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Sabres Fade Against Flyers

Jan 15, 2014|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Micro the ties here sabres analysts were brought to buy DNC's fancy New York's artisan cheese morning Mike. How are you grace good to see eloquence that go to Felix spectacular runs behind times 700 dollars right ultimately get -- -- that put. A sabres were up 21 with about seven minutes left last night and they end up losing 423. What happened to buffalo down the stretch. Well things a chance lot. For a third period surgery after the first period in Philadelphia you Philadelphia put a little different and mumbled again a big difference the way he plays nobody for checked their game plan. -- change dramatically and buffalo seemed to falter after under that type of pressure but. The forwards are very supportive for a for the defense and certainly I'm Buffalo's own zone. Leonel clumsy back. Deepen their own zone and just like that the complexion of the game changes would change quickly. Medically. By the way I got my suits of the consignment shop you know us and I I know. You know -- not a player looks like get out. -- -- -- -- Gupta files -- sitting on the Matsui ground. My mother was warned about trials. -- is her problem for the -- sex penalties. Two power play your goals -- as a team out of improved their discipline. That's something they've been dealing with all season long that seem like disciplined. Has been a red at the top of the list to get some type of control over their decisions. In -- given game and to -- moment many times. You know it's just a reaction type probably where you. Guys pulling away from he's just reach out you know welcome. Well you've got to break that mindset and you've got to move your feet get skating most of these guys skated extremely well. The -- catching up -- -- close enough to. Take them out of the playbook the sometimes in your mind is in the replace you find an easy way to play this game there is no easy way. Buffalo is back and it's tonight in Toronto after the way they lost last night is a better to have another game right away kind of erase data would you rather have maybe some practice time to go over what happened last night. Narnia I think I'd rather get right back at it and you know trials coming up for victory last night against Boston but to be honest with -- Boston should beat the brains. From what I watched him there -- very fortunate to commode Abbas -- -- William. I know the score looks fine blue when you really break that game -- minute -- Boston game clearly -- -- -- that it. Game sewn up in the third period it didn't happen. So on the outside if you just looking -- -- -- games -- this pretty impressive. Must played really well and only be played extremely well they played OK at times. But not good enough to beat their chest so. There're there are a little mini winning streak right now. Toronto and this is a deadly game for them tonight against buffalo they wanna keep that going obviously the better find a way to play a lot better and it is less -- against. Us in the series right now is split -- sabres and -- they've played four times already each team has won twice. What are you expecting tonight. Tight just like. Any other situation that's just the way you play against one another and there's a feeling their vote comfort sometimes when you play against certain teams are certain individuals play extremely well concerning certain buildings -- Play against certain player so. They seem to be comparable vehicle up and -- -- Wednesday. Get the scoring opportunities the goaltending it's usually just fabulous of both ends. And that's using -- pregame dance. Mike great to see it will last see what happens tonight we'll talk within a week Qatar and -- next week we'll do it again. Micro that I sabres analyst for MSG.