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Latest Gabryszak Evidence; Allegations

Jan 15, 2014|

Kevin Hardwick

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following the resignation of Dennis scamper -- the attorney for some of his accusers has released graphic sexual harassment evidence. Including text messages FaceBook postings and a disturbing video of -- second of bathrooms Stahl. We have a story about this at WB EN dot com and a link to the video. Which was first reported by the New York Daily News joining us on the WB and -- line this morning is can nation's college political science professor doctor Kevin Hardwick was also a member. Of the Erie county legislature Kevin good morning. Good good morning and and just just for the record I'm joining you reluctantly on this one. You know I can understand that one and ask if you have seen this new evidence and and for your reaction to a candidate. You know it it it popped up there were all sorts of links of course some friends with a lot of politicians on FaceBook -- -- -- political types and it popped up yesterday and -- did. -- said it quickly and and yet it's it's it's out there very obviously very embarrassing for the former assembly. When it you know Kevin being in the news business and you know we sort of hear everything. If people assume some of -- -- -- comes to wasn't just bounces right off of punishment. We were actually stunned when we heard about this read about it and saw the video. And the the same time we're thinking after what happened to our former congressman -- crucially. What we saw on the video was mild compared to back. You could do it I think that Chris sleeping pills and compares them yet. Yeah and it's you know it's -- tell my mind students. You know with technology today he -- to be very careful what you put out there what he attacks the someone. What you like kind that you put on FaceBook and certainly it -- like is that one you you know I mean it's it's. Foolish that anyone would take anything like bitten and then it doubly foolish that he would send it to someone. But yet it's asserting that unfortunately. Kids used to all the time these days. But this is an active obviously it's an adult then an elected official. Agree on a member of the New York is a member of the new York state assembly a powerful politician who at a respected name. For a couple of decades and he knew about this crucially incident and yet he was gonna pull the same thing. And think he could get away with a that's what's difficult to believe. Leave results scratching our heads wondering what was he thinking. And you know it's it's added it's. It's more than just the political thing I mean it's a human thing. You know you wonder why anyone does this let alone a politician. Kevin the attorney for some of the accusers of -- -- said he decided to release this. After their present statement the other day in which the former legislator says he took part in mutual banter not sexual harassment. Your thoughts on that. Well at this. That this certainly put that issue to rest which is I guess what he was after that it can it seems like. Overkill if you will you know it's it's. Very embarrassing. I don't know whether it was necessary to to release this when he did. Obviously it's serve this purpose and and it's out there. To June. See any remorse and -- next statement the other day. You know it is. No I mean I I think he was very careful what he was saying. Indeed characterize it is. He did try to at least here -- as well this is what goes on all over America and every office I mean that's kind of that's the -- was seven. You know and obviously now with this video coming out that that's not the case which is. Obviously why the attorney put it out there. So it it's it's out there and it's something will be talking about hopefully before too long we'll get back to talking about. Important -- When you know though a lot of people seem to be a little bit of substances ethics probe and all that is going to be dropped now. Ever since -- again ever -- resigned do you think it's right to drop an investigation. Well I'm not I'm not sure what purpose it would serve at this point -- he's out of office. Unless they were there were other employees of the assembly who knew what was going on and didn't do any thing apparently his chief of staff has. You know no longer employed by the state. That's what -- that's what I gather from all the news reports. So -- what purposes it's serve I think that the civil suits are going to be going forward. Obviously the this state will be. -- putting up the defense some sort of a defense. You know the sad thing is that -- you and I in the other taxpayers in New York State -- and opinion for this thing. Kevin were -- glad you could join us this morning honest thank you. That's -- to Kevin -- tenacious college political science professor and member of the Erie county legislature.