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Pothole Collision Repair Tips

Jan 14, 2014|

Sam Carubba

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More now as we focus on potholes around here in -- and and they are coming out of the woodwork actually in the coming out of the house ball. Sam Gruber is our guest on the WBM live Lima Peru boat collision Sam good morning thank you for joining us. Aren't you are we're going to -- I have to imagine the folks have been coming in left and right with cars and grim news the other -- damaged the past few days yes. Actually very I get a power formally and or stronger or where or this side of the is because of basketball injustice by -- Dmitry -- players. Similar was that possible. It was an armed. Sure and there aren't just -- north port. Which is a pretty hard record here and what -- The truth to keep those are apparently these holes filled with this cold -- especially with the fluctuating temperatures -- But he -- pretty interest in. The market in -- and she'd be placed in vehicles. As we try to cunard several parents have a long beside the probable disputed vehicle we agent vehicle truly important. And that type of suspension they're beautiful has not that any one -- suspension and better than another. But some vehicles are still components and suspension of -- have aluminum. Or are prepared. And you medals will spend a little animals share. And that really -- -- -- but it picture and you know that you need more profile tires and wheels and -- Sharon vehicles. Some of these combinations that we impart or whoever it worked for 15100 to 2000 hours show -- where we'll -- harder. Now. And so the older of the vehicle you say sometimes words to damage. And reason perhaps because it's been shaking rattling -- growing for years and years in the struck in the spring. And the oil and the control arm and all the bushes and -- inflation are older. Are there very -- your cards. And certainly Europe went to Switzerland a lot more damage done you know vehicles. To do know what does insurance cover a lot of this or not. It -- -- there's little broader restrictions. Are under your collision coverage. Where he would file Clinton. -- -- -- -- -- -- to pay the deductible right. And then -- Correct and there are receiving insurance carrier was involved in the restaurant will be done and pretty would be completed in Paris made and barrier removal and insurance and before you know. -- but just to be on the safe side if you are applying for car insurance you should really double checked to make sure that. -- a pothole and causing damage is covered right. You should definitely reduce small cramped are experts and understood your image has something -- do and hitting a I'm immovable -- We're resort -- -- file a collusion claim that. I'll bet -- alignments are also a big part here when he hit paddles. What are or what if so you have a pothole and you know there's no immediate change in the way the car he's driving -- and shaking or wanna occasionally. There really need to pull over and get a good look at. First off we will charter much the steering wheel of major indicator you have suspension -- it will not be -- longer. Would we don't carry forward. It'll be 1:2 or 3 o'clock meeting -- -- you have a suspension problem that -- you thinker wrote tradition prisoners could be achieved push. We're talking -- -- Sam Gruber Sam Israel's brutal collision sent him over the years can you describe for us. The very worst possible damage that you've seen inflict the moment car brought in -- for a repair. Actually we've -- and and respects -- it was actually in the mid ninety's it was so what -- -- interest and what. Complete aluminum. Shell Ford which is what holds your a year and couldn't wait and see your suspension for its. And it was hadn't been our problem somewhere and this person had it. A power pole going their rapid speed a repetition speed. -- that literally shorted the sulfur which of their own problems 40000 dollars plus destruct and we will prior Russia via Coral Springs. We hope or is that going to -- should it 300 dollars -- car totaled. The would have no debris in -- to us. Sender and -- to me -- -- pick players are so involved just a couple quick couple guns. Tribal erosion of familiar where we learned or the travel with what that wrote it might concede them slowdown give ourselves a chance to avoid potholes. And so if you can't avoid upon what was equally important apply the brakes before impact. Because there's a lot less than we don't we're going higher than it is one pitched skating over -- Good advice or our listeners and for us Sam good to talk with -- thank you again. Shouldn't Ernie Boch peregrine aren't you to serve in the Sam -- but withdrew Ruble collusion.