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1-14 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is did you have sandy beaches and about an hour -- Hamilton will be joining us he's been a little under the weather the last few times when he normally would have been haven't. He had dark -- earlier today says he's feel ready to go so he'll join us today. I had 11 o'clock in the a subject that I've been wanting to do but he got pushed. Off the top of the -- By -- winter storms and various other things that that had to take precedence. But now I think it's something definitely worth talking about I have a new found respect for Pamela brown not an hours. Not as superintendent because I don't know I can't judge her all I can do is quote numbers about what they've done what they haven't done. But newfound respect for her as a person of character. A simply because. If she was let go according to her contract she would get about a 100000 dollars that's it if she if -- -- by -- A group of private people. In the community have offered her half a million dollars through just go away as I said. That I would assume that she would have to retire cautious contract says she's going to be working X amount of time for -- a lot of dollars and just can't walk away. From that angle so Morales without -- without something that's in the contract. So having said that. If you got to have a million dollars you can retire. All right so I'm thinking at the that would be nice nest day budge she said no. She said no so if if you are under fire. And you're having a problem getting the job done and it's not as though warm and Fuzzy and -- by as you expected it might be. Then maybe you take the money and Google but she didn't. She's had -- so I have to pat on the back and say good move good quality move it shows some character. Now on the other side of the coin. Is a -- Watson's column. A rod rod -- quote run every once -- -- -- a while rod surprises us and comes up with a a perfect column that just doesn't mention race but had a few and far between. He says Buffalo's white power elite goes after an African American leader it surprised that now must be paid to avoid the mistrust. And cynicism that bubbles up any time. Buffalo's white power league goes after an African American leader and then he says why -- what -- they you know. You know Smart enough to recognize how this would be taken in the black community. Well I'm thinking the black community. Would probably -- it. Not because they're black woman is being given a half a million dollars or go away but a black woman who's not getting the job done. And somebody else will be hired whether the person will be ba man or woman or black or non black. Who knows but it's it's a chance to get somebody who is a perhaps as a better outcome. So I'm thinking that they're thinking while we have to get rid of her because she's a black woman. Because the odds are she'll be replaced by somebody else is black black woman ran. So it's it's not racism thing that's the way rod portrays it now Charlie Fischer. Okay I don't Charlie Fischer Charlie Fischer in the early days of my show was on many times and when he ran for the council he announced his candidacy. On my show OK and I like Charlie Fischer but sometimes Charlie -- amazes me with a statement. It in this quote this is how buffalo has always been and why it has an image as a racist city. Says Charlie Fischer the third build of buffalo resident now I have to was so home. They're Charlie Fischer Charlie H Fisher the third is that Charlie Fischer that I know. I mean could have another Charlie -- could be Charlie somebody else Fisher the second I'm not really sure. If it's the same Charlie Fischler right now and then announce on the show. Every once in awhile he he surprises me. Why is it racist to offer somebody a half a million dollars of that somebody else can be hired the might do a better job why is a racist. Unless you can prove to me that they were -- a mother on hiring somebody that is in black. So I don't I don't buy that that it's that was a racist thing and you know what. It is far too obvious if it war. Okay the people that offered this money are not dumb people they did in this fall off the turnip truck. If they were really like that believe me they'd be better at it than that. The Cocoa -- obvious I don't think that's their motivation at all really they just want somebody better it's just what I complain about the President Obama. I don't complain because the first black president I complain because he's the first president we've elected but I feel as no milk and no ability to do the job. So the fact that he's black is immaterial to me and I think the fact that she's black is immaterial to the people willing to pony up the half -- Let's go to David's not Wanda de -- on WB yen. Here -- The woman making a lot about two ordered should keep out now here are -- on the area. And probably as of about quarter last summer attract. I don't ever concert for only what she -- a good bit because usually I think it was a five year contract. She can't get half a million dollars which could be up to your salary. And what would she go there and anybody else in this concrete shall put him -- -- higher except for our local school board. Well I have a million dollars is a nice nest egg it depends on your circumstances whether that's your only money. We don't know her personal circumstances but I think it took a lot of credit to revert to say no. I well I think -- I think she era signal a pretty well we almost got a higher than awful school board as. -- -- dark color they're the ones that fighter. No matter how bridge -- they're gonna hire her again and again and again. I don't know the terms of her contract but if she took half a million dollars she I don't know if it prohibits her from consulting. From working at all or just not working in education. I don't I don't know the terms but are you looking -- have a million dollars and you square in the guy it's it's got to be attempting a tempting offer him. Had actually here two years over Patrick if -- -- another two years and have a million dollars and it should go a million dollars common yet. And I really partially adult thing and I middle of the publicity that. Achieve the results of everything and I don't think anybody out here. All right so you think it was a practical decision instead of you know out of their character builder okay thank you very much. -- let me just make an offer -- reach out to the community especially the movers and shakers. That if you wanna put a group together. And offer media half a million dollars. -- I won't even play Elvis has left the building okay but it must be a -- your -- I demand that or cash would be nice. Cash would be really a gold make a goal to Angola. And -- some Canadian gold coins I would do that. They'll get offered me half a million dollars. And the word goodbye will would love will be in my -- and in the parking lot. And I love radio and I've -- moment OK but half a million dollars of that government and off its. -- never credit for it got a -- on the back even if it's a few years of her salary. It's it's a nest egg that -- invest it properly and users via I don't know what her personal sort of those are beyond that. But. Would be a nice thing to have. And yeah I give her credit I don't think it was a monetary decision I think it was a character building decision and she passed. It trailed Montreal wanted -- it was a -- of music star 930 who are asking is it okay to quote buy out a contract of a public official. I don't know how will be private citizens who put up the half a million dollar proposal. Could buy it out -- her contract is with the bubbles school board the buffalo school board worked for the public. So I don't know that you're doing that and let's take agreements -- to retire. I don't think you can just walk away before the end of the contracts -- They most contracts would allow you to retire. If she retired in took half a million dollars that's one thing I got to give her credit she said no she said she never even considered. Meanwhile others -- -- inverted ticket she's already said she's not going through and maybe for the -- is on the table for a limited time only and I assume at that time has expired. But the Buffalo News editorial says she should take the money. We'll get into that after dark to are surely in north tunnel Wanda surely -- WB yen. -- morning most. -- isn't bribery of a public official and illegal act and. Bribery is it's the definition of bribery. Bribery usually informs. Usually tells that you're paying something in exchange for some kind of benefit that you get. I don't know of these community leaders would say it's a benefit we hope that the community will get their four -- -- being charged with bribery. Well I sure would like to see the district attorney investigating. -- carrots because. For more and I hit it looked like bribery. -- I don't like it at the I don't like it at all I don't think private citizens should get involved with that sort of thing except work through the normal channels. -- more than getting involved it is open. The world of the electorate. I don't disagree that I agree it should go stroke you'll elect the right people for the school Bard. -- you elect the right people in Albany to make sure of your funded properly and to administer. -- the money and the education that's the way ago because I don't wanna leave it up to private individuals who have the means to decide who serves and who doesn't. Why I can't get rid of elections. And cowardly. -- in the middle. And perhaps. I -- -- -- per -- superintendent. I agree with you because so we don't -- circumvent that process as we're talking about the process for -- -- a couple days ago. There's also a process for getting better leadership according to you know your -- thinking getting better leadership in positions to improve the community and this is -- Well I expected that the district attorney raised his head. From whatever. I'm glad that some but there surely you -- -- -- -- -- a -- way. You lady you're currently. Anyway won't you -- this. Is the I -- that doing anything. Because as I say from where I sit is next for bribery. And that's sent legal. Interesting point of view thank you surely appreciate it thank you very much I would surely I don't think it's good idea. I really don't because then there essentially. You talk about. The ruling only lets you choose the terminally. Four row monetary prowess while Casey got a group of people have a lot ago. Then if this were common practice they could decide who's ahead of the coming council. They could decide the mayor or big they could decide who the superintendent of schools a bit. Police shape was superintendent of boys I mean. There's no -- you could have a handpicked group of of a community of movers and shakers. Being dictated by a group of people that have money now I'm not coming down on the ones who have money as. As having some grand plan I think that their thought process is we need better education in this isn't gonna work out. Let's see effective as she leaves may be the next surge. Would be more fruitful I think I'm pretty confident that's the way they're thinking. Because -- they weren't thinking like that this move would be way too obvious way to columns. The so having said that. I I think a bribe any time a bribe is offered. If I think it's given in exchange for something that you personally benefit. Or your company benefits. -- whatever but if they ever use the argument that we felt the better education. Benefits everybody. And we saw this as a way to get better education I think you'd be hard pressed that. This there was bribery but I don't I don't think it's good idea I can tell you that right now. The getting back to be a rod Watson column. Is she says he says that she has been her own worst enemy talking about the superintendent. Failing progressive leadership is more than just -- doing office work it's also about cultivating allies. Rallying the public responding to the media involving parents and working with state officials. -- that a pretending you don't know what their criticisms are coming from. And parts of their job in in those parts she's been abysmal well you know sometimes. You know judges are always judged by the appearance of impropriety. Sometimes is the appearance that this doesn't -- -- priority remember when bill when Bill Clinton Obama right where Barack Obama was in town. And she got an invitation. Two to attend a -- kind of private reception for him at UB. At the same time there were important meetings on education going on at the very same time and Albany. She chose to go to the Barack Obama situation first. For our first and second first last and dollars she was there instead of being in Albany she went to Albany after I think the next day she went to Albany. So that says that her priorities where. -- all its chance to meet the president maybe some networking I can't you know not a mind reader but she preferred to go there. Then to follow up on things that would help. Her school district and maybe your own position so that that shows me a lack of judgment there. The dual realities give both sides ammunition for this type of a fight the buffalo doesn't need this is Ron Watson again. But of those pushing her ouster. Of first of all I don't consider it announced there. If somebody wants to give you a half a million dollars to go away. That's a gentle nudge that's not a ouster and ouster is a smear campaign. Our announcer as we got something on you -- an ouster is as a loophole in the contract there where we're getting rid of you. Know half a million dollars front page of about one who's not exactly. As secret -- is it quiet and ours that what I would consider an -- But rod says. But if those pushing her house there have to be mindful of the racial context. Blacks have to get over the suspicion that any African American from apparently there's a state education commissioner. Oh doesn't reflexively support Lolita LeBron is automatically a -- law giver I give Ron credit on that one he's right. The stakes for the kids all the kids are too -- well this is the point. I mean who wouldn't talk about business people willing to put up a half a million dollars for better education in buffalo this is a direct buffalo thing. The predominance of buffalo students are African American. So you can't really accuse them of being racist when they want better education for black children other Hispanic children and white children Chiluba. I'm trying to make this as easy to have good grasp as we can so the bottom line is you don't offer that kind of money in fact if you really are racing. -- Go. So if you're racist you are better education for kids that's what we're Paladino ran for governor. Some. Started strong points of view is racist that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. He puts his money or is my office for better education if you're racist that's the last thing you want is better education for people you feel are inferior. Well you know -- that went the other way. So I think via people show their goodwill of people putting up this money. But lack of judgment in this case I -- -- a second guess the people and that made this offer 'cause are all very held in very eyes the amendment the network is a hell of a lot more than mine I can tell you that. But I think it's it's a poor way to do it. Because -- circumstance. The the process as as the last caller said this isn't the way we do business nor is -- the way we should do business and I'd like to know from you. If you agree or this or not. Was it the right thing to do is it okay to buy out a contract of a public official and if so if you believe it is. Who would you buy out. Somebody that maybe you're not that somebody just don't like with somebody who you think is holding back the community not doing a good job whatever who. -- -- The buyout will be back with more would be to go. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB yen that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Today's of the -- I'm about as -- figure -- that's -- nuggets are. This guy from GR plays on main -- that they I had this music language he uses it. How is really cool video -- so. Anyway at today's your day -- my bubble a -- is a thirty dollars and having to do Jack's place restaurant and Williams bill. Bloggers and analysts Jack's place. We're just fifteen dollars enjoy the area's best before on went with a full menu featuring stakes. Pastas seafood and sandwiches go to WB and dot com and click on my buffalo perks logo. The return of Ken Hamilton place in the next hour so he has been out have been feeling a little under the weather and and I was feeling better earnings here. And world report that that are getting back to big question of is it okayed a buyout close quotes. A contract of a public official. Some some of the city fathers have offered or did offer. It was on the table for a period of time which because expired now. Half a million dollars the camera around. And a half a million dollars to leave. All right now it may seem on ceremony as maybe a little and gracious but that's a lot of money she should know. She's no question about it and considerate should be considerate so that's good for her. And I have to -- -- style points at the giver character points of that because most people would have taken the money and run. The last couple superintendents took about a hundred grand each and and they headed for the hills. A hundred grand and I healthcare. And when. I throw that in there that's -- and that's the world of the public officials. But she didn't and I give her credit for that and sound like to know if you think it's okay to do that I don't. Really don't I think it's extremely. Slippery slope to be doing that and actor out Watson's column after -- in the second paragraph. And he said. People have to they have to avoid the mistrust of cynicism that bubbles up anytime Buffalo's white power elite. Goes after an African American leader so that's how he views. The white power only putting up half a million dollars to get rid of Arabia and African American employee at that point even the leader going to be broke. Because the odds are. Even if you have she's probably. I would take the odds with bush brought going to be replaced by an African American man or woman. So if you are racist in your your goal is to get rid of one black person. That's lousy way to spend your -- It is not a very effective I think they really do want better education but I think this was the clumsy. Just clumsy attempt to keep in mind the Buffalo News editorial. Says that the browns should take the money superintendent has demonstrated she's not a good fit for the buffalo schools and they get into various areas and that's fine. But she makes 2171500. Years salary. If she takes a buyout before the end of July when she would have less than a year left them are contrary she would get the year's salary plus any additional money that sweeten the offer. After that should be dismissed them and receive nothing. And so it's not about the fact it's should be -- has a little bit over a year left on our contract. So it in a monetary decision it was a decision that she believes in herself. And gopher good for when I'm here to judge your abilities do the job of Hayward -- talk about the deal. Let's go to John on a cell phone John you're on WB yen. Well sending the jobs. They were sent let to lead groups who already -- a million dollars but you don't day. Thank you -- recognized that if. -- a very good job for the ball up. Walk -- not the first superintendent we brought outside. If you look back look at the performance so much in the -- and Williams. I got hurt -- lot of problems. No one's really sure they accomplish anything. And the outer shirt out or circumstances and all the app jobs. Outlook note that. -- superintendents were urban districts. -- the country are at a pretty. -- look they move around so that's referred omit the danceable. -- somebody will -- huge -- somewhere else that doctor William amber out in Baltimore. -- it well what you -- -- search for the -- they're funny in urban district. But obviously you know a little under Patrick realized that you want so all. Her eight. Consultant at -- to make it in the complaint saying outlaw almost three quarters of billion dollars or one should. That was Charlotte is like they had to put training wheels on her by adding that other persons of apparel and there was this thing. Now all girl you know offering money it's ridiculous absolutely support education they want it. -- and I it. Albeit a lame duck. Say look that we're gonna have other people look and register your believe ability. And you just kind of write out your abstracted in in maybe you would cut the hole right now you know we're -- Arabs. And that we we have Mary thank -- NATO would do a wonderful job and Mary in -- that it would I ever retire there were too many issues. They brought in -- well. James William -- we get. This picture. Not respect that correct. I think yeah there was a woman interim before they hired brown. You know. There -- one opening at work. Internally that it was an -- -- amendment amber amber. And that it -- Way to stop you obviously we I need to beat the 00. Pamela brown. That when James Williams was yeah I went up and you know -- -- order education. -- election turned. Change epic. Yeah I think the voters is one vote 01 swing vote changer that would change the whole of face that -- -- James Williams said he said at the publicly and seven on these microphones that. He thought that it is a successor should also be African American. He's one that's the first priority. It doesn't make sense the first priority somebody can change the district to make it better if they happen to be African Americans -- Are. You estimate but under a lot of people would agree that you know. It's almost something that's broken it can't be big. Variable. That are making it difficult to get an idea what all alert one blemish on what -- -- there but don't need underlying problem. October 3 we have a lot of immigrants in the studio lot of them don't speak English number edit your Asian. And that kind of broke them and that is called normalcy to report. That break the graduation rate -- now be addressed things. But they're ordering that factor what. Graduation rate with really beyond your buffalo and I don't it would should add at. What it is now and I will tell you permit a retired upload feature. And up the problems start rolling rock 810 years ago. We export -- on all the little bit cheaper but yet self. Much it hurts happened and although one of the small -- under. -- Watched by the state Education Department. Epic yet well -- all 65%. While. The -- -- you English as their primary flight. Net did a -- the teacher Burton that everybody. Yeah I'd surely as big guys started these people who don't understand the languages -- -- and I I agree with you I think that a lot of it has to do with I think -- school board up until recently now we've got some. Some -- is on the board now there weren't there before. I think you're entirely too comfortable status quo even -- status quo wasn't successful and they love the power when you're on a board that oversees a billion dollar a year expenditure. That's a lot of power I think -- like that their elected by a handful of people and it's I think it's a shame but hey thanks for your employer and I especially being a retired buffalo teachers. Or our program. A -- -- Carl let's Paladino of course now we've got talent -- always got -- others who really first of all Paladino didn't get on the board. So that he could feel good about that having -- hand in directing the budget. He got on the board to get the border facing the right direction. Toward the goal -- toward that accomplishing something toward getting better education. For all the students in buffalo. And there there's a few more like that I'm sure they all. Look like -- pass that that's their toggle but I think a lot of give entirely too comfortable. And somebody coming and has ever an idea is this isn't the way we've done that people are and I'm not really sure -- those people should not even running. Those people should just drop out and better go home and do something else. Let's let's give the board. Filled with people wanna get the buffalo school system rolling there's enough money there's enough will. And this is the time to do it not just sit back and say it's the same old same -- will be back after this. I'm sandy beach we're talking about somebody that. I was planning to talk about a few weeks ago. But as luck would have it and as the the subject ball bounces up and down we had some charms we had some other shows which we thought had to take precedence over this. But I I wanted to definitely talk about the offer that did exist about half a million dollars. For the the superintendent buffalo schools Pamela brown. If she were just leave. And -- she said no and I'd I have to give her credit for that because she's under fire. When the new school board takes effect so who knows what the what might happen and who knows where valuations ago. And she obviously believes in herself and whether she's doing your job and I'll leave that to others but for for me I say. Congratulations go where I do have the problem is I don't think it should be on open house for anybody who wants the pony up money to get rid of a public official. Ken Hamilton is here. And has been a little under the weather -- feeling down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now clearly -- as the longest in my life I have there and civic well you're you're look good and feeling good. Yeah I go with the first look at an idea -- hot -- -- out -- that I give me your opinion first before -- over calls. On whether you think the thought process of putting together cash package bio and buying out a public official. No matter what the motivation might be is that something that we should be entertaining. You know normally -- I don't think that we should be done anything like that however we are in -- situation here where you just have to do something. The problem with trying to change the board of education itself and ordered that they do their -- and get. Not only get a qualified. Our superintendent but. Have created a system by which of their qualified superintendents want to have a summit in buffalo school district. -- you almost have to go down to the bottom to make that happen because the elect's core here. And it's it's not all their fault you know we talk about the issues of African Americans and an African Americans -- buffalo school district. Largest population are African American students. Race has played an issue in western new York and in buffalo particularly for so long that it's become culture. And so what we're looking at is a culture of people who are willing to defend. Even an aptitude and I'm not necessarily saying she's an -- But ineptitude at the superintendent level at the board level. Because they feel that they're defending themselves as being African Americans. So in other words pick either they've figured that you trying to get her out of that job is is insulting to them as a fellow African rumor. Absolutely it and I can say that firsthand one of the things that we do and Brad Watson heads up this group the ball -- association of black journalists. We have a forum board numbers you know there anywhere on the radio like like journalism. Entering -- -- yes we have. We have mr. -- from the yeah. From Neiman Marcus from our boys who have a couple of -- our analysts are also pulling your chain going right the whole idea of the buffalo associate black journalists is to get people in there who would be more willing to. Express African American culture the words and thoughts about of the musicians and -- can't do this. And so given that you know we say beside we thing black's -- We say -- aside and buffalo you think the lottery consecutive and other Hispanics -- -- the south side you think Irish. The north district Italian. We have been segregated society for so long race to play an important role. It should not be the most important role and it is evident. That the African Americans. On the board and throughout the city of low self esteem of themselves. As evidenced by the fact of the education system itself. Therefore when you attack line that seems too many African Americans that you attack are all here and saw. This is a desperate time that you have to change. From the bottom up. In order to change the top instead of changing top down assessed to be in grass roots and so I think what these people are doing though it may be. Unusual I don't think that is necessarily -- the -- and I think that it's a necessary thing to well. Here's Charlie you O'Charley's pressure I don't Charlie -- you know before I know him but he yeah. He announced his candidacy on my show he said quote this is how buffalo -- always been and why it has an image as a racist city. So immediately those were his thoughts that trying to remove Pamela brown was because she was black. But -- bit but but common sense thought processes. You can't do it like that because if you were racist you know the odds are she's -- be replaced by somebody who's you are male or female and old probably will be African American joke so you don't gain anything if you feel like that so -- the knee jerk reaction is it because what you just explained. Well you know I think that that's part of it let me finish with the ball -- association public -- at -- and be. Forums that we did for the board it's -- for the board of its historian and author I didn't do the questions I was reading the questions I was one of the panelists. And that question -- not a question that I myself at written. What do you think I quote what do you think about the job that -- number I was in the quote -- And the people on the stage in the audience started screaming and how organ meat that's doctor Pamela brown I'm telling -- -- adios to syllables from standing up and telling them where they compare that list. Oh wow -- plus they made me so angry your kids are doing this bad and you're not an adult guides and -- -- -- her mother don't call me doctor yeah what's her name is Pamela brown. And if you're a black community would be refreshing and an empowering to say look. There's a black a leader of the -- school system now and she's really doing a job that needed to be done and it's great. This -- and do anything instead went when you stand up for somebody that can't do the job or isn't doing the job so far. Then what do you say just say well we have to be in the air because of our skin color it works directly against you what. It does but there's this culture change that you have to have. And so of these men regardless of what color they -- And it's not to say there were no African American businessman who also contributed to file and we don't know. And when he gets a Charlie issue we get -- finisher in his statement. Who had Charlie you can't just take you know an eight words sound -- -- no. And -- -- -- -- -- words were too early and described what he means by what he's saying so I can't speak to that statement if it's as bad and there's other contractual things that would bring clarity to Kissinger's way it was an -- Erica a boilerplate response. -- -- that's because we're racist without giving any thought or at least and he expressed the oddest of the reason somebody might be doing what you have to ask the question who wrote well who wrote the quote. Because I'm sure that whoever wrote debate and asked Charlie what do you think about this. And Charlie said -- and then walked away. That was the quote this -- and it's like what I said about white media in the country. All of the time he tenure as we're working on Ireland that you're together right argue that's great really is it -- seems like thirty or forty. Got the quote is Enron Watson's column so I assume unless he took it from another publication of it that he got the -- well and that might be true -- we go bad when I talk about rod line. And what he does he has the urban -- this is what he does he's the urban columnist as bill room more. As the president of the buffalo teachers -- so restoration. And so these are the things that they defend mrs. map rots complete. Composure just being okay. Rod rod says a lot of things but it's only a very small part of who and what he just -- my -- conversations when we get back let me finish that thought. First in -- The African American press and the African American people did not make Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or any you know it was the white press and chased after them. Feeding these kinds of sound bites back into the public. Bet that elevated enough. Rod is more than what he just does. You know and his column. But this is what they pay him and so you're. And so you know you look at all of this you have to take it with a -- and sought it fits into this piece of the puzzle no question about it. But at the same time the bigger picture is is we've done everything else that we possibly can do. To improve the education of the children in the city of buffalo. And educated constituency. Would not produce the well and we're not produce the results of this and we're going down you know right. And who would have attractive superintendent that would have a produced Orchard Park tonight results. East Amherst type results because African American children are capable of doing that we know that historically have so. And so. It's a vested interest of anyone who has any interest in education. -- to make sure that we can from the bottom up change the top. In order to increase the results because we need more productivity here in Western New York in the way we get this through education. Plus that can -- of that as well as well be back Lamar final hour VG company a news radio 930.

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