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Handling Pothole Complaints

Jan 14, 2014|

Buffalo Streets Commish Steve Stepniak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now come with a possible they seem to be coming out of nowhere. Joining us on -- W be alive when this morning Steve Stephanie ex buffalo streets commissioner Steve good morning. Gordon -- every area boy have you noticed it was like a light switch. After the stone cold. It's finished the week for sure don't we up and downs with the response -- birch wrote. -- Steve you know we can't even imagine. How many potholes. There might be on the streets in the city of buffalo what do you think in the thousands maybe. Well what what they did you know it was a worker proactive on our pothole program we have full time dedicated crew status and that we anticipate the -- thought the response articles and we put more crude on the today we have. Five full crews are they addressing potholes than the 311 or I'm sure wolf for us. To get -- -- -- information but there's there's there's throughout the region there's tremendous potholes. As Steve our producer Randy bush over hit a heck of a pothole Sunday. On his way into work and can more revenue in his car was not drivable after that are are you familiar with this incident can you give us a progress report. Actually got some information on that when I went up that location myself has been repaired. We might be doing some more expensive for personals that there may be some underlying conditions that made that are a little worse and -- all. We've got a picture of it till and -- before and after pictures on the WB and dot com but. This 311. How how is this working out. It yourself through all forces will have as information comes directly in the 31 wanted to go right out to our our whole cruise. Are we had -- -- crews on during this event and had some overtime crews on Saturday as well. So it worked very well assisted in since communication to our field crews which allows them to get too quickly. Here's a question a lot of our listeners are probably asking themselves right now. If they run into a pothole in the city of buffalo and it causes some damage. What recourse do they have who pays for that damage was there a certain period of time left to go -- it as a -- have to have BM. Reported and not repaired if they have any recourse. Yet there are certain requirements you know with the -- alarm and -- who's responsible for those things what I would start off with a generous to call 311. Given that information that you stand but came to damage your vehicle and gulf -- that's an appropriate departments. So -- some forms that could be sold out to itself would Brussels. Is there a certain amount of time that a after something's been reported a 311 that it has to be at least look Danner. You know given some attention. What we do it with our goals there are our 48 hour response. To go watch who repaired or just a pothole. Sometimes even some things Rebecca confuse work. For pot hole locations. But our goal -- to do that 48 hour return on that pot hole. -- that's our goal then we take it from there and we get redress -- -- and do everything possible with these two ministries and -- take that I've talked to other stories in the area. It just becomes. A burden to those. Post apartments whipple's apartment like us that are proactive hope to -- out of. United to bring a little cliche that we can send astronauts to the moon but why can't they figure out a better way to fix potholes. -- -- normal that nature as a way of been very. Destructive when she's she wants to be enough all the picks is small for our crack in that -- surfers discovered that Bobble off. One thing that we've done and suitable Apple's been very aggressive over the last couple years and and put in twenty million dollars in sort preview program which helps very much and in some implications we determine that there's a road this work it's been done as well. Which helps eliminate the repeat pop vocal -- Hey Steve we're glad you could join us this morning thanks so much and we appreciate the update. They are just sort. Okay it's Steve Stephanie -- buffalo streets commissioner. And Randy bush over appreciates that a progress report to won the camera avenue possible.