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Consolidating Catholic Elementary Schools

Jan 14, 2014|

Carole Kostyniak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WBM. Live line is -- constantly Carol secretary of education. For the Catholic diocese of buffalo which is gearing up for a major news briefing tomorrow. About the fate and future of Catholic education here Western New York Carroll good morning thank you for joining us. Morning dad and -- good thank you. Carol we've seen in the headline bracing for a shake up in Catholic school education. Through all Western New York -- you don't wanna get into specifics the day ahead of time but one are we in for. Will hold parents here tomorrow afternoon action news conference. -- I'm all -- up early years but I have to an advisory council. Look at all of that they which the public schools are grappling list I'll but demographics. Financial realities of Western New York. On the fact that you are you base yeah and in September we Matt let all of these chapters in principle to share their data with them. We've got an app but it's taken to their local groups that work quit. Surrounding parishes and come up with an option plan. Additionally we -- our parent and put into the apparent there bank and Albert when he 200 parents come week I they have better day. A moral. We've LB announcing a consolidation of schools which it -- the area. In order to become more cost effective but at the same kind. We will be announcing our whole program now you've all heard about Atmel is -- technology engineering and math. We are edible art in -- because their creativity and deep anger at all or will. And they aren't in what religion now in the outlook they added the social issues. While announcing new government. Could just about closing. I'm building it's about strengthening our schools and -- capped an indication for the future. And how long it. A process has the span I mean are we talking months here that you've been thinking about all of us. We're talking years. We've really am looking at the gate opened at ears efficient -- -- and the -- -- -- -- we didn't know when a new patient was going to come on board. And certain number eight we couldn't Greek bishop Malone at the airport without -- -- -- -- saying you know we can't do that Al east -- are a little over a year now and are comfortable and knowing the region. And so how we began to move in that happened there. Carol you know there had been some talk about transferring some students from failing buffalo schools into the Catholic school system and whether or not the Catholic school system would be receptive to that whatever happened to that to a proposal that concept of thought. I still out there in the news -- -- hide nothing new to report at this time I'm added -- a proper. Currently has op art of the community. Unborn Barry going to be part in the. Carol what has happened to Catholic education here and buffalo and Western New York -- have a strong foothold here for generations. Locally and we still do we just have to realize that I'm kind demographic. I went to school family and had twelve children and their really today Elliott one point eight -- -- I -- out migration of our young women. Our young families we don't have those middle range management. Here electing New York. The financial reality. At a trap for all the public school districts are grappling with that I'll I'll. In the -- Erie county -- ankle tactics over the cap at least six that are eight year. They -- reduction and outlook children are well aware of the realities as everybody Al. And she didn't think could be -- active -- and I'm not hook 01 and it's hanging. And so. What we're looking out over they come out tomorrow with our announcements about network began. It begins to drink and come one week out and I definitely committed to -- an indication here in the eyes see -- Carol good to talk to you this morning oh thank you very much. You know Carole -- -- the secretary of education for the Catholic diocese of Western New York.