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1-14 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now auto Lola is raging governor and I'm sandy beach a single last week we talked to Lauren fix and she was in Las Vegas with a Consumer Electronics Show and a few Mets got to talk currencies and Detroit. Think she's slipping markets are eventually -- I don't want to organize it is region governor we're gonna find out what's going on -- deep right. Normally not as the motor city hang in there. Yes it is a -- -- governor of sandy beach in a way we'd -- an -- day like that. When our first personally talked to is Lauren fix Lauren is that the Detroit auto show she is the car coach hello Lauren. -- you know I'm fine before you get into talking about cars let me ask you something car related. How much of a buzz is there are now that tomorrow. General Motors we'll have a female CEO our name is Mary -- I assume she's either has some presence -- the show is their big buzz at the show about that. Actually there isn't huge by the everyone's excited and open to do it you know being your email all that asked to do the fact that she's real -- -- she looked to wager that ranks. And yesterday when they released in North American car and truck of the year or GM what this -- -- everything with the Corvette and the Colorado and she was there. And the product was just all over to this picture that line that the security guard could -- -- -- and -- it totally -- -- Company people lot -- you order it like there are at the back I mean it was crazy. And she's a former engineer -- she has -- she has credits. Not everybody knows about you we know that your very knowledgeable about cars that we know that. While your birdies and look at where you'll also you also have credentials. Yes I do -- -- design and develop braking systems. I I don't know manufacturing company bought like New York so you'll never immediately. -- are restored cars -- cars -- -- dealer trainer in all aspects of the current. A weak side as well as aftermarket side so that cards. I even in my daughters shall yeah. That stroke or are are the only thing I think negative about what you just told me is probably when you were dating I'm sure Paul wasn't thrilled that you're an expert on breaking. Accelerated and maybe breaking not to regret what I. I'm looking at a picture of a concept car not normally I don't get that excited about concept cars only get through the marketplace. But this Toyota at 51 looks unbelievable. Have have you have you seen it yet in this. Yes I ever watched yesterday at greater principle we used to call that you've -- That that was what it really exciting content yeah that's going to be going and -- -- that'd -- key out. Has brought out -- -- car. And that was a real shocker for the shell and don't think that all the Korean and the Japanese manufacturers did you know what -- that really well. -- to bring and are you Burkhardt and I would say -- we haven't really done a great job it's laughable looking sexy. It's gonna be reasonably price and back to a little performance -- out of -- which area. Now if you if you had a theme I mean most shows are a bit of a formal famous some years its greens some years it's horsepower some years it's won't be new concept. From what you've seen so far oil what are you picking up as a general claim. Like here are a couple things weren't as high performance hybrid. And you've got Audi would hear each you got BMW -- IE which there's going to be awaiting what that you've got a lot of money you want one you better. Question on your local BMW dealer meeting that completely got an -- And of course you know Mercedes kind of are there you heart -- He -- -- not going to be electric thinking how what it's a Prius we're talking about electric motors at the -- They're -- here -- power even portrait don't want. So you know that that's 1 of the -- -- fingerprinting and a lot of people however one. I'm determined that a doctor and he goes well this year being crude has -- -- but haven't taken wants respect going your look at regular. Gillick recruited illegally -- our great army. A lot of autonomous cars that could be huge trend. You know a lot of what we thought yup the activities and mobility I want high speed what are my -- went to all my part to write my -- -- You know cool technology. Like I have my computers in my divisive and that is a huge part of the show that here. Now let me ask you this question because last week you are at the consumer electronic show. Did it take some of these surprise out of the electronics that are showing at the show now because you've seen those electronics are probably even more futuristic ones that aren't in production yet at CES it takes some of the -- away. Don't you take a little bit of a -- out at their self parking car and of course. Now crisis and that and -- 200 but -- -- releases are always something special here and -- and I don't think. The last five years are demanding anchored in the recession and everything and you -- -- like little upgrade a lot of EP car or hybrid now being. It every single manufacturer got something exciting new and and it's really refreshing to -- that -- changed. That's one of the things that aren't yet the market activity and mobility that is repeat I would -- for here. Now -- -- that's been out no love for several months but -- the 06 out that's a hot rod version of an already armored car. And what part what part are. That's where you are a lot of trouble. What is the most unusual. Because when you look our show but they not only trying to Romney trying to glamorize the other models a what's the most than usual vehicle you've laid eyes on at the literature. I didn't get a -- usual I would -- you -- okay. And I didn't expect that BMW I re which they launched LA and let people drive it yet but you're I -- -- unique looking for BM battery to appear. You know performance driving machine kind of look. These cars would definitely different looking. -- publicly you to view you'll get out and make it. Statement. It's sort of manufacture and routinely -- you -- a lot left to do today even if he collects such and such. -- really trying to make -- mark lead and a -- -- looking new carpet new mustang -- vital and it orange or yellow -- right back exactly. And -- I really -- that naturally ugly at all like every current law really futuristic and we're actually seeing. Production beaten the -- jaguars are here which were beautiful and you Land Rover are here. And even Ford GM and quite figured it really trying to get our race product now 200 by the way I am. Blown away impressed with what they've done a aluminum F 150 -- -- that. Give -- -- one to achieve 32 years number one selling vehicle in the country while Portland car and truck. Would you pick change -- -- one truck of the year you really have to make it there. Or an aluminum now Patrick like a little while we're talking military great period aluminum alone but it about her publisher five mile a gallon better. They -- combination that keyboard app eco attack but it failed worse you know really -- the cure and that -- law that. You're really good effort to get -- -- looking truck I thought the picture. Up on eight and Twitter. If you wanna see -- you can't afford media what I expect that your are insured are already aironet. Let the truck looked weary and they wrote an extra redesign. Our one final question if I gave you imagine wanting to touch any vehicle there at the show and -- at home no payment book. No questions Betsy can still be a concept or our production car or truck -- Tuesday. While a tough call a lot of great -- You know I and the way up -- -- and although -- signal service facilities in the like buying a Ferrari. You know -- I had to -- and that in the Butler could they need to get maintain OK I -- jaguar and try our. All the F yeah oh yeah her home and they got that and it's got a lot of a lot under the hood. Yeah eight of the 9/11 it they had a target their kid it was pretty impressive -- at all. I have a Porsche and the jaguar on the ground. Absolutely you've been a good girl was here -- hey thanks for keeping us informed last week at the CES in this week with the Detroit auto show we appreciate -- -- what your web address and his people wanna get caught up on what's going on there. Are worried -- you are and all right good to document they -- to hear -- mine aren't that she's more than pretty patient nose guards organs are you that. She knows me inside now she knows that she was the mechanical side individual side in the driving side and all that. Will be back with the Beijing company right after this is beach and company and go we have a new team member today Tony is is on injured reserve. You will be returning shortly but we have -- we have Chris Chris is and he captaincy. And Pete repeat as joining us today hello -- now we've borrowed Pete. From a 55 a crucial in the Bulldog now as you know I love shall from the Bulldog I've said that publicly. One of the reasons I've embraced minutia of this so that I can listen the -- -- the Bulldog are very good but there's a difference between me and shall. And I just want I just want. -- to understand this it's a different kind of a show like today the Australian Open is going on its campus and and shot of tennis and I love tennis but between show OpenId. Is that I don't -- around. With a little pink tennis have on. That's just odd ball you know I'm talking about. And it during the majors shell whips on the pink tennis visor. And a real manly man's hat you know I'm talking about. It's a visor. It's up pink. Visor so he has a pink visor on. And I think he walks with a certain gay and that that happens only during the major tennis tournament. I'm too mentally preparing -- the State of New York does not allow me to Wear a pink visor because of by testosterone level. As you know populace and a show for the first time. I'm a testosterone donor I'd have too much and and I I wanna give to those less fortunate. Shall might be a little deficient in that department -- so I just swat. Just want pizza now that it's a whole different ball game today this and -- moments ago I can just tell you that right now dog is a different story. I saw a Bulldog goes through his transformational -- Okay he started here. He followed me that it did that -- sports and then went over there on mobile. And he's gotten and the motorcycles which have been involved with for years and I watched him go through his transition phase from. Clean cut in -- that typical guy next door to the Jesus look with a long hair spiked helmet and and -- but it is. Congo bit. But it's fun to watch when people get a Harley you don't just by the motorcycle to ride -- embrace the lifestyle. Is confident. Chris I would miss them as it looks like good number on yet. But that's that so we want to beat the field. Very very welcome now speaking of sports I thought that we would do a couple of sports related things. People collect. And collectibles all the time and sometimes the numbers that they paid for certain collectibles. Extremely. Amazing. Jackie Robinson we all know who he is I don't think I have to tell you in 1947. He was rookie of the year and he got an award for. It's probably a plaque says rookie of the year 1947. It just sold for 401968. -- What do you think would you pay that Chris if you had four and no I was trying to think how much it would cost reported sent an outward of 200000 and my guess double. 1000 now with almost 402000. But with these collectibles what it's a World Series ball or something like that. When you -- this kind of money. You get one shot at showing up as people come to your home. For the first time -- at -- Jackie Robinson ground breaking play -- first black in the majors I hope they -- I've got this lack. God is a rookie of the year and -- oh how can I see. It's over the place and it's it's insured of course Carey Price now let's have dinner -- Robin next time they come over. What he would cancer and you've got one shot and all your friends and recycle them through -- At the show will be. Other piece of memorabilia but. I don't know 402000. Dollars a lot of money also you're probably watching you're probably wondering who watched what in the playoffs. This this past weekend the chargers bronco game. Twenty million people watched. Several Cisco Carolina seventeen millions they got 20000017. Million Figure Skating Championships 2.3 million. Where's Tonya Harding when -- neither. And the heat nets game in the NBA one point six million. So that's it's so a patent draws those those big ratings. Also that we had a tragic story today it was in the -- Morning news paid a retired police captain. Got into it in a movie theater with some guy who was texting. I assume it was a guy. Maybe it wasn't I assume it was. And a shot and killed I mean you talk about you talk about treasured. Well as luck would have it does not walk but as coincidence would have it. There is a survey in the USA today. A time and a place for Smartphones. People who try to use their Smartphones secretly. And here in the percentages are where they use them. At meetings and classes 54%. -- Places of worship 52%. You can even get through worship service without getting on your phone. Theaters and concert halls 51%. Alia because they're using a -- taking pictures of them all kinds of things. Now this is disturbing. -- a public restrooms. Point 85% now for our buck up because a -- and -- everything. But I can't think that's the place nor the time public and you know when somebody's pointing their camera at you and laughing that perhaps this isn't gonna end well. And when you're in bed with someone 23%. Point 3%. Say got to -- one of the -- the -- like this gonna have. I have 37 inch arms I know that okay which are quite long a so I could go a long distance pan shot a -- about that very good. I we're gonna get going today Ken Hamilton who hasn't been here awhile. Will be with us today at 11 o'clock and we're going to be talking about something -- I think I find very interesting because if I don't find an interest -- -- at the -- about. We'll be backward regions of. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WB EN dot com. Now we're back where the -- comedy today Ken Hamilton will be joining us at 11 o'clock always a welcome guest the always comes well prepared and is though. Knowledgeable he's fun and he knows that he knows what's going on that's way that we invited and these days ago right -- That. As well as the other things to talk about Pamela brown but not necessarily directly. LeBron as a superintendent of the buffalo schools does from the buffalo school systems -- OK they're trying to make it better about. The bottom line is the bottom line is that India to bottom lines there. It's almost a billion dollar a year deal almost the billions -- -- around the -- -- billion bucks. And we're not getting a lot of good results there. 48% graduation rate. They went over -- they bumped over fifty and and I think they've gone back down whatever. The fourth worst. Adult male. Adult black male graduation rate in the country. Okay. We spend enough per student per seat. Ought to send every one of the buffalo school. The students to the Nichols school. Which is one of the most probably first -- second most expensive school we have in Western New York. We could send each student to the Nichols school and have 5000 dollars left over. With each student that's how how much money is involved with this and it's not just about money it's it's more than money. It's about a lot of things but one of the things is -- it's always been about as a dysfunctional or close to it the school board. There is our way and they and absolute. Nightmare. Of a teacher's union okay the teacher's union. You and you know this story two of them there's been all kinds of opportunities to save some money and try and make things better know they have vote they have no interest -- there really don't although over preach with film room more as a we need you know it's a smaller class -- Well what you think that means. More teachers. -- me. And despite her back that enrollment goes down every year. In buffalo but he budget goes up so you figure that okay a so we've got all the usual suspects so they hire Pamela brown. In fact as I recall. Bob homers of remembrance today offered to I don't recall they took up on and are not offered to fund the search for equality. A superintendent which is very nice and generous thing to do OK well they come up we have Pamela brown. Now what she's doing a proper job or not in you know the various departments and -- whether there's enough progress about is not what we're going to be talking about today that's. That's an individual discussion and its and its -- So -- microscopic. In its scope that will leave that to the educational professor professionals. What we gonna talk about is a most unusual situation. A situation I've never heard of usually if we have a bad superintendent. And we've had a string of them. Week we pay them -- and talent beyond their way. The last of the last one we gave vote about a 100000 dollars to him. Lifetime health insurance for most of his family all of that nice guy but didn't get the job done one before that 100000 dollars. -- goodbye goodbye goodbye and that's generally what we go. OK so looking at Pamela brown she's got the contract and and a it would not making much progress and she did some dumb things right away. In order to get some money out of Albany she had a promised. He's certain review of the teachers of valuation. Valuation of the teachers. So she promised that at the same time she settled her. You don't get the money and at this and she settled -- To the -- guard say uncertain element school bush sent a letter to the union saying. The so I mean that was on the border of fraud even the governor called that so you don't take money under the pretense that you're going to do it. And then tell the people who are supposed to be done we have now widgets that. So she had to withdraw that whatever so she got off to a rocky start. But now is something I'm not comfortable with the at all. A group of people are obviously people of means have come up with a proposal. And -- we -- on this show a couple of weeks earlier by because of storms and things that were happening. I -- kept getting bumped but I think it's very important to talk about the concept of of what we're talking about today a group of wealthy people basically. I decided you know what. Let's let's see if she's interest in and leaving and let's make it attractive for her to leave now she had a contract. And now my assumption and -- my assumption about my understanding is. If -- if they are out or said good bye you're welcome believe she got about a 100000 dollars okay it's good -- kiss. They offered her. -- half a million dollars to step down a half a million dollars. Now up to this point I didn't really have an opinion on Pamela brown except for that. That letter she wrote Sylvia teachers during -- She turned him down. At that point. My admiration. Grew. By large measure anybody that is offered a half a million dollars. When the most they would get a they'll have before was a 100000. -- the -- -- five times acts like you do the math okay and she said now. That shows me something. That shows me that she believes in herself and she believes what. Which he has to get done and I'm very nervous about being about -- about pride bit of a private people. -- ponying -- money trying to republic officials that to me is -- -- slippery slope now you could have some fun with it and say. Well how about that a moron in Albany Andrew Cuomo. That's the run for president and we don't like what he's doing here with -- various things including the New York say back. Why don't we get a group of wealthy people together and offer -- ten million dollars. And ten million dollars leave the governor's mansion. I don't think this is that kind of stuff is a good idea. Because they are -- reasons I do not know I'm not I do not know the language of her contract. Contract is with the buffalo school board the buffalo school board works for the public okay. So unless she retired. And most contracts will allow you to retire because they can't keep you from retiring the most they can do is keep you from leaving and going to another job. But they really can't stop you from retiring. So and let's analysts she intended to retire take half a million dollars and retire. I don't know how she could just walk away contract is an agreement. I -- employed me for acts upon a time I want to employ you I will work for you for X amount of time. Here's what's involved for money here's what's involved benefits. These are the conditions and clauses which is contrary can be broken and you list just -- you list on suitability. And that you both know what grant and understand. There might be performance goals and who knows. But I doubt very much if it's just open ended where you know what. I'm not making enough to offset this offers I'm gonna quit and take to have million. And I'm gonna become superintendent of schools of Syracuse instead. But I don't think -- can do that so -- my question is. Are you comfortable. With private individuals. Buying out or attempting to buy out contracts of public officials I'm not at all. I really not at all. I'm done I know they they're probably. They're probably a positive minded because they think somebody else to do a better job and I appreciate that. However I think it's a very. Slippery slope so I would not be in favor of it. But is it -- to buy out a contract of a public official call us now in 030930. 18061692. Every six and started 930. It is beach company isn't okay to buyout a contract of a public official. And the reason I'm asking that is a group of private citizens offered Pamela brown a half a million dollars to leave. Now she did not have a contract -- -- she had a contract with the school board. The school board represents. -- they are the voice of us and they oversee a billion dollar a year deal. So I don't know she could just quit like that and what she retired. I guess with a half a million dollars you might be able to retire I don't know of any contract that prohibits you from retiring that's always an option I -- -- without any benefits but I got to give her credit she said no. So even though maybe questionable whether she's a good superintendent whether she's a good superintendent or not. Whether she's achieving anything or not he givers to help points on that she's not -- half a million bucks are many of us that would say no. De -- a half a million dollars in front of me okay. And I I would go to live in Russia plan. Flacco on OK here's another. A critic of the matter and went on just a joke about half a million dollars for attempting. And she didn't take it's why I have to give her credit for that she believes in herself otherwise you would have taken it and she could have -- Given all kinds of reasons to take it. Well it's it's a more difficult situation that I envision I didn't have all the information had I known that. Can work with -- Escobar blah blah blah hostile press Carl Paladino is on the scoreboard now is make in my life miserable. -- be all kinds of reasons. As she could've said that the issue was gonna take the money but she didn't. About that about that acting on principle. So I'm I'm I'm putting aside her credentials and her ability and our truck -- I don't really you feel that I'm qualified to comment on the except for statistical. Differences. But I gotta give her style points for a million dollars now rod Watson. Whenever I see -- rod Watson column. I always love it because it -- on sport you have the over and under. I always have the over under on a rod Watson column to see how many words it's gonna take before he uses the word. Black or the word minority OK or white something to differentiate. One race from another. Let's play on your boys and girls. This is -- Watson's column. If the folks trying to bribe a Pamela brown and accordingly buffalo schools superintendent were Smart. They would just waited. A few more months would have been a small price to pay a price that now may be paid anyway to avoid the mistrust and cynicism the bubbles up any time. Ready for. Buffalo's white power in -- There it is goes after an African American leader there it is in the second paragraph ladies and gentlemen second paragraph. To avoid the mistrust and cynicism that bubbles up anytime Buffalo's white power he leads. Goes after an African American leader C at this point in in -- column. It doesn't matter why they offered the money is just that they offered the money and she's African American. You remember the last superintendent said on this show hole. That he thinks he should have been reported he should be replaced by an African American because the predominance of those things are. Our our black and he thinks that a black superintendent who do the best job I mean he said that outwardly. Apparently -- rod Watson likes to see everything with a dark colored glasses. It takes no prodding from people to bring up former buffalo state college president FC Richardson a former superintendent James Harris. Or other black leaders run out of town whenever black comes under fire. It's in that context that many will view as an effort to -- brown orchestrated by our so called movers and shakers. Okay well let me present this to two rod. Rod what you think the movers and shakers who are ponying up by half a million dollars and she turned on the offer. What do you think there -- expecting if she had taken within expected that the next one would be why it. Well the next one will be Latino. Or the maximum will be Asia and now they're probably pretty much expected that the next one would also be black. I mean that that's common sense let's stay on the common sense level. That is generally what would be expected so why would you spend if if if the race worthy issue. Why would you spend a half a million dollars let's face it. I have a million dollars to anybody no matter of their money or not is a lot of money okay and why would they spend a half a million dollars of their money. To get rid of somebody because they're black. Knowing full well that the replacement probably be black so. Doesn't make any sense -- I'm like I'm very much a common sense and logical guy if it doesn't make common sense. If it's not logical there's something else we don't know. And we have to find out. I think that their motivation was fine she's not up for the job would be the motivation. And let's find somebody else whether they're black or not that. There that would be up up up up the job so that's the reason they ponied up a half a million dollars. Getting back to -- column. That's a whatever black comes under par. It's in that context that many will view the effort to -- brown orchestrated by our so called movers and shakers it is dumb founding that they would be so naive as to. How it would be seen in -- city which race at least for blacks. Is always just below the surface so what we're saying here. Is that big movers shakers and for the men have a million dollars -- that their motivation is to get a better superintendent get get better -- -- The students who get better would have a better chance at jobs a better chance of a successful life okay. But what he's saying is how and how did they think it would look and a black community. See that's all rod series. He exists. As a black issue if I'm a black parents in buffalo. And I saw this story. Okay they're they're offering her a half a million dollar so they get somebody else and I know my kid is not doing the work that he or she is capable. I I'm happy about that I want what's best for my kids and if getting rid of her and bring in somebody else's best that's when I want. I have no personal ties blah blah blah -- conscientious parent who happens to be black and wants her son or daughter to have a future. Would would applaud the issue not thinking OK wow she's black and they're trying to get rid ever they're trying to keep us down. I don't know that would only happen if she came in and remarkable change a turnaround happen in the buffalo schools is that it hasn't. Okay if she came in and. Suddenly things are countryman and quality people are coming and while the graduation rates up and -- mom going to college and wow. Then they try to -- -- that would be wrong. Obviously but trying to get rid of somebody who is not doing a good job or who is failing although I don't like the idea. Of that at all of trying to buy out a contract of a public official. I don't see how rod makes his argument that the black community should be upset that they were trying good to get -- I don't know they're trying for better education a bubble and why would they do this many of my black leader are -- business leaders why would they do it. Because the more educated the city is the better it is -- business. The more people wanna move there the more people want their kids in that school system because make no mistake about it ask any real real -- person. If a couples moving into the area and they have children they always ask about the school district houses school district here. And wouldn't they be able up until May -- is on the move where rarely -- -- some academic you know lot. That's a big plus. More people bear more houses needed more infrastructure more businesses so that's why they want a better educational system. To think that they're doing just to get rid of one black woman for so I'll be prohibitive. It and expensive to -- every black bits and a position of authority. In Western New York I don't think any of those guys that are offering his money have that kind of money. So we're asking is it okay to buyout a contract of a public official and the second question is if you've been -- as. Would you like to buy out who would you like they'll -- some money in front of and say goodbye. Yet lost. Hit a 3093018061692. Through six and star nine.

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