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1-14 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's -- and that is drinking knows IC I thought at first it was -- oysters. I was wondering why you made that choice 'cause iced tea and study the -- officer here. -- -- but you're you're not loyal to one brand I've seen as at least three or four different brands vice. The I don't know Arizona Arizona scenario -- entity you know as a way too much about me well -- find -- -- -- Our ideas we're talking about today just directed this is only 99 cents on -- assemblyman for -- it's easy you know outbid every wants to want a cheap guy but every once in awhile something hits you. If you -- to our vending area appeared in program. The water cost the same as the Pepsi Inco. Now you are telling me it costs as much money. Two produced the water as it does the PepsiCo the same sized bottles why would it cost the same it's beyond me. The sanity. Where you come out about logical discussion and argument. Is largely contingent upon where you get -- exit into -- guy. So then let's peel this back what more why does the water cost more than gasoline in light of the slow those costs mourning and a big question. Of course the one US where babies come from so it. Yeah. I know these things in our members aid. -- we shouldn't on this -- couple weeks go to be honest with you and it's been -- In my presentation a folder. For a couple expert at everything they're bombing at the weather kept bumping and other what I thought were a more pressing more compelling subject took his place. But now get to this and and it's kind of like looking back at it. I'm Pamela brown only superintendent. Of the -- -- -- offered a half a million dollars if she would say goodbye. The the Buffalo News is that an editorial saying she should take the money. It says -- Robert enjoy yeah. President of the ocean -- foundation -- CEO Robert homers are leading the effort to supplement. The 2171500. Dollar a year salary she's entitled to if dismissed without cause. And would more than a year of dollar contracts of it packaged together. Two that would -- have a million dollars. She's obviously I'm going to get of newer valuations -- a new school boards there and there's only one vote margin now. If she didn't really believe in yourself this is my position should just take money. But I think when she turned the money I think that's a good sign I think it's a character builder. Well I think the real character builder was what are you there for hours just to make money not to make money or to educated and hard to educate kids in when you say that now I'm going to forget about. Mr. king the commissioner king. And his meeting he wants to have with me in this CD status patient department. I'm gonna you be deceived president of the united states of them got it exactly that that is a while I mean there's more that red flag bills are red flares and everything else. And when it comes to the money. It depends on how well healed she might already be -- -- your callers and says that about by about reform in this after tan color out of the break. Whereas when you start to look at the entire package what's half a million when you're gonna make a million anyway. She's at 2175. -- a bigger contract expires in a year from July. So process a year and a half. So that's at three something. You know it's it's it's not like it's 500000. Or nothing. But it's still when you get the money all at once or should tax at a higher rate but. You get the money -- wants I don't know what the payment of pale would be. But it is attractive especially if you're under fire if you're there really kicking educational push into a really -- -- And thinking OK I've just got my idea by Selig is now I'm ready to go. That would be different but she's under fire. There's only one vote margin on the school board now I see the the president of the board has said she is going to run again that was a question of whether she would run again. You've got to not only -- -- deal but you have others now. Who have more fire in their belly and for. Obvious boards now when you start to look at a compensation packages you I don't know because you were union negotiators and worked in management right. Is that 217 in the salary and then there the F -- and sillier built. The way I don't I don't ever contrary -- -- -- about who have been through 75 -- a year salary now according to this editorial about windows. I don't know what kind of incentives are built in but if there are any I don't know any goal she hit though what she and talks about is. Suspensions and chronic absenteeism are down. I would find that hard to believe that that would be in her incentives package. About that but who knows when you're negotiating all things are on the table sometimes get things don't expect them summarize thank you expected on. It's not so much incentives it is. There's medical benefits included in the two haven't. Well we found -- -- -- an absolute take that's in a bank because we found out what James Williams the last one. Even when he left his family medical that even in a little -- okay. His family medical plan was intact and it was a matter when he laughed as to what percentage was remember them. Right and I was head over and above his salary I I think so yeah I write and so then when you have to look at -- as a seventeen. You're looking at what is the value of that Pakistan should get a car does -- -- travel expenses -- you know all of these other things. And it may be well more than a million dollars that she's gonna get over that period of four years. Why those cheap guy is only offering her a half a million dollar. The mod. Neighboring Derek Jorge gunfire. Anybody there -- tonight playing let's go to groups and go to government medals and Kevin your and a humility Kevin manner formula if you're. A Kevin here at -- you don't quote you don't -- oh yeah -- right. And Kevin that's because you do some in the -- -- Anymore. They gave readers that -- Syria or is there and this is all shades of that the trip and just checks and sharpened its shape there the scent. Would you restructure. You -- up they're thick steel unit scorched four note for more special scoring -- But -- the problem -- it wasn't coming from the usual sources -- who has a consortium of outside people I don't -- -- column I'm coming together again. Non now does this coalition was. Was a loose coalition of the very most not gonna have to say something about this coalition these are people who have worked very very hard. To make it a better ballclub without these same people's leadership. Downtown buffalo would be in much different place Bob Wilmer is one of most intelligent people. That I have ever heard speak and I I believe his heart is that a better buffalo after all he hasn't made enough money himself that money. Just really does not matter to him anymore and so he could be really Alter history. At this point -- and as he had been in the past and saying that we can make buffalo better but as as that this and I -- fall says it isn't any place. You know the city's only going to be as good as his voters and his voters are only going to be as good as is critical thinking school population. Who graduates and stays in the air was. It will homers who offered to I don't remember of the city to mop on -- or not. -- offered to fund the search for this the superintendent so we get the best person that we could afford and that was going to come here when I don't know who wasn't. While plumbers who did this but I do understand from inside sources who happen to have seen the application -- -- -- -- -- announced. That this was one of the best people that they could get. One of the best that they can get who was willing to come to buffalo to become superintendent. And what do you think good is that a deal she should take and are you thinking giver style points for not taking in a lot. You know I guess I just think they're basically saying that she or -- did you -- Serbia that she's already get that more than that. -- She gets to 175. A year salary in -- contract I guess goes two years July. So a year and a half left so it's not like she's living on those on food stamps now she's got a good job is paying well. But when you get money all in front. It's you're talking to a guy that's gotten severance money twice in his career. Once it opened extra room in my house I I appreciate -- good severance package it's always at all he wants. It's something is very attractive it skip thanks Ali appreciate it. Almost -- while you were talking with -- I take my water could see you -- -- me that your team over there I water aren't. And I water cost more than ninety yeah it -- -- that I I take the gulf and it was not my windpipe have you ever done. Mean and I have never taken a bill that would value when we're not really dead and that I got to shut the mics off so it doesn't sound like I'm impacting the death I'm -- I had to keep talking -- had a great job. Great job so -- -- -- implied duty anytime that haven't done that with a meal where it like you're in the middle of that of saying something's somebody and you take you swallow the something's on your fork. And it goes on your windpipe. -- we we -- -- -- do that New England but where you're ready to give me and I'm like. Isabel is your body OK and then it will be backward Amare hopefully don't need it. On newsreader and I had the WB. Two Democrats wanna charmer Canada's we have female guest in the studio. He doesn't know her she doesn't know him look over there hugging city this is what you are this is why you -- Tommy Davis Love to be touch them -- -- -- you say charming but you know I mean the only people that I can get -- -- -- people who don't like about half -- Words today about this is a subject as I said we should have done a couple of weeks ago but because of other subjects and whether -- whatever we just didn't get to it. Pamela brown saying notes and a half a million dollar a proposal. Two by -- contract for -- I don't know if if it could be bought out like that because their contracts with the board of education board of education works for the taxpayers whatever. She could she could retire. I've never seen a contract didn't allow you retire. And they were offered half a million dollars she said no she said she Geneva considerate I consider a pat on the back that's a character move as far as I'm concerned. Because I have a million dollars in one place at one time. Is very very. Tempting she's under fire board of education -- changing. Who knows what's going to be in the next board whatever it would have been very easy to take the money and run and she didn't and -- I get credit for that she obviously believes. She can get the job done. This is not an easy job it's not it's not a quick turnaround she hasn't been on the job long time Democrat. I -- Oceana. -- believes this if you get the job done and we'll go so far this -- -- honestly believes that she should be doing the job. And so unless you have some matrix that your measuring. Progress ability towards completing -- -- And how how do you measure -- well she obviously. Italy interviewing process. There had to be something -- convince the board. That she had the potential to do the job. Because as we said the job has not been in the an easy job over the years we've -- a lot of stumbles. And now to come in here don't like this. -- -- -- -- -- Because I don't -- a white folks do the like this -- if she can come into a school district like buffalo room and really get it. Don and turn around can you imagine her value on the market in education costs -- have. So locally is -- -- turn buffalo around she could go to Washington and they would pay her 1700000. Dollars a year to turn that around. But the problem as is that she was the best from what I understand that they could find in the group of the people who were willing to come to buffalo. Even if she didn't meet the minimum qualifications. That is superintendent in buffalo on -- furthermore you say. Why would they have got her. If the -- for their belief that she you have to do as a -- to the because -- look like the members of the board of education she looked like the women that's an Alberta education. Why don't we vote for Barack Obama's president -- at the African American community vote. -- sent to twice. Unemployment amongst African Americans -- is. Is twice as bad as it is and any other group of America and we re elected him because he looks like this is why successes. Important let me give an example OK when I first met doctor David home from -- from Roswell park. And the first interview I ever did what. I asked for here is a priorities so what are your priorities -- jobs that sandy my first priority. Is to recruit good people. A good researchers are good clinicians. Are good people to Roswell. Because success breeds success -- why do you think the all star lineup exists at Roswell because previous people were all stars and because of of their their influence in the medical community. -- of people wanna join other teams that are successful that's why he convinced fable like he recruited. Doctor at a trump. And ended he brought them here from Pittsburg because they wanted to be part of this -- so you don't. Wanna go on a winning team if you can turn this into a winning team you're going to get better and better if you had. Exactly what you said this is the best of the people that were willing to come here and so now the. She's hair has she attracted the best people to the board of education as a subordinates the people were going to do work in the meter and and there's good argument that the answer is no. Yup I'm unconvinced that the the board first of all was elected by too few people. And I'm also convinced that it is a position of procedure overlooking a billion dollar budget that gives you a sense of power. A sense of wow I'm I'm I'm overseeing this large number each year okay. I'm not convinced that the people that are elected there are educators. I'm convinced that -- people who would like help and liked it a good job -- Necessarily the best educated you and what they -- in charge of the budget -- -- and then and then you pointing to finger to -- status as a black folks to god and how security -- -- You don't here's a here's the biggest fallacy that I can think and and they do that and other places successfully -- at Ph.D.s. On the boards of education. But a board of education. Is most of the age group of it's also represented community in which is sort of a reference on dobbs you know but as they don't represent the best of our communities. It's a billion dollar corporation you have a billion dollar corporation which housewives on and then. And -- men and people like that or do you look for business people who know and understand how to manage two billion dollar but that was my point if your if your if your education business you perhaps have a better view of how to spend that money efficiently now. If you're in the business doesn't cat and you ignorance and -- parents are just watching your is that all right and I think I'm mad Jane -- -- don't think that educators. Purse today would be the best choice for the school absolutely not because you're running a budget and what the educator wants this to create someone like your doctor what's his name doctor wrong and then doctor -- right what he got doctor trump. Because doctor trump was extremely good at what he was -- and doctor trumpets bring other people are extremely absolutely that's in January so this doctor acted as a business first. Not as a doctor in attracting back up businessperson -- incensed that he knew what was important that he need more researchers that he needs more clinicians are -- -- in this area of medicine you have to know that in order to spend your money efficiently and and I bets ready to businessman selling -- is not the same as the good businessman. On the board of education now but a good businessman -- built a billion dollar business can man it's almost any other billion dollar business this is -- CEOs of one corporations sit on the board of directors of other corporations OK we're going bare knuckles in Mexico. And you're gonna lose it downloads an -- where I was a navy sell well I -- thousand. Well I was a little about the low life for the Navy SEALs by became the navy's first official walruses -- -- back tomorrow beach -- -- hang in there. Wake up to Buffalo's early news with John zack's -- and -- and the entire WB EN news team news radio 9:30 AM. WBE and. We're back Blair's vision company obscenities on -- Ken Hamilton we're talking about -- pat brown and turning down government half a million dollars. Put forth by some prominent buffalo people and go RI bouncing that's that's a good sign and for the fact that she you know believes in what she's doing. And they -- and I have a little while a disagreement as -- Who would be the best candidates for the buffalo school board business people. Educational people I mean education is a business leader combine the 20 let's -- in -- -- disagreement. I would just say lovers that want it was one part of -- particulars move and the more that and totally forgot Christmas the it was just what we got to -- to children it was just one person who knew what he was talking about time it's another person who didn't and I live with that -- America. -- -- -- bright guy and went down with additional information and comments here are under way I think that rod Watson who is a fellow member of the of black journalists is definitely buffalo association of black journalists and their president in our in our column you know every once in awhile he gets when out of the park but occasionally strikes -- and I think. He struck out with -- part of this. On -- he talked about being made the offers -- white power Italy. So totally unnecessary these are people who who're looking we're going well for the community they want better education for everybody including the predominantly black student body cell. It's labeled them like that I think was unnecessary economy. We answer that for a second and it takes Davis. Jesse Jackson when he came how many years ago he said from the dais that. I am a black man but I don't have to tell you that you saw that when I came into the rules apparently -- he says my collar. The describes me. It does not that I knew and so when rod -- news has turned the white power elite. It is a description. But I don't think it's a definition. OK -- and that's a good point so he talks about that and and they offer. And then down near the bought from all of this column my day says after probing her commitment by rejecting the half million dollar buyout. Brown has at most four months to -- her ability in the meantime -- challenges keep the campaign from dissolving. A devolved ID evolving into an electoral race war. I don't think the school board. Is. Necessarily that I think you have differences of opinion on how to achieve your goals. He it's now they may be divided simply because what is it five black women for black -- for white men. It it is -- like that do you think that's a by design or just the role that I. These -- record this what are our best stuff of what we say at you know and on the sandy beach show Ken Hamilton said. I wonder why you goldmans on -- and not as they summit on my share of I should say about it I am not going to know we have guests now despite the fact we have thousands and thousands of people listening. Guess I'm a vertical. Persons mr. and mr. -- mrs. guest. Of amber. At and she's she is loudly and her son is testing means say anything we want our and so you do you agree. It plays into a rival us in the -- thing go bad these are district represented it is right. And so -- -- districts elect representatives who are like themselves. And so when you look at the board of education in the way it shook out. Is the way that the city is but here's the big disconnect but shouldn't they join at the at the intersection of success and achievement shouldn't it be joined at that intersection because without success and achievement it doesn't matter now there's an -- or African Americans living in south buffalo -- anymore. Italians living on the east side in the should be more African Americans living up on the north district. And all of these things in the Mecca influence would happen. But here's what happened during that debate that made me laugh. My job was to make the -- and -- very nice little pick torrent of tents maintenance rate those and attention -- him -- mr. -- -- -- And -- I've made them in the order that they were listed. On the website of who the candidates who alphabetical order. But no you know I mean it was with the district's district one OK okay our parent -- and you know Alec it was like district four or something I'm. And so when I put them on the table. And this is -- race -- my hands them to. And sometimes that's not really big and black magic marker died in living color by. But I've I've put -- -- on the tables are -- Thinking nothing of and then one of the candidates a white woman comes up and you know I'm telling it may take your seat should censor -- -- sit behind your name's. She stands there she puts her hand on her -- she says. I'm not sitting over there and I says -- She says you have all of the black sitting on one side and all of the lights on the other side. And I looked at the maintenance because at the pictures and assorted and defend it just ended up that way. But she noticed that because there is this level of race consciousness that is a part of what. Buffalo is they put two and a good scene and I got the lesser seen on like this where obviously throw on the same but it would have turned out that all of the whites would have been on the right hand side of the stage in the blacks would have been on the left hand side of the states which politically is accurate. And you just and I had to re arrange the seating. To make it as integrated as I possibly could if you re arrange the residencies. In the city of buffalo than that would not have happened but it is as rob Boston going about it very segregated city in that segregation is based on race. And that was pointed out something as innocuous as putting maintenance on it but. Isn't their goal all of no matter who sits on the board to better education for buffalo shouldn't that be the goal shouldn't that be the primary motivation for going. It's have been the best education that these that you have parity with the suburbs. In an order to do that you have to do with the suburbs do and that is neighborhood schools parent involvement you cannot. I -- my aunt died over in buffalo we are working to you know -- take care of some of the remaining issues I'm over their involvement 130 in the afternoon looked real kids were playing and in the yards 130 in the afternoon. Plastic as -- in school one kid said. While I have a doctor's appointment this is what time was that he's atomic black assistants 130 worn out ruin the other kids said that he missed a school bus that morning. But I had asked them prior to that where is the -- elementary school. Those two blocks down arrow remark -- can walk because he's bused across town allies all right and the kid who. Who had the doctor's appointment as mother what had to put him in the campus and into the school to which peaks is supposed to go. And so building in the suburbs is is that every kid in a single neighborhood goes to the same school. That's not the case that this decorating classrooms and all of this. Every time we've ever had a poll on that people. The favorite neighborhood schools I mean if the bills -- camaraderie in the neighborhood everybody likes -- for summary there is just one building. And any. In any neighborhood that defies that neighborhood is not the churches because there's always several of those -- -- -- elementary school and when you start to talk about. The spice and everything else of these teams have by the time they get to middle school. They're all coming from the same neighborhood different elementary school feeders and things like this there's this journal. Disharmony discord when they're coming and that they grew up that it become part of the culture. And we have to change -- the last. -- overall Watson's column repeat the last sentence -- challenge -- to keep the campaign from the evolving into an electoral race war. Of that will be hard given what has transpired but mr. Georgia sets of promising tone looking forward. Quote nothing would please us more then that we were wrong he said because this is about the kids. And it really should be it's long ago when the adults get to bickering whatever -- the old expression is when. When the elephants fight and die for okay it's the same thing when the grown -- are fighting the kids lose a -- they don't have the advantage is they should have. It's time to set those aside I mean I know in in times of of a great distress oftentimes though bill do special record albums. We've all kind of all star lineup in the reassign it says leave your eagle at the door okay. I think in the east school district that should be the same mindset leader eagle at the door if you got something that'll help elite follow get out of the way basically we -- -- Okay lead follow or get out of the way the ones that are -- a willing to lead nobody wants to follow and nobody wants to get out of the way in the buffalo school district. While those -- is the leader well the leader of the ones I think with the innovative ideas. Willing to do different things of things that haven't been done already. On both of the leaders I think innovation is the answer. But we're stuck in the La Brea Tar Pits it's the same old same old this is the way it's been done this is the way it's going to be done and it gets into a battle of the. But it's it's an ovation from the point. Of elementary. Education. It is. Let's be elevated by first going back to the point where we war. Before things fell apart. Analysts innovate tiger there -- -- that okay where in this Meyer how do we elevate this -- how we decorate as this are that the make it looked like it. You don't -- you don't compare the buffalo district with plants or the buffalo district of Orchard Park you can you can go to other metro areas there's something wrong when -- fourth worst. Adults not adult eighteen year old black male student the fourth worst graduation rate in that country. Now something systemically wrong why. It's certainly not underfunded we spent a billion dollars a year -- not funding and if -- Williams that it got a -- Williams said exactly where you war and he said I said it's a billion dollars. He said. We have enough money to run on the system. If the fifth -- the system and what is the system. What is the system in the school system it is the board of education they set the tone. Absolutely. Hey we agree on something that's nice and we have another segment laughed under Israeli and we agreed on something and sandy I'm really proud of the facts and the RI and they are learning. Yeah I said the use -- Chris whenever cans here -- he's on a charm offensive. What is it like you know my -- people would gravitate toward my father. When people see me they usually flee in the opposite direction and the girls. I. A couple of thoughts because we've done who shows on this already regarding. Donald Trump. I've said all along the Donald Trump will not run for governor simply because. His brand which is the ultra success money winner art of the deal cannot stand to take a loss in something that will be that public. And I'm I'm convinced that unless Donald Trump had an absolute ball trees and -- he do all kinds of polling to find out that. He had a pretty good chance of winning. He won't get into it because he can't afford that that loss on his record meanwhile who ride it out and ride it out ago all the publicity you'll be interviewed by. All the TV shows newspapers radio whoever. And then at the end he will say thank you I'm flattered. Movement through the timing is wrong or whatever but he'll go out now. We've had the second meeting with prominent Republicans in New York. And now trump says according to this article by Tom precious from the buffalo and those. He said he will run. Quote if this state Republican Party can show it can rally behind him well that -- walk away. What do you think. And what you say is that a natural of forum. I don't have enough information to make a real good statement on this information doesn't get in the way we're doing its -- I'll okay under those circumstances -- -- I'd like your opinion. I don't know Donald Trump does it is no Carville and now he's not Carl Paladino. In New York City. You know I don't know what kind of governor he would make I was president of the Niagara Falls public library. People kept coming up to me and saying why don't you run this. Library like it's a business a lot of drama like it's a business because you know we -- money issues can and I looked in my says OK I tell you would. You show me a business model whereby you get things. By doing so that people can use them for free. And we'll follow that mind of analysis. But -- such model that I can think of that runs like that is your public library. Therefore we are already running it like the only business that will work for it. When you start to look at what Donald Trump them all of the things accuses. To be able to transition. And to the other side of the equation. And to be able to understand that you have accounting for businesses in stocks and all of these other things and on the other side of the line. It's accounting for. Government and not for profits and they are two separate things. I think he may be too entrenched in the one side to be able to operate on that others. I think the advantage you would have as the same advantage Paladino had. And saying I managed to succeed in New York State business -- in the climate with -- taxing situation with all of whom you've got to -- you know go through all of the information you -- and these special permits and -- the things like I succeeded with all of this but I understand records is a succeeded at a greater level. Had this been more business friendly. Now they're both successful business people in the State -- New York so that doesn't work on -- presidential level could you have fifty states or fifty right. Obama's with a 57. -- but it works in New York it works in new York and that would be resonating -- It works in New York City. Want what I can when I lost my senate race to happen in -- -- that the first thing -- definitely did was bring. Trumped up to Niagara Falls to do some development work. Trump never did that development work because it does not work state what works in New York City. He was able to do things in the inner city that he was able to do perhaps in Atlantic City and even there he took some bankruptcies are right. He took a couple of if people can understand occasionally and business sometimes you win sometimes it goes. But his image is larger than life his image says winner. I don't think he would want to be reminded by his enemies and maybe even some friends that he lost Andrew Cuomo. My arm -- I would element as I want I want your thought. Regarding -- average Zach who who he didn't quit he just retired. But the question I have is according to his lawyer. Says that you know if there -- any suits that prevail in their awards made. That the taxpayers. Would be on the -- for that we heard him basically condemned defying him for that. I find that to be totally out of bounds I think that any public official should have to contribute. To an insurance policy for things like this where they actually have money involved and invested and rather than just being able to do what they wanted to do. And if they get away with a fine and if they don't detectors that. You know there's two schools of and many schools of jealousy to me there's more -- is more than two ways of looking at anything. These are public servants what gets me is the Iranians Sheldon Silver telling that he needs to. To resign because -- tolerate go really growing like we forgot what happened fifteen minutes ago you know about it in New York City in and other places. It is true that because he worked as an assemblyman. That. -- -- That the state attorney general would have to defend him and any civil actions. And I don't know perhaps in any criminal actions also. As long as he was acting in the capacity that is that's the case that's -- what you just said in the group. For as far as I know alleged sexual harassment is not in the capacity of an assemblyman. Job while alleged is too often in this country we create sub classes. And super empowered them that now people are responsible for how they feel about things. If he touched somebody. One lead that's one thing. But to say something that make someone feel uncomfortable. -- -- -- -- Lack of comfort is based upon them. Their own -- as a sliding -- how do you judge from a guy responsible for how you feel for the experiences that you had in your life for your education for your predilections for your prejudices. And all of those things. We we can't be responsible for how other people feel we only have to be responsible for what we do actions today that the governor call for a special election if not of the people in his district may not have representation until January this year he's an assemblyman right now. They -- that -- presentation. A. I I don't know much earlier as the heroes the whole show and the horrible. -- yes I'd like you on the show -- -- this show -- Hamilton are thank you very much. Well thanks -- it's always good to see you look in in top form. Your charm offensive is -- people smiling and looking let me get -- and secondly -- okay Brian I like to congratulate Republican graduate. And gaga gradually thank you. I'm you know this -- so it's -- -- -- carollo who is community development. Director at night applause. By ending leader ship my grows. Emerging leader of the year celebrating him and awkward. Questions and thanks for the -- government can accomplish -- -- -- we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under is at 930 this is WP --

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