us as human beings. They know that if they're gonna have children somebody has to start the process and they can't do it themselves OK no matter how how many laws we changed. They're going to have to look up -- a man or -- -- by product and that's the way it goes OK so he's got the impression every once in awhile there. We're just sperm donors. Feel so left out -- Will be back where are your thoughts on the radio and I'm thirty WB yet so bacteria called show way or asking several questions. It's this survey out of England says the couples are happier without children. I know that many of you think that's heresy but. I think some people are. Are more suited to having -- others don't want -- nothing wrong with that but it is society takes -- view of that your job you are married now. We want should have kids are mean miserable like the rest of the and at the white asked to the most important person in their lives were in this survey the women said the children. And the husband said the lives so that'll tell you something. Men did not show up on that survey. And our bench issues for sex and otherwise they know if they wanted to they got a eventually you know they say the Super Bowl runs through Denver something. Yard your ability to have their children runs or some mail. And I don't know if we're used like that I feel cheap and tawdry. Let's go that's my offer and cheapen the Audrey let's go to dot in spring build dot Iran WBM. I'll pay up think -- I don't play that -- dad stop. In the long run I've been there. When I have lived people. Setback so that the speak with life I -- -- -- -- dying moments. Having had children. I'm in general often produces a person who is more satisfied with their life it. They have their children standing around them it's better they're not by themselves. It says it's an easy way to. Two maturing connect to the world I would gas. It's also want to it's also a continuation. To say yes I'm going to continue even on my days on earth are gone. Through my family and they're going to continue through their family I understand that sure. Yes but then just in the daily. Getting back to because I I didn't I didn't have been pretty. Bad that you know what I we here. And that say prison his struggle with that question as a -- When I had my child my one and only child and I'm very grateful I got hurt you know. I found that I suddenly it was able to care for people and understanding caring and love. Like I never had before the idea of a loving creator intelligence made sense to me. I had hoped that christianity was true I later found out by getting on my knees when I don't think it. -- Det I didn't have an amazing experience that convince me to leave. Environmental chemistry amateur can look for the county -- -- nowadays and I became a nurse. Oh wow -- quite accomplished well how your relationship with your partner ago did that -- the death flourish as well or would that have become more distant and our. Wars all the energy devoted to the child. My first husband was an only child. -- we related deaths is because of my daughter. We did not really very well because I was not realizing -- pretty immature but there. Let you -- -- and and actually having I don't either helped -- more than anything else. We -- not yet now that we are friends we did care for each other you know keep an expedited deeply and we -- -- but. Anyway -- daughter and her big family. She ended up she and and yeah it is indicative encourage you to carry them and I liked it looked -- -- -- like you're my. Mighty com product and my father enjoyed sick girl and open. Oh wow well. Suck you'd you'd think it does that. Highly tell what country they're opening up -- going to be nine -- -- yet. Congratulations to you think it adds stability. And and our depth a certain a texture to a marriage. And and that most of the time and it's it's the best thing. -- and I think it just have to understand life and it sure I had a good look at them my my my second husband unfortunately. Has had a difficult time with his. They hate his first marriage split up early and it didn't work out as well for him and his. Child. The if you know be every time you put a two people together and then you -- a third person of the as a child that it is sometimes the relationship changes and I think that's -- -- -- individual -- -- thank you for sharing your information with us that you dot. I mean that is certainly it adds a strain I don't think anybody can say it doesn't it does lack of sleep but some simple things like lack of sleep. It just simply if if the child is a yeah a difficult baby to raise requires even more attention. Some people have it easier where that child is easier raised. But there's pluses and minuses -- up and on the board but I think one thing that you have to really keep an eye on -- We saw each other as a couple are we still a couple or are we that a mother and father of third party and that's the child. And the couple is kind of gone out the window. 803093018061692. Of his sixth start at 930.

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