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NY SAFE Turns "1" Today

Jan 15, 2014|

Michael Caputo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WBM live line not a -- -- -- about the New York -- effect one year anniversary of the new law. Michael approval Michael's a Republican Party strategist at a there politics on -- dot net. Michael is also the WBA and fill in host Michael good morning. A year after everybody's so those new law would never stick. It is still here are you losing hope that repeal might -- on the mind. Well it was probably. Darn near impossible to turn it down bit by bit is a good idea. Receive the -- the court. Throughout the rules that you. You can have more imports and of course the law's dying -- always well like Obama here. They're database there computer programming behind this. Behind. The requirement -- report on people were buying ammunition was supposed to go into effect today. They must have hired the same. -- -- database -- that -- Obama true people do it because they're not able do it there aren't skipped. You know not ready. It would about. That the the politics angle. Could this change the face of elections. To think this fall. Cup disabled you're in new state where rookie blue the Blue States and and we also very popular our government but. I do believe our Governor Cuomo himself as we've tried that how much push back garden on the law. We know from -- are part of the opposite he's concerned about it. On the only problem we have is that era among many gun owners here in this community work a good percentage of already been registered to vote. -- Michael poll after poll in New York State. Of registered voters over the past years signal that the majority of New York State residents are in favor. Of the -- effect are you aware relieved polls that indicated otherwise and I'm not talking about a poll taken on a gun show. -- collapsed school yet partial but it actually. -- in New York State these these gun control measures -- to -- a little bit more popular. But in boats into -- -- -- -- -- and Florida. Are the problem we have is that the New York State -- state. There's also quite complex so the branding orbit -- -- shelling of it was really successful act faster. Now in order to -- to disassembled. We have to pick apart bit by bit it's very difficult thing to do it really the only way to address -- it to -- -- to -- -- One about -- the governor and the governor Governor Cuomo and and and the same effect has this head and it into dual. With the fact that he is not the presidential candidate that we thought he might be in 2016. Well. Popular conventional wisdom says that elections are won or lost on the second and took potentially changing around you look statement and in the and the culture receiving. And Colorado they actually -- all officials were you on an eight we call them and gun control measure and Colorado's novel. A red state either -- I think it you'll find a bit it's APEC may not be government ovals -- doing in New York State. But it's gonna make a relatively unpopular. Are in the democratic runoff and I suspect it won't have a children's chances that miserable of a bit more difficult. Michael word is Donald Trump who might run for governor in New York State where does he stand them say -- Well he didn't -- the -- we were sitting in an office on Friday. Com and his son was bill with them and because they spoke and the of those others were both marksman we're both are content -- Well mr. trump insult them there isn't big improves to or corporate donor you respected very much in practice safe bet that the deal. Hey did you here at trump he was with Fred -- for yesterday on an Albany radio stations saying that he would only run if he could get assurances that there won't be a Republican primary. We have a prominent Republican Party -- there are maybe or several of our. Leadership and all in Albany and across street and some of -- -- Balanced and especially in Long Island are very fond of Governor -- and compete pardon me -- well he has given them powerful positions. So. In order or. Appropriate that happened prepared to change the Republican Party looks like we have to get rid of those those compromises perched. It's really difficult in between mr. Kristol of the there's no way to -- the vehicle without complete and total impunity I agree with that completely -- Republican party's already challenged. By numbers in your state. On the taught -- to track every single Republican as well a lot of crossover Democrats and independents. Can't bet it's. People are sold well. Mike thanks for joining us this morning the talkative. Great Michael Capuano WB and fill in host on the Republican Party strategist.