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Draft Trump; Hillary On the Stump

Jan 14, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB and -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity mourning day. We wanted to ask you about the draft trump movement as -- Donald Trump which seems to be gaining traction what's your read on this. Do you see him just stringing the Republicans along or do you think that he has some real interest in being governor of New York. So all you've got to remember this is Donald Trump Donald Trump who flirted with running for. The presidency here in 1988. And 2000 a couple of other times. But streets illegal -- presidential election. You know what -- -- running for a pick governorship in 2000 and -- -- that now you know not epidemic could -- in doing so. I'm sure things can change but the one thing that's it exactly that same with Donald Trump political ambitions. Is that he and everyone up into a lather about -- potentially running. And then he decides not a -- and so we all in the movie before. All of this story about the -- the crowd cries wolf site -- it's kind of dubious right now as to whether he's actually going to go through that -- -- into words right now. In the statement that you made it he wants to do that senate primary free fair and of course the Republican Party -- that we we we don't do it that way -- -- -- feel really -- that this is something that is for real. David do you think it might depend on how much money the New York State Republican Party as a Blu-ray is on its own. For a trump campaign because we really can't -- trump wanted to spend his own money. -- could be a factor but it's the same apartment is gonna run he's he's almost certainly going to use. His own money and come out -- -- for example as a good example of somebody who. At a statewide campaign largely is saying yeah Google on money from years past trump is that appearing very wealthy individuals says it would be shocking. -- he didn't use is on money if you was to go forward. And run for governor. -- Are gonna ask you to and just some heads were spinning here the other day democratic strategist James Carville suggested. That Hillary Clinton headquarter her presidential campaign. In buffalo. What did you think of this. Well all of us. Buffalo. Extra outs here and these these that this was of course what you love Jim Carville whether you're eighteen and -- at the fact that. Somebody with a kept saying that somebody running presidential campaign. In Tampa headquarters in buffalo it was with great delight and joy all but they get out there. A predominant -- that the that the coming on the heels of the Washington Post in its annual what's and then and what -- column of a feature every year -- with a required things in and out declared upload it. For twenty working and they declared Austin Texas Capitol cool all out for quite fourteen. And it's an -- that -- -- paper plastic in the NHL. Spyware on the road they came for the election capital on Sunday and the beat the Washington Capitals (%expletive) out of public view but I'm kind of in a trend here. The but you really don't think much of the idea. Of course he had its tongue firmly implanted in his cheek when he wrote that of course is making a larger point that it's Hillary Clinton worked to line which. She is not the clear yet but. But indications point to the fact if you will run for president when he sixteenth but he shouldn't go to a power center a traditional power center in -- feel. A big city like Chicago like Obama -- 2008. And 2012 -- to find -- -- -- as. Down to earth but it. Put yourself up by the bootstraps to -- middle America and an eight -- and all of those things sell. The chances of actually going having her record in buffalo probably what a -- affect the people are talking about it focusing on buffalo. Somebody who loved the city himself and the real it's kind of a cool thing. Boy we're also hearing things are bouncing off of a New Jersey governor Chris Christie now that was a federal investigation. We understand that some hurricane and sandy superstore and send the money. The float and a New Jersey may have been used for TV ad campaign to promote the governor or his family -- -- that. Camp and of course her apron for a second epic is troubles are over with props are pathetic at the other day. He is at stake and now all of the eyes of the nation -- focus on camp. Pretty much every Sunday political talk shows that have occurred that spent the bulk of their programming talking about the Christie's scandal. You know another thing that's come out and of course the scandal that -- the bridge closed things back in December is far from over there other inquiries and investigations. Taking place in that regard is. Christie at -- presidential candidate and then into quite sixteen possibility. I use it a lot. A lot of mountain to climb over the next probably few weeks and few months. Yet -- -- in his rear view mirror if in fact he can't. He days thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it you're. And Chris Christie by the way is giving his state of the state speech today to an -- managers it. It's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.