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Florida Theater Shooting

Jan 14, 2014|

WIOD's Will Althoff

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- deadly confrontation. Erupted at a Florida movie theatres yesterday. Over -- man texting. During the previews the coming attractions. It's absolutely stunning joining us on WB in line line is will all tough is a reporter anchor at W Ohio. Point I felt good. Set this -- tell us what happened. I don't know what we know is that a man well technically his daughter during the previews of this -- and attempt the movement that are. And this man to have to wonder about suspects occurred at 32. Former police captain. Also -- security that we guard the content. Didn't get angered by this -- we expect that motivated young daughter. And let's go to manager to try and sort out between -- impact. -- that the theater manager. Could lead to competition between the two of them popcorn ground. And nobody really were who threw the popcorn. At that point the tournament but when -- open suspect pulled -- a -- and -- -- man. Meant quite back to try to protect her husband and -- hit in the hand bite that bullet. And -- aptitude and that the suspect that there in the atmosphere for the top ten up. And moon will usually text saying doesn't make any noise -- -- maybe the moviegoer on the backseat -- seen some light on the phone but. Could something else figure in Harriman and there's an investigation or there are things we don't nobody else that might enter into this. Yeah we don't know fully what happened at this point but from what we've heard from Britain. It is ten but being attacked the accounting -- is that so far is that. I don't. -- -- Which protect them and it and it led to this altercation between command and actually that. Not sure. Demand about it but it found -- the right coming from the tournament phone during the previews. But that led to this altercation and and returned it to the cabinet -- little. It's unbelievable and I'm shirt there were others there were there of its office. Yeah ten -- to they come forward that they -- thought they were sitting right there and the movie theater and and you know it got a little got a little heated between demand. And and at that point eight biggest argument that this is going to be an argument the management development sort of think out but it. -- a -- one year old general diplomatic under its shot at the bottom one -- to -- the that was. Usually in the movie theater there -- little signs posted here on there about two using your cell phones you know. Do they want you to turn on the cell phones -- just put them on mute you know. Well I think for my own experience but it didn't really. I noted during the -- being you know before the film that they show and sort of. You know we'd we'd appreciate it up and opened during the movie but I think it was during the previous affordability. I don't know if there was anything. Within that theater that's -- hey you know to be welcomed and he didn't quite get turned off the because with the pre K not really at war. -- absolutely stunning. Well thanks for it for joining us this morning and and filling a sandwich you know. -- appreciate it that's will all -- reporter anchor. At WIP OD radio this happened yesterday in a movie theaters just outside of Tampa Florida.