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1 Year Since NY SAFE Signing

Jan 15, 2014|

SCOPE's Budd Schoeder

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is one year since the safe act was passed in New York State. It's been a polarizing issue and joining us on the WBM lifeline this morning news but Schroeder chairman of the board -- scope. It's shooters committee on political education. But we're glad you could join us thank you for the time. -- what's the fallout from this law from your perspective. Well I wouldn't want -- talk about the what this past year has brought to do you think after the saints are true. Out of the split tees or the other program community. I have never seen it law. It has united bunch of people -- Let pretty I can already but this one. It's sort drawn in the people -- so we couldn't get before without Carter's. And I think when the archived on this call are as stupid as it is and I mean stupid. Is that you are going to ask you can't possibly help but they don't have the setup but he's going to have to get up and -- out brown checked. When you buy ammunition. And I think this is Obama's thing for example if somebody wants to get a box of 42 ammunition and go out like someday. They have to go to gun store and get a background check which probably gonna cost about ten bucks to buy a five dollar actually ammunition. End up. Letters in the past have always sit well we don't worry about these things they want band bit of the -- guns those ugly guns are it doesn't affect me because always do was on fox. Well when they -- actually be used only ammunition. And the other rules of law when it finally goes into effect. It is and yet but when -- -- a hundred are going to find out that this is us really dumb law. The the big thing and it is it imposes restrictions. As people it won't do a darn thing to cut down. And violent gun crime or criminal activity. Is it seems that when their campaign. The candidates saying how Smart they are all but they are. But they still haven't come to grips with the fact that the main terminal as he doesn't know -- laws. All this does in fact ask people there isn't and I -- of anything -- -- there. There will cut down on -- -- Mr. Schroeder you mentioned these new restrictions on ammunition -- going into effect today requiring all sellers to register with the state police. And buyers to appear in person together bullets now. Once they do appear in person I mean they get their bullets right away I don't think or do they have to wait. No -- and get them right away but the our problem that stayed here is like well. So many of the things they pass a law and then they don't -- provisions. Who look to make an effect of I mean I expect it from there were perspective. That this. The slate has I don't like the the cold this system that the technical in many years ago there was -- -- when he bought -- handgun. The seller yet to look. Well send a fired cartridge case in the state who leads. The idea that somebody committed a crime. Our prisons let the kind of that they could Trace it to the -- shower. In then not find out who owned video of the gun that shot that. Well of course I couldn't come -- this sick cost taxpayers somewhere around. 34 billion dollars and it did absolutely. Nothing. -- want to hit. Not one not case was solved nothing came out of their corporate system. And I think the same thing it's going to happen out of state. It has no effect that crippled because they don't update laws. But it makes it very very. Inconvenient disable leads and some change. It brings that went haven't seen a gun owners in decades. There's no restriction going into effect today. About buying bullets one year after the law was passed and signed by the governor are there any other new restrictions that are going to take effect that later days that we don't know about yet are you aware. It's sort of fifteenth of April lit stage yet claim that Falwell so called assault weapons have to be registered. And they also what are going to start with the we tool closely -- would be up. The registration of -- and arms and there -- progress. And they don't have anything set up for that the county clerks don't want this registration they can't handle the workload now. So what happens in an unfunded mandate. Coming into that -- do absolutely nothing that you have a solution for no problem. -- Activity going out with a -- community. Why are they not ready to go with the the background checks on the ammunition sales. They don't have a system set up this guy like obamacare. When -- read that first started the yeah. You can't do a mixture fraying a nation that is the federal -- and they won't they want. Allow that to be absorbed into the apartment and -- so the state police are going to have to sort out their own computer system. They had that calls for the background check and that hasn't been buckets and best of my knowledge. I hate but we appreciate your time this morning and a helping us a start -- and take a look back at this past year. Thank you very much. You're more than welcome take care. That's but Schroeder. Chairman of the board its scope shooters committee on political education.