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NFL Concussion Settlement Rejected By Judge

Jan 15, 2014|

Joe DeLamielleure

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been telling news this morning folks at the NFL and a group of former players have been thrown for a loss federal judge. Has declined to approve a 765. Million dollar concussions settlement. With more than 4500. Former players. Who are now asking for more information. Let's talk about this further with one of those players she's Jody jog along the -- a buffalo bills' offensive linemen and a member of the NFL hall of fame. Joseph thank you for joining us this morning it is our understanding that you just got off the phone with your attorney and you have something new details. Well -- drew what curriculum credit my attorney is -- block of spectrum that our country to build its Burke. And is what the lead attorney -- -- from our guys in the case. Then about this was never -- Obama the media condolences. Remote or wherever I want to do is triggered off in settlement there's there's not as subtle because. Call a person -- shuttle blows the attorney a lot of money. For a group of guys who reviewed it never -- discovery on this case you know like this debate they serve well. You know we're paying these fires and the people -- play and I play well I think gonna get everything for this we're in the general merchandise they need to. Oh you're white or straight could do that but the people who are you know. Walking living you. Should be more studies we are the study. -- -- -- -- you were good enough you know decisions of some sort attorneys. Trying to sort of fired George. So they can get paid. So good good good -- and apple. Joseph what is to happen now from here. That's a good question I think it's so I think -- suitable because if people like it. I would never got that I would -- -- -- this. -- ruling and that we would also only are we going to virtually and creep into the court. And I think there's a lot of guys who are likely Armey Arianna what do utility personality. And I have seek -- There's no question -- Tony course. Are deeper but with the dolphins. Linda Marshall. China we will we that was very -- 1 -- -- the players look over the course -- the trust you go away. -- CPU go. There's all periodicals or that we don't call that trust that struck -- all of them at the argument change our -- CPR but like market. And American culture and yeah our current -- right now. What will happen a year from now. And it Opel workers and all week -- or so market was -- -- if it's good comfortable but I. Really got some real problems to post on the road. Should do nothing and world where we were there are people Ballmer immigrant orders for football we were in garbage out. They have no different. The tobacco companies are all. The people are strong and I'm currently can be like with. A really good. Photo shoot or chip or go to. We understand what you mean now we're. We'll -- don't. This 765. Million dollar the figure that was announced and when it was announced to us in the media you know a few months ago it was announced. As settlement -- the reason we refer to it as a supplement but with that said let me just ask you about this when you first heard. About 765. Million dollars. And you knew that you know more than 4000 players were involved in this did you think at that time that was enough money. Well people commentary -- -- -- check out so 170000. A man shall like that -- I don't want to 170000 dollars. I want a little old tension which we -- And health insurance that's always a lot. Yeah and or you can get this kind of money that's nobody's asking for a big pale when we want to Jews are. You know dignity. Of our health insurance -- -- we got to work. -- wanted to encourage -- out to work because we -- old church we get up so. But who are white strips work those guys who persecute partners sold there are about. All of Medicare. And that the white strip to work for their own conference it's a multibillion. Dollar industry that has not taken care of the -- locally. And that's where all the problems are coming from because bill would guard personnel were opted out of the word out we're not accepting those. Deal and now nobody called any of the players garnered -- -- who's also a republic Russia did you ever get a call from an attorney to suture impeccable source well. Nobody and that's I don't want personal. Two attorneys basically should be others -- the judge what -- so that's not a good deal there's enough money. -- -- Before we let you go knowing you have CT how is your health. Actually I'm. Physically I'm great -- so. You know you can look -- under not what pressure all territories great mighty close call that supplement government had surgery bought. They don't know that on the what the prognosis is right now great I mean I'm -- -- I drew good some symptoms my short term long term memory is good. While small for that work -- asbestos. Other than that we I'll do. Yet we all do that's what. Should skills are urge to roll commercial -- it's because people cultural America your -- extra open at congressional. Sort. -- were pretty epic but an -- My prognosis is like what -- in a source -- recruit friends and football terms or out. He's got sleepy now we're gonna do -- -- -- -- -- to the -- to make better what they give me a lot of oil. Protocols through it could change Carter's basically like Mediterranean diet. -- Third -- could do so let's say actual great actual. But like Malloy is a date there are huge circle -- -- -- So I will be shocked that he -- -- sort of no -- were great. We are no strangers. You know -- from the last country in years. -- -- -- -- I mean I'm lucky compared to -- that your -- article. Joseph good to talk resume this morning we'll continue to follow the story and we definitely will be in touch thank you again. -- -- -- -- -- of a member of the Buffalo Bills on the offensive linemen and a memorable football hall of fame.